12 Scrumptious Summer Picnic Recipes

I have exciting news today!  12 of us DIY home improvement bloggers have decided to get together and share our favorite recipes :-D .  Each month, we will choose a theme depending on the time of year, and then we will share the recipes all right… Read More

271 Calorie Pizza for One

If I had to choose 1 food that I can't live without, it would be pizza.  Even while trying to lose weight with eating low carbohydrates , or low calories, I still need my pizza fix 8-) . My easy quick homemade "271 Calorie Pizza for… Read More

Dollar Store Iridescent Tablescape

Darnit!  The only thing I forgot were the bubbles. You can't have a "Dollar Store Iridescent Tablescape" without bubbles, now can you?  Well, I guess you can, but they sure would have been a cute addition since bubbles are "iridescent", and I know the dollar… Read More

5 Minute DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Tissue Dispenser

This might be a silly question, but are you a "rectangle" tissue box person or a "cube" tissue box person?  Personally, I have been a cube-er for many, many years 8-) .  I guess the main reason being that I had no choice since I… Read More

Graduation Party Ideas

I was recently chatting with our friendly electrician who also happened to have a child graduating from high school this year.  He asked me where we were planning to have the party, and I explained that we were of course having it on our new… Read More

DIY Crayon Rainbow Candle

Are you a rainbow searcher like me?  As soon as I realize the conditions are right for a rainbow, I start searching.  So much so, that I probably look like a lunatic looking up into the rain filled sunny sky, but they are so worth,… Read More

Our New Trex Composite Deck

I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing "Our New Trex Composite Deck"!  When we visited our future home for the first time almost 10 years ago (and our baby girl peed her pants on the lawn and we knew that was a good sign),… Read More

Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover

Welcome to my "Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover"...I know, not exactly the most exciting subject I have posted about, but maybe I can liven things up a bit with a funny story.  You see, the word "door knob" reminded me of something from my childhood.… Read More

Guest Room Makeover

Last week I shared our "Brick Patio Makeover" which is located right outside these doors that lead out of our basement walk-out.  Well, what I didn't share was the huge transformation that was actually taking place on the inside of those doors.  If you're in… Read More

Brick Patio Makeover

I stood on our front porch this morning and watched our oldest daughter drive away to her last day of high school 8-O .  As she disappeared past the trees, I glanced over to our garden and noticed that the first peony has bloomed.  Talk… Read More

Why I Have Groceries Delivered & How I Save Money

I remember the exact first time I went grocery shopping.  It was 1992 and my husband and I (then boyfriend & girlfriend) moved in together.  I was a substitute teacher and he had his own painting company.  We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and… Read More

White Garden Bench

If you're searching for a garden "filler", or maybe just trying to add some coziness to your landscaping, then a pretty bench just might do the trick.  You see, I had this one spot in our landscaping that was really bare.  It was missing something.… Read More

Guilt-Free Creamy Chicken Casserole

I've got the weight gain cycle down to a science.  Right around September when the first frost hits I begin to crave my sister's banana bread and the comfort it gives on a chilly evening.  Then I get into the baking mood and one banana… Read More

Master Bathroom Renovation-The Full Reveal

I now live spend way more time in our master bathroom than I use to.  I feel so incredibly relaxed, and good in this spa space after this renovation, and I can't help myself.  My mornings are pretty flexible to a point, so I am… Read More

12 Affordable Patriotic Decorating Ideas

During the hot Summer months in Buffalo, NY as a little girl (yes it gets hot in Buffalo!)I lived in a little white "tennis short jumper".  I didn't have a lot of fancy clothes, so this was very special.  It had red, white, and blue… Read More

Master Bathroom Renovation Shower Reveal

I am so excited to tell you that the master bathroom renovation has turned out even better than expected :-D .  Let's just say it kind of makes me feel like I'm staying at a luxurious rustic chic hotel spa in the South of France!… Read More

Painted Built-In Shelves & Brick Fireplace

I should have done this a looooong time ago, you guys.  I was afraid, plain and simple.  Maybe even in denial.  Not anymore.  This dramatic paint transformation not only brightened up our living room, it made me feel younger 8-O .  I feel like I… Read More

12 Thrift Store Makeovers

Last week, I showed you my THRIFT STORE SILVER PLATTER CHALKBOARD SIGN.  If you missed it, just click that blue title up there.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy it, so it got me to thinking.  Maybe I should do a re-cap with the gals from… Read More

Silver Platter Chalkboard Sign

As you may know, about 3 years ago I created this very pretty "Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall" out of, you guessed it, thrift store silver platters.  It grew to be one of my most popular blog posts, and even still today I do receive… Read More

12 Gorgeous DIY Potted Plant Ideas

I feel as though I could possibly jump inside my big flower pot urn in our garage and sprout some flowers myself pretty soon 8-O .  Yep, it's true!  We need warmth and sun so bad up here in Michigan I swear I can hear… Read More

Master Bathroom Renovation Tile Reveal

We moved a lot when I was a little girl, and there's one house that stands out the most in my memory because it had a ton of unique character and vintage charm.  The main bathroom...wait, it was the only bathroom, came equipped with pink and… Read More

Impatien Petal Easter Eggs

Happy Spring to all ?!  I am so happy to finally hear a few birds (besides our obnoxious geese) singing in the morning.  It's still quite frigid here in the Midwest,  however Spring is ready to burst out of the soil and I'm ready to… Read More

Colorful Spring Home Tour

I just glanced at the outdoor temperature on my cell phone and there's a heat wave going on up here in Michigan 8-O .  It's a whopping 33 degrees and the snow is melting.  Kind of.  It's trying, it's REALLY trying.  I sure hope Mother… Read More

Cast Iron Cookbook Stand Giveaway

We have this bedroom sized room down in the unfinished area of our finished walk-out basement that was designated my "Holiday Room".  I'm very thankful for the space because I remember having to store all of my holiday decorations up in a tiny attic in… Read More

Burlap Pillows & Giveaway

This post is sponsored by however all opinion are the redhead's and she is an honest lady. I've been going on and on about adding color to your home decor for months now, haven't I?   Well, now I'm asking you to take it… Read More

Decorating with Green

  Welcome to this month's DIY Housewives "Decorating with Green" edition.  I mean it is March after all.  Who doesn't like green?   You may even be craving it after the long white Winter.  Last weekend, I was drooling looking at some gorgeous large emerald… Read More

Transform Your Living Room with Vibrant Colors

Pretty colors, especially vibrant ones, make me feel good and they allow me to express myself in my designs.  You and I may not agree on what colors are the prettiest for our homes, and that's okay.  I do hope though, that I can inspire… Read More

Cow Canvas Giveaway

  Well, wouldn't you know it the cow came home, but I couldn't find a spot for him.  That's the honest to goodness truth.  My daughter and I were at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago (which is quite a hike for us) and I… Read More

Comforting Low Carb Chicken Dinner Feast

I don't know about you, but I have definitely come down with the "Winter blues".  Oh, there's no need to worry about the redhead, I'm not in a deep depression or anything, but I do feel lazier than usual, hungrier than usual, and just down… Read More

Master Bathroom Before Photos & Makeover Plans

Yippee!  It's all about our master bathroom makeover plans today.  Does that make me the master of the bathroom?  I think so! :lol:   Well, at least I hope it does.  I've put a ton of thought into this project, and it really is a… Read More

Ruby Red Nail Polish Painted Jar

My older sister Carolyn painted her nails constantly.  If she wasn't on the phone with her boyfriend, or baking him brownies, she was on her bed painting those very long nails.  She is 7 years older than me, so you can imagine how I would… Read More

Love Pie

Can you keep a secret about this "Love Pie"?  It was "BK"----> before kids, and my husband and I lived in our second apartment.  I'm guessing about 1996, so I was 27.  I had become acquainted with the pretty Southern gal across the hall who… Read More

All Things Hearts with the DIY Housewives

Ready for a twisted story from the Redhead?  Last Sunday, I was staining some shelves in our garage for our upcoming living room built-in(s)/fireplace makeover and I was dreaming about what I wanted for lunch.  Well, while I had garlic bread and soup dancing around… Read More

Thrifty Lamp Makeover with Spray Paint

Hi guys...this is going to be short, but very sweet.  It's a cold Friday night here in Michigan, and my husband and I have a nice fire burning after a long day of work and chores.  I am ready to chill, and do nothing, how… Read More Amazon Shopping Page

Hi guys!  I have very exciting news.  Today's post is a little bit different from my usual DIY home improvement decorating before & after posts (don't worry I have several projects completed and will be posting one this weekend) due to the fact that I… Read More

Silver Platter Wall

It was just time for change :roll: .  That's the only reason I have for why I felt the need to take down the original "Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall".  I just simply grew tired of looking at the same design day after day, night… Read More

Chicken Loretta

I made Aunt Loretta's chicken last night and I just can't resist taking the time today on my day off to share it with you because it was just so incredibly moist, tender, and flavorful. Oh, and EASY!  You see, Aunt Loretta is a fabulous… Read More

Repurposed Snowman Shutter

Have you heard the big news?  I now have a DIY Home Decorating & Cooking Group on Facebook and it's grown into a really nice place to visit (click blue link to join).  However, now that Christmas is over, everyone is rather quiet in… Read More

3 Clever Household Storage Clean-up Tips

The holidays are long gone and it's time to clean up, guys.  I know it's sad, stressful, and even painful, but once we get it done we can have fun again.  Maybe you'll even think my clean-up tips are fun?  Welcome to my "3 Clever… Read More

Michigan Tree Thinning Home Makeover

First, let me start by saying, "I love trees."  In fact, I think I may have even been a tree in a different life :mrgreen: .  So, please don't be upset and call me names because I had some of our trees cut down.  There… Read More

Home Organization Tips

Welcome to the DIY Housewives first 2018 edition "Home Organizing Tips".  Okay, tell me.  Is your tree down yet???  This is the first year EVER that I our tree and decorations are down before the kids go back to school.  It is seriously a miracle.… Read More

Lobster Salad Appetizer Toasts

As I sit here watching our new kitten climb up the haggard Christmas tree, I can't help but feel sad that the holidays are coming to a close.  I stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked, my house is a disaster, I have… Read More

Merry Christmas Video Tour

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my family, to yours!  We are going to enjoy a very intimate, quiet Christmas here in Michigan and hope for a little snow.  We are thinking about making some homemade pasta on Christmas day-doesn't that sound yummy?  My husband… Read More

Upside Down Vase Santa Claus

This is for the kiddos!  Looking way back, I remember my Mom had a glass candy jar that had a "felt" Santa outfit glued on it, and I remember playing with it as a little girl.  This "Upside Down Vase Santa Claus" is the larger… Read More

Appetizer Cube

First, there was the ice cube-that was genius.  Then, there was the "Rubix Cube"-remember that?  More recently...the "Fidget Cube".  But NOW! on Julie's little blog is the best cube of all.  The "Appetizer Cube" 8-O !  Time to think outside the box. Are you… Read More

New Kitchen Glass Pendants

It's been almost 10 years 8-O  since we hung our very popular fancy chandelier pendant light fixtures in our kitchen.  I NEVER would have thought that I would want to change them, but guess what?  I wanted to change them.  What can I say, except… Read More

Gift Bow Wreath & Last Minute Gift Guide

I bet if you go look in your holiday wrapping stash right now you have a few of those pre-made gift bows left over, don't you?  You know...the ones that have a sticky backing on them and you just match the bow to the paper… Read More