My Teal Blue Velvet Sofa

Introducing my new Teal Blue Velvet Sofa "Naked Nelly". This all began when I moved our sectional into the kitchen for my "DIY Kitchen Coffee Lounge".  We needed a new sofa for our living room and I wanted it to be unique.  I think I… Read More

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Happy birthday to my sister, Carolyn who turned 54 today! I'm back on the low carb wagon again and I feel good about it.  I seem to notice results quickly when I stop eating bread, noodles & potatoes.  It also helps that I stopped sucking… Read More

DIY Kitchen Coffee Lounge

It was 1979 and I was 10 when I shared my bedroom with my 2 older sisters.  Once in a while my brother moved in, too 8-O .  We each had our own little nook to do what we wanted.  My nook was neat, organized,… Read More

DIY Stair Runner & Gallery Wall

I am so excited to share our "DIY Stair Runner & Gallery Wall" with you today!  First, I need to give a little history, then I'll share the two big reveals, a full DIY Stair Runner tutorial, and a mini section on how to create… Read More

Baked Dry Rub Chicken Wings

I'm on a low carb diet right now and I'm allowing myself to have wings once a week.  I love our authentic (we are from Buffalo) Buffalo Wing Recipe, but I didn't have any hot sauce so I had to "WING" it.  In other words, use… Read More

Wall Art I Love

I was recently browsing through a local furniture store catalogue and I came across the most beautiful canvas painting I had ever seen.  To be honest, the furniture they styled with the wall art piece didn't compliment the painting what so ever, and I wondered… Read More

12 DIY Bathroom Projects

The DIY Housewives are at it again.  This time they are all meeting in their bathroom's with 12 AMAZING DIY Bathroom Projects.  You'll notice that some are big projects, and some are small...there is something for everyone. I chose to include our DIY Wood Planked… Read More

Most Popular Posts from 2016

Happy New Year, friends! 2016 has been a very exciting and successful year for  From having our home tour featured in a national & local magazine, to working with top brands like Home Depot, I feel very blessed and honored.  I know it's nearly… Read More

Organize & Clean in Clever Ways!

Sorry guys, but we need to put the decorating on hold so we can "Organize & Clean in Clever Ways"!  It's that time of year where after we take down the tree we feel like cleaning and organizing...right?  Well, the girls from the "All Things… Read More

Christmas Light Post Makeover & My Nativity Scene

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! I have 2 sweet DIY Christmas project stories for you today, and then I will be signing off to celebrate Christmas with my family! First up, is this cute "Christmas Light Post Makeover".  My Dad texted me a photo of this… Read More

Balsamic Green Bean Recipe

You are going to be green bean with envy.  You have got to try this "Balsamic Green Bean" recipe.  I kid you not...they are the best green beans I have ever had.  I have been making them for a while, but I made them over… Read More

Christmas Hutch

You didn't think I was going to let Christmas 2016 slip by with out decorating our built-in hutch in our kitchen, did you?  NO WAY, MAN!  "Christmas Hutch" is in the Christmas books and I had a lot of fun doing it.  If you have… Read More

Christmas Ornament Ombre Rainbow

Christmas Ornament Ombre Rainbow My kids laugh at me often.  In fact, many people laugh at me, often :-D .  You see...I sometimes get words mixed up, and I also stutter, and to be honest I really don't care.  I just keep on talking, or… Read More

Christmas Window Flower Box

BIG NEWS! Even if you don't have a window box to make a "Christmas Window Flower Box", this can work for you, too.  Urns, large pots, baskets, buckets, even an old bathroom trash can that you spray paint can work.  Where there's a decorator...there is… Read More

12 Easy Christmas Ideas

Are there 12 reindeer or 13?  I always get that mixed up because of sweet Rudolph coming and going.  Well, either way, I do know that we have 12 DIY Housewives and today it's all about Christmas.   So, let's just make it "12 Easy… Read More

Fiato Soup

I made this delicious, healthy soup last night and knew immediately I would need to share it.  I've been using vinegar in my tomato dishes after my video broadcast with Chef Emeril Lagasse.  He adds vinegar to his tomato soup, and holy tomatoes does it… Read More

Christmas Tree 2016

This year's Christmas tree 2016 is different.  If you've been following along for the last 5 years you know that I won't get anything but a fresh real Christmas tree.  In fact, if you would have told me I would be decorating a faux Christmas… Read More

Colorful Christmas Table

I'm having a little fun over here at this week. Not only am I decorating for Christmas, but I'm also hosting several giveaways which always makes me feel wonderful because I enjoy giving back to my followers.  Especially this time of year.  (SEE ALL… Read More

100 Holiday/Party Recipes

100 Holiday/Party Recipes Anybody hungry? It's that time of year that we usually indulge a little for the holidays and I can tell you, I recently went passed the "indulge a little" stage and went straight for the "I want to eat everything in sight"… Read More

Christmas Gumball Machine

Gumball machines caught my attention at an early age when my big brother had one on his dresser.  I remember it being very big, and I couldn't reach it because I was very small, but I liked to look at it.  Today, I often wonder… Read More

Christmas Front Porch

Uh oh.  I am the earliest I have ever been with Christmas decorating.  Not something I'm really boasting about, because honestly I don't want to rush you, or me.  I usually don't get started until after Thanksgiving, but when I received an e-mail from and… Read More

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

UPDATE ON JORD WATCH GIVEAWAY: Kelly Sull. is the winner. Congrats, Kelly!  This post is sponsored by Jord Wood Watches. I am so very excited to be able to offer you a free gift today in return for all of your support.  I have teamed… Read More

White Console

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and try it to know that it's not for you. That was the case here, with this stereo console I made over AGAIN.  You see, I originally painted it black.  I loved it, but I always wondered… Read More

Crib Mattress Spring Christmas Tree

I've been planning this magnificent "Crib Mattress Spring Christmas Tree" for a couple years, now.  I first thought of it when I was completing the "Crib Mattress Spring American Flag" that you'll see below... Lets take a look and then I'll fill you in.  She… Read More

Thanksgiving with the DIY Housewives

Thanksgiving with the DIY Housewives
I feel like I just finished the dishes from last year's Thanksgiving dinner, how about you? Now, here it is November 2, 2016 and we have about 3 weeks left to prepare our Thanksgiving feast.  Well, sort of.  Things are a little different for us… Read More


I've got Lasagne down to a science.  Just ask my Italian husband. It took me years to figure it out.  It just never felt right to me.  It was either dry, or spicy, or just not good.  I actually stopped making it for a long… Read More

Clever & Cute Christmas Ideas

It's never too early, right? In 61 days I will be in my furry slippers listening to Bing Crosby, while sprinkling nutmeg in my eggnog.  So, with that being said, now is the perfect time to prepare early for the holidays, so I don't get… Read More

Laundry Room Makeover Plans

I'm turning the tables today.  And I don't mean I'm turning them upside down to paint them.  I mean I'm turning them over to you. I want to make some some BIG changes in our laundry room and I need your help figuring it out.… Read More

Wicked Witch Door Hanger

[This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.] If you guys only knew how often I visit The Home Depot you would seriously laugh out loud.  I can recognize every worker at all of the stations, and I can even point customers in the right… Read More

Prettiest Light Fixture Ever

I can honestly say that I have found the "Prettiest Light Fixture Ever".  I have been so excited to share this light fixture with you for a couple weeks now, and today is the big reveal! I have searched far and wide, near and far,… Read More

Rattan Tray Fall Centerpiece

Wilma called and said that they can't host the Fall dinner party because Fred was fired by Mr. Slate and he's really crabby.  You know what that means.  It's up to you, Betty and Barney to get the house in tip top shape because you… Read More

Home Depot Workshop Virtual Party

[This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.] Exciting news!  I've teamed up with The Home Depot to bring you guys the cutest Halloween project EVER.  They call it the "Home Depot Workshop Virtual Party" where several DIY bloggers build a project that The Home… Read More

Pallet Spider Web

A couple years ago I made a "Pallet Christmas Tree" that was a huge hit.  After I realized how much everyone enjoyed it, I vowed to make something out of a pallet for Halloween one day.  Our girls LOVE Halloween.  I enjoy seeing them excited… Read More

12 Inspiring Master Bedrooms

The DIY Housewives are sizzling this month! This could be the best edition of the DIY Housewives yet!  We are moving on to the master bedroom with "12 Inspiring Master Bedrooms", and you won't want to miss these beautiful rooms.  We also have some new… Read More

Cozy Fall Home Tour

When folks comment on my decorating style, I hear the word "cozy" often.  I really love that because sometimes when you decorate too much it can become "stuffy", or "cluttered".  Our home is cozy all year, but as soon as September rolls around, the cozy… Read More

100 Ways to Stencil Anywhere

Welcome to this month's edition of All Things Creative..."100 Ways to Stencil Anywhere." I remember the day well when I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally  :lol: ,and write memories all over our beautifully painted white kitchen bench.  I was terrified at… Read More

My Favorite Faucets

I counted how many faucets we have in our house yesterday and we have 9.  That is just crazy.  Who the heck needs 9 faucets?  It may sound nice to have 9 faucets, but honestly, they can be expensive when you have to replace them.… Read More

Pecan Pie Bars

I was craving pecan pie last night so I went on Pinterest and looked up "Pecan Pie Bars" and a recipe from Just a Taste came up.  I didn't have everything her recipe required, so I ended up adjusting it a little. OH MY GOODNESS… Read More

Dairy Farm Cow Sign

Well I'll be darned.  The cows came home and they are mooing in my kitchen. Okay, maybe they aren't mooing, but they are in my kitchen.  How do you like our new DIY Dairy Farm Cow Sign?  Are you eyeing that cute little pink cow… Read More

Fall Red Painted Bench

Fall Red Bench
I've always wanted a red door, how about you?  I just don't think it would look right on our house.  Our house is painted periwinkle so it would match beautifully, but I feel it would take on too much of a "traditional" look.  As in… Read More

12 Living Room Updates

The DIY Housewives are at it again folks.  This month's DIY topic is all about updating your living room, or family room without spending a fortune (click here to subscribe to the DIY Housewives for free).  These 12 living room updates are sure to inspire… Read More

Wall Mounted Pencil Sharpener

Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody.  You know what that means... BACK TO SCHOOL.  I have mixed feeling about that.  Sad, happy, excited, sad again.  Mostly, I get sad.  I love having our girls home over Summer break, and I will miss them. Looking back on… Read More

Affordable Fall Home Decor

Is it time to get your fuzzy slippers out for Fall cozy nights?  Well, I wouldn't go quite that far, but we are heading that way again, aren't we?  This Summer has flown by faster than a squirrel chasing his best friend!  So, with that… Read More

Cottages & Bungalows Fall Home Tour

It was the week before Thanksgiving 2015 and I received an e-mail from the editor of Cottages & Bungalows.  Her name is Jickie Torres & wow is she a sweet lady (and yes it is spelled with an i).  She's very pretty & smart, too.… Read More

DIY Wood Window Flower Box

We have this really pretty window on the left side of our house that is actually the window over our master bathroom tub.  Our cat, Sylvia LOVES it there and spends a lot of time there waiting for her friend to come over from across… Read More

Salt & Pepper Shelf

There I am every morning in my skivvies, at my stovetop, cooking my fried egg.  About 1/4 of the way through, I look at the egg and it looks very unfinished.  Without even thinking about it, I open the cabinet to the right of our… Read More

Vintage Picnic Basket Centerpiece

Vintage Picnic Basket Centerpiece Remember the days when picnics were packed inside picnic baskets like this one?  Fried chicken... potato salad...  raspberry pie...? Well, to be totally honest, I don't remember it either, but I think there was a time when folks did things with… Read More

Garden Lantern

One of the reasons I hoard love lanterns is because they are so versatile.  I use them all over the house, in every room, inside, outside, for holidays, for parties, for no reason at all.  They are affordable, easy to move around, and they make… Read More

100 Printables & Graphics

I have something really cool going on here today. 10 of us from the All Things Creative team joined together to bring you 100 Printables & Graphics.  By printables, I mean something you can actually PRINT OUT if you have a printer.  We have everything… Read More

Lemon Themed Tablescape

How rude of me.  I have this tiny little bistro table on our side porch, and I ignore her.  She really is so pretty. Shame on me. Well, today's the day for her debut.  I dusted off all of the spider webs (we have a… Read More