Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway


The holidays are over, the winter blues have settled in, and our darn Christmas tree is still up 😂…sounds like it’s time to have some fun! Well yes, I could be taking the tree down, but why do that, when instead I can give my fabulous readers an amazing giveaway with 13 items to start 2020 out in style? Forget that tree…we will get there when we are good & ready. Let’s focus on making people (you) happy, by giving cool stuff away like this gorgeous authentic “Butcher Block Cheese Board”…

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

What is this Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway about?

13 of us DIY home decorating bloggers come together every month on the second Friday and bring you “thrifty ideas“. Well, this month we are each giving 1 home decor item away from our “stash” to 13 different winners. If you would like to see the full list of very generous giveaways, just follow this post until the very end. There is some really good stuff (note: each giveaway has separate rules).

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

Where did the Butcher Block Cheese Board come from?

The “Butcher Block Cheese Board” that I am giving away, was actually part of our kitchen island at one point. If you look at the photo above, you will see a pull out butcher block cutting board. That photo is from my recent Holiday Housewalk, and that butcher block cutting board is still located in the island. However, the butcher block piece we used to make the DIY “Butcher Block Cheese & Apple Board” is actually from the opposite side of the island.

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

The butcher block cutting board was located inside a drawer, and I decided I didn’t want it early on because I wanted to put my utensils in that drawer. I also wasn’t too keen on a pull out cutting board because it moved back and forth when I cut 😖. In all honesty, the original owners that put this island in, really didn’t give the location of these pull out cutting boards much thought.

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

Rick and I took matters into our own hands long ago and took it out. For a little, while I used it as a cutting board on top of the island, but it was way too large. We ended up storing the butcher block until we cut it into 4 pieces to give to family and use ourselves. My parents and sister still use their’s.

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

Eventually, I came up with the “Cheese & Apple Butcher Block Tray” (how fun is that 🧀) and it served us well, until my pantry started over flowing with too many trays and cutting boards. I need to find a good home for this bad boy and I hope you will take him in. Here’s how to win the “Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway”, and GOOD LUCK:


This giveaway is for US residents only and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Giveaway runs from January 10, 2020 through January 17, 2020.  Winner will be chosen randomly and notified by e-mail.

This authentic butcher block cheese board will arrive at your door approximately 1 week after the giveaway ends.

Here’s how you enter:

Comment below telling me your favorite cheese and cracker combo 😉

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Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway


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147 Responses

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    • BECKY FLETCHER says:

      Cheese and cracker boards are usually the center of any party. I always admire what people put on theirs. I love to put different types of cheese with grapes and several different types of crackers so there is a variety for all.

      • Amanda says:

        I LOVE cheese so picking a favorite is hard but I guess I would just have to go with pepper jack and chicken in a biscuit crackers. Simple but I love them together!

  2. […] Should be Mopping the Floor – Nine Ways to Style a Dough Bowl Redhead Can Decorate – Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway What Meegan Makes – Thrifty Style Team Giveaway Bliss Ranch – Fake Porcelain Tags […]

  3. Sally Smith says:

    I love good old stand by Wisconsin colby…we get it fresh from the cheese plant…any crackers will do if the cheese is good. Thank you!!

    • Tina says:

      Theres a store in central WI called Mullins and they have the best cheese of any flavor and fresh squeaky cheese curds…so good!! We put selection of their cheeses, our own venison sausage, diffrent flavor crackers, some type of fruit like grapes or apples or my famous cranberry chutney. Add a couple bottles of wine and craft beer or miller 64 for my husband and we are set!!

  4. Shelly Alford says:

    White Cheddar and Multigrain with Honeycrisp. Yum !

  5. Helen Ward says:

    My favorite cheese is Brie. It is especially good with French bread. My favorite cheese moment was in France. When I visited a French family for dinner, cheese was served for dessert. There were nine different kinds.

  6. Lisa Q says:

    My favorite is whatever is on the try :)!

  7. Renee says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful things you share on your site and now this beautiful “Cheese and Apple Butcher Block Tray?” Making one is actually on my crafting “to do” list, so if I win this would allow me to move on to another creative idea. LOL! My favorite cheese and cracker combo is cream cheese with homemade candied jalapeños and wheat thins. 🙂

  8. Sheila Allen says:

    Oh my love for cheese goes wayyyy back. When I was growing up in California (1960-1970’s) we would take trips south to visit family and we would always stop at this cheese store and buy blocks of cheese, crackers and bread…it was absolutely divine!! My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar but I also like dill cheese. A place not to far from where I live here in Oklahoma makes a wonderful home made dill cheese and it is lovely pared with black peppercorn crackers!! I also love Ritz Butter and Garlic crackers……now I’m hungry!! What an awesome prize for someone to win, good luck everyone!

  9. Priscilla says:

    Our fab combo is a very sharp cheddar on whole grain crackers with granny Smith apples!

  10. Terri H says:

    I love aged white cheddar on wheat thins. I’m a simple gal and love your butcher block tray!

  11. amelia says:

    i’m a pretty basic girl (hence; i love wooden items). my favorite cheese and cracker combo is a whole wheat cracker with sharp cheddar! 🙂 Thanx for the giveaway chance!

  12. Linda Dreher says:

    I love cranberry and pecan brie with a buttery cracker. Yummy!😋
    I also signed up for your FB page and newsletter. Thnak you for the chance.

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  14. MaryB says:

    Hmmm, huge cracker and cheese fan here. Rye triscuits with sharp cheddar. Raincoats crisps with Brie…could go on and on!

  15. MaryB says:

    Panzanella crackers with Brie and hot pepper jelly!

  16. Laura Hilton says:

    My favorite cracker and cheese combo? Wow that’s tough because I love so many. Right now I am enjoying Crunch Master Five Seed crackers and Babybel. Thank you for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone!

  17. kathleen rowley says:

    My farovite cheese and cracker combo. is cheddar and water crackers! But to tell the truth dear sister I am a cheese lover and cracker/bread whatever!! Lol

  18. Michelle J. says:

    I love Wheat Thins and cheese ball!

  19. michelle says:

    I love cheese… is a fav..I like a nice crunchy cracker whole grain even 🙂

  20. Linda Soncasie says:

    Never met a cheese I didn’t like! B ours in with crostini is one of my faves.

  21. Cynthia Evans says:

    I love brie, sharp cheddar and pepper Jack…like to add dry salami with assorted crackers….I also have tried making a yummy cheese ball!

  22. Lee says:

    Smoked gouda chees, shrimp and crackers

  23. Linda A Charlton says:

    My favorite cheese/cracker combo is brie and water crackers.

  24. Martha says:

    Any cheese, cracker, and apple combination brings the family together.

  25. Lisa says:

    My favorite cheese and cracker combination is Monterey Jack and Triscuits.

  26. Lori A says:

    I love Trader Joe’s everything crackers with any type of cheese.

  27. Kim Christy says:

    I am a basic gal and love longhorn cheddar cheese with water crackers! but I recently tried a white cheddar cheese and it was yummy~I made a cheese platter for Christmas this year, that board would have been perfect!

  28. Gwen Lett says:

    Baked goat cheese wrapped in a puff pastry and brushed in an egg wash. Bake for 20 minutes at 400. Then drizzled with honey! YUM! Served with sliced pears and crackers. Julie thanks for all your wonderful ideas. Love them all!

  29. ColleenB.-Tx. says:

    sWhat an Awessome giveaway. Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity
    We like the Hillshire sausage and cheddar cheese with Ritz or Club crackers; plain & simple for us.
    Thanks again Julie.
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend

  30. Carol S. says:

    I love all kinds, but gravitate toward the basics like aged cheddar and butter crackers most often.

  31. Jody says:

    I love love Swiss cheese and triskets. After the twins go for a nap I fix a plate and my son and I sit and talk for a little bit. I put pepper jack on his but Swiss hS always been my favorite.

  32. Sheri Bradway says:

    My favorite is Brie with Keebler cracker.

  33. Bonnie Reynolds says:

    I used to go to the area VFW with my Dad (World War ll vet, Korean conflict vet ), he would get me a cheese plate-cheddar cheese, butter style crackers, dill pickle slices !

  34. Chris says:

    Love smoked gouda or creamy havarti with Triscuits!

  35. Donna S. says:

    A favorite of mine is any cracker with Swiss cheese and a green olive on top!

  36. Rose says:

    I love your style, can’t wait to see more. My favorite has to be Swiss cheese on GF everything crakers.

  37. Cindy Wilson says:

    Chicken in a basket crackers and colby

  38. Layna Smith says:

    Baked Brie with fruit preserves, sprinkled w/ walnuts and served with wheat crackers. Add pear slices and wine and you have a feast!

  39. cathy maupin says:

    My favorite is simply cheddar and any kind of cracker. Pepper Jack is close second

  40. Kathy says:

    Cheddar or pepper jack with Town House butter crackers. I’m kinda simple. 😀

  41. Elgie Cloutier says:

    My favorite combo is extra sharp cheddar and any cracker with sesame seeds! YUM! Thank you for the chance to participate – and for your generosity!

  42. Lisa Shepherd says:

    I love American cheese and crackers with pepperoni. 😊

  43. Cindy Hicks says:

    I love a homemade cheese ball that i always make for the holidays. Cream cheese, chives onions, chipped beef, and garlic. Paired with wheat thin crackers yum yum!

  44. Marilyn says:

    Sharp cheddar and Ritz crackers

  45. Shirley says:

    I’m already a subscriber to both your blog and cooking so now I just need to comment😊 I love your blog and cooking sites very much! I love everything about your blog. I’m so glad you and hubby work together to make your house a home. I want my kitchen transformed so badly but can’t get hubby onboard yet. What actually attracted me to your blog in the first place was the name of it. I’ve always been a fan of red hair so I just had to investigate!

  46. Tracey A says:

    Oh my gosh, I have to choose my cheese FAVORITE? Hmmm, Vermont White Cheddar and an everything cracker!

  47. Deborah D. says:

    I absolutely love brie. It can be plain, topped with anything and baked. I also love feta.
    I subscribe to both you blog and Facebook group.

  48. Mona says:

    We love goat cheese and good thins sea salt crackers. We also add apples and olives and grapes to our tray.

  49. Kerry Birmingham says:

    I love a sharp white cheddar with a wheat cracker seasoned with cracked pepper, but when i am craving something sweet nothing beats goat cheese with a blueberry honey glaze and thin pita rounds. Now I am hungry!

  50. Annie says:

    Thank you. That is a wonderful piece to have the opportunity/chance to win…,sure beats my Dollar Store cutting board, lol. I love Colby-Jack and my favorite Ritz crackers! Have a great weekend!

  51. Sharon says:

    We are loving smoked Gouda on water crackers with apple crisp apple slices. Thanks for the chance to win the great cutting board!

  52. Jody says:

    My absolutely favorite cheese is sharp cheddar, with ritz crackers. It takes me back to a time when I was small. Grandfather would get out the sharp cheddar block and cut off slices to put on ritz crackers. I couldn’t wait to taste that scrumptious cheese. That for me was like candy now to children. For us it was a treat! Brings back wonderful memories.

  53. Candy Collins says:

    My favorite cheese/cracker combo is smoked gouda and triscuits which ties with cream cheese, hot pepper jelly on triscuits. Also love colby/jack with sliced Gala apples!
    Your island top is absolutely beautiful! I love how you refinished it.

  54. Karen Richard says:

    I love warm brie with rosemary triscuits!

  55. Suzy says:

    Smoked gouda and a good crisp rice cracker

  56. Ann says:

    Well, I’m a Wisconsin girl so was raised on cheese. Whenever I go back, my kids can’t wait to go to the cheese factory by our cottage and get warm cheese curds. They will eat them plain but if we have crackers, whatever is handy. Thanks

  57. Tracey A says:

    Hi. I posted it, but it didn’t show up! Anyway, I love Vermont White Cheddar and a cracker with everything on it!

  58. Mary Lozano says:

    Love the Butcher Block Tray but is the give-away window really for a whole year (Jan 2020 to Dec 17, 2020) before a winner is selected?
    I love doing an Italian meat and cheese board!

  59. I found this great cracker at Sam’s club. It is a multi grain with flax and chia seeds. Normally, the carbs in something like bread or crackers, make me hungry, but this cracker actually fills me up! Very thin and crunchy. It comes in a 2 pack foil–wish I could remember the name, but I believe they only have one kind like it. I like to pair it with Havarti or Brie cheese, while my husband likes it with a good cheddar. 🙂

  60. Lynne says:

    I guess I am pretty basic…..but my favorite is a slice of colby jack on a good old fashioned Ritz!

  61. Sue Alexander says:

    Hello to all… what a fun giveaway idea…
    Champagne cheese is a favorite of mine, even though it is hard to locate. When I was still flying/ working my favorite airport was the Milwaukee airport, great cheese shop there and wonderfully decorated at Christmas.
    Happiest 2020 to everyone !

  62. leslie h says:

    Swiss cheese with any cracker

  63. Talitha Wright says:

    I’m a big fan of Wisconsin white cheddar and any multi grain cracker.

  64. ann says:

    Colby jack and Carr’s crackers

  65. Jo Wyrosdick says:

    Cream cheese with homemade pepper jelly and whole wheat Ritz crackers!

  66. Barbara Jo Spaul says:

    My favorite cheese and crackers are cream cheese with pepper jelly spread on a Ritz cracker. Would love to have this cute butcher block board. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  67. Margaret Qayyum says:

    I love Brie cheese with the tiny little toast & fig preserves, goat cheese with blueberries or fig, Gouda cheese, heck I love cheese. I make a cheese board with grapes or cherries or both, rolled up pieces of turkey, olives, sweet gerkins & other items.

  68. wen budro says:

    Hmmmm……I will go with a nice slice of mild cheddar cheese with a Ritz cracker.

    I joined the FB group.

    I subscribed to the newsletter.

  69. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    My mom’s aunt & uncle used to send us some cheese from NY, it was THE best!! The closest I can get to it is a New York extra sharp cheddar (it’s not the same but it has a sorta similar bite), and I love wheat thins or trisqits.

  70. I love this board! It would be so fantastic to have when we entertain!

  71. Kay McCoy says:

    Gluten Free Parmesan Crackers with white cheddar

  72. Anna Adams says:

    Love the cutting board makeover. Cheese and crackers are definitely my go to snack or even for lunch. White cheddar on Tricuit Rye Crackers is one of my favorites. Add an Apple or some tips strawberries and as tall glass of sweet tea and that’s a super lunch treat.

  73. Gail Holcomb says:

    Melted swiss cheese on a Triscuit Cracker. I am subscribed to your newsletter and joined your facebook page.

  74. Sue says:

    My favorite is tortilla scoops with a little bit of cream cheese then topped with a candy jalapeño. Not really “ cracker” but it is delicious!

  75. Cheryl Foley says:

    I love cheese! 🧀 I guess my fave is Wisconsin cheddar and captains wafers. I follow you all over the place…fb, email, private group, Pinterest, etc. 😊❤

  76. KV says:

    I like Townhouse crackers and provolone.

  77. Bonnie says:

    My favorite crackers are ritz and I love them with slice pepperoni… not crazy about cheese.

  78. Greta says:

    I love a good sharp cheddar with Club crackers. Simple, but good.

  79. Cassandra Alley says:

    This subject is close to my heart! I love cheese! lol! We love making charcuterie boards, full of different, meats, cheeses, jams, crackers, salty/sweet combos, olives, pickles and spicy cherry peppers!

  80. Maureen Gray says:

    I love pepper Jack cheese and salami!

  81. Ellen Casper says:

    Brie cheese topped with cranberries on wheat crackers.

  82. Lisa says:

    I grew up on “sociables”, my mom’s go to crackers. So my favorite combo is white cheddar cranberry and sociables!

  83. Mary says:

    I love goat cheese and triscuits. Great board and I love that it came from your island.

  84. Sherri Gonyier says:

    This is fabulous! I love cheese! My go to is Triscuits and Pepper jack, add some tomato, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of garlic salt.

  85. tom griffith jr says:

    I love to make a cheese & sausage board for my friends. Sharp cheddar is my favorite. Add smoked sausage & crackers & you are set. Just need a great cheese board to display.

  86. Michelle H. says:

    I love various cheeses, including sharp cheddar, with wheat or vegetable crackers.

  87. Mary Ellen Maynard says:

    My favorite cheeses are Brie and
    gouda I like them servered a variety of ways
    Yum yUM

  88. Barbara Vuoso says:

    I love Rye Crisp with a slice of great Swiss cheese….with a bit of white 🍷!

  89. Lisa B says:

    I’m pretty simple. Trisket, small gob of cream cheese and then a slice of cucumber on top!

  90. manda says:

    I like aged cheddar, fruit spread and a pita cracker.

  91. Alison Almquist says:

    My favorite is cheddar cheese with Ritz crackers.

  92. Lisa Babs says:

    I honestly don’t think I’ve found a cracker and cheese pairing I don’t like. But my fav must be a Water Crackers with Brie.

  93. My favorite is colby with summer sausage and triscuit crackers. The runner up is smoked gouda with apple slices.

  94. I love colby cheese with summer sausage and Triscuits crackers. My second best is Smoked Gouda with apple slices.

  95. Anne Horning says:

    Cream cheese with blackberry pepper jelly on any cracker! Delicious!

  96. Leigh Nichols says:

    I love pepper jack on organic Triscuits

  97. Angela Sturmar says:

    Tasty cheese and sweet and sour pickles cut up and placed on a toothpick for serving.

  98. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Pita Bite Crackers + Triple Cream Brie + Pumpkin Butter

  99. Jean says:

    I love sharp cheddar and crackers.

  100. Nancy says:

    Love your blog!!! I love crackers and cheese with pepperoni!!

  101. Kathy Beemer says:

    Colby cheese and Triscuits …. classis and simple

  102. Deborah says:

    What an awesome board. Love a good cheese board.

  103. eve says:

    Smoked Gouda and really any crackers…..the cheese is what matters to me 🙂

  104. Lynzee says:

    I don’t really eat cheese and crackers; don’t hate me!

    But I do know someone who likes the combo of Kraft American cheese with saltines 😳

  105. Wendy Kampo says:

    I LOVE cheese and crackers they are my staple. My favorite is smoked gouda on Almond Nut Thin Crackers with a dash of pepper jelly. Delish!

  106. Carrie says:

    I love a club style cracker with some extra sharp white cheddar. ( I joined your facebook group and subscribe to your newsletter too)

  107. Dawn W. says:

    I enjoy most cheeses and crackers. Paired with a fruit and glass of wine. When my husband and I started dating we were doing a cheese of the week tasting and kept a cheese journal. Even my son (age 7 at the time) wrote comments in the cheese journal. That was 5 years ago. I still refer back to that cheese journal from time to time to see what kinds of cheeses we liked the best. And, I love seeing my son’s handwriting and pictures he drew in the journal (think pics of stinky cheese, LOL).

  108. Heather Webster says:

    Love this board!! I usually have yellow and white cheddar, imported English Wensleydale with apricots or blueberries, French Brie with Carr’s table crackers, plain and cracked black pepper, some triscuits and wheat thins and some sort of extra thin cracker too. Accompanied by sliced grape tomatoes, Greek olives, black and green olives and wine on the side. This board would simply make my Cheese board smile and give it a bit of sophistication!! 🙂

  109. Terri says:

    Ritz and swiss😋

  110. kesha says:

    I love the butcher block cheese board. Such a pretty idea. I am kind of plain with my cheese and crackers. I grew up eating slices of cheddar on zesta crackers with a little mayo. So yummy!

  111. Karen Lewis says:

    I’m a simple girl. My favorite combination is just Manchego cheese and any of the herb flavored biscuit crackers. Of course some good red wine makes it much better too! 🙂

  112. Jodi Kittelson says:

    I love sharp cheddar with rosemary wheat thins

  113. Jodi Kittelson says:

    Love Sharp Cheddar with Rosemary Triscuts

  114. Shannon Doll says:

    Havarti Dill with Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits

  115. Colleen Neustadt says:

    I would love to use this with a tub of Swiss almond cheese from Dryers butcher in Three Oaks, Mi and some liver sausage pate alongside with Coleens thin but ohhh so tasty bread sticks!

  116. elizabeth miller says:

    My favorite cheese and cracker combo is smoked gouda and a nice ham.

  117. Chris says:

    Well, since we moved on our boat full time it’s been crackers and cheese on a paper plate at “ Docktail” time. This cheese board sure would come in handy.
    We live in Wisconsin so we eat a variety of cheese. But my favorite is Mertz cheddar!
    All different crackers come into play on the docks.

  118. deana dietrich says:

    I use all kinds of both cheese & crackers. Variety is the spice to life!

  119. Shea Balentine says:

    I love smoked cheddar with wheat thins!

  120. Tina Voyles says:

    It is a beautiful board! smoked gouda with olive oil triscuits, along with kalamata olives and roasted cherry tomatos!

  121. Stephanie Liske says:

    I’m not a cheese lover at all! My husband though, loves all kinds of fancy expensive cheeses. I know he loves blue cheese, but that’s not even one of the super fancy ones…

  122. Leah Shumack says:

    My favorite crackers are Ritz and some colby-jack cheese. Even better if it has a slice of pepperoni too!

  123. susan smoaks says:

    I love cheddar cheese with a wheat cracker.

  124. CS says:

    Ritz and American

  125. BRIAN E. says:

    A slice of sharp cheddar cheese on a whole wheat cracker !!!

  126. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love white sharp cheddar with sesame and salt crackers.

  127. Rosanne says:

    My favorite cheese is pepper jack cheese and I love any buttery cracker

  128. Rosanne Morrison says:

    Joined my private Facebook Decorating & Cooking Group

  129. Rosanne says:

    Subscribed to Redhead Can Decorate’s Newsletter

  130. Jennifer R says:

    I recently had Trader Joe’s Fig & Olive Crisps with their Chévre with Honey Goat’s Milk Cheese at a party. It was wonderful and my current favorite cheese & cracker combo.

  131. Sand says:

    I like pepper jack on rosemary wheat crackers.

  132. Janey says:

    Ppper jack, mozzarella, cheddar mild and sharp, and cream cheese with a Ritzy type cacker. Yum. Thank you.

  133. Tracy says:

    ANY cheese! But I love Havarti and a buttery cracker. Or no cracker at all, just more cheese. Thanks.

  134. Pamela Pigue says:

    My favorite this past holiday was a crispy, salty triscuit with goat cheese rolled in cranberries and apricots and a thin drizzle of local honey. Pretty presentation with springs of rosemary.

  135. Dee says:

    Honey smoked salmon and water crackers are Devine!

  136. Sue says:

    I love so many cracker and cheese combinations but I have to say my absolute favorite is from my childhood: cheddar and saltine crackers.

  137. Gina Morrison says:

    I LOVE cheese, especially smoked gouda and jarlesberg swiss cheese.

  138. lee says:

    My husbands family has an orchard w/ apples and pears. We love to pair cheeses with them. Brie w/ a bosc pear, or a smoke gouda w/ a matsu ! I also love rice crackers with the sharp cheeses so you can enjoy that cheese flavor!

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