Lush Flower Window Box Tips


Summer temperatures have FINALLY arrived up here in Michigan and it feels so incredibly good. I have the windows open and a warm breeze just shuffled through the house rattling the Patriotic Tree. Now the cats are climbing the tree 😆. I’m just going to ignore those kitties, and instead tell you all about my “Lush Flower Window Box Tips”. I have never claimed to be a very good gardener, but I have learned a few tips over the years that really seem to give my flower boxes that extra lush look. I still can’t believe I planted this flower box!

By the way, if you don’t have a window flower box, you can make your very own like we did HERE.

Colorful flowers : Million Bells
Vine: Vinca
White cascading flower: Calypso Jumbo White

This first photo (above & below) was taken last year. I had noticed how “fluffy” my flowers had become and thought, wowie-I need to share these next spring and tell everyone what I did.

First, I want you to know that this kind of fullness takes a few weeks, or even a couple months. It doesn’t happen over night, and I think having patience is one of the most important tips I can give you.

Before we go further, you may recall when we shared our DIY Stained Cedar Shutters? If interested you can see those here: DIY Stained Cedar Shutters Tutorial & Reveal.

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Second, be sure to choose flowers that can handle the amount of sun/shade that your window receives. In this flower box I used:

Colorful flowers : Million Bells
Vine: Vinca
White cascading flower: Calypso Jumbo White

It might be a good idea if you check throughout the day and note when the box gets sun or shade and then use that information when you are choosing your flowers. For example, do not use impatiens in a sunny window. A better choice for a sunny window is geraniums. Rest assured the flowers will be labeled at the store with how much sun they require.

Third, when “designing” my flower box, I try it right in the store in the shopping cart. I actually use the “kids seat” area and pretend it is my flower box 😎. I pick 4 small pots of the same colorful flowers and divide them on either side. Then I look for small white cascading flower pots to plant in the middle. Lastly, I add vines in usually in the center. Here’s a diagram to help…

Fourth, and very important…add fresh potting soil to the box before you plant and fill to top of box after they are in. My favorite soil is this one: Julie’s Favorite Potting Soil. I have tried cheaper soils and even homemade versions and this one is still the best.

Fifth, water your boxes every evening until they get going. After that, water every other evening unless you have a rain.

Lastly, fertilize every couple weeks with my favorite fertilizer. I mix 1 tablespoon into my gallon container and it takes seconds.

In summary, here’s my best tips on creating a lush flower window box:

My Best Lush Flower Box Tips

Stay tuned, next week I will be sharing our new indoor/outdoor table fire pit! It is so cool…

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Lush Flower Window Box Tips

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Lush Flower Window Box Tips

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13 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Julie – lovely! (Both You and the flowers). I like the lettering for diagraming the layout. It makes the visual clearer before picking flowers. I find it better to water in the morning but you know what works for you.
    Happy Summer at last!

  2. Dad says:

    Look very nice, You do great with flowers I think, love to all, Dad in NewYork.

  3. carol bittner says:

    Your flower boxes are awesome; I agree with your choice of potting soil. That’s what I am using this year. Hope your summer is going well. It’s finally warmed up nicely after a very longggg cold winter. Now we have those annoying gnats!!!! makes it hard to enjoy being outside. Have a wonderful week end Julie.

    • Julie says:

      So nice to hear from you, Carol! Yes finally warm!! I hope our summer lasts until Christmas this year ha ha

  4. Bette says:

    Hi Julie:
    Your window boxes are gorgeous.How do you attach the window box? I would like to try this but don’t know if I have the right window or not.
    I love hanging fuchias (spelling?) as they attract the hummingbirds, I have a beautiful basket of them every year. I would use them in a window box.
    By the way I am not on facebook, so hope you keep the emails coming, I look forward to them.
    Cheers, Bette

  5. Bette says:

    Thanks for the instructions for the window box. I’ll see if my husband will make me one.

    Cheers, Bette

  6. Kaycee says:

    Hi Julie, We finally got a little warmer and a lot dryer here too. Your window boxes look just gorgeous. I really love the combination of plants that you used last year and boy did they do great!

  7. Jody says:

    I turned off the wi if and for the first time I clicked and can actually see your post! The most interesting and I can never see it. Anyway I believe I have figured the windows on this crazy wonderful house.
    I think I can put 2 on the back of the house and as no one sees the house period it is just for the flower fanatic me. The bottom of the house is brick so I already found the brick fasteners. Coming from China so should have them just as I need them. I really want shutters but the strange placement of windows will make it difficult. I keep walking round and round. My husband said you are going to get dizzy. Meanwhile the light bulb keeps going off in my head. Plans. Lots of plans.

  8. Nancy Carter says:

    The white flowers are bacopa.


    Love your idea about putting them in cart.. people look at u strange when you get all excited when you have made a lovely looking arrangement. I use the same soil and fertilizer. I wonder what it going to be like this summer when it is time to get our flowers..I guess we will have to wait and see..I love touching good with this Virus😣

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