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Attention all who decorate.  The dixie, I mean thrifty chicks from The Thrifty Style Team are at it again this month.  I have joined creative forces once again on the second Wednesday of the month with amazing blogger ladies who can decorate thrifty style without sacrificing class.  Be sure to scroll all the way down so you don’t miss their thrifty ideas.  My contribution this round is all about an “Affordable Rustic Sconce” that I came across one evening on-line.  The price is a shocker and certainly deserves a Thrifty Style Team post.  Let’s take a look, shall we?



An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.

This very rustic versatile “goose neck” sconce with exposed plug-in cord originally caught my eye when I was searching for sconces on line one evening.  The price was a shocker, and even more so because the deal comes with two sconces  😯 !  So, there are two of these little ladies for the price of one.  Actually, I think even one is worth more than what I paid.

[Speaking of saving money…almost everything in this photo below is thrifty.  My tea set collections, the oval gold framed vintage picture on the wall, the brass & glass coffee table, the big teal glass bottle, and the blue glass canister —-> all found at flea markets, or thrifts stores.]


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An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.



When the sconce sisters arrived 2 days after I ordered them (they arrived fast) I galloped walked around the house with one trying to figure out where they would be needed the most (I had to find a spot that had an outlet below for the exposed cord to plug into).  You see, our house is 25 years old and it can be very creepy, especially in the halls where there isn’t nearly enough recessed lighting.

So, I originally hung one in the dark hall leading to our laundry room from the kitchen.  It stayed there for a while until we switched out one of the recessed lights to a hanging chandelier.  Hey-did you know that you can do that?  Yep, recessed lights can easily be switched into a hanging pendant, and no electrician required (that post will be coming up next month 4/19/19).



An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.


After good ole thrifty sconce here was without a home, I looked around again, only this time I really nailed a better location 😎 .

If you’ve seen our front living room, I’m thinking you may have seen the rustic wood we hung in there to give it a “lodge” feel. Here’s my post on that rustic wood if you are interested.  We’ve changed a lot since then, but the wood is still one of my favorite DIY transformations in our home.  I carried it through-out our home as you can see here in our home tour.  We also replaced and  stained the built-in shelves ourselves, too.

So, there they are in their final resting spot.  One on each side of our blue velvet sofa, and they look fantastic up against the stained wood- almost like they were born to go there.  In addition, the wood made it very simple to screw into the wall with out anchors.  I think the sconces actually make the room look larger when they are both on.  They also create a cozy rustic atmosphere and make perfect night lights.


An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.

I keep my rustic sconces on all night and all day just because that’s the way I like it.  However, they are very simple to turn on & off with the little switch that is located about 1/2 way down the cord.  Ironically enough, even though these are supposed to be “exposed cord” sconces, the stained wood does cover them up to a certain degree.

If you keep scrolling, you’ll see where we hung our thrift store hobnail exposed sconce on the rustic stained wood in our master bathroom.  I love these sconces because they do not need to be wired by an electrician.  On that note, here’s some information my husband wanted to add about the installation —->

Take it away Rick:  Mounting these lights was straightforward.  The unit came with instructions on how to connect black on black wires together before proceeding to connect white on white wires together into the supplied connection unit.  Then simply use the bracket supplied with the light, mark were the bracket is to be affixed using a pencil, and use the supplied screws to fasten the bracket to the wall, or in this case, to the wood trim beams.  Once the bracket is up, you mount the light to the bracket using the decorative bolt caps by screwing the caps onto the bolts, and you are done.




An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.





An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.

And now it’s time for the full Thrifty Style Team to share their transformations…





An Affordable Rustic Sconce with an exposable cord is the easiest way to add a light fixture to any room.

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19 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    I’ve been searching online for sconces lately too, but I missed the “sisters!” We have a dark hallway with only one overhead light so their cousins may come to reside at our house!

  2. Rick says:

    These are great sconces!

  3. Thanks again Julie for your help today! I love the sconce and your bathroom is amazing! Hopefully you won’t get this message 3 times lol!

  4. meegan says:

    Such a great deal and amazing style! You have so many pretty spaces in your home. I love the details.

  5. Courtenay says:

    Love these! Such a great deal and they look amazing against that rustic wood! I think you’re going to have me spending some time on Amazon looking for lighting deals tonight! 🙂

  6. These sconces are beautiful, Julie! I absolutely love the look of this entire space! 2 for less than $30?! That’s a steal of a deal! Thanks for sharing! It’s always fun linking up with you! xoxo

  7. what a great deal for pretty lights. I always keep one light on all day and night too. Your home always looks so cozy.

  8. Cindy says:

    This is such a great idea! Love the look of the rustic sconces!

  9. Julie – your home is beautiful…especially that bathroom 😍Your sconce lighting was a definite score – and looks lovely!

  10. Dad says:

    Look great to me, love to all, Dad in NY.

  11. Pat M. says:

    I hate seeing cords running anywhere, but since these are up against dark wood, they look amazing. I like that they are simple, functional as well as decorative, and a great bargain.

  12. Amy Sue says:

    Jules!! I love this look! I am ordering these and I think I’m going to have Dave put them on either side of our bed with some distressed wood with the dark stain. It will go with our bed. Such a great idea! Beautiful as always! Love you! Amy Sue

  13. Patricia says:

    Great post! I love the Spring Wreath tutorial, thank you.

  14. Iviry says:

    Hello my friend: it’s been a while, just know this, you been in my mind and I’ve missed everything about you and your site. I been of all sites due to reasons I can not say, but I am so happy to be back. Your site is the first site I am rejoicing/rejoining.
    I love these scones. Not surprised you sharing something so gorgeous, because you only create/buy/share the best, and yet at an affordable price to acquire to. Thank you, and I am so happy I am back with such an outstanding site as yours.

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