Romantic Rose Mantel

It's finally time for some ROMANTIC DECORATING ♥️ ! Valentine's Day is coming up soon, so I thought you may like a few simple, inexpensive, romantic ideas. I am just so flipping' excited about this "Romantic Rose Mantel" I swear I could do back flips… Read More

Repurposed Thrift Store Shot Glasses: Pasta Shots

Shots for everyone, I'm buyin' 😳! Okay, all kidding aside, I don't do shots. At least not the kind they're serving up at the local tavern tonight. I did my share back in college, but now my "shots" are way cooler, and cheaper. Pull up… Read More

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup & Cookbook Giveaway

If you missed last week's "Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway", no worries because I decided to have another giveaway this week (woot woot!😎), only this one is all about an amazing recipe/cookbook. Not only am I sharing a wonderful recipe from my new cookbook, but… Read More

Butcher Block Cheese Board Giveaway

The holidays are over, the winter blues have settled in, and our darn Christmas tree is still up 😂...sounds like it's time to have some fun! Well yes, I could be taking the tree down, but why do that, when instead I can give my… Read More

Redhead Can Decorate 2019 Top 10 Ideas

Happy New Year! Welcome to "Redhead Can Decorate 2019 Top 10"! 2019 is officially in the books, but that doesn't mean we have to forget all of the creative DIY, repurposing, and recipes from the last 12 months. In fact, I think it's a great… Read More

10 Amazing Appetizers You Should Try

Happy New Year, to all! I was just telling my sister how 2019 has been an emotional rollercoaster for our family. We've had some of our lowest lows, but also many of our highest highs. I know this holds true for most families because that's… Read More

Wood Snowman Family

Merry Christmas from all of us here at including my partners in crime, Rick, our 2 children, and our 3 rescue cats. I hope you enjoy my last Christmas post of 2019 which really comes at a perfect time because it centers around my… Read More

Dollar Store Olive Appetizer Wreath

This very thrifty affordable appetizer idea literally cost $7, and I'm calling it my "Dollar Store Olive Appetizer Wreath". Welcome to this month’s Thrifty Style Team post, where I love to share affordable decorating ideas along with my very talented thrifty blogger friends. This month,… Read More

Holiday Housewalk Christmas Home Tour 2019

Welcome to my very first "Holiday Housewalk"! If you've never experienced an online Christmas parade of homes before, you are in for quite a treat. Jennifer Rizzo created this virtual Holiday Housewalk 10 years ago, and it has grown to be quite popular in the… Read More

Reusable Christmas Tile Gift Tags

Yowsa! It's getting very busy over here at Red's. Christmas is in full swing and not only do I have a full 6 room Christmas home tour coming up for you on December 6th 👍🏻, I also have a fresh cedar wreath giveaway going on… Read More

Christmas Wreath Giveaway

Man oh man, am I beat! I've spent the last 3 weeks decorating our home head to toe for an exciting Christmas home tour online "housewalk" I've never been in before. It's been an enormous amount of work, but I literally can not sleep at… Read More

Peppermint Frosted Candle

I am a busy little redheaded elf over here decorating up a {winter} storm for a very large Christmas tour I am included in this year {yippee}, and this darling "Peppermint Frosted Candle" made from dollar store supplies fits in beautifully! In fact, it looks… Read More

Maple Pecan Butternut Squash Recipe

This Maple Pecan Butternut Squash Recipe will steal the side dish show on Thanksgiving, or any day, really. First, the gently roasted butternut halves all sliced so perfectly like a top chef barged into your home, and had his best knife in hand. Then, the… Read More

Perfect Roast Beef Recipe

When I asked our oldest child what she wanted for Thanksgiving dinner, she said, "Roast Beef" 😲. What you say?? Well, I honestly can't blame her one bit. You see, a few weeks ago I made my "Perfect Roast Beef Recipe" and she has been… Read More

Repurposed Pillowcase Scarf

It has turned brutally cold up here in Michigan 🥶 and was even snowing today! While I was growing up in Buffalo, NY my mom always begged me to wear a scarf to school. I hated scarves to the max, man! I was cool...I wasn't… Read More

Italian Horn Cookie Recipe

I told my husband I wanted a Christmas cookie recipe from his side of the family to share with you all for this huge cookie hop Dometically Speaking was hosting (be sure to sift through all the cookies at the very end of this post).… Read More

Ruggable Runner Rug Review

Try sayin' Ruggable Runner Rug Review 5 times fast. Trust me, it's impossible, but who cares, right? These runners ROCK. Seriously, I absolutely LOVE my "Ruggable" runners and I have been wanting to share this information with you for a while. This is not a… Read More

Fall Halloween Tree

Remember last February when I told you our kiddos talked me into keeping up our Christmas tree ALL YEAR LONG 😳. I said I thought it was a "cute" idea 🙄. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it cute 9 months later. The words that come… Read More

Halloween Bonfire Skeleton Display

I'm in the mood for a little fun, care to join me 🤭? I honestly feel like a kid at times when I'm decorating for holidays, and Halloween is no exception. After all, that's when decorating usually begins, when we are young, right? In fact,… Read More

Thrifty Spooky Halloween Corner

Uh oh! There's a dude in our window, and I'm not referring to the skeleton in our "Thrifty Spooky Halloween Corner" photo below. No, I'm talking about a real life painter dude that is in the middle of painting the exterior of our house (I… Read More

Dollar Store Hanging Jack-O’-Lantern

Boo! I was petrified my "Dollar Store Hanging Jack-O'-Lantern" wouldn't work. I actually almost gave up before I even started 😖. Sometimes that self doubt comes rolling in like a dark Halloween fog and makes us feel weird, ya know? Well, I'm happy to say… Read More

Beaumont’s Free Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beaumont. All opinions are 100% mine. It's that time of year where we are all anticipating the approaching holiday season (well, maybe not all 😉). In fact, I was researching faux Christmas trees today,… Read More

Avocado Shrimp Wrap

I need all the energy I can get right now, you guys 💪🏻! Our garage is packed full of everything I purged from our house (here's more on that situation). When I say packed full, I mean PACKED FULL. Kind of like this Avocado Shrimp… Read More

Save Money Buying & Selling on Facebook

Welcome to part 1 of my new life changing series I'm calling "Operation Home Purge". That's right folks...I'm PURGING everything our family no longer needs or uses. I mean EVERYTHING, top to bottom 😳. I begin this very informative & helpful series with my tutorials… Read More

DIY Refinished Butcher Block Kitchen Island

There's something about a shiny piece of wood that makes me feel very happy. If I was able to have you over for cheese & crackers, I could take you through the house on a shiny wood tour. Wouldn't that be fun? Most folks think… Read More

Dollar Store Fall Ombre Wreath

Am I ready for Fall 😖? Are you ready for Fall? My answer is, "Absolutely not! I will hang on to summer as long as I can. I guess it really does depend on where you live though, right? I know many areas have been… Read More

Affordable DIY Wedding Vow Renewal Tips

Welcome to the final part of our "DIY Wedding Vow Renewal" series. This is the finale! First, I must disclose that I am definitely not an expert on wedding vow renewals. What I am, is just a redhead that renewed her wedding vows with her… Read More

DIY Rose Wedding Bouquet

The older I get, the more I feel capable of doing things my DIY way instead of how society makes me feel I should. I took matters into my own hands last week (literally) and created 2 very simple little red DIY Rose Bouquet(s) for… Read More

Modern Minimalistic Condo with a Private Terrace/View

I am so excited to share this Modern Minimalistic Condo with a Private Terrace/View with you! This 3 part series I'm dedicating to describing how I pulled off probably the best vacation of my life while also DIYing our 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony.… Read More

5 DIY Wood Plank Decorating Ideas & Giveaway

5 DIY Wood Plank Decorating Ideas & Giveaway is all about transforming a space with affordable stained wood. I hope you enjoy all 5 of my DIY Wood Plank Decorating Ideas and then top it all off with a fabulous giveaway at the end for… Read More

Weight Loss Tips at 50 Years Old

I haven't been completely upfront with you guys 🧐. A lot is going on around here right now that I don't talk about publicly because it's just too personal, too difficult, and I really try to keep my personal life separate to a certain degree.… Read More

Tomato Appetizer Plates

I'm not sure if I selected the right title for these "Tomato Appetizer Plates" 🤔. I'm beginning to feel like flower, pinwheel, or spiral needs to be thrown in that title somewhere, but I'm not quite sure how to fit that in. I guess the… Read More

Blueberry Banana Bread

Hey-wasn't there a children's book about a mouse that ate a blueberry pie and left blueberry foot prints all over the counter 🤔? I remember having that book as a kid and craving that blueberry pie so badly. I'm hoping I can get you to… Read More

Watermelon Cake

I told my family I wanted to make a "Watermelon Cake" while we were on vacation in Florida. No one gagged, or even asked why, or how, they just said, "Okay." 😂 Then they saw the 2 medium sized seedless watermelons arrive to our destination… Read More

Indoor Outdoor Tabletop Fire Pit

Happy first day of summer, my friends 🌞! Finally...oh my goodness, I never thought I would dust my favorite flip flops off ever again. I'm happy to report that I have them on (and I hope you do, too), and I even got a mini-pedicure… Read More

Patriotic Bird House Makeover

Rick the "Brick" is in the house! very handsome husband stepped up to the plate this week and is taking over for me. It's kind of mischievous of me though, don't you think? I mean...Father's Day is Sunday and here he is doing the… Read More

Lush Flower Window Box Tips

Lush Flower Window Box Tips
Summer temperatures have FINALLY arrived up here in Michigan and it feels so incredibly good. I have the windows open and a warm breeze just shuffled through the house rattling the Patriotic Tree. Now the cats are climbing the tree 😆. I'm just going to… Read More

Dollar Store Wreath Giveaway

Time to put your garden gloves on my friends. But wait! This time you're putting those gloves on your door, and not your hands 😎. Let me explain. I've received so many sweet and wonderful compliments on my Dollar Store Garden Glove Wreath that I… Read More

Patriotic Christmas Tree

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all 🇺🇸 and thank you to all who have sacrificed for our country!!! I was actually going to wait until the Fourth of July to decorate our annual Christmas tree for summer, but I just couldn't wait to share my… Read More

Tuna Macaroni Salad

Tuna Macaroni Salad that is loaded with protein a low in calories.
My lovely mom "Joanne" is 85 next month ❤️ and she makes the best Tuna Macaroni Salad in the universe. Unfortunately, she suffers with severe arthritis, so she doesn't cook too much any more. Luckily, my Dad does still cook and I know he makes… Read More

137 Calorie Breakfast Power Taco

I was about to fall asleep last night, but was craving tacos 😁. I began to think about how I could have tacos in the morning 😁, but stick to my low calorie, low(er) carbohydrate plan without using a tortilla. I eat 1 egg every… Read More

Healthy Stuffed Pork Loin

Here we go again guys...I'm trying desperately to lose a couple pounds for a vacation coming up, and at 49 (50 next month 😳), it's really REALLY been difficult. I've managed to lose 8 pounds in 2 months, but maaaaan it is way harder than… Read More

Thrifty Yellow & Pink Spring Porch

I waited for the sun ☀️ to show up all day today, so my Thrifty Yellow & Pink Spring Porch photos would look all warm and pretty. Well, at about 3:00pm I finally gave up because the clouds were not budging. Wouldn't you know that… Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips & Giveaway

The Best Mop EVER Last weekend, my husband and I were making the bed on Saturday morning and I was shocked at what I saw! The wood plantation shutters we have on our windows behind the headboard had grown fur on them 😳. Well, somehow… Read More

Money Pizza Pie Gift

Our son, Vic, just turned 17 8-O !  He's our last born baby :-( , and he's very smart, funny, and creative.  I really wanted to give him something that he wouldn't expect.  Something he's never seen before.  Something that would freak him out and… Read More

Planting Cherry Trees

  This post is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation, however all opinions are the Redhead's. My kids think I like trees too much :-? .  They make fun of me for pointing out beautiful mature trees when we are in the car.  When they were… Read More

Thrifty Spring Foyer

The redheaded minimalist has arrived 8-O .  I'm not sure where she came from, how she got here, or if she'll stick around, but for today, she is in the house.  Our foyer is ready for Easter/spring and all it took was 1 ceramic bunny.… Read More

Dollar Store Tissue Paper Tree

Dollar Store Tissue Paper Tree
You better get a tissue for this one because you're going to need it 🤧. Oh dear no, I'm not going to make you cry! It's just that it's high time for the next tree idea I promised for our year-long decorated tree. No way… Read More

Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup Hack

I hope you enjoy our daughter's very popular "Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup Hack" recipe which is full of creamy, savory flavor just like the real deal.  Everyone in your family will love and even crave this version of one of Olive Garden's most… Read More