How to Make a Dollar Store Christmas Ice Wreath

Ice, ice, baby! This “Dollar Store Christmas Ice Wreath” turned out way prettier than I ever expected. In fact, I nearly gave up at first because it wasn’t turning out the way I envisioned, and then my husband said, “You’ll figure it out, you always do.” Those words inspired me to keep trying (Thank you,… Read More

How to Make My Mother’s Pork Sausage Thanksgiving Dressing Recipe

My sweet mom was so incredibly proud of her Pork Sausage Thanksgiving Dressing every year, and it truly was one of the main attractions at every Thanksgiving. Over the years, I became more experienced preparing the dressing, and I could tell she was very proud that I finally did it her way. Rather than trying… Read More

Redhead Can Decorate’s One Year Michigan Home Search Update

Hi there, friends! Julie here with a much needed update on the big search for our next home 😊. It’s been a little over one year since the big move, and you may be wondering if we are ever going to find “the one”, or if our search for our next decorating canvas is stuck… Read More

How to Make Mom’s Homemade Goulash Recipe

Hi, guys! I grew up eating my beautiful “Mom’s Homemade Goulash Recipe” which was one of my most favorite comfort meals as a kid. This recipe comes to you with a heavy heart because it’s only been about 1 year since I lost my mom at the age of 89. Even as I sit here… Read More

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