Thrifty Style Snowman Lovers

It’s been snowing up here in Michigan, so it’s really put me in the the mood to decorate for the holidays.  Are you ready, or no?  I pulled last year’s repurposed snowman shutter dude out of the basement a few days ago, and he looked at me with those big bedroom button eyes and said,… Read More

Cranberry Pecan Pie with 10 Minute No Mess Pie Crust

  I drove by about 20 wild turkey in our neighborhood a couple days ago and thought, oh boy…I better get my Thanksgiving butt in gear grocery shopping list together if we’re going to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  It was going to be just the four of us for dinner (our families live… Read More

Stairway Dark Gray Accent Wall

I admit it.  I was wrong.  Darn it, and there I was thinking I was on top of my decorating game by telling everyone to just paint their walls white.  Easy peasy, right?  Well, not so fast, Blanche.  I still love white walls  😆 .  BUT!  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with color if that is… Read More

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Candles

I know it’s early for Christmas candles, but we only have 2 months left 😯 …lets get this Christmas party started.  We don’t have to actually decorate yet, we can just think about it…and maybe go to the dollar store for supplies.  No stress, I promise.  Welcome to this month’s Dollar Store Decor Series where… Read More

Julie the Redhead

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