Our New Trex Composite Deck

I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing “Our New Trex Composite Deck”!  When we visited our future home for the first time almost 10 years ago (and our baby girl peed her pants on the lawn and we knew that was a good sign), I fell instantly in love with the huge high traditional… Read More

Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover

Welcome to my “Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover”…I know, not exactly the most exciting subject I have posted about, but maybe I can liven things up a bit with a funny story.  You see, the word “door knob” reminded me of something from my childhood.  I was a bit of a rascal in my teen… Read More

Guest Room Makeover

Last week I shared our “Brick Patio Makeover” which is located right outside these doors that lead out of our basement walk-out.  Well, what I didn’t share was the huge transformation that was actually taking place on the inside of those doors.  If you’re in redheadcandecorate’s “PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP“, then you would have known because… Read More

Brick Patio Makeover

I stood on our front porch this morning and watched our oldest daughter drive away to her last day of high school 😯 .  As she disappeared past the trees, I glanced over to our garden and noticed that the first peony has bloomed.  Talk about perfect timing.  I think it’s a sure sign that… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

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