Clever Bathroom Tissue Dispenser Ideas

Tissues deserve the spotlight for a change. After all, they’ve been there for us through sickness, sadness, and even a boo-boo. It’s not fair that they have to sit on that cold bathroom counter, in that ugly cardboard box getting all dusty. Instead, let’s showcase our magnificent, versatile, little disposable hankies and give them a… Read More

Easter Egg Chest

Instead of an Easter egg basket, how about and “Easter egg Chest”? The more I worked on this little display, the cuter it became. I don’t have any little ones running around here yet, but if I did I think they would surely enjoy peaking into my little secret box. I hope you enjoy it,… Read More

Creating the Most Comfortable Bed of Your Dreams

After many months of trial and error, my husband and I have created what we like to call “The Most Comfortable Bed of Your Dreams”. A gorgeous bed isn’t complete if you wake up in pain, or toss and turn all night long. Building a high quality nest is an investment that pays you back… Read More

Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip French Toast Recipe

French toast is one of my husband’s favorite breakfast dishes, so when I surprised him with my “Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip French Toast Recipe” on a week day recently, he just couldn’t believe his eyes. His exact words where, “Wow! What is going on here, Julie? This looks scrumptious!” My response was, “Oh, just something… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

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