How to Combine Mums and Cabbage for Cascading Fall Steps

A few years ago, I came across the most beautiful (pink & green) fall porch I had ever seen. It was a complete jaw dropper 😲, and eventually I noticed the same decorating trends spreading all over the place. Folks caught on quick, but I took my time sticking with what I’m use to which… Read More

3 Thrifty Fall Planter Cover Ideas

  You better get a big ole warm pumpkin spiced latte because it’s time for the Thrifty Style Team again, and I have over 14 ideas that will help you decorate for fall without spending a ton of cash 😉.  The first 3 ideas come from our front porch here in Michigan, where the temperature… Read More

Central New York Half-Moon Cookie Recipe

If you happen to be here searching for the authentic Central New York “Half-Moon Cookie Recipe” you have definitely come to the right place 😊. On the other hand, if you happen to be one of my sweet subscribers, you’ve hit the cookie jackpot my friend! You see, my handsome, Italian husband grew up in… Read More

How to Transform your Kitchen into a Cozy Relaxing Lounge

The latest home improvements and design changes in our kitchen are extraordinarily different from what you are use to seeing in most homes. If you follow me here at you know that I like to shake things up a bit, and not follow the rules when it comes to home decorating. I follow my… Read More

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