How to Create & Style a Sexy Rustic Suede Bracelet

The older I’ve become, the less I wear around my neck when I go out, and the more I prefer eye catching bracelets. Last week, I was wishing I had a “wood” bracelet to match “wood” earrings I purchased for a special romantic weekend get-a-way with my husband. Boom! Inspiration finally struck after I thought… Read More

How to Create a Rainbow Colored Glass Birdbath

There’s something about colored glass that floats my boat. When I see it at thrift stores (I scream!!!) take it home, and add it to my collection. Well, that collection is getting quite large, so I need to use it up. I already have a colored glass fountain (see below), so I decided a birdbath… Read More

12 Affordable Patriotic Home Decorating Ideas

As I sit here in the late evening writing this beautiful round up of “12 Affordable Patriotic Home Decorating Ideas” I am listening to the soothing frogs croaking in our backyard pond 🐸. I know that may not sound like a big deal to many, but if you live in Michigan, the summer sounds are… Read More

Our Cozy Bohemian Outdoor Happy Space

All winter long my cats and I gaze out our pretty black French doors leading to our large elevated outdoor deck. The 3 doors are located in our kitchen right off our cozy dining area, where we have a big wood burning fireplace 🔥 . The view from December until March is mostly icicles, snow… Read More

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