Perfect New York City Pizza Recipe for Home Oven

Pizza time πŸ• πŸ• πŸ•! I’m handing over my paper plate plate, I mean blog to my handsome, Italian husband to bring you his extensively researched, Redhead-Julie-tested, step-by-step tutorial for the perfect “New York City Style Pizza” in your home oven. That’s right folks, you CAN make NYC style, big, chewy sliced pizza in your… Read More

Great Grandma’s Heart Cut Out Cookies from Scratch

Great Grandma’s Heart Cut Out Cookies from Scratch are made with common pantry staples that will help make this cookie recipe a family favorite for all holidays/special occasions including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and even for no reason at all. I grew up calling all of our frosted cut out cookies “Great Grandma’s Cut Outs” because… Read More

How to Update and Decorate Your Dated Bone Tile Bathroom

Our “upstairs bathroom” is like a little family secret no one talks about, or wants to talk about πŸ˜†. Our kiddos have used the dark “window-less”, dated bathroom for over 11 years now, and have literally grown up in this bathroom you’re about to see. This is certainly one of the reasons why I am… Read More

Valentine’s Day Red & Pink Whimsical Porch

The sun was out this past week and it felt so good β˜€οΈ! It’s still freezing out there, but I bundled myself up while still in my PJ’s, grabbed my Valentine’s Day bin, and had some fun on our front porch. I hope you are inspired to (wear your PJ’s) do the same after you… Read More

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