Capiz Rainbow Wind Chime

It finally warmed up in SE Michigan ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ thank goodness! Gardening and watching the birds is the very best therapy, don’t you think? We have baby cygnets (swans) and I have been watching them like a hawk, or I guess you could even say like a “mother hen” 😂. Yah, I’ve definitely turned… Read More

Fourth of July BBQ Picnic Wreath Giveaway

Surprise 🇺🇸 ! Redhead 👩‍🦰 is back with a spectacular “Fourth of July BBQ Picnic Wreath Giveaway” that I hope brings some smiles and positive patriotic vibes your way. After the last few months of staying home trying to keep our family safe, and also healing from my Laser Lipo/Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery, I am… Read More

Laser Lipo/Mini Tummy Tuck Journey with Before & After Photos

Time for a little break from the creative world for a more personal story I feel is important to share. Heads up though, I am not going to sugar coat my Laser Lipo/Mini Tummy Tuck Journey. Consider this a warning ⚠️ , these photos are a tad graphic, and are not suitable for children (no… Read More

Best House Paint Colors with Red Brick

I just spent 20 minutes trying to create the best title for this post 🤔 -one that would captivate the amazing difference our new bold paint color has made to the exterior of our home. I’m not quite sure the title “Best House Paint Colors with Red Brick” is adequate. What I do know, is… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

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