Planting Cherry Trees

  This post is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation, however all opinions are the Redhead’s. My kids think I like trees too much 😕 .  They make fun of me for pointing out beautiful mature trees when we are in the car.  When they were little they didn’t do that.  In fact, they use to… Read More

Thrifty Spring Foyer

The redheaded minimalist has arrived 😯 .  I’m not sure where she came from, how she got here, or if she’ll stick around, but for today, she is in the house.  Our foyer is ready for Easter/spring and all it took was 1 ceramic bunny.  Yep.  One.  Ceramic.  Bunny.  Here’s the hopper, I mean kicker…I… Read More

Dollar Store Tissue Paper Tree

Dollar Store Tissue Paper Tree

You better get a tissue for this one because you’re going to need it 🤧. Oh dear no, I’m not going to make you cry! It’s just that it’s high time for the next tree idea I promised for our year-long decorated tree. No way could I let the Easter Bunny hop by without creating… Read More

10 Years of DIY Makeovers Before & After Home Photo Tour

I’ll never forget the first time we walked into our house home.  I found it on-line one evening after a very long, frustrating home search.  We had just relocated back to Michigan and were renting while we searched for the best option.  I drove by a couple times getting a bit dizzy (picture a redheaded… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

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