Thrifty Elegant Jewelry Tray

I’m sitting here in a spider man sweatshirt with holes in it, eating low-fat pringles, about to watch “Housewives”.  I am anything but “elegant”, but for some reason my decorating always goes back to a little “fancy”.  Why is that, you guys???  I guess we will never truly know why we love what we love,… Read More

30 Minute Cheesy Tortellini Bake

  I married an Italian man, so do you know what that means?  I make pasta.  Rico, I mean Richard, LOVES his pasta.  He’s taught me quite a few tips over the years regarding pasta, and as we’ve gotten older, the Italian tables have turned.  Now I teach him how to “make a the pasta”… Read More

Valentine’s Day Romantic Table for Two

Before I give you the details surrounding my “Valentine’s Day Romantic Table for Two”, I would like to bring up something that has been on my mind all week.  If you’ve been following along here at you have probably heard me talk about my husband often, and most of you know how we are still very… Read More

Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup

You’re not going to believe this, but our forecast here in Michigan is predicting that we will be experiencing the coldest windchills in Michigan in over 25 years 😯 .  That means -35 to -40 windchill factor.  School has already been closed, and even our oldest’s college has closed shop for 2 days.  In fact,… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

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