How to Hang a Beautiful Fall Forest Mural

I wanted something dramatically different, warm, and inviting for the backdrop behind our sofa to take us through the gorgeous months of autumn up here in Michigan. Because we presently live in an apartment with very few windows until we find our next home, I only had so many options because there are rules in… Read More

The Best Crispy and Chewy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Recipe

It never fails, as soon as September hits a tidal wave of fall comfort food cravings soon follow. There’s absolutely nothing I can do about the temptations, except give in to them 😊. If you feel the same, I think you’re going to appreciate this very simple, yet satisfying, sweet tooth indulgence. Of course you… Read More

How to Make a Thrifty Dollar Store Fall Centerpiece for Your Coffee Table

Hey there, Pumpkin! Don’t tell the kids, but now that we are empty nesters, my husband and I eat our late dinners on a large coffee table in our temporary apartment living room. With the fall season brewing, I began to brainstorm on how I could create an affordable, warm centerpiece to light on that… Read More

How to Create a Colorful Casual Summer Apartment Balcony

Do you remember earlier this summer when I shared our “Romantic Botanical Balcony” with you? Well, we are still enjoying that little private oasis as much as possible, but I’m excited to tell you that I have yet another balcony to share with you before the summer gets away. You see, our grown kiddos live… Read More

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