Faux Red Candy Apple Giveaway

Have you seen the latest trend toward “faux” food in home decorating? At first I thought it was a bit odd, but after I came across these cute “Faux Red Candy Apples” I fell in love. I mean, just look at how shiny and gorgeous these big red “juicy” apples are. The best part, no… Read More

Fall Fantasy Master Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to our “Fall Fantasy Master Bedroom Makeover”. I’m very excited to share our pretty master bedroom yet again, even though I have re-decorated it many, many times through out the years as a blogger, and even before I wrote about it. No matter how many times I re-create our romantic, cozy retreat, it never… Read More

Mini DIY Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to September’s Thrifty Style Team episode! To be completely transparent, I almost didn’t do this “Mini DIY Pumpkin Patch” idea because I thought it might look ridiculous. Well, I was very wrong. I simply couldn’t get over how cute it turned out, and I actually had my entire family come out to see it… Read More

Cheerio Cheer-Me-Up Bars

I’m here to cheer you (and me) up 😊! These yummy Cheerio Cheer-Me-Up Bars have a light crunchy texture similar to Rice Krispie treats that is accompanied with the familiar taste of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. The combination of Cheerios, peanut butter, and chocolate make for a very satisfying, healthy treat that can be… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

Hi there! Follow along as my husband & I transform our dated home into a cozy, beautiful retreat where I love to cook & he loves to eat. We share our DIY tutorials, thrifty decorating tips, and makeovers through our free weekly newsletter. If interested, please subscribe above. I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Julie