Cozy Autumn Formal Living Room

Enter if you dare!!! Our front formal living room is the room you enter when you come through our front door. Not to scare you away, but this time of year you may be a little worried about what you might find inside 😆. Come on now, you know me pretty well by now (I… Read More

Bacon Scalloped Potatoes

I grew up eating Bob’s “Scalloped Potatoes” (Bob is my Dad you’ll see his comment on every post I write). He taught me how to make his version of this bubbly comfort food when I had my first apartment with my husband. His main ingredients were ham and butter and trust me they were fantastic…. Read More

Simple Quick Oats Apple Crisp

Got apples? If so, I found this scrumptious recipe for a healthier version of apple crisp that your family will devour in one day! I followed the recipe to the “apple core” 😊, however there were a couple little changes I want you to know about before you make the “Simple Quick Oats Apple Crisp”… Read More

Thrifty Glass Fountain

I wish I could take full credit for this gorgeous “Thrifty Glass Fountain”, but I can only take partial. While I did help design the glass fountain, all I really did after someone else supplied the pieces and put it together, was add the solar fountain insert, pour water into it, and find the best… Read More

Julie the Redhead

Meet The Redhead

Hi there! Follow along as my husband & I transform our dated home into a cozy, beautiful retreat where I love to cook & he loves to eat. We share our DIY tutorials, thrifty decorating tips, and makeovers through our free weekly newsletter. If interested, please subscribe above. I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Julie