Cozy Decorating Ideas with The DIY Housewives

As I write this...the temperature is falling to 32 degrees 8-O . ¬†We all complained about a warm Fall. ¬†Uh oh. ¬†I want to get cozy now, and I am so ready to switch over to Christmas decor. ¬†I know you are scratching that snowflake,… Read More

Our Built-In Fridge Fiasco

Are you ready for the craziest story I've ever written? ¬†I hope so because this gets really wonky. ¬†Almost like there's a spell on me wonky. ¬†There IS a ghost in our house you know, he's usually friendly, but I think he was acting up… Read More

Bone Broth Recipe

Bone Broth 8-O ? ¬†What in the world is Julie doing with "Bone Broth"??? ¬†To be totally honest with you, I have been wanting to post about Bone Broth for years, but you know how time sneaks away. ¬†I promise this isn't just some Halloween… Read More

Colorful Family Room Reveal

We have a chameleon in our house and I am not talking about a colorful cute lizard, although Sylvia the cat would LOVE a pet lizard I am sure¬† 8-O . ¬†The chameleon I am referring to is actually a room adjacent to our kitchen.… Read More

Indoor Fern Growing Tips

I think I have an insecure thumb. ¬†I am an awful gardener, and I never really feel like I know what I am doing with indoor plants, but surprisingly my indoor fern has become so lush and gorgeous I think I better start flaunting my… Read More

Cozy Fall Porch

I want you to imagine that I ran into you at the dollar store 8-O . ¬†You see me in my leggings and sweatshirt with no make-up and you are not sure if it's really me until you hear me say out-loud to myself, "Oh… Read More

Cute & Clever Pumpkin Ideas

I definitely think we could all use some cheering up. ¬†It's been a very difficult week so far for all of us and I think a little Fall pumpkin fun is just what Mom ordered. ¬†Fall is in full swing here in Michigan (leaves are… Read More

10 Minute Outdoor Fall Chandelier

I almost didn't post this easy chandelier idea because I was worried you may think it's a little "too easy" and things that are "too easy" don't really take much thought, or effort and you might think I'm becoming a slacker dude. ¬†Then I thought… Read More

Exterior Cedar Shutters (the reveal)

Welcome to "Cedar Oak Cottage". ¬†You got that right. ¬†I named our house. ¬†I think it's about time, don't you? ¬†My husband was up on the ladder hanging these shutters and we had a discussion on it. ¬†I chose the word cedar, due to the… Read More

Exterior Cedar Shutters (Part 1)

Are you ready for a cedar shutter shocker? ¬†Okay, how about just part of one? ¬†You see, I began to write the full reveal (update: see full reveal here)and DIY Exterior Cedar Shutter reveal including the before, during, and after, but it got to be… Read More

Whiskey Barrel Hoop Fall Wreath

Welcome to this month's "Thrifty Style Team" September edition. ¬†You better hang on to your cowboy boots for this one. ¬†There are 14 of us this month! ¬†You're about to read the story about our cozy DIY "Whiskey Barrel Hoop Fall Wreath", so pour yourself… Read More

Cheese & Apple Butcher Block Tray

I'm feeling a little cheesy this morning¬† 8-O . ¬†Okay, so maybe not exactly cheesy, but who doesn't love cheese? And apples? ¬†Especially in Fall, when apples are at their peak in the North and cheese slides in as a savory partner. ¬†I never quite… Read More

Super Easy Fall Decor Ideas

I don't know about you, but lately I haven't been able to catch up. ¬†I mean, I always have a few loose ends around the house, but right now I have about 25 loose ends 8-O . ¬†I could actually make some Fall garland with… Read More

Decorate with Leaves

I hope you "leave" this "Decorate with Leaves" post feeling like you are ready to jump into a big pile of leaves and decorate, decorate, decorate! I can just walk outside in my PJ's and pick Fall leaves off of the trees come September and… Read More

Budget Friendly Mahogany Wood Front Porch Makeover

I've been hiding something from you. ¬†Parts of our front porch have been in a state of DIY emergency 8-O ! ¬†Welcome to our "Budget Friendly Mahogany Wood Front Porch Makeover" story & tutorial. ¬†I'm spilling the bricks¬†beans like I'm in therapy so buckle up.… Read More

Redhead’s Home Tour 2017

Well guys, it's taken us about 9 years to get our dated Michigan home to a point where we are either ready to sell it, or stay here forever. To be honest with you, we have been searching for land to build a smaller home… Read More

Door Knob Hooks

I've been hooked on "Door Knob Hooks" (especially the glass ones) since the very first time I saw them. ¬†They are just so cute, and versatile. ¬†Do you know the ones I'm referring to? ¬†They look like little antique door knobs with a victorian vibe.… Read More

Tea Cup Cat Food Bowl

About 5 years ago we lost our yellow lab, "Dude" to a sudden heart attack. ¬†It was one of the worst days of our lives. ¬†He was healthy and we were in pure shock. ¬†After about 2 weeks of mourning and adjustment, I decided to… Read More

Black & Gold Bathroom

Welcome to our "Black & Gold Bathroom" makeover. ¬†Sit back and enjoy the stroll through memory lane before I share the final reveal. ¬†I am very pleased with the chic new look, and I hope you are, too! I first walked into this 1/2 bathroom… Read More

Cool Gardening Ideas

The DIY Housewives went into the garden and they came out looking pretty darn cool. ¬†Now I'm not referring to their make-up or their outfits :lol: . ¬†I'm referring to their "Cool Gardening Ideas". I don't know about you, but I like being the "cool"… Read More

Wooden Salad Serving Set Makeover

My husband bought me this beautiful wooden salad serving set from Pottery Barn many years ago for Christmas. ¬†They came with a beautiful big wooden salad bowl, but I will get to that later. ¬†First, lets talk about these poor worn out wooden utensils that… Read More

Top 10 Repurposed Projects

Nothing brings me greater joy & peace in the decorating world than repurposing does. ¬†First, the thrill of the hunt for something thrifty (sometimes I like to search my basement or closets first). ¬†Then, the brainstorming. ¬†That's the REALLY fun part for me. ¬†It actually… Read More

Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I haven't shared this family favorite "Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie Recipe" with you yet. ¬†I have been making this simple delicious pie for over 25 years and my entire family FLIPS OUT when they see it in the… Read More

Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway

"Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway" is sponsored by, and all opinions and ideas are honest and mine (the redhead). You thought I was just sipping iced tea out on the deck in my flip flops all Summer long, didn't you? ¬†Ha! ¬†Well,… Read More

Thrifty Vintage Brass & Glass Coffee Table

They took one look at it and said, "No, way." ¬†Of course I completely ignored them all (I'm referring to my 2 teens and husband), and circled this "Thrifty Vintage Brass & Glass Coffee Table" at our local thrift store until I felt dizzy. ¬†Don't… Read More

DIY Home Improvement Guide

I was talking to my partner in crime (my husband, Rick) a few days ago about how we really have accumulated quite a few DIY home improvement tutorials on¬†(subscribe HERE) and I really need to sort them all out for our readers and put… Read More

Patriotic Master Bedroom

Displaying our beautiful red, white and blue American flag in our home is very, very important to me. ¬†I'm proud to say that I don't just fly "Old Glory" on Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July. ¬†No way, uh uh, not me. ¬†I do… Read More

Mason Jar Mania

It's all about the Mason Jar today, yippee! ¬†I love my jars and I love learning new ways to use them, don't you? ¬†You may remember a few of these ideas from the jar archives, but I'm thinking you probably missed a few because… Read More

Thrift Store Rainbow Ombre Glass Display

Monday (June 26th) is my 48th birthday 8-O . ¬†This post is not about me and my 48th birthday. ¬†Thank goodness, right? ¬†I wouldn't do that to you, ha ha. ¬†It is about something I LOVE though. ¬†RAINBOWS. ¬†I completely freak-out when ever I see… Read More

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

"Do you want me to make "Spinach & Artichoke Dip" this weekend?" ¬†That's what I occasionally say to our 2 teens in the grocery store. ¬†Let me tell you-their faces light up like it's Christmas and I get a big long, loud "YES!!!" ¬†They absolutely… Read More

Thrifty Nightstand Turned Flower Planter

Welcome to now one of my most favorite makeovers to date..."Thrifty Nightstand Turned Flower Planter". ¬†This is a good one folks, and I am very excited about it, but first I want to tell you something. ¬†One of my sweet followers (I consider you all… Read More

Free Paint Stick Garden Markers

What's the deal with free sticks? ¬†Is it written somewhere that all sticks must be free? ¬†You can get free tooth picks at most restaurants, right? ¬†Then there's free coffee stir sticks at coffee joints. ¬†Hey, how about all those free chop sticks!? ¬†What the… Read More

Dollar Store Solar Lights

Julie finally got smart after years of denial. ¬†Julie bought 12 Dollar Store Solar Lights, for yep, you guessed it, $12.00 dollars. ¬†Julie is happy now. ¬†Be like Julie. ¬†Here's the scoop... About 10 years ago I (I am Julie) spent a small fortune on… Read More

Simple Summer Picnic Recipes

If you watch the television show the "Housewives of Orange County", you have probably noticed when these gals have a party, or a "picnic" outdoors they always have it catered by the pool. ¬†Yah, they may have their husband over by the grill with a… Read More

Vintage Mailbox

When I was a little girl in the 70's in New York, we had a post lady that would walk down our street with the mail in a big bag on her shoulder and she would put the mail in the mail boxes up by… Read More

9 Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Good morning friends! ¬†Boy oh boy it took the "All Things Creative" team some extra time this month to make sure we were bringing you the very best ideas from our internal stash. ¬†I was worried for a bit, but we narrowed it down to… Read More

Dollar Store Patriotic BBQ Picnic Wreath

Every year when it begins to warm up I like to repurpose something unexpected into a patriotic American flag themed decor piece, and this year is no exception! ¬†However, this year, I brought some new dollar store friends with me, so be sure to check… Read More

Laundry Room Makeover (Part 4 the Final Reveal)

Hey guys! ¬†Have you subscribed to my free weekly newsletter yet? ¬†If not, CLICK HERE. ¬†Welcome to the "Laundry Room Makeover (Part 4 the Final Reveal)" which is honestly one of the longest posts I have ever written 8-O , so hold on tight. ¬†What… Read More

Vintage Turquoise Rug (Laundry Room Makeover Part 3)

Welcome to our Laundry Room Makeover Part 3 (with part 4 the big reveal coming up next Friday)! ¬†If you missed Part 1 & Part 2 you can find those here: "How to Strip Wallpaper" and "DIY Wood Tongue-and-Groove Siding". ¬†I guess I give the… Read More

Dated Brass Pot Makeover

You can just call me "Brassy Lassie" today. ¬†Well, maybe my personality doesn't quite fit that persona, but I can't get enough of brass or gold lately, how about you? ¬†I'm even beginning to wear my old gold jewelry again 8-O . ¬†So, I hope… Read More

Wood Projects with the DIY Housewives

Well, the wood sisters, I mean DIY Housewives¬† :lol: are back this month with one of my most favorite elements to decorate with...WOOD. ¬†This "Wood Projects with the DIY Housewives" is surely going to get you in the mood for playing with wood. ¬†I hope.… Read More

Redhead’s Skinny Salad

Hi guys! ¬†This morning when we woke up the first thing I asked my husband was, "How does this sound? ¬†Cucumbers, olives, tomatoes..." for a salad recipe. ¬†He loves all salads so he was interested immediately. ¬†Then we started discussing what I should call it.… Read More

Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

One of the worst days turned into one the best days. ¬†My two teens and I were at the local thrift store and I was on the search for anything pretty. ¬†ANYTHING. ¬†You know..."speedy thrift store eye skimming" at it's best. ¬†I've gotten very good… Read More

9 Painted Furniture Rescues

I just finished painting 2 cute thrift store chairs for our laundry room makeover and I can't wait to show you guys. ¬†I'm getting close to the reveal, but until then I am working with the fabulous All Things Creative team bringing you our very… Read More

How to Replace Garage Doors

How many times do you open and close your garage doors in one day? ¬†If you're like our family, we do it on average about 8-10 times a day. ¬†It's something you really don't think much about, but these guys are crucial to our survival.… Read More

Healthy Drive-Thru Fast Food I Love

My family and I recently traveled across the country driving to our Spring break destination (Michigan to Florida) and we sometimes spent 10 hours in the car. ¬†I was very well prepared :roll: ¬†and packed several healthy snacks and drinks, but when you're traveling for… Read More

DIY Dollar Store Gold Chargers

Happy Easter everyone! ¬†I'm back from Spring break, and I'm looking forward to sharing Easter brunch with my family this Sunday using these beautiful DIY Dollar Store Gold Chargers under the thrift store plates I scored a few weeks ago. ¬†You may recall I shared… Read More

Light Fixtures with The DIY Housewives

Those housewives don't just sit around eating bon bons you know. ¬†They keep busy and you can usually find them updating something in their home. ¬†For example...their light fixtures. ¬†We all know that light fixtures are like "accessories" for your home that will occasionally need… Read More

How to Strip Wallpaper (Laundry Room Makeover Part 1)

If you're looking to learn how to strip wallpaper, you have come to the right place. ¬†We are making over our laundry room (slash mud room), and removing the wallpaper is the first task on our list. ¬†Stay tuned for several parts to this "Laundry… Read More

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