Pussy Willows are out!

  As a child growing up in Buffalo, NY I remember my Mom having Pussy Willows in a vase this time of year. . .great memories of Easter on it's way and a Buffalo (Polish) celebration of Dyngus Day.  Grocery shopping today I came across some fresh… Read More

Mirrors are Hot!

  What a weekend!  We lost power on Friday night due to high winds and didn’t get it back on until Sunday night!  It was fun at first enjoying the fireplace and candle light, but by Sunday morning, all the dishes were really piling up… Read More

One Special Kitchen

Ahhh...the final picture.  Lots of hard work, time, and love has gone into this kitchen!  Well worth it though, because we spend the majority of our time right here.  You'll find me usually standing behind the island cooking everything from Sunday breakfast, to the girls… Read More

Screw-In Pendant Light Fixtures

These have got to be one of the coolest products I have ever seen.  The best part...they are cheap, easy, and an instant fix.  Woohoo!The first thing I admire in other homes is always the lighting-or lack of (I love lights!).  I notice  many kitchen islands with… Read More

Lamps make a space more cozy!

  Check out this cool drum shade lamp I found at Walmart in clearance for $20. (not kidding)..I got 2, one on each nightstand. These also have a dimmer. You never know what you will find in the clearance section of any store... some of… Read More

It looks like STAINED GLASS!

I love stained glass windows and doors, but they are so expensive.  I still needed some privacy so I had to figure something out for my doors.  About 10 years ago I came across Gallery Glass at Michael's and tried it in a bathroom window. … Read More

Jewelry for your blinds? She’s nuts!

 I have always hated those little plastic white things (sometimes wood) at the end of blind pull cords. Have you ever noticed how ugly they are (maybe I am the only one)? Check out my idea for Jewelry for your blinds... I love jewelry, and have… Read More