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Welcome to part 1 of my new life changing series I’m calling “Operation Home Purge”. That’s right folks…I’m PURGING everything our family no longer needs or uses. I mean EVERYTHING, top to bottom 😳. I begin this very informative & helpful series with my tutorials and tips on helping you “Save Money Buying & Selling on Facebook” which is the very first step I have taken to reduce our household clutter. After all, you will get a much higher price for your “junk” this way! I am absolutely shocked at how much money I have made doing this, and I just had to tell you how ASAP. These are the things that worked for me, and of course may not work for everyone.

Usually folks start cleaning out their homes by grabbing a big garbage bag (or 30) and just start throwing things in it for a garage sale, or for a charity, right? Well, I’m here to show you how to make tons of money BEFORE the purging even begins, and sometimes while the purging is taking place. Hey-I figured if I’m going to go through all this work sifting through our entire home, I may as well make/save some money at the same time 👍🏻. All of this comes at a perfect time while my “Thrifty Style Team” is also saving money, so don’t miss their money saving tips on home decor at the end of this post. You’ll also run into my thrifty home decor Facebook score!


YIKES. I know, I know, that photo above is quite shocking. I’m actually a very neat, organized person. However, my neat, organizing self had all these things, stuffed into my neat, organized house, in a neat, organized way, and now it’s time to sell all that neat, organized stuff.

By no means am I selling all of these things on Facebook. No way man, that would be very difficult and time-consuming. These photos are actually what part 2 of “Operation Home Purge” will discuss and that will be “How to Home Purge”.

Until then, lets’s make some money.


How to Sell on Facebook

The most important tool you will need to make money selling on Facebook is a PHONE. If you have a cell phone with a camera you can make money selling your stuff on Facebook Marketplace-I promise. Yes, I added the word “Marketplace” onto Facebook because that is what it is called…Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re worried you can’t figure Facebook Marketplace out, I will help you with my quick tutorial below. If you’re intimidated or scared, I will share my safety tips below. If you’re tired, I will encourage you by telling you that you can make $100’s if not $1000’s selling on Facebook Marketplace. If money isn’t a motivator, then I am not a redhead.

See the dollar bills falling from the sky on my cell phone up there? That’s what happens when someone pays you on Facebook…we will get to that shortly.

Now that we know that selling things on Facebook can be done entirely from your phone, it’s time to SKIM your house. This is a very important step. You don’t have to SKIM every room right off the bat, just try it in one room and find something you no longer want or need, but might be worth something to someone else. Don’t get too worried here about purging things. You need to focus on things you plan to purge, but you think they might be worth something. Eventually, go through every room, every drawer, every closet, and don’t forget under the beds. Basements and attics are full of money, I mean stuff too, so don’t forget to SKIM those areas, too.

Okay, so let’s pretend you found this “Chewbacca” from your son’s birthday party and you really don’t want or need it anymore, but think it could sell. Grab him and take him outside. You heard me.

Next, grab your phone and clean off that little oval camera lens on the back of your phone. There’s nothing worse than a “dirty picture”-yuck. Take a picture of your item in the bright light (sun behind you) and remember to include back shots, side shots, close up shots, and any fine print or tag shots.

After you have your photos, It’s time to find Marketplace on your phone. If you’re on Facebook you can get to this menu by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom right corner.

After you get there, your location should automatically pop up and you will see something like this:

That’s when it’s time to click on “sell” and fill out all of the required information as detailed as possible. The more details, the better chance of selling, and fewer questions from potential buyers.

Whoops, Rick’s text made this next shot 😊. Just ignore Ricky, and fill everything in adding phone photos, too. At the end you’ll have the option of what local Facebook selling groups your listing will post in. You may have to join some of the groups before you can post there. Be sure to stay in local groups because people will only drive so far for Chewbacca.

After you post your listing you’ll have a “Your Listings” list to refer back to just like below so you can check on things, and edit your description if needed. TIP: If you find you are having a million responses to an item, it probably means you posted it for too low of a price. Feel free to edit your price. Then message the interested folks the new price. If they get upset, ignore. I don’t recommend doing this a lot, but it helps if you think you priced it wrong.

Another tip for pricing, search for your item in Facebook MarketPlace, E-bay, and on Amazon. Go lower than those prices and you should be just right and sell quickly. If you aren’t selling, you are either priced too high, or you may just have to be patient waiting for that interested buyer.

You’ll begin to get messages through Facebook Marketplace right where you normally receive messages on Facebook. You’ll be able to answer questions, and discuss pricing and pick-up. Here’s a few very important safety tips:

If someone is rude, you do not have to respond and you can report them to Facebook. I have never had to do this, most folks are very polite. One lady reported me because she thought she was the first responder, and she wasn’t. Remember to be friendly and fair even if people act selfish and rude.

THIS IS A GREAT TIP—->Think about using “Porch Pick-up” where you set the item on your porch and have them pick it up without you opening the door. They can pay through Facebook, PayPal, or leave it in a special spot. This is how I do 90% of my sales.

Never give out full address until you know the person is coming to pick up that day. Until then, give major crossroads.

If you are meeting at your home, make sure you are not alone and have the item out on the driveway. If you are not comfortable meeting at your house, set a meeting spot that you are familiar with, and where it is public like a gas station or something. Never go alone.

Below is a photo of me having 2 conversations with 2 different buyers. The one I’m writing to I am letting them know that my price was firm (be firm people!). The other person is thanking me for the sale. This goes to show that it can get busy, and can get confusing, but remember there is no rush and you are in charge of your item, and who you sell it to.

After a few tries you will get use to it all, and you will become a pro. You will also notice that you gain followers after you sell a few things and the buyer can actually rate you as a seller (always be kind).

I really enjoy selling on Facebook and I get very excited when I see that little messenger light up. Not only is it fun, but I am helping others save money, I’m making money, and I’m getting rid of my clutter.

One last thing I should tell you is that you are allowed to “renew” your post and move it to the top of the group after a week. Do that often and consider lowering your price if you are ready to do so.

How to Buy on Facebook

This post is getting really long 😖, but luckily buying on Facebook Marketplace is way easier, and can be relaxing. I honestly don’t buy very often on Facebook Marketplace, especially right now with all of this purging. However, I recently came across these gorgeous jadeite dessert plates and only wanted 6. Well, the lady told me her hot water heater broke so when I asked if she could wait until Saturday when my husband could come with me, she said that she could only hold them until Saturday if no one else bought them. I was really bummed, so I asked her how much for the “lot”.

So, yah…I ended up buying the entire lot 😉 . Call me a sucker, but not only did I really want them, I felt bad for her because she had to pay for that new hot water heater. We ended up meeting her that early evening at a CVS and everything went fine, but now I am wondering if maybe I was conned. I guess we will never know, but it taught me to not believe anything people say on here. Be very, very careful.

As for searching for things that you need or want on Facebook Marketplace, there is a search tool at the top of the page. You can type in anything your heart desire. Sometimes you can find things for free, and I’ve even seen garage sales posted here. I personally enjoy searching for antique furniture. You can really find some great prices. You can alway negotiate as well. Never offer the the full price at first just like at antique shops.

When you decide how you plan to meet the seller, please do not go to pick up your item alone. I can’t tell you how many times I see young women come here to our house alone to pick up things 👎🏻. Always go with someone and meet in the daylight hours in a public place preferably outdoors with lots of people.

As far as payment, I use PayPal when possible.

Okay guys…I am beat. This post took a lot of energy and time. I hope it helps you, or maybe you can share it with a friend that needs to get going with getting rid of things they don’t need. Selling on Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic place to get the ball rolling, and make a little extra cash.

Stay tuned on how I use those jadeite plates 😎. I think I finally figured it out 🤞🏻.

Now sit back and enjoy sifting through the Thrifty Style Team and their amazing money saving projects…

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21 Responses

  1. This is an amazing and informational post! Thank you for taking the time to give so much detail. We too need to purge – sometimes it feels like our homes are bursting at the seams LOL. Checking into Marketplace now!

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Great tips, Julie! I’ve been doing a long-term purge and it feels so good and so freeing to have space again. I haven’t sold anything on Facebook but with your great tips, I’ll give it a try.

  3. Amazing! I love a good purge, but it’s even better when it makes you money! I’m feeling inspired!

  4. Meegan says:

    Thanks for the ideas, tips and tricks, Julie! I know how you feel. Purging your things feels amazing!
    When we moved a few months back, I got rid of SO much stuff.
    Once we moved into our new place, I was still purging. Selling it was such a good idea. It helped pay for the moving company and more.
    Thanks for the marketplace tips. I haven’t done it in years and you make it look so easy!
    Happy Purging and selling!

  5. Cindy says:

    Great tips and detail here Julie! I am getting ready to do a big home purge too!

  6. Bliss says:

    I say invite 20 of your closest friends over for dessert! Those plates are awesome. I found myself shopping your garage sale, but I don’t know if I will sell anything, probably should just have the trash truck back in and I can unload it all.

  7. Jane Windham says:

    Great post! I just found a piece of furniture on FB Marketplace that is a deal if it’s in good condition!

  8. robert urtel says:

    Wish I was 25 years younger, This could be a full time Job, love, Dad in NY.

  9. Doreen says:

    I would like to know how to sell on Marketplace and not have it show up on my personal feed.

    • Julie says:

      For me it asks at the top of the list when you select where you want your item to show up. Good question! And I usually let it show up I have sold several items to friends.

  10. Penny says:

    Julie – great step by step on the purge process. A definite PIN for quick reference! I too am purging room by room. I have set aside a recycling pile (AND taken it), charity (and taken it too) and the rest I am working with a local on-line auction company. I like the idea because folks are not willy-nilly traipsing through your house but rather bidding online. There is a pre-announced pickup which the auction company handles (usually 3-4 hours on one day only) so another logistic that is handled. This idea works well for me because they handle the advertising, photography and pickup. In fact, many folks are using the online auction mechanism it to get rid of entire estates. Further purging — also, took a few very nice vintage and antique pieces to a local auction that specializes in that genre and made $1K. Not bad work! Thanks for the inspiration AND the instructables! You go girl!

  11. Amy says:

    Great post! I’m intimidated but gonna try😬

  12. Sharon says:

    This was so great! I have sold a few things on FB; one lady drove 100 miles to get some aluminum Christmas trees and she was so happy and pleased with the trees.

    One thing here in our small town, the Sheriff’s Department said if we do not want any one to come to our home, have them meet you at the Sheriff’s station. That way, you do not have to be afraid of meeting a stranger (I’m 78 so that is good for me ). I have been purging our home; I’m acting like we are moving so that gives me incentive to discard more things than I normally would. Happy Fall y’all!

  13. Beth Bryan says:

    Great tips! I’ve bought and sold a little bit on facebook but like you, I could purge a LOT more from my house and make some more cash! I need to hop on this ASAP.

  14. you have inspired me to start selling my stuff . i have always been a little wigged out by the crazies but will pick good spots to meet . glad this has worked out for you.

  15. Kaycee says:

    FB marketplace is a great tool and your post is very informative Julie! I have actually bought and sold on FB marketplace. I have never had any problems and have met very nice people along the way. But I am a super cautious, so when I go to make a marketplace purchase I take a small cross body purse with only my license, cell phone, and a few dollars more than the agreed upon purchase price. I wear no jewelry or anything flashy just to be safe.

    Have fun and good luck with your sale!

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