Light & Easy Tomato & Olive Spaghetti

Welcome to part #2 of "Redhead's Light & Easy Spaghetti Dishes for Two" which is focused on helping couples (or individuals) cook light & easy pasta dishes at home without a lot of fuss, crazy ingredients, or calories. I promise all of the recipes are… Read More

How to Turn a Martini Glass into a Q-Tip Holder

My sweet husband bought these cool martini glasses for me for Christmas back in 2004. The funny thing is, I have never been a martini person, but he was going through some weird "martini phase" back then πŸ˜†. Maybe he was hoping I would join… Read More

How to Help Produce Last Way Longer

Cha-ching!!! I know you have probably noticed how expensive groceries are these days πŸ˜–, so I'm putting decor on the back burner so I can share my favorite tips on "How to Help Produce Last Way Longer". I've been cooking a long time now guys,… Read More

How to Create & Style a Sexy Rustic Suede Bracelet

The older I've become, the less I wear around my neck when I go out, and the more I prefer eye catching bracelets. Last week, I was wishing I had a "wood" bracelet to match "wood" earrings I purchased for a special romantic weekend get-a-way… Read More

How to Create a Rainbow Colored Glass Birdbath

There's something about colored glass that floats my boat. When I see it at thrift stores (I scream!!!) take it home, and add it to my collection. Well, that collection is getting quite large, so I need to use it up. I already have a… Read More

12 Affordable Patriotic Home Decorating Ideas

As I sit here in the late evening writing this beautiful round up of "12 Affordable Patriotic Home Decorating Ideas" I am listening to the soothing frogs croaking in our backyard pond 🐸. I know that may not sound like a big deal to many,… Read More

Our Cozy Bohemian Outdoor Happy Space

All winter long my cats and I gaze out our pretty black French doors leading to our large elevated outdoor deck. The 3 doors are located in our kitchen right off our cozy dining area, where we have a big wood burning fireplace πŸ”₯ .… Read More

Grow Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water

Did you know that you can "Grown Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water"!? I was shocked 😲 when a friend told me it really works. I couldn't wait to experiment in my own kitchen to see if I could save some cash, and of… Read More

Lily of the Valley Green Ball Jar Centerpiece

We had a huge pine tree in the back of our house when I was a little girl, and I remember being fascinated by the little white bells that seemed to be floating amongst the shaded pointy green grass under it. Lily of the Valley… Read More

Redhead’s Light & Easy Spaghetti Dishes for Two

I've been listening to folks talk about how they have put on weight over the last year during the pandemic, and my husband and I are certainly no exception. I mean, it's been a very stressful time and there's nothing more comforting than eating treats,… Read More

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been on the prowl for a crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside SIMPLE chocolate chip cookie recipe my entire adult life πŸ˜†. I'm a little late to the cookies & milk party because I'm 51, but better now then never. I am not kidding you, these are "The… Read More

Clever Bathroom Tissue Dispenser Ideas

Tissues deserve the spotlight for a change. After all, they've been there for us through sickness, sadness, and even a boo-boo. It's not fair that they have to sit on that cold bathroom counter, in that ugly cardboard box getting all dusty. Instead, let's showcase… Read More

Easter Egg Chest

Instead of an Easter egg basket, how about and "Easter egg Chest"? The more I worked on this little display, the cuter it became. I don't have any little ones running around here yet, but if I did I think they would surely enjoy peaking… Read More

Creating the Most Comfortable Bed of Your Dreams

After many months of trial and error, my husband and I have created what we like to call "The Most Comfortable Bed of Your Dreams". A gorgeous bed isn't complete if you wake up in pain, or toss and turn all night long. Building a… Read More

Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip French Toast Recipe

French toast is one of my husband's favorite breakfast dishes, so when I surprised him with my "Banana Bacon Chocolate Chip French Toast Recipe" on a week day recently, he just couldn't believe his eyes. His exact words where, "Wow! What is going on here,… Read More

Simple Minty Green Scrunched Tissue Paper Tree

I want you to know that if your Christmas tree is still up in March it's okay. Please don't feel guilty, or embarrassed, it really is okay. If you don't believe me, maybe our "Simple Minty Green Scrunched Tissue Paper Tree" will help convince you… Read More

Perfect New York City Pizza Recipe for Home Oven

Pizza time πŸ• πŸ• πŸ•! I'm handing over my paper plate plate, I mean blog to my handsome, Italian husband to bring you his extensively researched, Redhead-Julie-tested, step-by-step tutorial for the perfect "New York City Style Pizza" in your home oven. That's right folks, you… Read More

Great Grandma’s Heart Cut Out Cookies from Scratch

Great Grandma's Heart Cut Out Cookies from Scratch are made with common pantry staples that will help make this cookie recipe a family favorite for all holidays/special occasions including Valentine's Day, Christmas, and even for no reason at all. I grew up calling all of… Read More

Valentine’s Day Red & Pink Whimsical Porch

The sun was out this past week and it felt so good β˜€οΈ! It's still freezing out there, but I bundled myself up while still in my PJ's, grabbed my Valentine's Day bin, and had some fun on our front porch. I hope you are… Read More

Birch Tree Bark Love Letter

Oh, no! I thought trash from our garbage cans had blown all over our little forest out front where our 2 very tall Paper Birch Trees reside. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it wasn't trash at all. Beautiful large Birch Tree bark curly… Read More

Quick Potato Pancakes

My dad (who is now 86) made authentic potato pancakes when I was a little girl, and I remember them being crispy on the outside, and very soft on the inside, and let's not forget the dollop of real sour cream on top. Well...I came… Read More

DIY Indoor Home Gym

Finding time to exercise is hard enough, am I right? What a drag. On top of that, you have to figure out where to exercise. Between the pandemic, and old man winter our options have decreased dramatically. It's time to be resourceful and use what… Read More

Bagel Brunch Virgin Mary Recipe

When things were normal this time last year, we were in Toronto on vacation 😞. While out for breakfast we noticed the folks next to us eating what looked like a huge art piece full of food! While staring out of the corner of our… Read More

Fresh Pine & Birch Tree Centerpiece

I thought I was finished decorating for Christmas, but then I was inspired by my sweet friend Paula, from Virginia Sweet Pea. After I saw Paula's tutorial on DIY centerpieces, I just couldn't resist heading outside in our yard to see what I could find.… Read More

Operation Banana Bread: One for You, One to Share

I realize many folks are extremely busy right now with Christmas only a few days away, however I had this simple, thoughtful idea that I just couldn't resist sharing with you. "Operation Banana Bread: One for You, One to Share" is all about bringing joy… Read More

$125.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Santa came early! 12 of us DIY bloggers from the Thrifty Style Team got together and contributed our own $ so we could give our readers the opportunity to win $125.00 gift card from Amazon! If you would like to enter, please follow the instructions… Read More

Silver & Gold Christmas Holiday Housewalk 2020

Shake off those snow boots, and come on in! Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Housewalk hosted by Jennifer Rizzo Design Company. This year we are celebrating the 10 year anniversary for this amazing virtual housewalk, and I am honored to be a 2 year old.… Read More

Christmas Centerpiece Giveaway

Yoo hoo! πŸ˜— Guess what time it is? If you said "giveaway time" you are spot on. I am so excited to once again be able to give back to my subscriber friends. Are you a subscriber??? I hope so! Welcome to 2020's "Christmas Centerpiece… Read More

Zen Lounge Blue

I truly believe folks are craving a calm/peaceful environment to "escape" at home more than ever these days. Welcome to the "Zen Lounge Blue"- a soothing, safe, and comfortable family space adjacent to our kitchen. This room has transformed many times over the years, but… Read More

25 Affordable Thrifty DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

Can you believe we are talking Christmas already? 2020 sure has flown bye, but maybe that's a good thing πŸ˜‰. When I looked into my Christmas stash for this month's "Thrifty Style Team" edition, I was shocked to find "25 Affordable Thrifty DIY Christmas Decorating… Read More

Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Our oldest baby turned 21 a few days ago 😳. I decided to make her a very special chocolate cake from a "Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe" that has been in my family for over 40 years. My mom, whom is now 86, found this delicious… Read More

Cozy Autumn Formal Living Room

Enter if you dare!!! Our front formal living room is the room you enter when you come through our front door. Not to scare you away, but this time of year you may be a little worried about what you might find inside πŸ˜†. Come… Read More

Bacon Scalloped Potatoes

I grew up eating Bob's "Scalloped Potatoes" (Bob is my Dad you'll see his comment on every post I write). He taught me how to make his version of this bubbly comfort food when I had my first apartment with my husband. His main ingredients… Read More

Simple Quick Oats Apple Crisp

Got apples? If so, I found this scrumptious recipe for a healthier version of apple crisp that your family will devour in one day! I followed the recipe to the "apple core" 😊, however there were a couple little changes I want you to know… Read More

Thrifty Glass Fountain

I wish I could take full credit for this gorgeous "Thrifty Glass Fountain", but I can only take partial. While I did help design the glass fountain, all I really did after someone else supplied the pieces and put it together, was add the solar… Read More

Faux Red Candy Apple Giveaway

Have you seen the latest trend toward "faux" food in home decorating? At first I thought it was a bit odd, but after I came across these cute "Faux Red Candy Apples" I fell in love. I mean, just look at how shiny and gorgeous… Read More

Fall Fantasy Master Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to our "Fall Fantasy Master Bedroom Makeover". I'm very excited to share our pretty master bedroom yet again, even though I have re-decorated it many, many times through out the years as a blogger, and even before I wrote about it. No matter how… Read More

Mini DIY Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to September's Thrifty Style Team episode! To be completely transparent, I almost didn't do this "Mini DIY Pumpkin Patch" idea because I thought it might look ridiculous. Well, I was very wrong. I simply couldn't get over how cute it turned out, and I… Read More

Cheerio Cheer-Me-Up Bars

I'm here to cheer you (and me) up 😊! These yummy Cheerio Cheer-Me-Up Bars have a light crunchy texture similar to Rice Krispie treats that is accompanied with the familiar taste of a Reese's peanut butter cup. The combination of Cheerios, peanut butter, and chocolate… Read More

Snowy Fall Spiced Wreath

My "Snowy Fall Spiced Wreath" wasn't always so "spicy". In fact, it's parts were scattered all over the house, in different rooms, in different boxes. It wasn't until my friend, Angie, from Postcards from the Ridge invited me to participate in her lovely fall home… Read More

Raisin Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins

Breakfast solved! These Raisin Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins are loaded with honey, chocolate chips, and raisins. When combined, this combination makes for an irresistible, satisfying treat that is actually quite good for you. Last night, as I watched my husband falling asleep on his chair… Read More

Pandemic Fall Care Package Giveaway

If it seems like I've been having a few more "free giveaways" than usual, you are on to me. This "Pandemic Fall Care Package Giveaway" is one creative way for me to feel like I am helping others during such a difficult time. I realize… Read More

Simple Roasted Zucchini & Yellow Squash Recipe

Hey, there! Do you have an over abundance of zucchini & yellow squash this year πŸ₯’ ? If you do, you have come to the right place. I have 3 mouth watering tasty squash recipes for you to try, and every one of them is… Read More

Canvas Wall Art Giveaway

Hi, guys πŸ‘‹ ! I don't normally post at the beginning of the week, but I couldn't resist giving 1 of you these 2 wall art canvases I purchased from Pier 1 a few years ago for our Laundry Room Makeover. As you probably know,… Read More

15 Minute Easy Cannoli Recipe

I have a six-pack of cannoli with your name on it. Grab a gallon of milk to wash them down, and join me below for my "15 Minute Easy Cannoli Recipe". I promise you, these cannoli are not only easy to make, they are quite… Read More