Grow Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water


Did you know that you can “Grown Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water”!? I was shocked 😲 when a friend told me it really works. I couldn’t wait to experiment in my own kitchen to see if I could save some cash, and of course have green onions on hand whenever I needed them. Here’s how I managed to grow gorgeous, vibrant, thick tasty green onions on my kitchen counter using 2 different containers, but both the same basic method. You have got to try this.

Not only are green onions from the garlic family and extremely good for you (they provide Vitamin K which helps keep your blood from clotting), they add an intense onion/garlic flavor to so many dishes. I add them to my yummy Low Carb Quiche Recipe, my Mom’s Zingy Potato Salad, and especially my Tuna Macaroni Salad! I need these guys growing full time at my house which will get me to use them even more. Um, they’re kinda pretty, too 🀩

How to Grow Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Water

First, buy a “bunch” of healthy green onion stalks (3-10 single green onions will due) and don’t wash them right away, until you are ready to use the top green parts in a dish you prepare (I use them in my scrambled eggs daily). Store the full unused onion stalks in tin foil to help keep them fresh if you don’t have time to set up your indoor garden right away (tin foil keeps them fresh 75% longer).

Second, once you use the top green parts of the stalks (see below), stick the rooted white end into a container with fresh cold water (I used this cool old spice rack, but you can use a jar too like I explain next-see photos at end).

Third, put your onions in a bright window with INDIRECT sunlight. If the sun hits them for a couple hours I think they will be okay, but keep that direct sun to a minimum, and put them in the bright indirect light. I love watching mine change as I was dishes πŸ˜†.

Fourth, refresh the water daily. If you have to skip a day or 2, that’s fine, but after that it will get slimy and smelly. I held my test tube containers directly under the cold water until they all flushed out with clean water. I did this daily and they thrived quickly, almost over night you will see changes.

Within 2-3 weeks your green onions will look like they did when you bought them with new onions sprouting everywhere. Be prepared, you will have onions coming out of your ears depending on how many you used. That’s what brings us to another great tip about storing the green onions long term…

Storing Green Onions Long Term

Once you have all those gorgeous green stalks, and you can’t use them all up fast enough, it’s time to “harvest” them and put the lovely diced circles in the freezer. That’s right…freeze those guys in a zippy bag. Then add them to any dish, any time. BOOM.

Grow Beautiful Big Green Onions Indoors in Jar

Here’s where I decided to be more normal πŸ˜† and try this green onion growing experiment in a jar. It totally worked exactly the same (flush that water with fresh cold water daily, or close to it). Just follow the steps above and I promise you will save millions and retire early πŸ˜†.

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  1. Robert Urtel says:

    GREAT ARTICLE, I LOVE IT, WILL TRY SOON, love to all. Dad in NY.

  2. Tori says:

    I’ve done this several times. They always eventually gave out. How long have you kept yours going? Mine lasted at least a couple months. Good luck! I ❀️ your spice rack! So cute!!

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  4. dad says:

    Looks good to me, love to all, Dad in NY.

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