How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way (Plus My Gorgeous Planter Giveaway)


If you haven’t heard Why We Are Moving yet…yes, we are selling our home here in Southeast, Michigan! I wrote all about it last week just in case you need to catch up you can click here. Meanwhile at the old ranch 😆, I can’t wait to share tons of surprising tips on “How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way”. You are going to flip when I tell you what we did, and how happy we were that we figured it out before we wasted too much time with a garage sale. I’m also having an exciting giveaway this week to give back to my readers, so this is an exciting post.

Okay let’s get to it with this first photo of our kitty, Spooky. She is definitely wondering what the heck is going on around here. She is really enjoying the clean, airy vibe in the hall. It actually looks great with no clutter, doesn’t it, Spook!?

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way
Spooky: “This is a good move, Julie.”

Unfortunately, The First Step in Purging for a Move is Anything but Easy

I wish I could say that decluttering your home is easy, but we all know it is such a pain in the booty. It really takes so much time, energy, and can be emotionally draining, and even confusing at times. A couple years ago, I wrote about our first purging sale and I gave a bunch of information here: Operation Purge. The difference today, is that I decided NOT TO GO THRU WITH THE SALE. Actually, let me rephrase that. We decided to execute our purge in a completely different way. After we all went through every single nook and cranny of the house, this is what we ended up with in our 3-car garage (see photo below). It was absolutely insane, and extremely difficult to look at.

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

Don’t worry though, it gets better. After you get everything out of the house, there is hope even without a garage/purge sale. However, if you still want to go thru all of the organizing, pricing, selling, in a hot garage sale, for the entire weekend, waking up at 7am dealing with germs, and sometimes crabby people yelling at you because you priced the chair too high, okay then, you can do it and I give tips here 😊: Garage Sale Tips.

I Just Said, “No, I Can’t Do Another Garage Sale.”

I’ve completed around 6 garage sales in my life (I think I blocked out a few) and actually the day after my 53rd birthday I just said to my family, “No, I can’t do another garage sale.” My husband looked at me in a way that said, “I can tell you’re serious. It’s okay. We will figure this out.” He knows me best…he knew all the stress was getting to me (keep in mind we are moving, my mom is not doing too good, and our kiddos still need help). I was actually losing weight without trying which was unlike me. Fortunately, everyone understood how mom was feeling and we all pulled together to figure this out. I have an incredible supportive family.

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

How to Purge the Easy Way

So, now what? We had to figure out what to do with all that stuff in our garage before we put our house on the market in a couple weeks (stay tuned I’m sharing everything with you right here). Well, we talked it out at our kitchen table while researching options, and decided on 5 things…


Guess what? It worked! Here’s our garage today…

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

Sell Collections, Valuable Items, Appliances & Furniture

When we first started talking about how to get rid of it all, believe me I was at the point where I was ready to give it ALL away. However, I knew I had some items in there that could really bring in some cash. So, the following weekend we started making piles. Piles of stuff that we could sell, and piles that we would let go of easily. Lucky for me, our kiddos know of an app called “Mercari” where you can also sell things online a lot like Facebook Marketplace. Between the 3 of us, we have made almost $2500 selling collections like Legos, furniture we no longer need/use, and appliances (big & small).

Below you will see our “extra fridge” saying it’s good byes before a nice local man from Facebook Marketplace picked it up for his wife. He said she would be so excited 😊. We made $200 on it (it’s from 2008). See ya later, big guy.

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

Donate by Scheduling an at Home Pick-up

Okay, so next up is scheduling local charities to come and pick up as much as they will possibly take. Here in SE Michigan we have one company that takes almost everything except furniture and appliances. You can schedule everything on line and then leave a pile out for them. The best part is that ALL OF IT IS A WRITE OFF. This will be beneficial come tax time, and ends up saving us just as much only way easier, and helping folks that need jobs & help. If you’re interested, search “FREE JUNK PICK UP SERVICE” and you should be able to find what free pick-ups are are available in your area (don’t forget to get a receipt and fill it out promptly. I bet your neighbors are already doing this.

Load the Car 2-3 Times and Drop Off at Local Thrift Stores

You would think that after selling some of the good stuff, and donating a ton to the local charity pick-up services that we would be done by now, but we still had quite a bit left. You see, most of the pick-up services do not take seasonal items, and I have a ton of that from this blog. Rick and I got smart one afternoon on our break from work and stuffed the car with what we could to take to the local thrift stores. It felt so good to let this stuff go, and our garage was almost clear!

Giveaway Curbside

Okay, finally the best part. Remember up there I mentioned that we began to make piles of things we could sell or not sell? Well, we worked into the evening that day and I decided on a whim to take some of the good items down to the end of our driveway. I was just so ready for this stuff to be GONE. Bonus…I can help folks in our community by just giving it away for free. So, I posted a photo similar to the one below on Facebook Marketplace and said it was all free. First come, first serve.

Let me tell you, with in 45 minutes cars were lining up. Not only did they take everything, but they took most of the leftovers we had in our garage. There was one little girl who had Christmas in July because she got all the jewelry, and toys. It felt great, and was so much easier. Our son actually got so excited, he began to wheelbarrow items down for people to pick from. It was a beautiful lesson for him, and I loved seeing the enjoyment he felt helping others.

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

Trash the Rest

All this purging has really killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Clearing out my brain from all the “stuff”, and losing weight from all the work has felt so “freeing”. I’ve been wearing my watch and I’m recording sometimes over 6,000 steps a day 🤭. That brings me to the last part. It’s the easiest one…if you have anything left after everything I mentioned above…throw it in the trash. Let’s let all that stuff go because you worked hard, and so you can win more stuff here today 😆…

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

Yep! I’m giving away my special DIY Candelabra Planter to one lucky reader!

Redhead’s Summer Candelabra Flower Planter Giveaway

FYI-this is one of four giveaways I will be doing over the next 12 months. I’m doing a seasonal decor item for each season that I created myself! So, Summer, Fall, Winter, and then finally Spring. I just couldn’t resist saving these items for my readers when I went through all of my seasonal decor because they received such a wonderful response when I posted them. Sign up here so you don’t miss all 4 seasonal giveaways!

How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way

This giveaway is for US residents, and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Giveaway runs from 7/15/22 through 7/31/22 at 12pm EST.  Winner will be chosen randomly, and notified by e-mail by the redhead herself.

1 winner will receive the exact candelabra flower planter in the mail approximately 2-4 weeks after giveaway ends. I wish I. could get it to you sooner, but we are in the middle of selling & moving.

Enter by doing 3 things:

-Leave a comment on this post so I can contact you. Tell me what you will use the planter for.

-Subscribe to my newsletter HERE.

-Join my Redhead Can Decorate Facebook Group HERE.


How to Purge for a Move the Easy Way and still make money!

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39 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    And She is my Daughter, with my Red Hair, love to all, Dad in NY

  2. ColleenB.~TX. says:

    I would use the candelabra as an indoor decoration for the holidays and place on my dining room table or on my entry tabloe.
    Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.
    Best wishes to you on your move and new adventure.

  3. Cindy says:

    I can’t believe how timely this post is for me. My fam & I are at the same stage as you and your family-maybe a step behind you. I can’t wait to hear how you tackle each step!

    We are currently purging each room of our house, for downsizing. And, everything leftover is landing in the garage. Like you, after many previous garage sales over the years, I decided I’m too overwhelmed to do another. Unlike your family, we have been unable to sell many items online, so we just closed our eyes & donated it.

    I look forward to reading about what comes next and hoping to learn alot. Best of luck to all of you in your joyous pursuits!

  4. Tracey A says:

    Good morning from Crazy California,
    I would love to use this on my porch or patio! I am trying to add some pizzaz!
    Isn’t it wonderful to get rid of things to help others, (because “Someone’s trash is another man’s treasure”.)

  5. Judy Inukai says:

    Your planter is beautiful and I can see so many possibilities for it. My first thought was it would give my living room window a fresh new look. Then I thought – wow! That would look great on my dining room table, so it may start out in the window, then move to the dining room when we put up the Christmas tree. We’ve been in our home 49 years and are not ready to move yet, but I admire your decision to move from the home you’ve so lovingly and beautifully decorated. We’ve accumulated a lot of stuff (a lot inherited from deceased relatives) and I shudder at the thought of a garage sale, so I really do appreciate your tips on decluttering.

  6. Gail says:

    I will use the candelabra for the focal decoration on a table that will hold an anniversary cake for my sis and brother-in-law. She will then cherish it, I’m sure for a keepsake probably using it on her table that sits on her patio. P.S. Is the rug shown in the after picture of the garage purge FOR SALE? I LOVE IT!

  7. Cherry Utley says:

    Being a fellow redhead, I bonded with your blog several years ago. Love the candelabra idea and generous giveaway. I have 2 ideas for it. My sunroom or screened porch. Maybe the dining room table. Wishing you much happiness on your new chapter in life!

  8. Linda says:

    I would gift the candelabra to a special friend who has the most beautiful garden and would love it!

  9. Jo Wyrosdick says:

    I love this planter! I will use it on my glass porch on a table. It would be perfect there with plants.
    Thanks for the ideas to purge stuff. I need to do that!

  10. Jodi Kittelson says:

    I would use this indoors on my large dining room table but also on my outside patio table. Love the brightness.

  11. Mary Stevens says:

    Don’t know until I would get it! There is so many ways to use it outdoors on a patio in the house

  12. I can’t believe you are leaving this beautiful house. I look forward to seeing your new home and am sure it will also be as beautiful. This planter is gorgeous, even though I have a smaller home I have a screened in porch and a perfect place for it. I love,love, love flowers and would very much enjoy it.

  13. Dotty says:

    Thanks for the chance to help you “purge” ! I love the way you share your decorating triumphs. Please enter me in your giveaway, I am already a FB &newsletter member.

  14. Barbara Rines says:

    I would use it on my bathroom countertop for some added color.

  15. Ce Ce says:

    Good luck on your move. I know it trying to when moving. But sometimes it helps with getting thru stuff and finding out what is keep able and give way. The give away would look great in my newly renovated kitchen.
    Good luck Ce Ce

  16. MaryB says:

    I would love to use this on my covered porch. It’s beautiful!

  17. Peggy Wilson says:

    I’m in love with the candle stick. In the spring and summer outside for plants, inside for the table and sideboard then decorate it for the holidays.

  18. This is beautiful! Would love to win it and would use it on my dining table. Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Carol says:

    I would use the candelabre as part of decor for my best friends wedding anniversary celebration. Then I would gift it to her as part of my anniversary gift to her and her husband.

  20. Linda Petrella says:

    Can I just fly you here to deal with my stuff?? I am overwhelmed. After my mom’s passing, I not only have her things (some antiques) to deal with but things still in boxes from our move to FL. If you & Rick ( as well as the kids) want a FL getaway…my home is open to you all in exchange for your organizationsal/purging skills. PS. I have an outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven…I’m thinking Rick can feed us as we purge 😊

  21. Suzanne says:

    I just discovered your wonderful site and I can’t wait to explore it some more!! So many great ideas.
    I love the beautiful planter and will use it in my french themed dining room. It’ll fit perfectly…

  22. Cindy Wilson says:

    This would sit in the middle of my big kitchen island because this is the place my family always gather,some in and out,some from afar,it’s my most cherished place

  23. PC says:

    I would use the planter on my front porch. Our trim is white and I would put seasonal arrangements and/or solar lights in the cups.

  24. Kelly says:

    I would use the gorgeous planter in my extra bedroom that I moms antique bed and dresser next to beautiful urn and flowers

  25. Colleen says:

    I love your candelabra planter and can picture it on my covered porch filled with seasonal flowers. Even if I am not the lucky winner, I will definitely be on the lookout for items I can use to make one myself! Good luck with your move!

  26. Linda A Lombardo says:

    What a clever idea! There are so many uses for it! I’m also constantly going through items to see what to donate, etc. Good luck on your move!

  27. Becky says:

    It would look great on my back porch! Will be on the lookout for free candelabras so I can make one if I don’t win. Thanks for the idea!

  28. Sandy says:

    I remember the day I saw the picture in the magazine! Absolutely loved the planter. Will go on the center of my dining room table that gets lots of light/sunshine…I’m thinking that ivy will be planted on two sides so it can trail down the side and season cuttings will be put in the center. What a great gift you are giving……

  29. Karen R Hawkins-Parmer says:

    I would put the candelabra on my upper balcony, with basil, thyme and………….erm, not sure what else, lol. Some kind of herb. Or maybe just all basil….we love the stuff!

  30. Chelle says:

    I would use that beautiful planter to plant some multicolored petunias. ❤️

  31. June Musick says:

    I would love the planter. I would either use it for my succulents or I might use it for cut flowers. I have had such beautiful hydrangeas this year.

  32. Terri Moran says:

    How beautiful! I think I might find different places to use depending on the seasons. Excited for you and your new adventures!

  33. Jodi Wresh says:

    I would give to parents to decorate new home. They have recently relocated after being in my childhood home for 50 years.

  34. Diane K says:

    I would gift it to my little church so we could put it in the entryway, with seasonal silk flowers to welcome people.

  35. Jody Carlson says:

    I would love to win this! I was going to try to make one myself but winning yours would be great! I could use this in many places. It would be pretty in my gazebo, on the front porch, on the dining room table….there are many options. I wish you much luck with the move and much happiness in this new chapter of your life.

  36. Cheryl Foley🌻🍉 says:

    I would love to use that beautiful candelabra on my back deck. It is so boring back there right now…it could use some fancy schmancy style😁❤ to take it from ho-hum to oolala!🤩

  37. robert urtel says:

    Well, That was a good idea, love, Dad in NY.

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