Diane’s Baby Back Ribs

Don't these look magazine worthy?  They are definitely BELLY worthy, I'll tell you that. I have a special guest chef today, and you are going to LOVE her.  She is my oldest sister, and her name is Diane, or you can call her Dido (pronounced… Read More

Reupholstered Dining Room Chair

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Did you remember to put your flag out? We have a fun filled weekend planned at our house.  My sister, Diane, who also happens to be a REDHEAD, is on her way to Michigan to visit us right now.  We will… Read More

Gramp’s Strawberry Delight

  Welcome to my new pad guys! Come on in, I have a treat for you :) This is my first post on WordPress so I feel a little bit like a first grader learning how to read. I have so much to learn, but… Read More

Garden Hose Wreath

  Well, hello my little Spring time birdies! I haven't posted in over a week and I think I'm going through blog withdrawal. Actually, it's been a nice break I can't lie.We spent the day at the park on Saturday and took our girls on… Read More

Spring Cleaning Mega Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I have a special post today that I think you will enjoy. I'm taking part in a MEGA Spring Giveaway. All the details are described below if you are interested in participating. Good luck from Red! (you do not need a blog to… Read More

Valerie Anne

Valerie Anne... our last born is turning 11 on April 23rd.Happy Birthday Val! Before I tell you a little bit about our Valerie, I have some major announcements. Lots going on at!My transfer to WordPress is getting very close. I am very excited to… Read More

Diet Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork 

     Excuse me while I continue to drool over this sandwich.  These are so delicious.  I’ll share the recipe in a minute.  First, I must share this cute story with you.  It was Easter Sunday and my parents were expected to arrive shortly for… Read More

Easter Brunch Table Ideas

Welcome to our Easter table & Happy Easter from our family to yours! It's gorgeous here in Michigan today with sunny skies and high in the 50's. These photos of our girls were taken years ago at an Easter egg hunt. How time flies when… Read More

Easy Personalized Blog Sign {for my friend}

PSSST!!!!!! Huge surprise going on around blog land today…It’s my friend Jen’s birthday and she is one of my favorite blog buddies. She is a hoot! You may remember her from my Christmas party.This is why I like Jen…She doesn’t care what other people think.… Read More

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well hello there! Red here with my Friday post. Things have been crazy busy around our house lately. I have to admit, I still struggle with trying to keep up. My house is one big DUST MITE. I’m able to stay organized, get the laundry… Read More

Orange Crate Turned Easter Basket

Easter is super early this year. So early, that I bet some of us are scrambling to get it all done. Here's a cute trick I came up with for those of us that need an Easter basket. A couple weeks ago I came home… Read More

Redhead’s Version of the Shamrock Shake

k  I am a redheaded Irish lady.  There is no denying that. The Irish heritage comes from my Dad’s side. We are a lot alike me and my Dad. We both have red hair. We both like to cook. We both love to be innovative.… Read More

Blog Bulge Link Party

I’m a “Blog Bulge Babe”. Yep…it’s true.  I became one this past week.  Let me explain. Have you noticed my numbers on the side bar? After I wrote my “Blog Bulge” post, several people confided in me and said that they too have let their health take… Read More

Redhead’s Version of a 300 Calorie “Big Mac”

Well, hello March! How are you all doing today? Did February feel extra long to you?  It did for me. Possibly because I’m not eating everything I crave. For those of you that don’t know, Red is getting healthy. I wrote about my “Blog Bulge” last week… Read More

Redhead’s Blog Bulge 

This is a personal post that by no means is meant to offend anyone.  This is my story and I'm sharing it in hopes that if you too would like to get healthier, maybe some of my tips can help.  I am a firm believer… Read More

White Master Bedroom

Hi y'all! We spent 6 years in the South y'all, so I do have the urge once in a while to use "y'all". My youngest daughter still says "styairs" for stairs. So cute. Did y'all hear about my ice skating accident? (okay, I'll stop with… Read More

Hey Girl, Lets Make an “Easy Custom Frame”

Hey Girl, Lets Make an "Easy Custom Frame" 02/08/2013 31 Comments Yo! I'm a little late today...It's a snow day here in Michigan. That means we all got to sleep in. Yah, right. Hard to sleep when the school district calls every cell phone, the… Read More

Bean Dip

Are you ready for some... I am! As a matter of fact... while photographing this huge platter of bean dip, I had to stop and have some. It was in the morning, in my pj's, on the floor. You get the idea. It's that good,… Read More

Photo Lantern 

Well, Friday is finally here. Looking forward to hanging by the fireplace, how about you? For now, I'm just sitting at my kitchen table drinking some tea, looking out my back window. It's snowing here, and I love it! If it's going to be cold,… Read More

Coffee Cake & My Keurig K Cup Holder

Good morning! Welcome to Redhead's Coffee house... My new blog photo courtesy of me. May I take your order? Decaf or regular? Cream, sugar? How about a slice of warm cinnamon coffee cake to go with that? Does that look scrumptious or what? Guess what? It's… Read More

Valentine’s Day Swag Wreath

My big post will be out this Friday, but I wanted to share a really quick tip before you take your wreath down. I went to take mine down today, but it was still so beautiful. It seemed like such a waste.My Christmas wreath this… Read More

 Clock Makeover

Welcome to 2013 guys! Those shrimp were so yummy. I hope you enjoyed your New Year's like we did. I danced in our living room along with my girls until 2am. Crazy Redhead..but boy was it fun. Have you written 2013 on a check yet?… Read More

Lessons I’ve Learned Blogging 2012…

Happy New Year friends! Here we go... diving into 2013, whether we like it or not. Do you have a party on New Year's Eve? We do...the girls love it. We are having shrimp, artichoke dip, egg rolls, and a vegetable tray this year. Looking… Read More

Kitchen Makeover Part 3

Here we are talking kitchen again. You think I'm obsessed with my kitchen, don't you? That's okay... my family feels the same way. Welcome to our "DIY Kitchen Makeover Part 3". Here's a little reminder of the before... this was 4 years ago: UPDATE>>>>>>>>>2016 Updated… Read More

Recycled Christmas Lights

Oh my goodness. Can you believe Christmas is 11 days away? Are you ready? I have baking, and wrapping left. I'm not rushing it though... my girls and I (Pop too), will be baking cookies this weekend. We are making cutouts, and peppermint bark. I… Read More

Decorating the Christmas Tree

There he is... my big tree lover.This picture has become a tradition at our house. My hubby enjoys getting the tree just as much as I do. Can't you tell with that smile?  Love him!This tree was heavy.  The biggest one yet. I would have… Read More

Outdoor Christmas Decor

  Are these pillows gorgeous or what? I did not make them, but I wish I did. A very sweet friend of mine who I have met in blog land made them for our family.  She sewed them, stenciled them, and shipped them to my… Read More

Stay Safe & Be Thankful

It's raining here in Michigan.  It's doesn't feel right this time of year.  It's going to be 60 here today.  Doesn't really put me in the mood for Christmas.  At least not today.  Besides, to take photos in this gloomy light would not be pretty.… Read More

Basement Walkout Makeover

  When we moved into this house 4 years ago (seems like yesterday), the basement was partially finished. A bedroom, bathroom, and family room was framed in, minus the drywall. When we hired my hubby's best friend, Scott, to finish it, he realized all of… Read More

Affordable Christmas Decorating

Happy crazy Monday after Thanksgiving day! Don't you just wish for a couple more days of no school/work? A few more days to get the decorations out, or to just watch a movie with the kiddos?Here I am last week with my 2 favorite girls… Read More

Christmas Link Party/Giveaway

Welcome to & Four Marrs & One Venus's  first ever  NO RULES  Christmas Link Party/Giveaway! ~November 23rd through December 21st~If you don't have a blog, no problem. No one is being left out of the fun. This celebration is our gift back to our… Read More

Stuffed Celery

  You probably think I'm still wrapping Christmas presents from my last post, don't you?  Not a chance. It's Turkey time... Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I am so Thankful for your friendship & support. May you and your family share many blessings this… Read More

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas!It's still about 5 weeks away here, but getting stuff done early always helps. Before I forget... I wanted to mention an easy way to follow RCD. If you add your e-mail to this box, you will receive my post via e-mail. Enter your… Read More

The Redhead Behind the Curtain

After 10 months of blogging, even though I don't know you personally, I am becoming very attached to you, my followers. It's a funny relationship we have because honestly, if you don't know me in real life, you only get to know what I decide to tell… Read More


  Unfortunately, it will be a couple of weeks before I can reveal what changes we have made to our kitchen because of a back order. Very frustrating because it's finished except for these 2 minor, but necessary details. No worries though... I have a… Read More

Kitchen Makeover Part 2 (Sneak Peak)

Redhead has been an extremely busy girl. My head has been spinning most of the week, but luckily, I have regained... CONTROL!Last Friday I posted about some uncontrollable urges to paint my kitchen (again)...Like my Daughter, Daphne, use to say when she was 2... "Wha you… Read More

White Front Door

Shut the front door! We have fallen in love with our new front door. All it took was a little paint, and my handsome hubby. He went hunting on Saturday, then helped me on Sunday :) I am so happy we went for it.  … Read More

Daphne Nicole 

It's time for one of those personal, mushy, "I'm crying when I write this" kind of posts.I'm learning that I get most enjoyment out of blogging if I mix it up a bit.  A little decor, a little cooking, and then bam... I share a… Read More

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I thought I better get this recipe up before it's too late. If you haven't roasted Pumpkin seeds. you are missing out! Not only are they good for you, but they have this wonderful, nutty flavor that my entire family loves. Pumpkin seeds contain anti-oxidants,… Read More


      Oh Mama! Have I got a secret for you... I was 19 (1989) when my husband, Richard, introduced me to his family. Such a loving, nurturing family. I felt comfortable immediately. I fell even more in love with him while watching him… Read More

Hutch Turned Tool Bench

Before I show you what red has been up to... I wanted to thank all of my followers for their support. Thanks to your votes over the weekend, I earned the "Iron Chef Mom" title for my "apple pie". I feel so blessed to be… Read More

Autumn Tour in the Midwest w/ a splash of Halloween

Autumn Tour in the Midwest w/ a splash of Halloween 10/05/2012 Now that the dutch apple pie is all gobbled up (recipe here) , I figured I better get going with some Halloween decorations... My daughter, Daphne , celebrates her 13th birthday (yikes!) this month so we… Read More

Julie’s Easy (Dutch) Apple Pie

  Happy Fall to you and your family!  Fall is such a beautiful time of year in Michigan.  Every September my husband and I take our girls apple picking.  This year was no exception, although when we arrived at the orchard, there were signs that… Read More

Behind the Scenes at RCD

While thinking about what I would like to post about next, I originally was going to share an easy makeover, but instead have decided to bring you behind the "not so pretty" scenes of redheadcandecorate's house...I am a very organized person, or at least I… Read More

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Are you ready for some...Buffal OOO??? Have ya heard? I am from Buffalo, New York. Even though I haven't lived there for over 20 years... I still miss Buffalo food. Buffalo gets knocked down continuously for bad weather, and bad teams. Blah, blah, blah...Buffalo has… Read More

Gum Ball Machine Gone Nuts!

Gum ball machines hold a very dear spot in my heart.  Not only because they remind me of being a kid asking Mom & Dad for a penny, but because my brother loved them and I lost him too soon (story here).Gum ball machines are… Read More

Reupholstered Chairs

Which do you like better? I recently ran a poll on my Facebook page found here:  Holy flying fabric!I had a great response... 96 comments and I bet it's continuing as I write. Thank you to everyone that voted. I think it's time to… Read More