Stuffed Celery

  You probably think I'm still wrapping Christmas presents from my last post, don't you?  Not a chance. It's Turkey time... Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I am so Thankful for your friendship & support. May you and your family share many blessings this… Read More

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas!It's still about 5 weeks away here, but getting stuff done early always helps. Before I forget... I wanted to mention an easy way to follow RCD. If you add your e-mail to this box, you will receive my post via e-mail. Enter your… Read More

The Redhead Behind the Curtain

After 10 months of blogging, even though I don't know you personally, I am becoming very attached to you, my followers. It's a funny relationship we have because honestly, if you don't know me in real life, you only get to know what I decide to tell… Read More


  Unfortunately, it will be a couple of weeks before I can reveal what changes we have made to our kitchen because of a back order. Very frustrating because it's finished except for these 2 minor, but necessary details. No worries though... I have a… Read More

Kitchen Makeover Part 2 (Sneak Peak)

Redhead has been an extremely busy girl. My head has been spinning most of the week, but luckily, I have regained... CONTROL!Last Friday I posted about some uncontrollable urges to paint my kitchen (again)...Like my Daughter, Daphne, use to say when she was 2... "Wha you… Read More

White Front Door

Shut the front door! We have fallen in love with our new front door. All it took was a little paint, and my handsome hubby. He went hunting on Saturday, then helped me on Sunday :) I am so happy we went for it.  … Read More

Daphne Nicole 

It's time for one of those personal, mushy, "I'm crying when I write this" kind of posts.I'm learning that I get most enjoyment out of blogging if I mix it up a bit.  A little decor, a little cooking, and then bam... I share a… Read More

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I thought I better get this recipe up before it's too late. If you haven't roasted Pumpkin seeds. you are missing out! Not only are they good for you, but they have this wonderful, nutty flavor that my entire family loves. Pumpkin seeds contain anti-oxidants,… Read More


      Oh Mama! Have I got a secret for you... I was 19 (1989) when my husband, Richard, introduced me to his family. Such a loving, nurturing family. I felt comfortable immediately. I fell even more in love with him while watching him… Read More

Hutch Turned Tool Bench

Before I show you what red has been up to... I wanted to thank all of my followers for their support. Thanks to your votes over the weekend, I earned the "Iron Chef Mom" title for my "apple pie". I feel so blessed to be… Read More

Autumn Tour in the Midwest w/ a splash of Halloween

Autumn Tour in the Midwest w/ a splash of Halloween 10/05/2012 Now that the dutch apple pie is all gobbled up (recipe here) , I figured I better get going with some Halloween decorations... My daughter, Daphne , celebrates her 13th birthday (yikes!) this month so we… Read More

Julie’s Easy (Dutch) Apple Pie

  Happy Fall to you and your family!  Fall is such a beautiful time of year in Michigan.  Every September my husband and I take our girls apple picking.  This year was no exception, although when we arrived at the orchard, there were signs that… Read More

Behind the Scenes at RCD

While thinking about what I would like to post about next, I originally was going to share an easy makeover, but instead have decided to bring you behind the "not so pretty" scenes of redheadcandecorate's house...I am a very organized person, or at least I… Read More

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Are you ready for some...Buffal OOO??? Have ya heard? I am from Buffalo, New York. Even though I haven't lived there for over 20 years... I still miss Buffalo food. Buffalo gets knocked down continuously for bad weather, and bad teams. Blah, blah, blah...Buffalo has… Read More

Gum Ball Machine Gone Nuts!

Gum ball machines hold a very dear spot in my heart.  Not only because they remind me of being a kid asking Mom & Dad for a penny, but because my brother loved them and I lost him too soon (story here).Gum ball machines are… Read More

Reupholstered Chairs

Which do you like better? I recently ran a poll on my Facebook page found here:  Holy flying fabric!I had a great response... 96 comments and I bet it's continuing as I write. Thank you to everyone that voted. I think it's time to… Read More

Doodled Bench 

  It's a pretty cool bench to start out with...I know. But you know me by now.  I think of things to decorate in my sleep... Mr. Bench has been floating around in those dreams for a couple weeks now, so I decided to share… Read More

My Copper Sink is Ruined!

Please help...RCD has a problem! After painting the floor in our 1/2 bath with a checker board rug that I absolutely love (found here), I have decided our copper sink in there is a complete nightmare.We purchased it a couple years ago, installed it ourselves (well I didn't,… Read More

Storing Chives & Green Onions

Got Chives? We don't plant a vegtable garden at our house because we have too many trees, and hungry deer. I do however grow tomatoes on our deck, and this year I decided to try Basil and Chives in our flower box beneath our kitchen… Read More

Back to school!

Our girls are off! Off to school that is... I normally don't post too much info about our girls...but if I don't share what I witnessed this morning... I might explode! Both Daphne & Valerie were very nervous last night, so I tried something different.… Read More

Family Room Mini-Makeover

I finally did it!I have been studying my family room for quite a while. It's an odd shaped room, and not very big.I made the mistake of purchasing a large sofa. I finally decided to split it up and it has helped the room lots.Another… Read More

Garage Sale Tips

I know there are lots of garage sale experts out there. I am not one of them, but...I have learned a few things from 4 garage sales in the last 10 years and I am here to share them with you in hopes of inspiring you… Read More

My Only Brother

In case some of you didn't know... Occasionally, I enjoy sharing personal posts.I am a real human after all, and I am also a woman, so that means I have lots to say! (ha ha) I am actually pretty quiet in person, and enjoy quiet,… Read More

Paint a Rug on Your Wood Floor!

My "rug" is finally finished! You're thinking I painted a rug aren't you? Well...I guess I did, but not really.I originally had visions of doing a large area on my kitchen floor, but I wanted to test it out first (my husband is very protective… Read More

Sneak Peak of “Painted Rug”!

  So...why am I killing my back like this?And what do you think the "rug" will look like?Final result coming tomorrow night!!  I am so excited to share this with you all!Love, Julie Read More

Julie’s Red Hot Tip #9

Hi guys!I am currently waiting for some paint to dry on a rug I am painting on the floor... I know it sounds crazy, but I think you will like the... "painted rug"!! It's almost finished! So, until then I wanted to share this idea… Read More

Easy Chore Chart!

This works like a charm! Even though I have a teaching degree, I have never been a fan of the charts that you hang on the wall at home keeping track of when Susie fed the dog, or Billy made his bed. They are cute… Read More

My First Feature…  

  This kitchen make over is so amazing...I asked Kim from "The Money Pit" a couple weeks ago if she would let me feature her kitchen makeover because when I saw her kitchen before, it reminded me of mine before we painted.Great job Kim!  … Read More

Happy 78th Dad!

My Dad turns 78 this Sunday! I wanted to come up with something special to do with his picture I recently came across. Here is the picture of my Dad when he was in the AirForce. I decided to use a tray that I found… Read More

Spray Paint Your Pendant Light! (Red Hot Tip #8)

  This is so cool guys!!!When we were doing our kitchen make over, I spent literally hours on line searching for the perfect pendant lights for over our island.I wanted something unique, and cheap... I finally found what I was looking for.  When they arrived, Rick installed… Read More

My Favorite Marinade

One of the most relaxing things for me to do is to read magazines and clip recipes I would like to try. Once I find one, I tear it out, (sometimes in the Dr.'s office). Then I put it by my shopping list, and I… Read More

Illuminated Photo Door

 I was inspired by one of my favorite stores, Pottery Barn. Here's the photo of inspiration from my catalog... Pottery Barn $399 I love mirrors and doors for decor so this instantly attracted me. The price, not so much. can I make this, or… Read More

Chocolate Fudge Cake  (1975 Family Circle Recipe)

This is probably the best chocolate cake you will ever have!!! I wrote the original post to this wonderful cake a couple days ago (here), but had requests for the recipe... so here it is-thanks to my... Mom (she typed it out for me today)!… Read More

Perfect Cake

Since I was a little redhead (1970's), I remember my Mom baking this beautiful chocolate cake for my sister, Carolyn's, birthday!I just found out recently the reason she did it for onlyCarolyn is because she found the recipe in Jan. which is Carolyn's birthday month!… Read More

Julie’s Red Hot Tip #7 Baked Eggs

I was watching an episode of "Housewives" and came in on a kitchen scene where one of the housewives mentioned how she had to get her "eggs out of the oven."  She didn't get into specifics, but they were having breakfast. Hmm? I immediately asked… Read More

Maybe this will cool you off this Summer!

I was born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y. Us Buffalonian's are very tough people ... probably due to the fact we get shot down for the snowy weather constantly. When people ask me where I am from, they usually come back with a snow remark.… Read More

My (way) Leaded Glass French Door

I am a lover of leaded glass. I can't afford to have it throughout my home, so I have found my own little ways to help me feel satisfied. One of my first posts on RCD was about "Gallery Glass" which is a product I… Read More

Sun Tea Recipe

As long as I can remember my Mom and sisters have always made this simple sun tea recipe.  We lived in an apartment when I was in high school and my Mom would set it on the sunny balcony to brew 8-) . This is how we make… Read More

Not Just Any Old Placemat!

It seems lately I have been doing so many personal posts followed with a few recipes...enough already Jules...time for someDECORATING!! Woot Woot!!So...I was at Pier One Imports a couple weeks ago and I usually tend to navigate towards the clearance section at every store.Well...this wasn't… Read More

Rick’s Sauce Secret

Keep in mind I am writing this post while we are traveling North on I-75 heading home from our vacation! Don't worry...Rick is driving :) Pretty amazing what we can do in a car these days! You can even cook tomato sauce.Record temps where we… Read More

Julie’s Red Hot Tip #5

We have been using Turbie Twists at our house for years... They are so darn cute and work great!! (no I am not being paid to say this...I just think they are an awesome product) So much better than using just a towel...these wrap around… Read More

Happy Birthday!

It's my birthday today! I still love my birthday and think that birthdays should be cherished and celebrated no matter how old! As I begin my day today I felt compelled to share a few things I have learned in my 43 years! (remember these… Read More

You Asked For It, You Got It!

I thought I was all that and a bag of chips showing you guys my laundry room after I updated it a hit me! Comments were flowing in on how good the cabinets would look if I painted them white.I couldn't deny it any… Read More

Red Hot Tip # 4 Low Fat Brownies

These brownies ROCK! Have you ever seen them in the grocery? Everybody loves a brownie. I have been baking these for years... they are easy to miss in the grocery store though. It's like they are hiding. If you look in the brownie section slowly… Read More

Our Kitchen Makeover (a more detailed look)

We have been blessed with two beautiful, healthy girls who light up our lives.I started decorating my bedroom as a young girl and it wasn't until I was on my own, married, and in my own space that I really became aware of this passion… Read More

Red Hot Tip #3

Have an exterior door that doesn't have a light??? I do! I took care of that without an electrician... "Dude", our Lab, seems very proud as well... Can you see him?? I love lanterns...they are CHEAP and they are versatile! I bought this pretty funky… Read More

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day!!! Even though it's getting pretty warm up here in Michigan, I still want to share one of my all-time favorite recipes from my one and only...  DAD!! My Dad is 78 this year and I love him dearly! My Dad has called… Read More