Million Dollar Fresh Peony Centerpiece for $35.00


I’ve seriously been waiting months to share the “Million Dollar Fresh Peony Centerpiece for $35.00”. February, March, April, and even May, all went by, and there it sat on our kitchen counter completely lifeless, and empty. I didn’t know if my Peony idea would work, but I had my Peonies crossed. Well, I think it’s finally safe to say that the peony centerpiece looks like a million bucks.

This month’s Thrifty Style Team is all about decorating for summer in thrifty affordable ways, and my gorgeous acrylic rectangular “vase” is my contribution. Now, I normally would not consider $35.00 a huge bargain for a vase, but considering how amazingly gorgeous it turned out with my free Peonies from our yard, I definitely consider this a good deal (no matter what flowers or even weeds you use).

TIP: There are 9 affordable ideas total from our Thrifty Style Team of bloggers, so I invite you to scroll all the way to the end of this post so you don’t miss anything.

I know many of you that live more South than I do, may have already passed your Peony season 😖. Hold on tight though, because I have plenty of ideas for this cool acrylic vase through the entire year, and for every season.

Free Peony Vases

Up here in Michigan, Peonies are at their peak…right on schedule. While I was searching through my peony photos I realized I had many free ideas to share with you first.

If you’ve followed along over the years you may remember my “Repurposed Candelabra” that was featured in a magazine. It was truly shocking that the ceiling fan shades fit! I used that candelabra for many potted plant ideas such as Basil, and then a vase for our Peonies. I still have it, and I may be giving it away soon (subscribe here so you don’t miss the giveaway).

Another quick tip for any flower clippings, is to use a shot glass for each individual stem. I bought 4 of these high shot glasses at the thrift store last year for my “Pasta Shots“. This Peony opened up in 1 day, and it’s still on my kitchen window sill.

One last tip, and then I will get to the “Million Dollar Peony Centerpiece for $35.00”. This next peony photo was created using an old thrift store pickle jar. Gosh, it looks so pretty. That was quite a score when I came across that pickle jar. I think I actually made pickles in it one year 😂. Here’s that “non-canning” 3-day refrigerator pickle recipe if you are interested.

The Million Dollar Peony Centerpiece for $35.00″

Finally the star of the show…the “Million Dollar Peony Centerpiece for $35.00” has arrived and boy did she light up the room. This fresh peony display took me a whopping 10 minutes to put together. I still can’t get over how beautiful it looks. I absolutely love how you can see each individual green stem.

TIP: The middle level of the acrylic vase comes out so it’s simple to clean, or to use to fill with whatever your heart desires. Wouldn’t old photos be pretty in there? Also, it comes with an acrylic top.

To assemble the Peonies in the vase, all I had to do was clip each peony at the same length, pull off any leaves that were too far down, and then stick each individual Peony stem in their own little hole. Whom ever thought of this was put genius.

I had so much fun carrying this centerpiece around the house trying it in different spots. It seemed no matter where I put it, it WOWED. I bet you can almost smell those Peonies. Oh, how I wish I could give you some.

Speaking of which…when I clipped my peonies, I felt like I was committing a crime 😂. I don’t usually clip 12 all at once. I mean…I wait all year for them to bloom, and now I’m literally murdering them. I may go to Peony jail, but it was worth it.

Here’s the last one before the peony police take me away…

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Of course the Peonies look stunning in this clear acrylic vase, but think about all of the options for the entire year. Roses, or even Baby’s Breath for Valentine’s Day, Pussy Willows for Easter, Tulips for Spring, American flags for our patriotic holidays, Sunflowers for Fall, and for Christmas…hmmm. Let me get back to you on that one.



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  1. […] Can Decorate – Million Dollar Fresh Peony Centerpiece for $35 The Painted Hinge – Easy Sunflower Centerpiece with Vintage Bottles DIY Beautify – How […]

  2. […] Can Decorate – Million Dollar Fresh Peony Centerpiece for $35 The Painted Hinge – Easy Sunflower Centerpiece with Vintage Bottles DIY Beautify – How […]

  3. Michelle says:

    Absolutely beautiful Julie! I love how you can see each individual green stem too! Thanks so much for hosting Thrifty Style Team – it’s always so much fun!

  4. Julie I love peonies too! Here in Colorado they just finished their blooming season so I have to wait a full year again. I love your vase and how it displays them so perfectly! Enjoy your beauties!

  5. Your Peonies are beautiful, Julie, and your vase really makes them pop. I love how you can see the stem of each flower. You are going to have a lot of fun using this vase for decor in any season.

    • Julie says:

      I tried it with American flags yesterday, and it wasn’t as great as I imagined, but I looking forward to daisies! Thanks for stopping by, Paula!

  6. Dad says:

    Good Work, we love it in NY, love to all, Dad

  7. Meegan says:

    Beautiful ideas, Julie. Peonies are the perfect flower, aren’t they? Your flowers grow lovely around your home. I wish we could grow peonies here in the Vegas desert. Instead I will have to visit your blog to enjoy your gorgeous peony arrangements 🙂

  8. Bette says:

    Hi Julie:
    What a coincidence, those beauties are exactly the same colour as mine, which have finished now.
    I had a large tree at my last home. We have been in this home for 6 years and the new one is just starting to get some size to it.
    Would love to have a vase like you have, it looks so good on the coffee table with the blue rug.
    Heavenly scent or sent from heaven!

    Cheers, Bette

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