Single Basin Kitchen Sink & Faucet Update


My husband didn’t want to do it. He said, “No, I’m not doing it, Julie. I hate plumbing!” probably 25 times within a 2 week period during the beginning weeks of the current pandemic. I believed him for a little while πŸ˜‚, but then things changed. Welcome to our “Single Basin Kitchen Sink Faucet Update”…

Why a New Sink & Faucet?

You see, our faucet broke a few weeks before the pandemic escalated and we had ordered not only a new faucet on line, but we figured we should switch out our very stained sink as well. Hey, let’s kill 2 birds with one stone 🐦 🐦, and save some money by having the plumber do both jobs at once, right?

Well, that all sounded like a great plumber plan, until the “stay-at-home” orders came from our governor. Not only did I not want to have any workers in our home at this point (our oldest daughter takes immune suppressing injections), but I also needed the sink more than ever because I was feeding the 4 of us around the clock.

In addition, when I say our faucet was broke, I mean it was really broke. This sink was inoperable, and the dishwasher was also on a vacation because it was attached to the same line πŸ˜–. Not good when you are basically fighting for your family’s life trying to wash everything including the kitchen sink to help keep them safe.

You may be wondering where I did the dishes while I waited for the new sink and faucet? Well, before we get to that, here’s the old sink and faucet. Take note of the stains (yuck). You can’t tell the faucet is broke in the above photo, but it was broke internally.

I must say that I really loved the double basin white sink, and I also loved the dark bridge faucet. However, I’m not sure about you, but when my sink feels dirty, I feel dirty. No matter what I tried on the stains nothing worked.

In the sink and faucet’s defense, I do cook a lot, so these guys really do get a work out every single day. Speaking of workouts…

Who Installed the Sink & Faucet?

My “I hate plumbing” husband gave in finally after we really started getting worried that our dishes may not be getting clean enough while doing them by hand. Oh yah, I still have to tell you where we were doing dishes…

You may recall we have a prep sink in our island. It really saved us, but after 4 weeks of doing every single dish, fork, pan in this little sink with no dishwasher, we had enough.

One Sunday afternoon he got busy and got everything installed. You wouldn’t know this about Rick because he is a super friendly guy, but he gets super cranky when he is plumbing. I steer clear and honestly I don’t even talk (ha ha). He literally turns into some kind of plumber monster πŸ˜† .

Well, the plumber monster did a fantastic job, and I love both the single basin sink & faucet so much. They literally make me feel younger, more modern, and cleaner.

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Why a Single Basin Sink?

Before that aloe plant eats me alive, I better tell you about the single basin cast acrylic sink. What I love most about this sink is how deep it is. I think you can tell how deep in this next photo that includes tomatoes I was washing (are you washing your produce with soap & water because of the pandemic like me?).


Not only is the sink deep, it’s very wide. Without that annoying divider going down the middle of the sink, I can wash larger items such as big cookie sheets, and stock pots so much easier. My husband mentioned how it’s nice to be able to soak a big pan laying it FLAT on the bottom instead of it sticking out of the sink. The day after it was installed I washed our cooktop grates 😎. All I had to do was soak them in hot soapy water for about an hour, and then scrub them with sos pads.

I also should definitely mention that this sink is stain/scratch resistant. If it does get scratched I can use a car polish to buff them out. Cleaning is a breeze especially with this high powered spray faucet that I want to tell you about next.

Why a Pull Down Spray Faucet?

When it came time to choose a faucet for the single basin sink, I wanted to make sure I had a really strong sprayer so I could reach all four corners. In my opinion, the sprayer is actually the most important feature in a faucet because it is crucial in helping keep the sink clean. Let me tell you, this pull-out sprayer ROCKS, especially for the affordable price.

Below you see it in sprayer mode, but there is a button on the side of the sprayer that allows you to choose normal stream if desired. By the way, the sprayer mode comes in extra handy when you want to spray your husband πŸ˜‰.

Special Note: This is a “touch free faucet” however I found that mode to be too sensitive for my style of cleaning, so we simply turned it off.


I’m very very happy with both the sink and the faucet and I completely recommend both.

Prep Sink Faucet

Vintage Modern Bathroom Sink with Console

Modern Top Mount Bathroom Sink

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15 Responses

  1. Ivory says:

    Wow Julia, I love your new sink and fascet. Althought, I loved the old ones to.Your husband did an exacellent job!!!

    Your little lamp near the sink, is so cute. Can you tell me where did you get the X’s in your kitchen windows? Thanks for this beautiful post. stay safe!

  2. Robert E Urtel says:

    You did good, love to all. Dad in NY.

  3. Nancy says:

    It is lovely. The most amazing thing about this project as far as I am concerned is that he did this in 1 day WITHOUT 3 trips to the hardware store. That never happens here. He is a Super Hero for sure!

  4. lauraeverydayedits says:

    HI Julie, Love it! We remodeled our kitchen last fall and we went with a single basin farmhouse sink. Love it! I ordered the Kolher sink racks and just toss those in the dishwasher. I did the same thing to wash my stove grates. I have a DIY guy too! xo laura from CO

  5. Pam says:

    It looks great! My husband also hates plumbing and just about anything else that has to do with replacing things that only have 1 minute of life left in them! He can do ANYTHING but it really takes all my female persuasion to get it done. I absolutely love, love, love your emails and everything you do to your home. I just noticed the shutters you put on either side of your front (?) door. You have fantastic ideas…keep them coming!

  6. Chris says:

    Looks Beautiful! It’s so great to have a husband that can do a lot of things around the home! I have one😊
    I have a Kohler white cast-iron sink. And I’ve always cleaned it with Bar Keepers Friend. It does a great job!

  7. C. J. ALLEN says:

    Interesting, Julie. I need a new sink, too, & like the clean, rectangular look. I also like the white if it really won’t scratch or stain. Doesn’t the spray splash up too much, or does the depth of the sink take care of that possibility? I had also heard from my friends that pull-out spray faucets start to drip/leak!! However, looks just GORGEOUS!!!! Really fabulous addition to your beautiful kitchen–love it!

  8. Cindy Caretto says:

    Beautiful! After 3 single basin sinks, in 3 different homes, I can never understand why people don’t like them! I think it’s because, like my MIL,”that is the way they have always been!” So much more practical!. Yay for your choice!

  9. DD Cross says:

    Nice improvement to your beautiful kitchen! I have a large single bowl stainless steel sink and the faucet is very similar to yours, and I love it too! Each house we’ve built or renovated gets this sink and faucet and everyone loves them. Can’t imagine anything else.

  10. Bette says:

    Hi Julie:
    Your husband did a great job! It looks fabulous. I have a tap similar to yours and the spray can be detached. I like the idea of it all in the tap.

    Hope you and the family are surviving the isolation, feel sorry for people that live alone. I’m hoping things will open up again soon and we can get back to a new normal.

    Cheers, BetteπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  11. Darlene says:

    Amazing, fresh, and deep! Great new look.

  12. Miriam Head says:

    I’ve been trying to get my husband to get one of these. Something else seems to come up. Lol.

  13. Donna Jean Messner says:

    Love it too. Always had the 2 sinks like yours. We were going to change it but decided to wait. Didn’t think I’d like the one sink but I do. Husband will have to do it or wait till this World gets back to what will be our new normal.
    Thank you for all your decoration ideas.
    Donna Jean

  14. donelle kemmer says:

    I too love my single sink !! I do have a Red dishpan that I use in my sink when I am cooking and want a place with soapy water to throw things in. I love the big sink to put big pans in …even my turkey roaster fits. I too have a husband who can fix everything ! We have been married 50 years this August. I think I will keep him. Your kitchen is beautiful.

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