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This article by “MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway” is a sponsored post for, however all opinions are honest from Julie the Redhead in charge.

I know we are all craving good news, and I promise I come heavily equipped with nothing but good news today β™₯️. I am so excited to share with you my new, favorite, inexpensive way to display precious photographs in our homes. In addition, I also happen to be giving free samples away 😊. As a special bonus…I’m also giving away free personalized face masks to two families. This post is a win win situation.

Photographs have become a lifeline today to many folks who aren’t able to be with their loved ones during these difficult times, so what could be better than a new way to display our peeps?

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

MixBlox by

A couple weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised by a friendly e-mail from a woman asking me if would be interested in reviewing products from At first, I admit, I was hesitant because I have plenty of canvases of our family photos on our walls currently, and really didn’t know what I could use a personalized canvas company for at this time. Luckily, I did click over to the website and I was greeted with many ideas that literally blew me away. In fact, I couldn’t stop looking.

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

Not only did have beautiful canvas prints at factory direct very low prices, they also had so many other personalized photo ideas such as photo pillows, photo blankets, and even photo towels. Then I came across their “photo gifts” section, and I noticed these eye catching “MixBlox” acrylic photo cubes that you see above. I wanted them. I wanted them now, and I knew exactly what photos I would use them for.

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

How I Used MixBlox in Our Home

You may recall this time last year my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and renewed our vows privately with our 2 children, on top of a building in Toronto. It was one of the best moments of my life (our lives) and I would just adore little acrylic cubes of those memories all over our house. I ended up doing all of my photo cubes in black and white, but of course that is totally up to you.

This next photo really shows how thick and unique the MixBlox are. The refections made by the acrylic is truly fascinating, especially when you have light going through them.

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

Can you think of how you would display these little “MixBlox” cubes in your home? Hey, how about sending your mom or dad one, or your grandma? I literally played with my 7 MixBlox acrylic cubes for hours while creating these photos for you. I now have them scattered all over our home including in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom.

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

Before I get to that free MixBlox (and custom face mask) giveaway, I want to mention how painless it was to download the images from my computer into their website. It took me seconds and just a few clicks to have all 7 blocks created. You could even order these MixBlox through your phone using your phone images. I must have a million photos on my phone, how about you?

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

How Are MixBlox Delivered?

If you decide to order a few, or if you win the giveaway 🀭, you will be pleasantly surprised by a very safe packaging, and delivery process that doesn’t take very long.

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

The acrylic cubes arrived quickly and very well protected. As you can see below each had a protective wrapping on them that eliminated any risk to scratches. It was so fun to peel away the film and go back to that special day.

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

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Order MixBlox Here

Each MixBlox was like opening a special little part of my life. I almost cried after receiving these. Honestly, these little cubes mean so much to me and I know they will to you, too. Before I start tearing up, I better move on to the Custom Face Masks…

Custom Face Masks by

When I told my family that everyone got to choose their very own custom face mask, they all ran over to my computer with excitement πŸ˜†. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but seriously they did get “into it” a little more than I thought they would.

If you know my family well enough you can probably guess who’s mask is who’s. There were so many patterns to chose from it was hard to choose just one, so I went with a plain black pattern since I wear a lot of black. What’s nice about is that you can choose one of their patterns, or download what you want on your mask. Even a photo will work!

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

Why are these Face Masks Better?

What I was very impressed with by these custom face masks was the quality of workmanship in the fabric. The masks are made in 2 layers and very nicely sewn together. In addition, they are also machine washable. These babies are going to get a lot of washing around here, so I am very thankful for these high quality masks that are seriously worth way more than they cost.

TIP COUPON CODE : REDHEADCANDECORATE10 β€“ using this code will get you an additional 10% off to all products from

Order Custom Face Masks Here

This MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway involves a new modern way to display your photos!

Now that you know why I am such a huge fan of, I think we better get to the giveaway. Good luck, and please share my “MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway” with all of your family and friends.

MixBlox & Custom Face Mask Family Giveaway Entry:

This giveaway is for US residents and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Giveaway runs from June 26, 2020 through July 3rd, 2020.  Winners will be chosen randomly and notified by e-mail by the redhead herself.

3 winners in all:

1st prize– 5 MixBlox of your choice

2nd prize– 4 Custom Face Masks

3rd prize– 4 Custom Face Masks

Here’s how you enter:

Visit to explore why I love them so much!

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Good Luck!

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    Great idea for the photos and I love black & white.

    I am making Chicken Loretta for dinner tonight and having lots of wine.

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      Bette… you do not look 87 I feel it in my bones even though I have never seen you in person. I hope you have a wonderful night!! Cheers!!

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