Pasta Poosta & a Teal Ottoman (lunch date w/ Red)


Pasta Poosta Recipe 2

If you know me in person, you know that I get crabby when I’m hungry.  Do you, too?

I can’t concentrate, I get tired, I turn into a monster, and my creative edge disappears.

So, I’m inviting you over for some of my “Pasta Poosta”,

then we’ll hit Target so I can show you a cool teal ottoman I found.

Are you in?

Lets eat.

Pasta Poosta Recipe

 “Pasta Poosta” is a simple pasta dish that is one of Rick’s favorite’s, and my little Valerie loves it too.

I actually gave her some in her thermos today.

It’s also healthy, fast, and easy.

Pasta Poosta Recipe

For the full “Pasta Poosta” recipe head on over to Debbie Doo’s where I shared it at her place this past week.

If you’re interested in more tomato family recipes,

just click on this tomato collage and I will take you there too.

Tomato Recipes

Now that our bellies are full, lets get out of here and go to Target!

My Mom & I enjoy an occasional “Target Tuesday”.

Sometimes we find the coolest stuff at the right price.

Plus I get 5% off every time I use my Target card.

I like that the money comes directly out of my bank account, so it’s not like a credit card.

Let’s head on over to the home decor section…my favorite.

oooo…lookie what I see.

That teal ottoman is gorgeous!

It would go perfectly in our “Winter Beach Lodge Living Room“.

I wonder how much it is? (holding breath)


(image courtesy of

Normally this baby is $49.99!

Too much.

Wait, it’s on sale, for  $37.49 [in store].

Score! (crowd roars)

Will it fit in the car?  Lets go see. (you may need to find another ride home -haha)

Teal Ottoman | Redhead Can

I think you can see that it fit perfectly.

Not only in the car, but in our living room.

It really POPS!  It’s a little furry too, so it’s cozy.

Here’s another angle…

Teal Ottoman


Wow…I love it so much, sometimes I just rub it and stare at it.

My kids think I’m wacky.

What is it about teal?  It’s a fun color for sure.

Speaking of fun…thank you for tagging along today.

Lets do this again.

Next time ,you cook.

Before I leave you I wanted to introduce you to my new DIY DECOR monthly contributor…

Meet pretty Jessica from Decor Adventures.

Jessica DIY DECOR button

 Jessica and I met recently and realized we had a lot in common.

Not only do we both love to decorate, we are both from NY.

When I visited her site I was immediately impressed with her style and skills.

Jessica will be joining us very soon on a monthly basis (this month!)

I can’t wait to see what she brings us.

Until then, visit Decor Adventures Facebook page and tell her I sent you.



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19 Responses

  1. The Teal was a steal Red! Beautiful addition to your stunning living room!

  2. Hi Julie! Oh, the Pasta Poosta looks yummy and I love the name! You KNOW I’m going to be saying that all weekend! 🙂 The teal ottoman was a great little buy and looks perfect in the room! Look forward to meeting Jessica! Hope you had a happy Friday and enjoy a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

  3. Genny says:

    Very pretty! I see it fit in your car! lol

  4. I love the ottoman, of course teal is one of my absolute favorite colors! But I really want that white chair!! I wish I could have you decorate my house. 🙂

  5. Hi Julie! I would love to try some of those tomato recipes and then lounge in the living room. Great choice on the ottoman, who doesn’t love a Target sale?

    I’m so glad to be joining in, thanks for the warm welcome!

  6. Hey there! Hi, Julie!
    I didn’t know that you’re from New York – (i DID know that Jessica is from New York though). Where abouts? I’m originally from Schenectady but I live in the Hudson Valley now.
    Seriously small World.

  7. Carbs and teal – what more could a gal ask for?!

  8. Your recipe looks great Julie, your ottoman is beautiful and a big “hello” to Jessica from Decor Adventures!!

  9. Meegan says:

    Your recipes are always a hit! These look delish!! And your ottoman is fabulous!! (you know how much I love blue)
    Pinned both!!
    Have a great day, sweetie!

  10. That is the yummiest looking pasta photo I think I’ve ever seen! Pinned (and hungry now lol!)! 🙂

  11. Love me a nice ottoman…yours is fantastic, girl! And the pasta looks delish!

  12. Regina says:

    Hey there, I just happened upon your site &, although the teal ottoman is pretty, it is the STUMP that really catches my eye. I have often thought about & planned to coat in some type of preservative, one of the several cool stumps that I have around my backyard from my previous job w/a tree service.

    Can you tell me if you purchased this (if so where & how much did it cost) or if this is one of your DYI projects (if so details please).

    Thanks, Regina

  13. Heather says:

    This post, “Pasta Poosta & a Teal Ottoman (lunch date w/ Red) | Redhead Can DecorateRedhead Can Decorate” ended up being superb.
    I’m printing out a duplicate to present my close
    friends. Many thanks,Cruz

  14. Eve says:

    The pasta looks sooooo yummy! I must try it. I love the dish it’s in also looks very much like a set my sister used to own. Where did you get them. Thanks a bunch!

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