Halloween Foyer & DIY Spooky Branch


Hello witches, goblins, and ghosts [insert evil laugh]…

Welcome to


[insert bat flying by and cat meows in the distance].

I must warn you.

This is the spookiest post I’ve ever done.

Your nails will be trimmed by the end, I promise.

Even my kitty, Sylvia, left the room!

If you scare easily, I would run for the hills, while you still can.

Hurry.  Go!!!

[whispering…] GET OUT!!

[insert screams of terror here]

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns

Okay, maybe it’s not that scary.

I have to tell you though…

this was a challenge.

It took quite a bit more time than anticipated, but well worth it I think.

When I began to think about Halloween, I went back to my childhood.

I thought about all of the trick or treating, the candy, the shuffling of leaves on the sidewalk,

the soaping of windows, you know…normal Halloween stuff. 🙂

Then I thought of my brother, Bobby.

My brother LOVED Halloween.

Incase you didn’t know, Bobby passed away in Oct. 1995 from the AIDS virus.

If you would like to read my story about him, you can find it here:  “My Only Brother”.

So, when I decorate for Halloween I’m always thinking of him.

He loved everything spooky.

I remember specifically when we would go into Spencer’s as kids and he loved the black lights.

Now that you know where my inspiration came from,

I hope you will enjoy it even more.

I’ll try to explain a little so maybe you can try some of it.

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns


The “DIY Spooky Branch” was so fun and easy to make.

Once I found the branch I was dreaming of, I spray painted it black.

Then I added the lights and the bats from the dollar store.

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns

 Next, the silver tureen.

I found it at a thrift store and the apples we picked a couple weeks ago from a local orchard.

This added more of the natural element I love to use when decorating.

No one said we have to decorate with just plastic crap for Halloween.

Try incorporating things from your yard, or the farm.

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns


Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns


One of the challenges I faced was the lighting.

I wanted a “lantern” look, but with something unique that wouldn’t look like everyone else’s.

I started messing around with my photography lights and took off the umbrellas.

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns

Then I remembered the vintage light bulbs I received from Nostalgic Bulbs.

I thought the “Vintage Beacon Tube” would look so spooky and reminded me of a test tube.

So, I added those and then wrapped some “cages” I had from cage light fixtures we never ended up using.

(you can visit my shop “here” to see them-I have 2 left)

I couldn’t believe how well it all fit together.

Most of you don’t have photography lights, so a floor lamp would be a great alternative here.

The black bulbs which actually light up purple I have had for years from the $1 store.

 I popped those into a couple lamp bases for a spooky glow.

Lights really do play a key factor in pulling this together.

It looks great at night.

(reminder: be careful with the black light bulbs because they get very hot-do not leave unattended)

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns

vintage bulb pic

You won’t believe this, but I’ll prove it in the next photo.

Sylvia, our kitty, decided to come and lay right beside the “witch painting” a dear friend of ours made.

Can you see her?

She liked the candles.

Those didn’t stay there long.

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanterns

Before I go, I have to admit that, yes, I did write on the wall and the mirror.

I used black eraser board markers for the wall spider web so it will wipe right off.

Then I used Valerie’s white Halloween make-up crayon on the mirror.

Our girls loved this when they got home from school.

They were shocked that I wrote on the wall.

We only live once, lets write on a wall once in a while.

If it’s not okay in your house…

then, GET OUT!

[insert evil laugh]

[insert evil laugh]

[insert Sylvia flying by with bat wings)

Happy Halloween!

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas - #halloween #lanternsIf you would like to visit my shop for some unique light fixture, just click here:

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22 Responses

  1. brenda graver says:


  2. kristin says:

    Julie- This is amazing!!! Looks so fun and spooky!

  3. Julie I love this sooooo much! Boy, that is the PERFECT branch too! I was also going to ask about that painting. May have to make another hand painted pillow. 😉 Perfect touches and such a sweet nod to your brother. It looks amazing. Pinning now. XO

  4. My dear red headed sister (from another mother and father) – Of course you did the purple lights! Everyone else in the universe does orange lights. I nixed the orange lights this year and did purple lights inside and out! You rock girl! And what a very special way to honor your brother. Hugs, Holly

  5. Perfection Red!!
    I can just picture the big eyes of the little trick-or-treaters as they see the HORROR and try to escape with their goodies alive!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Eileen says:

    Julie, I love Halloween and your foyer is so cute. I love the “get out you wrote on the mirror” and the silver tureen. I’m sure your brother is looking down upon you and is enjoying your Halloween decorations too 🙂

  7. Leslie Marie says:

    I love it! It is all so unique and fantastic! That painting is Awesome!

  8. Pat says:

    Absolutely the best!! Love all the lights and special touches…you are so creative.


  9. Leena says:

    Excellent! (evil laughter, rubbing hands together) This is awesome! I love Halloween decorations and spooky lights! Think you’d better stick to battery operated candles around Sylvia. Singed-hair kitty is not very attractive, even as a Halloween costume! LOL! Happy Haunting! Hugs, Leena

    • Julie says:

      Leena! You are so funny. Guess what!? That’s one of the thing my brother would do when he got excited about something. He would rub his hands together. Now my daughter does it too and I never taught her that. Thanks for the laugh girl!! XO

  10. Oh your foyer looks BOOtiful Julie (tee hee hee)!

  11. Julie, your foyer looks fantastic and I love the spooky branch. That urn with the apples – just stunning! You did such a wonderful job putting it all together! Thanks for sharing and pinning! Have a great week! xoxo

  12. How clever are you?? Those vintage bulbs look fantastic in your photography lights! It is all so FUN!! The purple lights are so awesome, too! Love it all, girl!

  13. Sharon says:

    You out did yourself, girl. The foyer looks perfectly spooky..and what a great tribute to remember your brother by.

  14. I love it! But that apple tureen is wonderful! I need it 😉

  15. debbiedoos says:

    Love your table and spooky branch. That tureen is pretty awesome too!

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