Jewelry for your blinds? She’s nuts!

 I have always hated those little plastic white things (sometimes wood) at the end of blind pull cords.
Have you ever noticed how ugly they are (maybe I am the only one)?
Check out my idea for Jewelry for your blinds…
I love jewelry, and have purchased a lot of fashion jewelry in the past.
I came up with a great way to recycle it.
This piece was off of a choker I wore in the 90’s.  It use to be pure crystal white, but has tarnished.
I actually love the discolored look.
I cut off the ugly faux wood weird thing and tied this on.  You can use beads, charms, anything really.
Maybe something that brings back a favorite memory.  Just love it.  I need to do the rest of the windows!

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  1. Pam Adams says:

    love this idea Red!

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