Mirrors are Hot!

What a weekend!  We lost power on Friday night due to high winds and didn’t get it back on until Sunday night!  It was fun at first enjoying the fireplace and candle light, but by Sunday morning, all the dishes were really piling up and we were so cold!  I am not complaining.  Thank goodness we didn’t have tornadoes like some folks.  I am extremely grateful. 

On to MIRRORS!  I love mirrors…and I don’t mean to look in.  I mean, yes, I do use mirrors to get ready every day, but mirrors can be so much more within your house décor than just a rectangle blob over your bathroom sink (did you know you can frame those by the way?).  They can open up a small space and make it look bigger.  They can be added to spice up a  boring room, or grouped together to add some charm.  You can also find them without breaking the bank. 

While we still had power Friday night, I decided to switch out our family portrait in the foyer (found a better location!) with a mirror I had in my dining room (Ballard Design).  I do that a lot-mixing things up can give you a whole new look without spending a dime.  Here is a picture of the new look in my foyer:

Recently I purchased 2 sunburst mirrors which are very popular these days, but they can be expensive.  These were $39 ea. at Home Depot (Thanks Decor Chick-see her button).   I think they literally “brighten up” the space just like a sun would!  I normally like silver, but suns need to be gold I think?  What do you think?  Excuse the picture-I am still learning how to take pictures, and you can see the holes from what use to be there. 
Here are a few other mirrors. . . 
This was actually a gift from my husband for Christmas 🙂  Yes-I ask for mirrors!  Who needs jewlery when you can look at this!?  I like how it shakes up the old character of the vanity.  (more to come about copper sinks)  You can find this mirror at Pier 1.

This mirror was my Grandmothers.  My Dad painted the frame gold and my wedding photo was taken in it.  I love “leaning” mirrors instead of hanging (here it is in my master bathroom).  It gives off a certain angle of comfort and ease.  I move this lady around all the time.  Your mirror doesn’t have to be with out flaws.  The more flaws the better.  Kind of ironic.  I bet you could find a mirror at a garage sale too!
Have you ever thought about hanging a small mirror that usually lays on a dresser?  So pretty.  This is in my dining room up against metallic paint.  It’s a very cheap mirror from a make up give a way.  It actually fell apart, but nothing glue can’t fix.  Once again-no big bucks here!

Who says you can’t use disco mirrored accessories with traditional decor.  I love this look.  It’s different.  I keep special notes from the girls in there!  Shhh!

This is a large mirror I found at Marshall’s.  It appears that our hall continues.  It also matches my moldings!  It was cheap-can’t remember how cheap, but I want to say under $100.  This would look great over a dresser, or vanity in a horizontal position. 

I love, love, love mirrored frames.  I searched and searched for a mirrored frame for our family portrait and the photograper thought I was nuts.  Why?  Not sure, but I never found one.  This is my Mom & Dad. . .  Beautiful!

Lastly, but certainly not least, my favorite mirrors below.  These brighten any wall anywhere.  I possibly have too many of these in my house, but that’s ok 🙂 
You can find these babies at one of my favorite places: Ballard Design (click here)  and they are having a 15% off sale at this time! (about $35/mirror)
OO la la. . . mirrors will give your room a sparkle, an edge.  You can hang a little one by the front door to check your make-up (or not), or you can put one on your table flat just for decoration.  Mirrors let us peak into a whole different world!

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