Thrifty Vintage Brass & Glass Coffee Table


They took one look at it and said, “No, way.”  Of course I completely ignored them all (I’m referring to my 2 teens and husband), and circled this “Thrifty Vintage Brass & Glass Coffee Table” at our local thrift store until I felt dizzy.  Don’t worry though, a little vertigo never stopped me.  My “dizzy spell” didn’t last long and once we got back home I knew I had made a mistake by not getting it.  Lucky for me, my oldest asked to go back the next day (insert evil laugh here) to get something she had also left behind.  Oh darn  😎 .

Welcome to this month’s “Thrifty Style Team” series!  After you read all about our cool new vintage style 1970-80’s brass & glass coffee table, hop on down to see what the rest of our thrifty blogging team is posting about.  I’m going to be doing the same because these ladies rocked it last month, too.  You can see June’s Trifty Style Team’s post HERE.

So, I bought this vintage style 1970-80’s brass & glass coffee table for a whopping $39.  I have been admiring brass & glass coffee tables for a few months now after I noticed they had made a huge comeback.  Do you remember them from the 70’s?  Possibly even the 80’s?  My parent’s didn’t have one, but my older sister had one in her first house and I loved it.  This is one trend I am happy to see come back around.  The only problem for me is the new versions don’t have that vintage 1970-80’s vibe I want, but this one definitely does.  Look at those curves.

Thrifty vintage brass & glass coffee table gets a modern day makeover with this one simple step...

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I knew it would look great up against our mid-century modern blue sofa, and my brass fireplace screen.  There was one thing that was bugging me, though.  The brass finish was a bit too “yellow” for me, so I decided to spray it with my favorite handy dandy gold spray paint.  I know, I know, I use gold spray paint a lot, lately.

Thrifty vintage brass & glass coffee table gets a modern day makeover with this one simple step...


Look at it now…

Thrifty vintage brass & glass coffee table gets a modern day makeover with this one simple step...


Can you tell the difference in this photo below?

Thrifty vintage brass & glass coffee table gets a modern day makeover with this one simple step...

The top photo shows how the old brass is very yellow.  After I sprayed it with 3 coats of gold spray paint, it gave off a less shiny brass tone.  It totally toned it down and made it look fantastic.

By the way, I used white vinegar & water to clean the glass and it did a very good job.  It is vintage, so I don’t expect it to be perfect.  It looks like something I have had forever, but fits into our mix of decor easily.  It’s also large enough where we can all sit on the floor around it and eat pizza on it while watching the Carol Burnette Show.  Now you get it, right?

Maybe you have a brass piece of furniture that could use some updating, or maybe you have something up in the attic, or down in the basement that could be brought back to life?  If so, here’s the spray paint I use…


Thrifty vintage brass & glass coffee table gets a modern day makeover with this one simple step...

Thrifty vintage brass & glass coffee table gets a modern day makeover with this one simple step...

If you really like this look, but can’t find a table for free or at the thrift store, here are a few I really liked on-line and the prices aren’t too bad.






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47 Responses

  1. Your keen eye was right all along! So glad that the table was still at the thrift store on your return visit. The new gold finish looks so much better and a perfect fit in your home. Way to go!

    • Julie says:

      Hey guys! I usually go back and it’s gone. Got lucky or possibly I’m the only one in town that likes it ?

  2. ColleenB. says:

    What a lovely coffee table. Absolutely Stunning.
    Glad that you decided to go back next day to retrieve it. It was meant to be Yours.
    Honestly; I didn’t like that ‘yellow’ color either but sure do like the gold and really goes well with the rest of your room.

    • Julie says:

      Hey Colleen! I agree. That brassy tone is over kill. I almost got the end table, but it was huge. Almost 1/2 the size of the coffee table, lol. I hope Summer is treating you good!! Julie

  3. Bliss says:

    THAT is gold, the old color was shiny yellow and now it looks great. One point for mom, teens 0.

  4. Vanessa says:

    You showed them Julie! 😉 I love it and think it looks so perfect with your navy blue sofa. Just the right pop of shine!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Vanessa! Thank you, my friend! I can’t wait to see what you are up to over there At the Picket Fence!

  5. Cindy says:

    Wow Julie, the spray paint made all the difference! It looks so elegant 2nite!

  6. Cindy says:

    Wow Julie, it looks so elegant now! The gold paint made a huge difference!

  7. LInda of No.Cal. says:

    I tooooooo would have said N.O. BUT seeing it all together… WoW !!
    I reallllly like it. AND I have found Rust-oleum to be the best SPRAY paint… with endless choices.

    Growing up we used vinegar/water and newspaper to clean windows !!!– that was a long time ago.

    You have the eye for design !!!

  8. Cate says:

    Oh what a great job, Julie! You called that one right. You go girl!!!!

  9. mary b says:

    Never say no to momma! Your makeover looks great. What a difference taking that brassy yellow down a shade or two…

    • Julie says:

      Damns straight girl. How could they? They should know better. As soon as they said, “No.”, I knew it was right. lol! Thanks for stopping over. These comments keep me going, Mary!

  10. Rhonda Kiessling says:

    Beautiful – perfect in front of that sofa!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Rhonda! I’m about to move the sofa, so I’m happy you reminded me to keep these 2 together! 😉 I get carried away lol

  11. Pam says:

    I love your more subdued brass color! And I’m loving that blue sofa!

  12. Donna winsor says:

    Thanks Julie! Love the coffee table! You go Girl!

  13. Well, guess what?? We, or maybe I, have “suffered through,” years of our brass & glass coffee table, and my hubby FINALLY has agreed to retire it to the basement. He wants to make a pallet wood coffee table…anything but that brass & glass table, and now you tell me it’s making a comeback??? Oh please, not that…LOL!
    BTW, I do like the look of the gold paint better than the shiny brass look.

  14. Girl…not only is this brass and glass, but it’s full of SASS! I love it. And you totally took it up a few notches with the gold spray paint…it’s perfection!!

  15. carol says:

    Wow, it looks great; SO MUCH MORE ELOQUENT than the old brassy yellow (nasty). I like yours better than the new ones you gave links for. You have a great eye for what looks good; that’s why I love your posts.

  16. Darlene says:

    Wow like something out of a design magazine, the way you have pulled it together is fresh and very today. Job well done Julie never stop!

  17. Kristi says:

    Awesome find Julie and toning it down with the gold paint was the perfect touch! Is there a support group for spray paint lovers? I’m afraid I have that affliction too. 😉

  18. great find. it looks amazing with your couch.

    • Julie says:

      I’m moving that blue couch today. I switched all my furniture around again ?. Poor Rick! Have a great weekend, Laura!

  19. Meegan Fast says:

    I saw the before and I think I felt like your family. 🙁 But, wow, you did a great job with toning it down and updating your table. I love your vision, Julie.
    Have a great week.

    • Julie says:

      Lol, Meegan!! I know that before photo is scary. That’s why I was sure to put that big “BEFORE” on it. Don’t want to scare anyone away ?

  20. Sean Mahan says:

    Wow, the transformation! It’s amazing how a simple difference in tone can make such a big change. Thank you for sharing it!

  21. Jessica says:

    Hello brass goodness!! I love the new gold tone. I will be buying that spray paint ASAP. This looks so great next to your gorgeous sofa.

  22. Jane Windham says:

    Oh my gosh! Your sassy coffee table and your blue sofa are a match made in heaven! They couldn’t be more perfect together.

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