White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord


Do you suffer from ECP also known as —>Exposed Cord Phobia 😯 . Have you noticed that top designers, home decorating stores, DIY bloggers, and home decor magazines are now exposing their cords?! I know that sounds like it’s against the law, doesn’t it? Well, now I’m exposing my cords, too. Maybe not all of my cords, but this wall sconce light fixture that I scored at a thrift store in Northern Michigan is a perfect example. This is one trend I truly adore because not only does it make things easier on us, it also adds a touch of cozy vintage style without much effort. So, today I’m sharing my thrift store “White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord”…

Where to Hang a White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord

My husband kicked me out of the truck dropped me off at this interesting looking thrift store we drove by on the way to a cottage we rented for vacation. One of my most favorite things to do on vacation is to visit thrifty stores of all kinds. Do you do that, too? It’s so relaxing, and exciting when you find something. Poor Rick though…he gets bored quickly at these places. So, while Rick was taking the kids for ice cream, I went inside and scoped the joint out. The owner wasn’t over friendly when I said hello, but that didn’t stop me. I saw this white hobnail sconce on the wall and bee-lined over to it. I wasn’t sure if it was for sale.

Where to Hang a White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord

Well, it was for sale alright, and for only $20. That is very cheap in my opinion, and just look at the perfect condition. In addition, I loved the exposed cord and had been looking at exposed cord light fixtures for months.

Where to Hang a White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord

I knew EXACTLY where I could put this cute little guy—>right on the right side of my “Husband’s Shaving Station” mirror..BOOM. It fit like glove. It was like that little rustic wood spot was just waiting for it to arrive.

Here’s the shaving station before and without the hobnail sconce…

Here it is after…

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS—>Before I go any further, I want to make sure I tell you that this is an “exposed cord”, NOT exposed wires.  Also, if you feel uncomfortable with any exposed cords, you can enclose the cord with conduit strips.  In addition we used a ground fault outlet.  Lastly, the cords are located a sufficient distance away from the sink to eliminate any splashing hazard.


Where to Hang a White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord

I never really envisioned putting light fixtures on either side of his mirror when we completed the “Master Bathroom Renovation“, but this white hobnail beauty up against the rustic wood just adds so much charm.

Rick really doesn’t need any more charm a light there because the chandelier, and several recessed lights give off more than enough light, but this just makes it cozier.  I actually turn it on at night for a night light after I shut the blind.

You might be thinking we need another one on the other side, right?  Well, I don’t want too many cords hanging.  Uh oh…my ECP (Exposed Cord Phobia) is coming back.  Well, maybe, but there’s only the one outlet at the bottom right, so I really don’t want a cord going all the way under the sink.



Where to Hang a White Hobnail Sconce with Exposed Cord

Besides…I think having just the one makes it more rustic, and less hotel.  Kind of like a cabin in the woods with only one light, lol.

I hope you try a light fixture with an exposed cord soon.  There are endless possibilities when you think about where your outlets are already located (go look now!).  All you need to do is find the right light, screw it into wall, and plug it in.  Boom.



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24 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    This is GREAT Good Job. love, Dad in NY.

  2. Jan says:

    You have the magic touch – Love the new bathroo9m!

  3. Sharon Smith says:

    Love the hobnail near the sink. The cords gives it that extra touch of “Rustic”, I think. And well, living in Michigan, we know it works! Looks beautiful as always! HappyFall

  4. Ellie says:

    Julie, I was surprised that you didn’t bargain. I always ask if that’s their best price. I do love the hobnail light. Off to make your dad’s apricot pockets…smile.

    • Julie says:

      I did. She didn’t budge. I also bought 2 vintage green kitchen table chairs and she wouldn’t budge on those either. Very crabby!

  5. Pam says:

    I paint my exposed cords the color of the background. They aren’t as noticeable that way!

  6. C.J. says:

    Hi Julie! Your bathroom is Fabulous (of course!) and this wall lamp is a perfect piece of frosting on the cake! My my called them ‘pin-up lamps’ and we had them growing up. Thanks for the inspiration….

  7. Suzy says:

    Julie I am swooning over the lamp that you inherited. Does it have any markings on the bottom? I would love to try and find one! Thanks!

  8. Kaycee says:

    Hi Julie!
    What a nice addition to your bathroom, and Rick’s shaving station too! I actually get my husband into a thrift shop once in awhile, but not too often. Which sometimes works to my advantage 😉 Have a great weekend!

  9. Kaycee says:

    Hi Julie, The lamp looks perfect in your gorgeous bathroom! My husband will occasionally run into a thrift shop with me, if we are on vacation or weekend road trip, but he is not interested at all at when we are home, which is often advantageous, wink, wink!!

  10. Bette Querin says:

    Me again Julie:

    I had a hobnail lamp and gave it to goodwill, so am trying to find another one. It sure stands out in your bathroom. When we change decor sometimes we give away things we should hold onto.

    Cheers, Bette

  11. Ivory says:

    Julie you did it again! You never disappoint, and so happy I found your site. Your find is fabulous, and I love what you did with it. Just when I thought it could not get any better, you go and prove me wrong. Lovin your bathroom even more. WOW!

  12. carol bittner says:

    What a wonderful find! I love white hobnail! Our bedroom has a lamp on each night stand; two different styles, both from either garage sale or thrift shop. The white color goes with ANYTHING and vintage style is the perfect ‘touch’ for any room. You always find the perfect shops where- ever you go. Hope your vacation was great……..every time you look at the pretty lil lamp you will be reminded of your family trip. Have a good week.

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