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I think I have an insecure thumb.  I am an awful gardener, and I never really feel like I know what I am doing with indoor plants, but surprisingly my indoor fern has become so lush and gorgeous I think I better start flaunting my confident green thumb soon.  Welcome to this month’s edition of “Thrifty Style Team” which is dedicated to my rather simple (and extremely thrifty) “Indoor Fern Growing Tips”…

Just look at this beauty  😯 .

This gorgeous real Boston Fern is located in the chameleon room adjacent to our kitchen.  I call it a chameleon because it has once again recently changed it’s “color”.  It started off as a dining room, then transitioned into my office, and now it has become our family room.  Stay tuned for my next post which will reveal the entire room as a colorful family room, but for now, let’s focus on this beautiful fern creature.

Usually my photos don’t quite capture the full story, but whoa!  This time they really did.  The lush green fronds cascading down and shooting upward almost like fireworks really warm up the space and give it a clean, natural vibe.  I really try to have something “alive” in all of the spaces I design because after all, who doesn’t love Mother Nature?  In addition, real plants filter the air we breathe naturally.  So, they look good, and are good for us, so it’s a win win.

So, where did I get this luscious green beast?  Furthermore, how the heck did I get it to look so healthy?

Indoor Fern Growing Tips: This woman grows the most amazing ferns following these very simple tips.

Well, the answer to the first question may be shocking, but I bought the fern at Costco at the beginning of Spring (under $20).  Every year I hang one on our front porch, just like you see here.  The fern below actually came from Home Depot around the same time.  It’s actually still out there on our “Cozy Fall Porch“.  When I saw the larger fern at Costco I knew it would fit perfectly into our new family room.  My only concern was our cat wanting to jump into it or eat it.  At first Sylvia was a little interested, but she got board quick.

Indoor Fern Growing Tips: This woman grows the most amazing ferns following these very simple tips.

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Now for the second question, this is how I take care of my indoor fern.  (FYI-the exterior fern doesn’t require anything except indirect sun, a little water every 3 days.)


  1. Choose a very bright location in your home preferably in front of a window with indirect sunlight.  Do not choose a sunny window because it will dry out.
  2. Allow the plant to have a lot of room to breath.  Placing it against the wall, or window will suffocate the delicate fronds (leaves).
  3. Keep a watering can next to your fern (mine reminds me when I see it there) and water it 1-2 times per week.  If you miss one, it will be okay.  The idea is to try to have moist soil at all times.  You can’t see it in my photo, but I have a plastic tray under the pot that catches the water that drains out.  I try to make sure there is always a little water standing in that tray.  If it dries out I am slacking.
  4. Here’s a very important tip…also keep a squirt bottle next to your fern.  Ferns LOVE humidity.  They really love being misted with a squirt bottle every day.  I have noticed that when I only do one side, the other side grows way shorter.  So mist, mist, mist, every day if you can.  My kids actually like doing it, too.  Kind of like feeding the cat.  Just do it 😉
  5. Keep the Fern away from heat or air vents.
  6. Fertilize every couple months with a liquid fertilizer (put it in your watering can).  I use this fertilizer.
  7. Talk to the Fern.  Tell it your darkest secrets.  This really works.

Indoor Fern Growing Tips: This woman grows the most amazing ferns following these very simple tips.

Don’t forget to stop by all my friends that are part of the “Thrifty Style Team”.  All of our ideas are simple, thrifty, and just plain ole down to Earth.  Anyone can do them…


Indoor Fern Growing Tips: This woman grows the most amazing ferns following these very simple tips.

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28 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve never been able to keep them alive inside. NEVER! But you’ve convinced me to try again!

  2. Bliss says:

    Well I bring a fern inside before winter every year and I learned what I’m doing wrong – several things. I’ll take more care this year, my plant and I thank you.

  3. Cindy says:

    Wowza, your fern is amazing! I’d love one in my sunroom ?

  4. Wow – you definitely have a green thumb! We are definitely bookmarking your tips!

  5. Roxanne says:

    I love ferns and they love Epsom Salts — I just mix it in my watering can till it dissolves. Makes the fern fabulous green color!

  6. Janet Cole says:

    Hi, Redhead! Is this a Boston fern or another variety? My ferns tend to shed terribly, so I’ve been hesitant to bring them inside…I do mist them, but not everyday, so that might be the problem?

    • Julie says:

      Hey, Janet! I am no expert, but I think it is a Boston Fern, yes! This one does shed and I think that is a natural process for all plants. I usually let the shedding pile up for a bit and then sweep them up.

  7. Ann says:

    Hi Julie,
    It looks fantastic. I have one outside right now and it loves the heat and humidity. I never thought of bringing it inside Worth a try and I will try all your tips. Thanks

    • Julie says:

      Hi Ann! The only thing I worry about bringing an outdoor fern in that has been out for a while, is the creatures that made it their house ? I have a robin that makes a nest in my outdoor one. She’s gone now, but be careful. Shake it a little ?

  8. Vanessa says:

    “Insecure thumb”!! LOL!! That fern is gorgeous and your tips are awesome. Well done girl!

  9. Deborah says:

    WOW! What a beauty! My son just started working at Costco and now I’ll be on the lookout.

  10. Kristi says:

    You hide your insecure thumb very well. 😉 I discovered ferns when we lived in Chicago and get them every spring. I’m going to try to bring mine in this winter to see if I can keep them going. I’ll definitely follow your tips. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mary Beth says:

    Your fern is beautiful, Julie, and I appreciate your timely tips!

  12. Darlene James says:


  13. JESSICA says:

    Wow Julie!!! Your fern is amazing. I just tried some outside and they are doing great. With these tips I may be able to grow one inside too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Ivory says:

    Thanks for the tips. Like your other readers, I to have a hard time keeping ferns big, healthy, and green the way they look during summer months on the outside. My ferns never died, but would not look the same at the beginning of Spring, as it did the end of summer. I hope I will be able to change my mistakes, thanks to you. Have a great weekend!

  15. i love my ferns! i had no idea costco had garden plants. need to get a membership thanks for the tips!

  16. Ramanda says:

    Your fern is gorgeous I can not get them to grow inside(might try with your tips and the plant stands i scored at garage sale for two dollars each). Keep the tips and pics coming!!!!!!

  17. Vicki says:

    Somehow, I was born with a house-plants-only green thumb. During the warm months my porch ferns get submerged into a 5 gallon bucket of water to which I have added 1 cup of epson salts. I hold them down until the bubbles stop. I try to do this every day. Also, if they are very bushy in the spring I take a large serrated kitchen knife and cut them into quarters and put 3 quarters to a pot with new potting soil. They fill in beautifully and I have ferns to give away. The water that is leftover after the ferns are dunked I pour on the soil of my majesty palm and Norfolk pines. I tell each of my plants how pretty they are and they are all very happy plants.

  18. Tamika Davis says:

    You have convinced me also. I had one outside last summer. Beautiful, till Fall came and I brought it inside. It dried out super fast and brittle. Walmart has a bunch on clearance for 1.00 and 2.00 dollars.
    I want to try again as they are a beautiful and vibrant plant. It seems to have a witty spirit as it grows. Thanks for the tips.

  19. carol bittner says:

    Boston ferns are the most eloquent plant; love the way the fronds gracefully wave in the breeze. They just look so cool on the porch; i would love to bring one inside but don’t think I have a good spot, poor thing would die of sunburn! Thanks for your tips, if I find a bright spot without direct sun I will surely treat it with love and the spritz bottle.

  20. Ivory says:

    Wow, what’s beautiful ferns. I appreciate the tips, because I want to buy two ferns, but hard to keep them green and pretty during the winter months. I think I will wait until next summer and buy two, then put your ideas to work, to keep them alive, green and healthy. Thanks Julie

  21. Amy says:

    Jules!! Hi! I brought 2 ferns in a couple weeks ago, I was inspired by this post. I remember when you first posted it and I wished I had one. Holly brought me 2 from outside her house when she moved.
    I have my spray bottle ready to mist away!! Yours looks beautiful!!
    Thanks for the great tips! Love ya!💕

    • Julie says:

      Amysue…make sure they are in indirect bright light and away from heat source (vents). They like cool and bright. Water once a week! I sold my outdoor one this year again. I hated to see it go!

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