Simple Spice Jars


Time to get SPICY!

Last week, I introduced you to our “DIY Brick Backsplash“.

Did you happen to notice my new “Simple Spice Jars” on the removable shelf we added?

DIY Brick Backsplash

You didn’t think I could let the brick backsplash go undecorated did you?  No way.

I wanted to spice it up, so I thought of these “Simple Spice Jars” which are cute and very functional.

Make your own spice jars with your own handwriting!

Everybody has spices.  Even if you only cook once a year…you have spices.  My spice cupboard is a mess.  It’s organized and all, but it’s hard to see in there and it’s just ugly.  So, now all of my most used spices or seasonings are right there in front of me.  I also like the idea of storing in glass…and not plastic.

{Removable wood shelf is made from 1×4 board, stained, polyurethaned, and held up by an L bracket in the middle screwed into mortar, and 2 pieces of black wood under either side of the board screwed into the cabinet.}

DIY Simple Spice Jars

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So…I had the jars  to make these guys, but I needed labels.  I looked on line for free “printable” spice labels.  I came across quite a few, some were nice, but they wanted me to pay.  Um…no.  I don’t need to pay.  I can just make my own.

I used my handy dandy brown paper that I use for everything like an easy runner for tablescapes, or like more recently where I used it for our DIY Paper Roll Message Board

This paper is very versatile to have around, and it’s cheap…BUY BROWN PAPER HERE.  It’s meant to be used for covering things up for painting projects, so that works too.  Heck…you can even wrap presents in it.  Oh wait…that post is for Christmas.  Shh!

Message Board

I traced the lid circles onto the paper and cut a circle with an exacto knife.  Then I practiced writing my favorite spices onto the paper with my own hand writing using a permanent marker.  That’s right!  My own handwriting.  It’s not perfect, but it sure is more personalized that way just like my Doodled Memory Bench.  No need to buy labels, or stencils.  I can also switch them out easily.  I think they will look cool once they are there for a couple years.  Maybe my girls will hand them down…who knows.  Society makes us think that we have to buy everything and do everything the way the pros do it.  So untrue.  Use what you have, and think outside the box.

Here’s a link to the 1 Pint Canning Jars I used.

Simple Spice Jars

Once your labels are written, stick them in between the ring and the lid.   You can use a little glue or adhesive, but I didn’t.  Then add your spices and small spoons if you feel it’s necessary.  I have seen small baby spoons at the dollar stores.

Then display your jars on a window sill, a shelf, on the counter, or in a cabinet.

Make your own spice jars with your own handwriting!

Very simple!!


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30 Responses

  1. carol bittner says:

    I totally agree; glass is better than plastic!!! Always keep my cut up onion in a glass jar in the fridge. Now these labels are just perfect!!! Such a simple fix but so perfect with the glass and next to your brick. LOVE IT.

  2. Rene Newman says:

    I’m on a new -last try- diet! As I looked at my pantry, I decided it was past time to buy new spices! I heard about Spice Ace through Joanne Weir’s cooking show. Their spices are in small glass jars that fit right into my spice drawer. I love live glad jars too. I’m going to your link for the small jars you have too and transfer some of my other spices that were not yet expired to these jars you have. Thanks for the tip! Check out Spice Ace.

    From another red head!!

  3. Julie W says:

    I love re-using glass jars for spices. I make several of my own spice mixes (taco seasoning, chicken rub, beef rub, seasoned salt, etc.) and it’s so much easier to store them in a wide-mouth mason jar than anything else! Way back when, I found some adhesive chalkboard labels in the dollar spot at Target…those are my go-to labels for my jars at the moment, but I love your idea too! Maybe someday if I go all mason jar. (Confession – I’m a jar-hoarder. I just can’t throw away a perfectly good glass jar! I have a whole cabinet full of them.)

  4. Mickey Wood says:

    Great ideas! Both the jars & the paper : )

  5. Erma Branum says:

    I have just cut my sage and sweet basil. Do you dry it first or go ahead and put it in the jars? This is my first year to grow any spice.

  6. Carol says:

    I had already planned to use brown paper for wrapping presents this Christmas so now, thanks to you, I have another fun use for the big roll. Love the idea of glass rather than plastic to store herbs and spices. You are such a clever girl!

  7. Rhonda says:

    Love glass jars. Now I have a clever idea for you about storing fresh cilantro. We lived on a sailboat for 10 years and my cilantro went bad in a few days. Use a jar, DO NOT wash cilantro, pull off any mushy leaves,appy lid, refrigerator. When ready, pull out what you want,cut across top of glass with clean knife, push the rest back down. It stayed fresh for a week or more. Hard to believe.?

  8. penny grieco says:

    i love it! i have my spices in my cabinet, but i have to really shuffle things around when trying to find a certain spice…. i notice they are ball jars, but what size are they?

  9. Karen Simon says:

    Great idea! I have my much used spices in little glas jars and use them up very quickly. Using 1/2 pint or pint jars is a much better idea. Your parsley and basil look fresh. Are they?

  10. This is a great idea. These little jars are so cute. We would love for all of our spice jars to be pretty and matching – it looks so much nicer and organized in the pantry!

  11. Angela W says:

    I noticed the links for brown paper and canning jars are not working. Can you please provide these source links. Thanks.

  12. kristin says:

    Awesome Idea Julie and it’s super cute!

  13. Lori says:

    I also use canning jars for my spices. I found a punch at Michaels that is perfect for making g the circles for the lid covering. I use it for my gift giving when I make sugar scrub and China tea.

  14. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Doesn’t the heat from the stove destroy the herbs sitting there? Love the black, brick and shelf.

    Love brown paper for kids drawings also. Makes great Thanksgiving table cover that everyone can draw write a message of “thankfulness”!

  15. Denise says:

    These are great and yes I always prefer glass. Reuseable and better for everything! If you wanted to protect the paper from stains, food or liquid because I know I would get them dirty, you could always trace out your lids, write the names, place them all between 2 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 laminate sheets, then trim to fit. There’s also a cool scrapbooking tool that turns anything into a sticker that I use all the time for labels. They come in two sizes.

  16. Inga Zahodnik says:

    HI Julie I am looking for your recipe for the tortellini and the 2 blended Bertolli pasta sauces to make one rosae sauce. Any chance you can send it via email.
    Thanks Inga

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