DIY Brick Backsplash


Rick, the “Brick” is in the house.

Or in this case…the kitchen.  In case you don’t know who Rick is, he’s my handsome husband who helps me with everything I do for this blog.  I want you to know, that if it wasn’t for him, this post would not be possible.  He gets all of the credit.

Check out our new, real, “DIY Brick Wall”, or backsplash if you prefer…

DIY Brick Wall Tutorial

It turned out absolutely amazing!  Way better than I ever imagined.  Here’s another version…

DIY Brick Backsplash

The shelf was added for fun, and it is removable.  It’s a piece of a pine board that I stained and polyurethaned.  It also has hooks in it to hang my utensils.  I can take it down, or leave it up and switch out my decor any time I like.  Sometimes I hang a wreath here for Christmas, or I could leave it plain, too.  (Stay tuned until next week to find out how I made the “Spice Jars”.)

The brick adds depth to the room, and actually grounds our cozy kitchen.  It’s a beautiful, warm, rustic focal point.  We happen to have a fireplace on the other side of the kitchen that I wanted to match, or at least get close to the same brick color.

You be the judge…

Real Brick Backsplash Tutorial

Here’s the brick fireplace…

Kitchen Fireplace

It’s very close.  We actually got lucky with that because we chose the colors on-line.  (See Affiliate link below.)

So…here’s the story behind the “Brick Backsplash”.

When we first moved in, the kitchen & backsplash looked like this:

kitchen before

You can view our full “DIY Kitchen Makeover” here.

If you look closely…there was fire damage.  This was a big red flag to us and we knew we had to do something about it.
Wood Backplash Makeover

That was when we decided to put copper tin up.  I was happy with it for a little while, but then it seemed too flashy to me.  That’s when I got a little crazy and painted over the tin.  I gave it this white washed look.

black cabinets kitchen

Once again…I was happy with it for a while.  Until we switched to granite.  Then it seemed to clash.

So…here’s Rick the Brick in his POP pj’s taking matters into his own hands.  Literally.

He’s thinking…”Why the hell did we put this up in the first place.  Damn woman.”

Backsplash Makover

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That morning we looked up “DIY Brick Wall” on the internet.  Believe it or not, we didn’t find much.  So, hopefully this post will help a lot of people that wish to put up a brick wall, or back splash.

Before I hand my blog over to Rick, here are a list of products.  FYI-the bricks are not full size bricks, but they are REAL BRICK, just thinner.  It’s very affordable, and much easier to have delivered.  We used almost 4 boxes of brick, 1 large container of adhesive, and 1 bag of basic mortar.

Buy Brick Here

Buy Adhesive Here

Buy Trowel Here

Buy Mortar Here

Buy Brick Sealant

Buy Sponge Here

Buy Grout Bag Here

Buy 5 Gallon Bucket Here

Buy Drop Cloth Here

Buy Black Pastel Set Here

Rick’s Tutorial:

After surface is clean of debris, attach a level ledger to the wall to ensure your first level of brick is straight and level.  We used 1×4 ripped in half and attached it to the wall, using a level to keep it straight.  Then we spread adhesive (molding covers up any gap if there is one).

Brick Backslash Tutorial

Once the adhesive is spread on your wall, score it with the trowel so you have grooves evenly throughout the adhesive.  This will ensure proper adhesion of the bricks to the surface of the wall.  You will want to measure your wall area ahead of time so that you are able to lay out the bricks evenly.  This will ensure you know how long to cut the end brick on each layer and create an even pattern.  Now, begin laying your bricks using spacers in-between each brick on both sides and top.  You will create an even pattern this way.


How to Make A REAL Brick Backsplash

After you have finished laying your brick wall, allow it to dry for 24 hours.  Now you are ready to mortar the joints.  Fill in the joints with mortar using a trowel.  Let set and then clean the brick and mortar joints with a damp heavy sponge.  Let the brick dry for another 24 hours and then seal the brick with a quality brick sealer.  These sealers come in several different sheens.  We used high gloss which gave the brick a richer look.

How to make a brick wall.

{This is the brick before sealer, and everything was wet. The brick and mortar dry lighter than this.}

Okay…now it’s me again.  Thanks, Richard.  Great job!

Here’s an important tip…

Before we applied the sealer, I got whip lash turning my head back and forth trying to judge if the brick matched our fireplace on the other side of the kitchen.  As you can see with the photo above and below, the brick was lacking the dark grey shadings that I love so much.

Kitchen Fireplace

So…I took matters into my own hands and stole our daughters pastels.  I took a risk and shaded some of the bricks with black.  It was very simple.  I just blended it with my 2 fingers and if I made a mistake it came off with a damp rag.  It was actually very fun.

Brick Tutorial

Here it is after it was sealed and dry.  That dark brick right by the pizza cutter is my favorite brick!

Beautiful Brick Backsplash Tutorial


I like it so much that I used the backsplash as a back drop for my new blog photo,lol.

Julie Profile #4

Stay tuned for 2 more related posts…one of which will explain the spice jars and a few other details, and the other one will include our Fall Tour/ Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015, and a new full kitchen reveal.  I’m calling it…”Our Thankful Kitchen”.

Real Brick Backsplash Tutorial 2

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91 Responses

  1. Meburke says:

    Love your brick backsplash! ❤️ Where did you purchase the thin bricks? I have my daughter- in- law the same black onyx mixer.she loves it.

  2. Julie, I absolutely love the brick and it is perfect in your kitchen!

  3. Leslee Rau says:

    What an up grade! So love brick. It adds timeless character doesn’t it? What a perfect choice. It echoes the brick on your fireplace. You must be pleased every time you walk in your kitchen and see it. Rick is a keeper! 🙂

    • Cary H says:

      We are going to use real brick from a building that is 107 yrs old. We need to cut it thin ourselves. Do you know how think your brick is?

      • Julie says:

        Hi Cary! If you click on the link to the brick I believe it will give you the complete measurements. Good luck!

  4. Jan Garon says:

    I love the look of the brick with your black cabinets. I also love that you indeed do have black cabinets! Great inspiration!

  5. carol bittner says:

    Julie and Rick,
    Awesome job, what a transformation. It’s amazing what a difference some elbow grease can make! Sorry Rick, I should have said A LOT OF ELBOW GREASE.
    Your whole house is a beautiful home; I love it.

  6. Ella says:

    It looks so good. I have a real brick hood and oven wall and get so many compliments. It’s different from the subway tile (which I also love) that is the rage right now. Good job.

  7. Holly says:

    Hi Julie – KUDOS to you and Hoppin Poppin Rick the Brick! I have one word for you… GORGEOUS. BRILLIANT. STUNNING. Sooooo…. our guest room is ready for the two of you to come over for a visit and do the same to our kitchen!! Hugs, Holly

  8. Suzan says:

    OMG it’s stunning !
    We had brick in our last kitchen ( original brick exposed ) and I miss it SO much – maybe I should do this – it’s just perfection Julie !!!

  9. Tammy Lagaly says:

    I have always loved your kitchen, but the brick is KILLER AWESOME! Great job.

  10. Suzanne says:

    This is so beautiful…. Love your kitchen !

  11. Melissa in NC says:

    Kudos to the both of you for an amazing DIY! I love the brick and the fact that it echoes the fireplace brick. You have a dream kitchen!

  12. Cindy says:

    Love it! Husband did a fantastic job!!! I have the same on my backsplash and also the back of my stove! We built our farmhouse two years ago! Also I have a fireplace in the kitchen that is brick too! I love it! It is the perfect match for any decor!!!!! We used the thin brick also for the backsplash and behind my stovetop but ours already had the darker bricks mixed with the red ones! Clever to shade them !great job!

  13. Sandy says:

    Love, love love it!! Hubs did an amazing! Looks wonderful in your beautiful kitchen !

  14. Sharon says:

    Back in 1974 we built a new house in the country. The two things I wanted were: a round arch with brick behind my stove and a sliding barn door. Well I got them both and I LOVED my brick. Yours is so great!!

  15. Donna says:

    Julie ,
    I love your kitchen and its many transformations ! The brick is really wonderful and it is so fantastic with the black cabinets.
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful autumn days !

  16. Nancie says:

    Gorgeous backsplash! Lucky to have a great handyman! Your kitchen is beautiful!

  17. dawn says:

    your kitchen is stunning! and the brick is just the icing on the cake.

    • Robin says:

      Hi Dawn,
      Im working on my parents home that passed away. It’s an older home and needs a lot of updates. I absolutely love your beautiful ways you have made brick walls look amazing. I am really struggling with this one. It’s in the kitchen and it’s only on 1 wall. I would love to send you a picture so you can see what I am working with. Every idea I see just doesn’t seem like it would work with this wall. Im doing my best to try and get the house ready to sell but I am on my own and siblings won’t help. Do you think you could help me out a bit if I could share the picture with you?

  18. Connie Callahan says:

    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. Great job.

  19. kevin says:

    No mention of WHAT you sealed the brick with. I’m certain one could come up with a few products to do the trick, but what did YOU use?

    It has to have a non porous surface for most folks due to the place it is located with foods/etc splashing up on it. The problem too, is if you get TIRED of it (like you did the other), you’ve got major surgery to remove it and start from scratch. The removing of the previous backsplash was of no consequence.

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Kevin- Everything is now listed in the post for your convenience. There are absolutely no problems with this backsplash. My husband is Italian and we make tomato sauce weekly. I cook every day, and still haven’t had to wipe it. However, when the splash happens, or the need to wipe exists, I simply need to take a wet hot soapy dish cloth and wipe it clean. The sealant protects it from everything. This is for keeps. The tin was a mistake and I knew it from the start. It matches our fireplace in the kitchen perfectly. When you install something this beautiful, and classic, there is no need to think about removing it.

  20. Lori says:

    Gorgeous…the brick is a wonderful idea. Your kitchen is beautiful. Great job.

  21. Suzanne Holt says:

    I have seen many back splashs, but brick is a new one. If I had a fireplace in my kitchen, I might never want to leave.

  22. Barbm1712 says:

    We painted and revamped our kitchen a few years ago in a farmhouse style. My sink is in front of a blank wall and while I’ve tried to add interest with a task light and other dec objects, I really wanted to enhance the farmhouse style with bead board or brick. I really love what you’ve done and knowing that the bricks can be colorized using art pencils/chalk makes a big difference for me. I love what you’ve done here and am still trying to decide between the two since I love both looks!

  23. Quick question – how did you cut the bricks? Thanks!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Linda! Great question, and I completely forgot to mention that. We borrowed a tile wet saw from our neighbor. Hope that helps!

  24. Maria says:

    You have an creative idea using brick in this case, thanks for sharing

  25. maureen basedow says:

    hi I would like to do for my kitchen backsplash I have a contractor…do I just buy everything and give to him to do? We will be putting on dry wall that is ok? I been to two different tiles places looking for the exact thing…ugh! help

    • Julie Fiato says:

      If you want the brick we used, you need to order it on line. I haven’t seen it anywhere. I left the link in the post for your convenience. Let me know if you can’t find it. Drywall would be fine.

  26. Penny says:

    Love this and already have brick backsplash! How did you do the removable shelf? I would love to add that to mine. I LOVE your ideas!

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Hi Penny! It rests on 2 pieces of black wood on either side of the cabinets. There is also an L bracket screwed into the brick under the middle of the board so the board doesn’t sag down. The board rests on all of these things 🙂 ~ Julie

  27. Jenne says:

    Love love love the brick!! I am a brickaholic I admit it. I’ve been debating to do my kitchen in white or black with brick, you just sold me on the black. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!

  28. Kelly says:

    Hi Julie,
    I love the brick look in the kitchen. I was actually thinking of remodeling my kitchen in whites until I saw this! I do have a question though. I am a messy sort of cook so I was wondering how the brick holds up to, say grease from a pan? Spaghetti sauce etc.? Does it clean up easy?

    • Julie Fiato says:

      I am messy too, and I haven’t even had to clean it yet, lol. When I do it will wipe right off because it is sealed. I also have white cabinets in the kitchen. It balances it out.

  29. H in OH says:

    Nice write-up of using thin bricks. Love the look you have with the lighting in the backsplash space. I have been thinking about something similar, but it is in a small cove area of around 20×20 inches. Too bad they don’t sell the bricks in smaller packages. I might just have to cut my own bricks or find someone else’s leftover thin bricks.

    • Julie says:

      Hmmm…How many would you need H in Ohio? I have a few extra I could mail you for shipping plus minor cost? We are doing our front porch right now so we have a ton, however we are using most of them. Hard to tell! ~ Julie

  30. Sara says:


    I have some leftover bricks from me doing my patio.. they are standard brick and not these thin ones… I would really like to put them to use in my kitchen and this projects looks like a great idea to use them.. do you think that they would work just as good? Or do you think that I would have to find someone to cut them?


    • Julie Fiato says:

      Hi Sara, I would consult a brick layer, or go to your local stone/brick dealer and ask their advice. Do you have the space to put a full sized brick up?

  31. Cyndi says:

    Beautiful, Rustic, Classic, Warming. Love your kitchen. Rick the Brick—Great Job!!

  32. Nancy says:

    How has the brick backsplash held up to grease and other cooking mess? I guess I really want to know how hard is it to clean?

    • Julie says:

      I cook every day Nancy and I’ve never had to clean it! I know it sounds gross, but it doesn’t show anything! If it did there is a sealant on the bricks so it wipes off.; I probably should go over it w soap and water, but I keep forgetting. Now my stove is a different story. That thing gets dirty easily. I love my bricks!

  33. Chris says:

    What type of sealant did you use on the bricks and how many coats?

  34. Neysa Hurst says:

    Love our brick backsplash. Love your countertops. What is your countertop product information? Enjoyed your helpful info. I have black cabinets and deciding on a backsplash. This helps. Thinking of butcher block for countertop which I see you have as an island. Appreciate your information.

  35. Dad says:

    You Did Good.

  36. Susie says:

    Love this! Going to do on wall behind stove on my next vacay break. Question – how do u clean? Thanks

    • Julie says:

      I have never had to clean it and I cook a lot! However if you do, you just wipe it with soap & water. It’s sealed.

  37. James says:

    Beautiful job, what size spacers did you use and where did you get them?

  38. […] you remember when I made these “DIY Simple Spice Jars” after we created our “DIY Brick Backsplash“?  I still have them up there on the cute wooden shelf we made, and I love having them right […]

  39. […] Last week, I introduced you to our “DIY Brick Backsplash“. […]

  40. Maureen Vedder says:

    What color black is the cabinets? I
    Want to paint my hood the same and do the brick
    As well. Love it!!!

  41. Shelly says:

    You guys did such a great job!! Love the backsplash and was inspired to do my own. Unfortunately the mortar keeps cracking. Did you have any problem with this happening? Also, how long did you let the mortar set before you cleaned it all with a sponge? Thanks!

  42. Harriet says:

    Hi, love what you did. It looks great. I did that to the backsplash in my kitchen 50 yrs ago. The grout has turned a greyish color now. I was wondering if its possible to remove the brick at this point, or how to clean the grout. Thank you.

  43. Elena says:

    I came across a box of these thin deco bricks. But they are uniform like new. I like that old worn look, corners missing, cracked etc. How did you achieve that look with your bricks?

  44. […] 1. Classic Brick Backsplash from Redhead Can Decorate […]

  45. Tarah says:

    Did you use something besides grout between the brick and your counter top? Like sanded grout with silicone? or something else? trying to figure out how to finish up the project at my house. Thanks.

  46. […] Maybe you remember when Rick was given the name “Rick the Brick” back when he made that brick wall in our kitchen? If not, here’s a flash back: DIY BRICK BACKSPLASH WALL. […]

  47. […] brick backsplash in this contemporary farmhouse kitchen by Redhead Can Decorate gives the space some rustic […]

  48. […] like to see the kitchen before, just click here. Here’s our island transformation, and our DIY Brick Backsplash, […]

  49. Theo Adams says:

    We are considering doing it… But have been advised not to due to the maintenance and cleaning… We use our kitchen to cook a lot. Please let us know what you think?

    • Julie says:

      Hi Theo, I am a food blogger & I feed a family of 4 daily. I cook nonstop. There is no reason why you can’t do this if you seal the brick like we did. It wipes right off just like regular tile. In addition, it hides everything. I rarely have to clean it. A hot washcloth gets it clean. Good luck!!

  50. Love the brick backsplash. I’m doing same in our kitchen. How is cleanup of brick after cooking? I’m worried of oil, sauce etc splash on the brick. How do u clean?

  51. Inga Zahodnik says:

    Hi there I am looking for your Loretta Chicken recipe and your mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potato recipe . Please help quickly
    Thank you

  52. […] by hand, and you can really tell that a ton of love went into it. How do you like it in our little DIY Real Brick Backsplash background cooking space? This totally reminds me of those trips with my mom to her favorite […]

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