Doodled Bench 

  It’s a pretty cool bench to start out with…I know.
But you know me by now.  I think of things to decorate in my sleep…
Mr. Bench has been floating around in those dreams for a couple weeks now, so I decided to share him with you.
You may remember this bench was originally in my kitchen with another table that I turned into my desk.
Poor Mr. Bench was left out of the fun, and I put him in the hall for back packs and such.
Then came the garage sale and I used him for my desk out on the driveway.
Well, it’s finally time for him to shine.
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At my house if it’s dark I want it light, if it’s light I want it dark…it’s just my nature to want to play with things and change their color.
Our kitchen has quite a few dark cabinets, so the bench will lighten it up a bit.
That’s not enough though…everywhere you look you see handwriting for decor these days.
I must admit I do like it.
I have seen it on pillows, lamp shades, and even plates.
You know where I’m going with this don’t you?
These paint markers are perfect for my plan,

but I was a little nervous when I was trying to figure out how to write on Mr. Bench.

The first step was painting the bench with paint already has the primer in it.
I used Behr Ultra in Swiss Coffee (eggshell sheen).
My handwriting is “okay”, but by no means is it perfect.
Then I thought…so what.
It was that inner voice inside of me that says,
“Go for it Julie…it’s just paint.”
So, I “doodled” all over it and then made it look old and used.
I know it’s not perfectly handwritten,
but that’s what I like about it.
It’s real…not written from a machine.  We eat and laugh around here a lot…
so I decided to keep the theme light,with a twist of love & memories based around food.
I have a feeling my family will get much joy from reading
these doodles through the years when we gather around the table for meals and special occasions…
When I “staged” the new bench with our table, I decided to get out some other decor.
I started feeling like it was Christmas in September …or even Valentine’s Day.
It’s not, but it sure looks pretty to me.
I hope you enjoy the final pictures and
they find you feeling


Here’s where I moved it…
Doodled Bench by
Now EAT!


 Memory Bench Tutorial by

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17 Responses

  1. Julie Boswell says:


  2. Laura Brewer says:

    I LOVE this!!! I got an idea from it….THANK YOU!!!! I am gonna do this for my mom for Mothers Day only NOT on a bench. I will figure out later on what lol. But I think it would be really cool to have something (?) that all the kids and Grandkids have signed their Names on. (And the great grands) ty for the idea. She is so hard to buy for. She is 74. She will love it…….now to just figure out the item lol lol

  3. What a great idea! I love the lettering you have done, and the different fonts. The hand written font is so much more interesting than if you had stenciled or traced it on. You are one creative earthling!

  4. This is really cute! I love how it’s full of handwritten memories,, it really gives the bench character. Such a great idea!

  5. carol bittner says:

    What a cute bench; love the lettering; so casual but very fun!! Makes ya want to keep on reading every last word. Great idea Julie.

  6. erika says:

    i love it. what a great idea. well done!

  7. nancy says:

    Great project…am now on the hunt for a bench…if I can’t find one, I’ll make one….that’s what Ana White and Nail Guns are for!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Nancy…I just saw how a book shelf can be repurposed into a bench! Just turn it sideways. So clever!! Good luck finding your bench XO

  8. Linda says:

    Beautiful! My Hubby is 3 of 7 and they come from a BIG German family. So couple of years ago I took an old soft yellow Queen size flat sheet signed my name, dob, year we were married. I had my Hubby sign and with his DOB, Then at family get-together’s and after each time took it home and embroidered everything. For the babies I would draw around their hand and put the info inside their hand. it will be carried on for as long as it lasts. It is covered with a very clear heavy duty piece of plastic so it will last for some time.

  9. Kathy says:

    Thank you for the link. I think you did a wonderful job on the bench. It’s so personal!

  10. Lynne says:

    What a great Idea, a definite must do for the new year!

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