Vintage Industrial Pendant Light Fixture




Look up!

Beautiful Vintage Light Fixture

Did you see it?

Here’s a close up if you don’t have your glasses on…

Vintage Light Bulb Light Fixture

I knew this Vintage Industrial Pendant Light Fixture would go perfectly in our 1/2 bathroom that is located off of the kitchen.  This is the bathroom that all our guests use, so I like to add a bit of fun.

Even our cat, Sylvia seems to like this room…

Fabulous Light Fixture

If you’re interested in learning how I painted the vanity, you can find that information here:

Black Vanity Makeover found here.

I also painted the floor with a checker board “rug”…you can find that story here:

Painted Rug.

I am a big fan of industrial style light fixtures and exposed vintage light bulbs.

I have them through out our home.

Here’s one that I recently made myself using an RC Cola Crate:

DIY Cola Crate Light Box

DIY Cola Crate Light Box Tutorial

Cola Crate Light

 Here’s a Cage Pendant Light Fixture we have in our hall…

cage light

When searching for one that fits your style, search with the key words:







Beautiful Vintage Light Fixture


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  1. Rachel says:

    The light fixture is cool, but I love the photo of the cat standing and looking back at the camera like “what?”.

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