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I have some explaining to do, don’t I?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It all began when our oldest was preparing to head back to college after the holidays were over.  She asked, “Hey Mama, the tree will still be up when I get back, right?” 😯   I had planned to take it down slowly, but figured another week wouldn’t hurt since she comes back on the weekends.   So, I answered with a cheerful, “Oh yah!  Sure thing, honey…it will be here!”  I mean, how could I resist saying, “Yes” to her sweet question.  Little did I know my rascal second born was listening, and had an idea brewing in his creative head.  He said, “You could keep it up all year!”  I laughed in that fake sort of way, and then he explained further how I could decorate it for all of the holidays through the year.  He didn’t stop there…he went on further, and explained how the tree brings him such joy, and makes the house so cozy & pretty.  Then he pretty much sealed the deal by telling me the cats would be devastated if I take it down  😥 .  So, what can I say, except…the “Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Tree” was officially born.



The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!

Oh, I know this year-round tree idea isn’t for everyone (especially those that put up a real tree), but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was a cute idea.  An idea the kids would surely remember for the rest of their lives, and maybe even tell their grandchildren.  I may even be crowned the coolest Mom on the planet!   In addition, the Winters up here in Michigan are brutal and long.  Vitamin D runs very low, so we really do need all the joy we can get.  Honestly, I think maybe having a tree decorated year round may even help depression.  And, if you don’t want a large one, maybe a small one would d0?

The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!

I do want to warn you that this idea is a lot of work (definitely easier for me since this is my job).  First, putting the original Christmas tree decorations away is always a nightmare.  Remember all that faux flocking I had done?  You can check out the original Blue Ombre Christmas Tree here.  It ended up coming off the tree fairly easy, but still it was a chore.

Then, you have to sort out what you need for the first tree of the year, the “Valentine’s Day Tree”.  Luckily, this didn’t take me long because the tree is pre-lit and white lights are perfect for showing off red.  All I had to do is grab some red, pink, white ornaments, and then I hit my local dollar store to see what they had.  They ended up having a lot of good stuff this year, and I got carried away.  In fact, one lady noticed me in the check out line after she came back for something she forgot.  She said, “Are you still here???”

Note: I also had a bunch of older dollar store Valentine’s Day decor in my stash.  Keep in mind, I do have a “Romantic Dollar Store Table for Two” coming up, so I could use some of these items there.  Stay tuned.



The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!

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The “LOVE” sign in the middle of the tree is also surprisingly from the dollar store and it just had to be spray painted white.  Pretty much everything on the tree is from the dollar store and my favorite was the pink & red mesh garland.  It was very simple to work with because it is “sticky”.  The floating heart on top is just hanging with some clear string.  I just love hanging the tree topper because it extends the tree to the ceiling, and it also rotates when the heat goes on in the house.  So cool.  Or should I say, hot?

On the side porch glass frosted door I left up the snowball wreath I purchased a couple years ago and wired on my Love sign I’ve had for years.  Here’s a LOVE” sign I found on-line.


The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!

The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!

This tree truly does bring us all joy and even warms up the joint for real.  I can’t wait for the next one.  Okay, yes, I can, ha ha.  Stay tuned for tree #2 this Spring.  Any ideas on what the theme will be?  I hope this one brought you joy today! XO

Scroll to the bottom so you don’t miss a few more ideas for Valentine’s Day!

The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!



The Dollar Store Valentine's Day Tree is such a cute idea!

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34 Responses

  1. erika says:

    I luv this idea! I do hope you do a St. Paddy’s Day tree….Easter, 4th of July, etc. A lot of work, and expense, but a wonderful idea.

  2. Robert E Urtel says:

    Great Idea, Dad in NY.

  3. Colleen Bohn says:

    Love your Valentine tree.
    I have done that in the past; decorating the tree for each holiday and times in between; especially when it came to Super Bowl Sunday; the tree was all decked out in the teams colors.
    A person just doesn’t have to decorate a tree just for the holidays, how about birthdays, anniversaries, etc. etc. etc.
    Those of you with a live tree; set up outside and decorate it with food and nesting items for the birds and other wild life

  4. Leah Cundiff says:

    Love, love this idea! I have been doing it for years with our basement tree & I was known as the “Year Around Christmas Tree Mom” with all of my sons friends! They are 18 & 23 now & they still think it is cool to leave it up all year! I always started with a Vday tree & then moved to a spring tree with Easter eggs on it, then it was on to a patriotic tree that stayed up until after Labor Day, a fall/Bday tree (our bday’s are in the fall), & last but not least the Christmas tree! Lots of fun & yes…lots of work, but worth it when you have kids around to enjoy it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Love your blog – it is my favorite ?

    • Julie says:

      Well the year round tree keepers are coming out all over today!! I thought I was the inly one. Ha ha! Great idea for your birthdays!! Sweet compliment I’m honored!!

  5. Sonia says:

    Well, you can always chnge it to green next month for St Patrick’s Day, then decorate it for Easter, next Spring decor, then you could go with a patriotic theme for July, and a beachy or grilling theme before fall/back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then back to Christmas! Easy peasy…Right? LOL! A lot of work, but fun. Actually if you wanted to simplify, you could pick a spring/summer theme for April through August and leave it or change out a few items each month. Same for fall. It can be as elaborate or simple as the person doing it would like. Whatever you decide- have FUN!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nancy says:

    Our family room is our “woods” room but not excessively so. We have a narrow tree by the fireplace that stays all year. Sometimes it is decorated a bit with a few birds and at Easter it holds the German Easter ornaments. Some years it, too, is a Valentines tree. We have a second flocked large artificial pine tree that is up in December and January. It has only cardinals, one white owl, and a squirrel. We love that tree with its white lights on winter evenings. You are correct – these cozy up the long winters in our northern world! Yours is beautifully done!

  7. Erma Branum says:

    I love this idea! I have a friend that does their tree in Mari Gras each year. They do purple and green and gold beads, masks and lots of feathers. I thought about keeping one of my trees up this year. But I know it’s a lot of work to change it out for each season. Your tree is beautiful!!!

  8. Pat M. says:

    I can accept the idea of a year round tree decorated for the seasons and/or holidays BUT not such a large tree. Small trees, skinny pencil trees, a tree out of the way in a corner, would suffice, I guess, but I would quickly grow to hate a large one after probably only one more go-around. I would prefer, even with an artificial tree, to anchor it somewhere outside and fill it with bird food and suet year round. You are a crafter and decorator’s dream blogger. Each to their own – it’s what makes we humans interesting.

    • Julie says:

      I did it mostly for the kiddos, however I do love it. Our family room is more like a teen hangout so that also helps. Stay tuned for the Spring version!

  9. Bette says:

    HI Julie:
    What a neat idea. I have a fig tree which I will decorate for Valentines using your ideas. So neat.
    Thanks, Bette

  10. Sharon says:

    Hi. I had the same idea for this year. After Christmas, I put up ‘winter’ type décor and next is Valentines Day–then probably spring/summer, then fall and Christmas! I do enjoy reading your blog; you have such good ideas. Wish we lived closer–you sound like a fun gal!

  11. Kaycee says:

    Hey Julie, what a pretty, fun and love filled tree you created! You are the best cool Mom already girl!!! I’m looking forward to seeing all your pretty tree decor through out the year!!

  12. Josh says:

    I love this blog!

  13. Tracy says:

    It’s beautiful! He had a good idea. How could you not go w/ it!? I love their creative minds. So nice when kids appreciate the little things in life.

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  15. Delores H White says:

    Love it. I think bird trees are pretty,

  16. […] Day Romantic Table for Two” is from the dollar store just like the “Valentines’s Day Tree” from last week.  Even the card for Richard is from the dollar […]

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  18. Diane says:

    I can’t find the ones like your LOVE on Dollar Tree, is it that they have it in the store but not on line?

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