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I stood on our front porch this morning and watched our oldest daughter drive away to her last day of high school 😯 .  As she disappeared past the trees, I glanced over to our garden and noticed that the first peony has bloomed.  Talk about perfect timing.  I think it’s a sure sign that she is ready to bloom!

With that being said, we have been preparing for her graduation party that will take place at our home this month.  You may be surprised to know that we don’t entertain often.  I outgrew those days, and we are a pretty quite bunch.  However, this party is pretty large and we have many relatives coming in from out of state and even a few flying in.  I am planning on the party to take place mainly in our kitchen, and off on the large deck outside our kitchen’s French doors.  We’ve just had our very old deck re-done with Trex decking, so I will be posting about that soon, and I will be sharing all of my decorating for the party as well (I have some really fun things planned!).  Until then, I thought I would show you what I fixed up last weekend…our “Brick Patio Makeover”.  Boy, was it hot and humid.  I think it was close to 100 degrees!

With the heat I forgot to take before photos, but I have some in my stash from years ago when we first moved in.  Here’s the brick patio right after we moved in.   It had good bones, but definitely needed some work.





Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

Here it is today…



Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

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I know it’s not drop dead the most gorgeous patio you’ve ever seen, but it does feel pretty to me.  I love brick!  Also, our grass is just beginning to come in from all of the tree work we did last Fall.  Remember that?  Check it out here —-> TREE THINNING PROJECT.

The first thing I had to do last weekend was clean up that brick.  It was filled with weeds, dead leaves, and this is where all of the construction took place for the new deck.  There were nails, saw dust, garbage, etc. all over the place.  It was a disaster.  I started in the corner and worked my way out and got rid of all of it with a broom, and my gardening gloved hands pulled out the weeds.  I decided I really liked the moss that grew between the bricks, so I kept some of it.  After I was finish, I sprayed the entire patio with non-toxic weed killer to help prevent the weeds from coming back.

Check out our new beautiful Christmas tree we had put in…she’s a stunner.  You can also see the rows of hay over our grass seed behind her.  Come on grass…GROW for Julie!

Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

If you look closely the extra brick that was in the before photos is now placed as a border for our mulch & landscaping.  We love our brick around here.  Here’s more about our BRICKS.

Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

After the brick was all “clean”, or at least good enough for me, I couldn’t wait to start decorating.  Rick and I decided to bring our big teak wood table down from the deck and keep it down here for the party.  It only seats 6, and we have a lounge area planned for on top of the deck, and a few long tables for guests, so we needed to move this beast.  My back is pretty sore from lifting it, but we managed.  We are thinking we may keep it down here because it’s just too big, and weathered.  I want to invest in a much smaller table for our deck.  Something like this: THE TABLE I REALLY WANT 🙂

Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

So, after we nearly killed ourselves getting the table down there, I bee-lined over to get the blue and white striped umbrella I purchased last year.  Here’s one that is very similar that I love—-> UMBRELLA.

Luckily, my husband needed to stop at the hardware store, so I asked him to pick up 2 flower pots that were pre-filled.  This isn’t something I would normally do, but I was getting so hot I just wanted something with color.  He really did good and found these for $10 each.  I then added some dollar store red & white checkered placemats, and my blue & white striped pillows, and I was finished.


Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

Here’s the first peony I mentioned.  Have a safe & happy weekend! 😎

Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!

Michigan Mom updates here brick patio with just a few steps. This brick patio makeover is a must see!


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24 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    That is just Great, what a nice setting, love, Dad in NY.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Wow Julie,your home is gorgeous and your patio looks so pretty after all you hard work, think that new table will fit patio/deck much better. Love style of new table you want, will serve space you have much more comfortably. Be sure to show us how it looks on your deck or patio when you get it set up.
    Sitting here looking out on our back yard, (back door is couple feet from my computer desk in our mud room),the chickens are all (4) scouting for bugs in the grass. A wonderful breeze is blowing thru door and sun creeping away.Our backyard and back door all face due west.. This is my favorite part of day in Summer.
    We have a small deck, last summer we bought a gazebo for one side of deck. Are limited what we can put on our deck as it’s not very deep. Enjoy your patio for your daughter’s graduation party, how fun will be with lots of people there.
    Our youngest grandchild graduated on May 15th. She’ll be going to college in Santa Cruz, CA for environmental science. Will your daughter be going to college? Doggoned kids keep growing up much too quickly.
    Our youngest daughter/her Mother, wants to sell their house and move, doesn’t like it here but her husband wants to stay here, keep their house so girls have place to come home to. They moved here from San Diego in 2004 so they could buy a house which they did right away.
    Have a wonderful weekend Grand Junction area is good place to raise kids

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, JaneEllen! I love that you have chickens. I need one because I go through eggs quick! Congratulations to your grandchild!! It does fly by so fast. Our daughter is going to college and she just graduated magna cum laud! She is so ready to spread her wings. She’s going into Entertainment Arts and wants to design video games. She is smart as a whip like her Dad. I’m taking the credit for her creative gene though, ha ha. I will be sharing some of her work soon. She runs her own company now where she designs wigs! It sounds like I’m boasting, but she is very mature for her age and wants to succeed so badly. xxoo

  3. Pam Beck says:

    Julie, it all looks very nice, simple but inviting! I’m glad you do things like we would do, nothing to fancy or overboard, just a place that is home and comfortable. It’s amazing what a little hard work and “garden gloved hands” can accomplish! As always….beautiful job! Congratulations to your daughter and hope she enjoys her party!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Pam…I’m afraid I may over decorate the deck, lol. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing soon.

      • Pam Beck says:

        Hey…you only graduate once!! I know you will give her a party she will never forget!! Can’t wait to see! ????????‍????

  4. BusyVP says:

    Looks very nice. Great use of the space and makes a nice entertaining spot.

  5. Carol says:

    It looks beautiful! Brick patios are a bugger to maintain, but are so classy. Happy graduation!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Patio area looks very inviting.

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh Julie….all that hard work in the heat and now in typical fashion for our region you will be chilled for the party! I’ll cross my fingers for no rain. My hello to the Buffalo folks.
    Of course your hard work gave great results. I like that the patio looks real and not too decorator perfect. Relaxif you can this weekend and just enjoy.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Nancy! Luckily we are not having the party this weekend! We are still preparing the deck above for the main gathering. This table had to vacate the deck :). I will be sharing it all in a couple weeks. Hopefully I won’t over decorate!

  8. Pamela says:

    Julie, your home is amazing. I love what you have done to the patio. Brick is something that I’ve always loved in patios, walkways and streets. You have done a wonderful job converting your patio into a awfully pretty one. You have such talent in your decorating. I can see how you love your home not only is it incredibly beautiful but it is set in such a pretty setting. I love your attention to detail. Keep up the great work. I so enjoy watching all of the different steps of your projects. You now have another wonderful space to entertain. I can see many wonderful gatherings at your table under the umbrella with great friends.

  9. Kaycee says:

    Julie, you guys did such a great job! I sure hope your backs are feeling better, wow, that is one large table to move!!! Everything looks perfect for your party. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation too!

  10. carol says:

    Congrats to you ‘lil kiddo’; where do the years go? (and SO FAST).
    The patio looks perfect! I’ve never seen that view of your home before; didn’t realize it’s so big. I love it!! Everything you do is awesome.

  11. Pat Poling says:

    Julie – so much I love about your style!! It’s always functional, not over done, not under done – just something I would do myself!! Have one question for you – it looks like the table you moved is teak? We have a teak table set that needs to be oiled – have you ever done that? And believe it or not, some creature has chewed the chair corners!! And really love your newly planted Christmas tree!!

  12. Jeanne says:

    Looks fantastic! Adds so much to the property. By the way I love your house! So stately and classic.

  13. Julie says:


  14. […] week I shared our “Brick Patio Makeover” which is located right outside these doors that lead out of our basement walk-out.  Well, […]

  15. Jenne says:

    Your patio looks cozy and inviting. I absolutely love brick too! I’m getting ready to put brick over my old cracked concrete patio soon and in my kitchen. Thanks for all the inspirational tips:)

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