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Best House Paint Colors with Red Brick

UPDATE: Since this is a custom matched color, and the formula on the paint can doesn’t seem to be enough information for paint stores to create the paint, I am now mailing hand painted large samples to anyone interested- for a small fee. If you take my sample to your paint store they can match… Read More

Brick Patio Makeover

I stood on our front porch this morning and watched our oldest daughter drive away to her last day of high school ūüėĮ . ¬†As she disappeared past the trees, I glanced over to our garden and noticed that the first peony has bloomed. ¬†Talk about perfect timing. ¬†I think it’s a sure sign that… Read More

Painted Built-In Shelves & Brick Fireplace

I should have done this a looooong time ago, you guys. ¬†I was afraid, plain and simple. ¬†Maybe even in denial. ¬†Not anymore. ¬†This dramatic paint transformation not only brightened up our living room, it made me feel younger ūüėĮ . ¬†I feel like I knocked 10 years off “just” by painting our dark brick… Read More

DIY Brick Backsplash

Rick, the “Brick” is in the house. Or in this case…the kitchen. ¬†In case you don’t know who Rick is, he’s my handsome husband who¬†helps me with everything I do for this blog. ¬†I want you to know, that if it wasn’t for him, this post would not be possible. ¬†He gets all of the… Read More

How to Combine Mums and Cabbage for Cascading Fall Steps

A few years ago, I came across the most beautiful (pink & green) fall porch I had ever seen. It was a complete jaw dropper ūüė≤, and eventually I noticed the same decorating trends spreading all over the place. Folks caught on quick, but I took my time sticking with what I’m use to which… Read More

How to Transform your Kitchen into a Cozy Relaxing Lounge

The latest home improvements and design changes in our kitchen are extraordinarily different from what you are use to seeing in most homes. If you follow me here at you know that I like to shake things up a bit, and not follow the rules when it comes to home decorating. I follow my… Read More

20 Ways to Add Charm to Your Home using Wood

1.DIY Farmhouse Criss Cross Gate 2.DIY Stained Pre-Made Cedar Shutters 3.Budget Friendly Mahogany Wood Front Porch Makeover 4. DIY Wood Window Flower Box 5. DIY Sidelight Wood Sliding Shutters 6. DIY Nice & Thick Stained Wood Shelves 7. Easy & Affordable Rustic Wood Accent Moldings 8. DIY Stained Butcher Block Counter (we also did the… Read More

How to Update and Decorate Your Dated Bone Tile Bathroom

Our “upstairs bathroom” is like a little family secret no one talks about, or wants to talk about ūüėÜ. Our kiddos have used the dark “window-less”, dated bathroom for over 11 years now, and have literally grown up in this bathroom you’re about to see. This is certainly one of the reasons why I am… Read More

Valentine’s Day Red & Pink Whimsical Porch

The sun was out this past week and it felt so good ‚ėÄÔłŹ! It’s still freezing out there, but I bundled myself up while still in my PJ’s, grabbed my Valentine’s Day bin, and had some fun on our front porch. I hope you are inspired to (wear your PJ’s) do the same after you… Read More

Fresh Pine & Birch Tree Centerpiece

I thought I was finished decorating for Christmas, but then I was inspired by my sweet friend Paula, from Virginia Sweet Pea. After I saw Paula’s tutorial on DIY centerpieces, I just couldn’t resist heading outside in our yard to see what I could find. I knew I had Pine trees to clip from, but… Read More

Zen Lounge Blue

I truly believe folks are craving a calm/peaceful environment to “escape” at home more than ever these days. Welcome to the “Zen Lounge Blue”- a soothing, safe, and comfortable family space adjacent to our kitchen. This room has transformed many times over the years, but I think we finally nailed it. I hope you enjoy… Read More

Porch Planters with Faux Ferns

My sweet friend, and colleague, Paula, from Sweet Pea brought 16 of us DIY home decorating bloggers together, so we can celebrate spring in style. I have to admit, if it wasn’t for these lovely ladies (see remaining 15 blogs below), I don’t think I would have had the energy to focus on my porch… Read More

Holiday Housewalk Christmas Home Tour 2019

Welcome to my very first “Holiday Housewalk”! If you’ve never experienced an online Christmas parade of homes before, you are in for quite a treat. Jennifer Rizzo created this virtual Holiday Housewalk 10 years ago, and it has grown to be quite popular in the DIY home decorating community. To say I am honored to… Read More

5 DIY Wood Plank Decorating Ideas & Giveaway

5 DIY Wood Plank Decorating Ideas & Giveaway is all about transforming a space with affordable stained wood. I hope you enjoy all 5 of my DIY Wood Plank Decorating Ideas and then top it all off with a fabulous giveaway at the end for all wood plank DIYers! We have this very tenacious, redheaded… Read More

Patriotic Bird House Makeover

Rick the “Brick” is in the house! Yep…my very handsome husband stepped up to the plate this week and is taking over for me. It’s kind of mischievous of me though, don’t you think? I mean…Father’s Day is Sunday and here he is doing the work. Poor guy deserves a break, don’t ya think? Well,… Read More

10 Years of DIY Makeovers Before & After Home Photo Tour

I’ll never forget the first time we walked into our house home. ¬†I found it on-line one evening after a very long, frustrating home search. ¬†We had just relocated back to Michigan and were renting while we searched for the best option. ¬†I drove by a couple times getting a bit dizzy (picture a redheaded… Read More

Affordable Rustic Sconce

  Attention all who decorate. ¬†The dixie, I mean thrifty¬†chicks from The Thrifty Style Team are at it again this month. ¬†I have joined creative forces once again on the second Wednesday of the month with amazing blogger ladies who can decorate thrifty style without sacrificing class. ¬†Be sure to scroll all the way down… Read More

Glamorous Christmas Mantel

  My inner ¬†“glam” is out of the closet ūüėĮ . ¬†Literally. ¬†I started off with inexpensive¬†thick gold garland from last year on the mantel, and one thing led to another, and I was turning into Joan Crawford about to light a long cigarette in my high heel boots. ¬†Okay, you know I don’t work… Read More

Blue Ombre Flocked Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Christmas Tree

This year’s Christmas tree is very different, and I’m not talking about the flocking. ¬†My hope for today is to not only inspire you with a pretty tree and cute ideas, but to bring awareness to a dreadful disease that over 300,000 children suffer from, which most folks are not even aware of. ¬†Unfortunately, I… Read More

Dollar Store Iridescent Tablescape

Darnit! ¬†The only thing I forgot were the bubbles. You can’t have a “Dollar Store Iridescent Tablescape” without bubbles, now can you? ¬†Well, I guess you can, but they sure would have been a cute addition since bubbles are “iridescent”, and I know the dollar store carries the cute little bottles. ¬†Well, at least you… Read More

Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover

Welcome to my “Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover”…I know, not exactly the most exciting subject I have posted about, but maybe I can liven things up a bit with a funny story. ¬†You see, the word “door knob” reminded me of something from my childhood. ¬†I was a bit of a rascal in my teen… Read More

Guest Room Makeover

Last week I shared our “Brick Patio Makeover” which is located right outside these doors that lead out of our basement walk-out. ¬†Well, what I didn’t share was the huge transformation that was actually taking place on the inside of those doors. ¬†If you’re in redheadcandecorate’s “PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP“, then you would have known because… Read More

10 Curb Appeal Ideas

Just click the photos, or titles to the curb appeal ideas that appeal to you the most…       1.Place a Pretty Bench in Your Landscaping (read more…)   2. Hang a Plant or Lantern from the Porch Ceiling (read more…)   3. Paint a Thrift Store Dresser & Fill with Annuals (read more…)… Read More

White Garden Bench

If you’re searching for a garden “filler”, or maybe just trying to add some coziness to your landscaping, then a pretty bench just might do the trick. ¬†You see, I had this one spot in our landscaping that was really bare. ¬†It was missing something. ¬†I tried lots of different things, but nothing seemed to… Read More

Win $2K Lowe’s Gift Card in The UpSkill Project Contest

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s, however all opinions are the redhead’s. I remember the exact date we moved into our first home here in Michigan. ¬†I was 28 years old and it was one of the most exciting days of my life-our lives. ¬†After we closed on the house and were handed the keys… Read More

Master Bathroom Renovation Husband’s Shaving Station Sink

Every morning he gets out of bed and goes through the exact same steps to get ready for work.  I’m talking down to a “T”.  I could actually mimic his steps all the way through his morning routine until he even kisses me goodbye and locks the door behind him.  I mean it is crazy… Read More

Silver Platter Chalkboard Sign

As you may know, about 3 years ago I created this very pretty “Thrift Store Silver Platter Wall” out of, you guessed it, thrift store silver platters. ¬†It grew to be one of my most popular blog posts, and even still today I do receive comments/questions on it. ¬†As much as I loved it, I… Read More

Transform Your Living Room with Vibrant Colors

Pretty colors, especially vibrant ones, make me feel good and they allow me to express myself in my designs. ¬†You and I may not agree on what colors are the prettiest for our homes, and that’s okay. ¬†I do hope though, that I can inspire you today to add more color to your home. ¬†I… Read More

Home Organization Tips

Welcome to the DIY Housewives first 2018 edition “Home Organizing Tips”. ¬†Okay, tell me. ¬†Is your tree down yet??? ¬†This is the first year EVER that I our tree and decorations are down before the kids go back to school. ¬†It is seriously a miracle. ¬†Please don’t feel overly impressed with my quick organizing skills,… Read More

Cotton Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Hi guys! ¬†Welcome to this year’s Christmas tree reveal. ¬†I’m calling it our “Cotton Candy Cane Christmas Tree”. ¬†Did I just say cotton candy cane? ¬†Why yes, I did ūüėÜ . ¬†You can blame my Dad, Bob for this one. ¬†Let me explain… when I was a little girl my Dad would get out “the… Read More

Our New Gas Cooktop

I enjoy cooking mainly on the weekends, how about you? ¬†I love making soups, pizzas, and tomato sauce with chicken meatballs . ¬†In fact, I’ve shared many of my favorite recipes on this blog ūüėÜ . ¬†If interested you can find them all here: Redhead Can Cook. ¬†Now that you know when and what I… Read More

Exterior Cedar Shutters (the reveal)

Welcome to “Cedar Oak Cottage”. ¬†You got that right. ¬†I named our house. ¬†I think it’s about time, don’t you? ¬†My husband was up on the ladder hanging these shutters and we had a discussion on it. ¬†I chose the word cedar, due to the cedar shutters ūüėÜ . ¬†I chose the word Oak due… Read More

Budget Friendly Mahogany Wood Front Porch Makeover

I’ve been hiding something from you. ¬†Parts of our front porch have been in a state of DIY emergency ūüėĮ ! ¬†Welcome to our “Budget Friendly Mahogany Wood Front Porch Makeover” story & tutorial. ¬†I’m spilling the bricks¬†beans like I’m in therapy so buckle up. It all started a couple years ago when I walked… Read More

Redhead’s Home Tour 2017

Well guys, it’s taken us about 9 years to get our dated Michigan home to a point where we are either ready to sell it, or stay here forever. To be honest with you, we have been searching for land to build a smaller home on with an open floor plan. ¬†That might sound crazy,… Read More

DIY Home Improvement Guide

I was talking to my partner in crime (my husband, Rick) a few days ago about how we really have accumulated quite a few DIY home improvement tutorials on¬†(subscribe HERE) and I really need to sort them all out for our readers and put them into one easy-to-find organized on-line blog guide. ¬†So, that’s… Read More

Mason Jar Mania

It’s all about the Mason Jar today, yippee! ¬†I love my jars and I love learning new ways to use them, don’t you? ¬†You may remember a few of these ideas from the jar archives, but I’m thinking you probably missed a few because I have several. ¬†Welcome to Mason Jar Mania! What’s also… Read More

Thrifty Nightstand Turned Flower Planter

Welcome to now one of my most favorite makeovers to date…”Thrifty Nightstand Turned Flower Planter”. ¬†This is a good one folks, and I am very excited about it, but first I want to tell you something. ¬†One of my sweet followers (I consider you all friends) left me a comment on my recent post about… Read More

Christmas Hutch

You didn’t think I was going to let Christmas 2016 slip by with out decorating our built-in hutch in our kitchen, did you? ¬†NO WAY, MAN! ¬†“Christmas Hutch” is in the Christmas books and I had a lot of fun doing it. ¬†If you have a hutch, or a shelf/mantel that you are decorating for… Read More

Christmas Front Porch

Uh oh. ¬†I am the earliest I have ever been with Christmas decorating. ¬†Not something I’m really boasting about, because honestly I don’t want to rush you, or me. ¬†I usually don’t get started until after Thanksgiving, but when I received an e-mail from¬†and I went to their website, I knew I might be… Read More

Pallet Spider Web

A couple years ago I made a “Pallet Christmas Tree” that was a huge hit. ¬†After I realized how much everyone enjoyed it, I vowed to make something out of a pallet for Halloween one day. ¬†Our girls LOVE Halloween. ¬†I enjoy seeing them excited & happy, so I mainly do this for them. ¬†Our… Read More

My Favorite Faucets

I counted how many faucets we have in our house yesterday and we have 9. ¬†That is just crazy. ¬†Who the heck needs 9 faucets? ¬†It may sound nice to have 9 faucets, but honestly, they can be expensive when you have to replace them. ¬†I am not a big spender when it comes to… Read More

Dairy Farm Cow Sign

Well I’ll be darned. ¬†The cows came home and they are mooing in my kitchen. Okay, maybe they aren’t mooing, but they are in my kitchen. ¬†How do you like our new DIY Dairy Farm Cow Sign? ¬†Are you eyeing that cute little pink cow creamer next to it, too? (see details below) ***¬†Some of… Read More

Fall Red Painted Bench

Fall Red Bench

I’ve always wanted a red door, how about you? ¬†I just don’t think it would look right on our house. ¬†Our house is painted periwinkle so it would match beautifully, but I feel it would take on too much of a “traditional” look. ¬†As in “stuffy traditional” because of the other traditional elements in our… Read More

DIY Wood Window Flower Box

We have this really pretty window on the left side of our house that is actually the window over our master bathroom tub. ¬†Our cat, Sylvia LOVES it there and spends a lot of time there waiting for her friend to come over from across the street. ¬†True story! ¬†The only thing is, it was… Read More

Salt & Pepper Shelf

There I am every morning in my skivvies, at my stovetop, cooking my fried egg. ¬†About 1/4 of the way through, I look at the egg and it looks very unfinished. ¬†Without even thinking about it, I open the cabinet to the right of our cooktop, and I grab one of which seems to be… Read More

12 DIY Summer Projects

This post is sponsored by Belgard, and all opinions are my own. About 2 years ago my husband’s brother & family were visiting and a dangerous storm came through our part of Southeast, Michigan. ¬†It was so bad that I yelled for everyone to take cover in a storm room down in our basement. ¬†After… Read More

Magnetic Knife Strip

You didn’t think I could let that little black cabinet side to the left of my cooking area stay empty did you? ¬†No way! ¬†It’s the perfect spot for us to hang… Wait for it… This cute little “Magnetic Knife Strip“. ¬†You can call me SOUS CHEF REDHEAD NOW! Honestly, it’s one of the best… Read More

Faux Birthday Cake

Faux Birthday Cake? I have to admit, when the idea of a “Faux Birthday Cake” entered my head it sounded a bit like a tease. ¬†I mean, why not just make a birthday cake, light the candles, sing the song, devour the cake? ***¬†Some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links for… Read More

Top 12 Projects 2015

You know when you’re reading a book that you’re really into, or even watching a movie that you can’t look away from and the time seems to slip away very quickly? ¬†That’s how I feel about 2015. 2015 has been a year full of amazing DIY projects, and recipes, but I’ve been so busy with… Read More

My “Home for Christmas” Tour

Welcome to my first Christmas tour for 2015! I am so excited to be part of this HUGE (I mean over 100 of us) Christmas Blog Hop hosted by¬† & Country ¬†I’m pretty sure you know about Country living, but if you’ve never heard about Hometalk, you can check out my Hometalk thread here…. Read More