Why I Have Groceries Delivered & How I Save Money


I remember the exact first time I went grocery shopping.  It was 1992 and my husband and I (then boyfriend & girlfriend) moved in together.  I was a substitute teacher and he had his own painting company.  We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and we were barely getting by.  I had to learn how to buy food and use coupons and all that money saving stuff pretty quickly.  Little did I know, 26 years later I would be having my groceries delivered to our front door and really, really enjoying it.  You may be thinking that I spend a fortune to have that happen, don’t you?  Well, no, not at all.  Let me explain, “Why I Have Groceries Delivered & How I Save Money”…

Have you heard how you can order groceries have them delivered to your home through Instacart now? This is truly life changing for me!

For the last 26 years every Friday afternoon I have done our grocery shopping.  Rain or shine, sick or healthy, happy or sad, I’ve been there.  I remember when we eventually had the babies and it got to be really hard.  I was super stressed about the baby crying in the store, and I was just one of those nervous Moms.  Boy, do I wish I had this cool modern way of supplying groceries to our home back then.  It sure would have helped.  Today, those babies are teens and every Friday I would pick them up after school and we would head to the grocery store.  Oh boy, did they hate it.  They would beg me not to go, but we really had no other choice.  Until, now.

Have you heard how you can order groceries have them delivered to your home through Instacart now? This is truly life changing for me!

Now, I buy all of my groceries on-line through Instacart.  I shop right here at my computer whenever we start to run low on too many items, and I have it delivered when it’s convenient for me.  I use this service at Kroger, Meijer, CVS, and Petco.  Instacart is now in almost all 50 states and is spreading rapidly.  I know my girlfriends down in Florida love using it at Publix (there are many more stores depending on where you live).

I honestly haven’t been to the grocery store in months. For a girl that went every single Friday for the last 26 years, let me tell you that this has CHANGED MY LIFE.   I am absolutely shocked that this “delivering groceries to your house” business is real, and it is truly amazing.  I found out about “Instacart” through a neighbor, and after I tried it I have been telling everyone I know how convenient and awesome it truly is.  The best part is, I am saving $$$.   Isn’t that crazy?

 Have you heard how you can order groceries have them delivered to your home through Instacart now? This is truly life changing for me!

Ways I’m SAVING $$$ by using Instacart…

  1. TIME.  I can work longer on Fridays so that brings in more income.
  2. GAS.  Gas is $3 a gallon here right now, and I was traveling to the grocery store that is 20 minutes away.  That’s 40 minutes of driving a week I am no longer doing.
  3. VEHICLE MILEAGE.  I lease my vehicle, so if I go over the miles, I pay big bucks.
  4. SPENDING LESS.  THIS IS A BIG ONE.  No more “on-the-spot” compulsive buying.  My grocery bill has cut in 1/2 on some weeks.  I’m now only buying what I need and I am no longer buying those cookies I crave when I see them.
  5. SALES.  I notice the sales easier.  No kidding.  They pop up on the website as soon as I punch in the item I’m looking for.  It’s so convenient.
  6. BUYING BULK. I can buy in bulk now because I don’t have to worry about lifting the items into the car/cart.
  7. You can earn $10 towards your orders when you refer a friend and they use your referral information (my referral information is below if you choose to use it, we will both earn $10 toward our next order).

Have you heard how you can order groceries have them delivered to your home through Instacart now? This is truly life changing for me!

How convenient is it?

Imagine yourself working in the yard all day and you decide late in the afternoon that you really don’t feel like cooking that big extravagant meal you had all planned out when you had more energy.  You can hop on your Instacart app, or on the computer (that’s how I do it,) and grab a rotisserie chicken (here’s my low carb Creamy Chicken Casserole recipe I use that chicken in), and any other pre-made dishes and have them delivered quickly.  Sometimes in less than an hour.  Bye bye pizza dude.  Instacart is better for my health, too.

Or, imagine yourself coming home from work and seeing your fresh groceries on your step waiting for you :mrgreen: .  Oh, and by the way, they give you exact delivery times, and they keep your cold items cold while they are shopping and delivering.

What’s really cool is that you can order from different stores all at once, and you can receive those orders at the same time if desired.

You can also add notes onto all of your shopping items so the shopper knows exactly what you want.  For example, if you want papers between your cheese slices, they will do it for you.  No more waiting in long deli lines.   😆  In addition, while the shopper is shopping for you, they can text you and ask questions about the order.  That part is very helpful because we all know stores run out of things, and if the avocados don’t look ripe enough, they can ask you if you still want them.

They will also put your groceries wherever you direct them to in your notes.  I don’t even have to answer the door.  They automatically know that I want my groceries left on my side porch.

Instacart is also something that would be very helpful for disabled folks, physically/mentally ill patients, and the elderly.  They even offer to bring items into your home if you want them to.   I’ve also heard how some people use it to deliver supplies to their college student who is way at the dorm!  This would be great on business trips and vacations (I can’t wait to try it on my vacation this Summer) when you are able to cook in the hotel room.  The convenience is endless.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that you’re subjected to fewer germs, so your chances of getting sick decrease dramatically.

How much is it?


I signed up for free trial first which goes for 14 days (sign up below).  Then I signed up for the annual membership (Instacart Express) because I shop sometimes twice a week which is $149.00 per year.  I saved that the first month I used Instacart by not buying everything in sight.  In addition, with Instacart Express- delivery is free when you order over $35.00, and there is a service fee that you can waive (see below how).  I always waive the service fee, and give a tip depending on the size of the order.  If you would only like to order occasionally, you pay $5.99 for delivery.

Where do I sign up?

First, I want you to know that this is not a sponsored post for Instacart.  I was not paid by Instacart to write this review.  Instacart has changed my life dramatically, so I’m spreading the word on my own.  But, I have great news for both of us.  If you use my referral information, you and I both will earn $10.00 off our next (or first) order 😯 .  How cool is that?!  Just click HERE to sign up, and if they ask you for my code, here it is: GE8D12D1E2.


-Use the “Your Items” section when you shop and all of your previous purchases come up which enables you to find everything super fast.  I have noticed that I repeat buy almost everything.  So this is super convenient.

-Waive the service fee by clicking on the service fee when you check out, and click the “waive” option.

-Tell your friends like I am so you both earn $10 towards your next order (they allow 5 referrals total).

-Keep a detailed list of items you run out of to use when you place your order.

-Use the “notes” section to let the shopper know your specific requests.

-Try the free trial for 14 days, that’s what I did and fell in love.

Have you heard how you can order groceries have them delivered to your home through Instacart now? This is truly life changing for me!

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40 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    I do all my shopping online. Walmart for shampoos, deodorants, shower gel…etc, etc, etc. H-Vee for my groceries. Target for homegoods… is wonderful!!! I work 5 days a week and now I have my evenings and weekends free to spend with my fmaily….not battle crowds in the stores. I have been able to get my groceries this way for almost a year and half, and I don’t miss pushing that cart through the aisles! I add notes for special instructions, and I have yet to be disappointed. It is a win all the way around. I would have loved to have this service when my twins were babies. My daughters got me started on this. What a saving for them with their small children and being a working wife and mother! Love it and love my extra time for me!

  2. Sara Stennett says:

    I haven’t been grocery shopping in 2 years by using Wal-Mart’s shopping app and pick-up service. I feel like a queen as a pull into my special parking area to await the kind employee who will load my groceries into the car. It’s a wonderful service and I highly recommend it!

    • Julie says:

      I wish I had a Walmart closer, Sara. I actually love their prices as well. Or should I say, Queen Sara 😉

  3. Dad says:

    What a great idea, you will save time and money, love, Dad in NY

  4. JaneEllen says:

    Wonder if we have that service here. We live about 15 + miles west of Grand Junction and even few miles west of closest grocery store, Krogers, (City Mkt.,here) in another small town. I do know our Krogers has the shopping service.
    I really hate grocery shopping, especially with Mr. Furry he’s worse than my 80+yr.old Mother was. He doesn’t always get what I need but that relieves me of what I look on as big unpleasant chore. No do not have much patience in big supply.
    This sounds so great, what a time/money saver. Glad you did a great post on this feature.
    Have wonderful Holiday weekend

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, JaneEllen! My Mom says the exact same thing about my Dad. He does their grocery shopping. Rick does pretty good at the store, but he always gets the wrong toilet paper ????????????

  5. mel says:

    Call me crazy, but food shopping is the one chore I love!

  6. Patricia says:

    This is great, will check it out. Thank you!

  7. carol says:

    This sounds wonderful. I’m impressed! Have heard of shopping for groceries on line but never gave it much thought. Now that I’ve read your story, I think it sounds amazing! So many ‘pros’ for shopping this way. Thanks Julie

    • Julie says:

      Thanks, Carol! It’s nice to know if you’re ever in a crunch it’s there even if you don’t sign up. Have s great Saturday!

  8. virginia says:

    Wow! Im going to give this a try….as a super senior I have difficulty lifting and also items on the bottom shelf waiting until some young person comes along and I ask them to bend down and
    get item for me…UGH….giving this a try soon. Tks ladies

    • Julie says:

      Great point, Virginia. I use it for kitty litter and and big salt bags for our well. No more lifting. I believe they will carry things into your home, although I haven’t gone that far yet.

    • Julie says:

      Virginia, I just added my referral link to the post. If you use it you and I both receive $10 off of our groceries. There’s also a free 14 day trial period! Good luck!

  9. maryirene says:

    yes julie i agree i had it delivered to me twice what a life saver this was me being elderly disabled sort of not completely tho i try not to give up move when i can pains are crazy no car son works ddaughter in law travels to where she works so its gotten hard on me to get groceries with no car that was a lifesaver now they have another name lift or something like that its similar to instacart so ill try them too but that grocery delivery was a godsent to me smiles

    • Julie says:

      I am so happy that you have this service available to you, Maryirene! Thank you for your sweet comment. ~ Julie

  10. BETTE says:

    Hi Julie:
    I think that it so smart to not have to go to the store.
    Do you have any idea if it’s in Western Canada, I live in British Columbia in the Vancouver area?
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas you have.

    Cheers, Bette

  11. Heather says:

    I’m going to check into this! I hate going to the grocery store so much. This would be amazing. You’re right, a huge time saver too.

  12. Sherri Martin says:

    I was wondering if you can still use coupons? Sounds like a fantastic idea!

    • Julie says:

      I use the coupons that pop up on the sale items. I haven’t figured out regular coupons yet. That would be a great question to ask them.

  13. Ivory says:

    Wow, I gotta show this to my husband, especially since he do most of the grocery shopping. I know he’s going to use this service. Thank you Julie. I will make sure he uses the code you posted.

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  18. James A says:

    Have you not noticed that the items purchased through Instacart are marked up with a considerably higher price than the actual store prices. Then when you add in the service fee, the delivery charge and tip to the shopper – your cost for the service adds up to about 20% more per order. I can see using this service if circumstances required it but It is much too expensive for normal everyday shopping.

    • Julie says:

      Actually, James…you are incorrect. I find I am saving money in several ways. First, the prices are marked up a little, but I find I make up the difference by using their coupons and special offers. I also only pay an annual fee which I make up by not using any gas to get to & from the store every week. I’m also saving money by not spending 3 hours at the grocery store like I use to every Friday and I can work 3 more hours a week. That all adds up to a lot of cash in my pocket. There also is no service fee on Instacart. The tip is absolutely worth every penny not having to go out and buy things I am tempted to buy (saving yet more $$$), and have everything waiting at my doorstep when I am done working. With someone else doing my shopping I only get what I need. Like I explained in the post…I am actually saving money doing Instacart even if I just consider the gas I am saving (I work from home). Lastly, I can order last minute items I need for recipes and have it here in 1 hour instead of ordering out. I am saving in so many ways! Oh one more thing is that you can ask for a refund for any item that doesn’t come fresh and in good shape. No need to go stand in the return line. They automatically give me a store credit. I’ve been doing this for 2 years now and I would never go back!

  19. Debby says:

    I am an Instacart user and I love it. I have disabilities and Instacart has been a saving grace. I highly recommend it!

  20. Sean Straw says:

    I am an Instacart shopper in my spare time and to answer the question, I do take groceries into peoples homes if that’s what they ask. I’ve never been a big shopper, but it does give me some time away from the kids and I make some spare cash on the side. The tips I get weekly add up to $50 to $75. It’s nice cause I get paid every 2 weeks. I basically get paid twice a week. It’s kinda fun meeting new and interesting people and getting to know who they are.

  21. Shane Jowitt says:

    I deliver and shop for Instacart and appreciate you saying you tip. Most the customers I’ve had so far don’t tip and it’s hard to even make minimum wage when people do this. A good delivery in making 15 an hour and this does not include gas, insurance, car costs and the tax the government will want at year end. We are not only delivering but being your personal shopper so please follow her example and tip your shopper/driver.

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