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If you’re searching for a garden “filler”, or maybe just trying to add some coziness to your landscaping, then a pretty bench just might do the trick.  You see, I had this one spot in our landscaping that was really bare.  It was missing something.  I tried lots of different things, but nothing seemed to fill it in.  So, I finally bought a new bench on-line and here she is…our new “White Garden Bench”.  Just look at those curves…

Check out this gorgeous white garden bench this blogger used to fill in a bare spot of her garden...

Now just ignore our dirty brick.  I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it, but it’s driving me crazy.  Our brick is stained from the hard water in our sprinklers. We are in the process of getting it off and think we found the trick, so if you have this problem too, I will be posting all about it very soon.

Okay, let’s forget the brick and just look at the bench  😀

I love the way the white POPS against the brick.  Whoops.  I mentioned the brick again.

Check out this gorgeous white garden bench this blogger used to fill in a bare spot of her garden...

This particular bench I found on Amazon quite a few months ago and wouldn’t you know it, it’s no longer available.  However, I found one very similar and even less expensive below if you are interested.  This wood bench required assembly, but my husband and I had it done in about an hour.

I was thinking about adding some colorful pillows to it, what do you think?

Check out this gorgeous white garden bench this blogger used to fill in a bare spot of her garden...

UPDATE!  One of my fabulous readers told me I should add stepping stones leading to the bench and I just happen to be relocating some in the yard today, so I added them.  They look so cute!

Check out this gorgeous white garden bench this blogger used to fill in a bare spot of her garden...

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37 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    NO PILLOWS, Love, Dad in NY.

  2. Linda says:

    I can positively say I would NOT put pillows on the bench!! lol It is beautiful, and while I love me some great pillows, I think they would just get in the way of the style and impact of the bench. Maybe I would consider some colorful flowers around the the immediate area……yep, I think that would look great!! Have a good one!

  3. Cherylcheryl says:

    Absolutely!!!! It needs at least one pillow. It will look more welcoming. That’s my vote!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Yes pillows

  5. Melissa says:

    I agree with Dad! The only time I might place pillows on the bench is if I was sitting out there. Otherwise, they’ll just get dirty and wet. If you want to soften ithe area up maybe add a statue of something that your family holds honest and dear to their heart and maybe a pot of annuals on the mulch.

  6. Virginia says:

    No pillows. Please place some kind of tiles under the full area of the bench. Why? Because when it rains, there will be splatters on the legs of that beautiful bench and you will be out there wiping down the bench after every rain. Also, because of that mulch all around the bench, some stepping stones to get to and from the bench would certainly be in order. Consider some low, green plantings around in that mulched area. It needs to be ‘softened’ a bit. If you feel you must include a pillow or two on the bench, then a medium to dark green pillow would be okay; nothing ‘flashy’.

    • Julie says:

      The mulch is high quality so we don’t have an issue with it splashing up on the bench. Tiles would sink into the mulch and make it crooked. Our garden isn’t at it’s peek yet so the area to the left and behind the bench fill up with gorgeous hydrangeas. I should have mentioned that. I love the stepping stone idea. Doing that today.

    • Julie says:

      Stepping stones are in, and I added the photo 😉

  7. Carol says:


  8. BETTE QUERIN says:

    Hi Julie:
    Will you be using the bench to sit on? If so, maybe only a seat cushion in a bright colour like a jewel blue. At Lowes they have them and they are covered with a rain proof material. Just love the simple design.
    Bette from Canada

  9. Dad says:

    BYUOP, Dad in NY

    • Julie says:

      What does this mean, Dad? Buy Your Own?

      • Pam Beck says:

        I think Dad may have met Buy Your Own Pillow? Maybe? I was going to recommend something but Bette Querin beat me to it. Lowes has some very simple cushions that would probably fit that bench perfect….By the way, the bench is beautiful! The cushions are solid colors and look very nice, and display says they hold up well outside. It would add a pop of color! Love where you placed the bench, it was like that area was made for it. You know how you guys had so much winter weather and us in the South were already having a beautiful Spring….WELL, it has rained cats and dogs for days now with not much end in sight! Can’t work outside when it’s like this. My peonies had bloomed and the rain literally beat them to death!! Oh well, we’ll probably be begging for rain in a few weeks! Didn’t mean to be so long winded, but I haven’t talked to you in a while! Lol!! Keep up the good blogging!!

        • Julie says:

          Oh no! Your poor peonies!! I panicked after we hired landscapers to put mulch in and When I went out to check everything I couldn’t find my peony bushes!!! I realized they were just not up yet andnow they ate just forming the “ball”. I’m hoping they bloom for our daughter’s graduation party. I hope your rain ends soon!!

  10. carol bittner says:

    Your Dad is so cute! I like the crisp white bench with the purple petunias close by. Also your hostas with the dark mulch looks neat and rich. Don’t think pillows are really neccesary but if you feel you need a soft cozy look, just add one or two once in a while (on a sunny day).

  11. martha cook says:

    On the water/ brick issue. Ideally, you should try to set a sprinkler so the water isn’t wasted by going on any sort of hardscape surface such as walls, sidewalks, etc. It is a waste of water…. Yes, the brick may have absorbed some of it, which can result in a discoloration. Can you reset the sprinkler to only put water on the plants and mulch?

    • Julie says:

      I wish that was an option. I will ask my sprinkler guys but I think the way it is in the ground it has to fly that way. I’m going to look into this, though!

  12. Kaycee F says:

    Julie I love the stepping stones to the bench!!!! The whole area looks beautiful and will be amazing as the garden area fills in! Pillows are always fun and colorful too!

  13. Travy says:

    No pillows. Two words: brown recluse

  14. Vicki Philp says:

    I worry about bare wood open to the ground. I notice in previous answer that you say it is on mulch. Hhowever it is organic and likely to have hidden life which could attack open wood. Also if the mulch becomes wet the uprights will be sitting on a wet base for an extended period which wwill eventually the wood

    • Julie says:

      Hmmm…the wood is sealed and the bench is barely in it, but maybe I’ll clear some mulch away. The bench will only be out there until end of Oct. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Leslie says:

    Love the stepping stones, Julie! A bit of color and softness would make this bench even more inviting, but I’m not sure pillows are the answer. What about a seat cushion in an outdoor fabric?

  16. Ivory says:

    A colorful pillow or two, or a bench cushion with a little touch of purple to tie into/with those fabulous purple flowers, I feel, would be beautiful. I also agree flagstone leading to the seating would complete the space. I know for sure, whatever you decide to do, will be drop-dead gorgeous.

  17. Pam Beck says:

    Hey Julie, Maybe your Dad means Buy Your Own Pillow? Maybe? I was about to recommend a bench cushion from Lowes but Bette Querin beat me to it! They have some that would probably fit it perfectly. It says they hold up good in weather and had different solid colors. I love all that you have done with the bench and the area. That bench was perfect for that spot. I was gonna say the cushion would add a pop of color, but I LOVE the purple hanging baskets and the stone walk leading to the bench! Perfect touch! Remember when you talked about your winters being so bad, while here in the South, it was already Spring! But now it won’t stop raining! Can’t get outside and work in my flower gardens. I didn’t mean to be so long winded! But we haven’t talked in a while! Lol! Keep up the good blogging!

    • Julie says:

      I bet he does! ? Maybe he will come back and tell us ?. I tried a cushion and it took away from the bench. I’m not sure I’ll sit there. I should try it. Thanks for tip!

  18. Jan says:

    Beautiful bench but it doesn’t say come join me in my cozy spot. I would tuck it together with something for a floor and Earth Boxes on either side, filled with masses of flowers. That spot looks to be a sunny one so what comes to mind is my favorite Earth Box arrangement of red, purple, and white petunias. Because of hydrangeas, the Earth Boxes could be in front and on either side of the stepping stones . . . Think masses of color, no weeding, no digging! Lastly I would put a table in front because the coffee mugs need a resting place. Now you’ll have a Secret Garden spot..

  19. Karen Moore says:

    Definitely pillows or cushion. If they are made for outdoors they will be fine if they get wet. Don’t mean to be negative, but I would worry about the wood rotting eventually if it remains on the ground. It has been my experience anything I have put in the garden made out of wood does eventually rot (even when sealed). Usually I put the feet on a hidden base such as bricks or a paver and then conceal it with mulch as best I can. It’s such a beautiful bench.

  20. bj says:

    One of my favorite things in the world is out door pillows….

  21. linda of says:

    Luv the bench AND the stepping stones… pillows you say… YES????
    I’ll bring my book… YIKES —where did I put my ice tea? ~linda

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