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“Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway” is sponsored by, and all opinions and ideas are honest and mine (the redhead).

You thought I was just sipping iced tea out on the deck in my flip flops all Summer long, didn’t you?  Ha!  Well, I got news for you.  I plan on doing EXACTLY THAT 😎 right after I share this fun review and giveaway with you.  I am so excited to be able to give away one free gorgeous set of vintage style outdoor string lights to one of my readers (all made possible by my friends at Nostalgic Bulbs.  View giveaway details at bottom of post.)

I want you first to know that has been a favorite of mine from the very beginning of my blogging career (2012).  We connected early on through our love for beautiful vintage light bulbs, and I am honored to be able to work with such an outstanding reputable company.  Secondly, I want you to know that these string lights are not like just any old cheap set you would find in your local Walmart.  These are very high quality, heavy duty, weather resistant, very beautiful string lights equipped with glass vintage style bulbs.  Here’s what mine looked like when they arrived…

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

Two sets of 24 lights were delivered quickly, and this box was packed in with another box, inside yet another box.  So, yes, they were packed very securely.  I couldn’t wait to get my paws on them, so I opened them immediately even though I knew I couldn’t put them up until I got home from vacation.  The vintage glass light bulbs were packed in their own box and you may notice there are 12 extra just in case.  What a deal.  That is a lot of extra bulbs.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

So, we got back from vacation and I was all set to put them up with my husband on the weekend.  Well, wouldn’t you know, it rained all weekend so my plans were postponed.  The suspense was driving me crazy, so I actually considered hanging the lights inside.  The only thing that stopped me (these are meant for indoor also by the way) was that I knew how beautiful they would look hung on our deck.  I just felt it in my bones, ya know?

So, I waited until Mother Nature was ready and I am so happy I did.  Here’s a little tour of the lights installed on our deck from dusk to sunset…

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

The cast of vintage light give the entire outdoor space a “cozy” feel, don’t you agree?  It’s very similar to lighting candles, but no need to worry about a fire or the flame burning out.  (Read below why we chose to use our “lower undermount installation method”.)

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

In fact, you may have noticed that I completely forgot to light my little green tiki torch in the flower urn.  What can I say?  I had no need to.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

Even after the sun went down it still felt very “lit up” and would be perfect for any outdoor gathering, or romantic night.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

Right after the sun went down, I ran inside the house and snapped this shot of the entire deck from our side porch.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

Earlier in the day I snapped a few more angles of the lights so you could really get a good idea of how we installed these.  It was actually quite simple because the lights come equipped with a built-in hole above each bulb where you can screw or nail them into the wood.  We were both completely comfortable nailing ours into the wood deck knowing that if we ever wanted to remove them, a little white patching would take minutes.  Not only was our “lower undermount installation method” easier than installing something to the deck to hang them overhead, but I don’t have to worry about them when the winds pick up.  They are very secure here and light up the deck beautifully with this undermount installation method.

Whoops, my clock is wrong, and my chives need harvesting  8-O.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

TIP: Hang the string of lights without the bulbs first.  Then once you’re happy with the placement, screw in your light bulbs.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

This next photo really shows how durable the wire is and how easy it was to manipulate around the corners.  This took us literally minutes.

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

Now I just need to invite some friends over for a party.  I’ve been craving fresh crab lately, doesn’t that sound good?

If you would like to purchase your very own set of outdoor lights you can find them here (or enter the GIVEAWAY BELOW):

Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights 

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".


1 free set of Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights

This giveaway is for US residents only and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  Giveaway runs from Wednesday, July 19 6:00 am EST through July 26th at 12:00 noon EST.  Winner will be chosen randomly and notified by e-mail.

To enter you must:

1. Visit blog HERE to check out all their excellent articles on vintage light bulbs.

2.  Leave a comment on my blog post telling me what you would do with your free set of lights.

3. Tell a friend or family member about this giveaway 🙂 .

4.  If you have a Pinterest account, please pin the pin below:

Good luck!

Hang vintage style string lights on your deck, porch, or patio and enter to win a free set at "Vintage Style Outdoor String Lights & Giveaway".

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243 Responses

  1. Leah says:

    These are beautiful lights that would definitely look awesome hanging on our privacy fence and if the size was right, I would try to use them with our old glass insulators to create unique backyard lighting!

  2. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    I would string the lights in our new backyard. We are new homeowners who have cleaned up a very overgrown back yard. It is becoming charming. Some pretty lights would make it inviting and bbq ready.

  3. Sharon Swanson says:

    They look great! Your deck always looks great, but these added something special!

    • Sharon Swanson says:

      If I had these lights I would put them on the new, floating deck my husband and kids built for Mother’s Day!

  4. Paula Brown says:

    I am not sure if I’m commenting here on the blog or not? But I have a 1928 Tudor brick home and wondering how these would install on brick, if it would work as well as yours. Thinking they would look lovely on my beautiful front porch!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Paula, Yes you can screw into brick with the correct drill bit & screws (we have done it many times inside & out into real brick), but you should learn correct safety measures first. I suggest asking your local hardware store to help with any questions you have. Good luck!

  5. Mary Lozano says:

    Love what you did! If I had a set, I would be torn by two options. One would be to string them along my fence or other option would be to attach it to the house and then make a V to the corners of the patio! Decisions decisions!

  6. Wendy R. says:

    How cool are these!! We don’t have a deck but I think they would be beautiful in our screened Arizona room. I’m looking at the articles about the bulbs, and I had no idea that some light is detrimental to your health. Just another reason to love edison bulbs!!

  7. Lib says:

    I have been looking for good quality lights to put on my deck. Thanks for sharing. I would love these on my backyard deck for when the family comes over for bbq’s and fun! By the way.. Your deck is beautiful! And the lights top it off!

  8. Cindy manza says:

    The lights would look lovely on my gazebo! They look like they’re are made well & easy to install.

  9. Susan says:

    Wow well I would decorate my deck if I won! Those lights are beautiful! ❤️

  10. Sandy A says:

    I can see these on our back patio hanging along the ceiling…so unique…

  11. It’s so funny that I just got this e-mail and I also just got my delivery of my string lights…mine are in a tear drop shape and are solar…I’m going to put them around the frame of my swing…Way to cute! If I had a deck, I would do just as you did with yours! I can’t wait for it to get dark out!

  12. Lisa Kissner Cooper says:

    Our screened porch would look great with these lights strung on it!

  13. JILL NELSON says:

    I’m planning my daughters graduation and 18th birthday party in Auguest. I would use them to light up the fire pit area!

  14. Karen Moore says:

    They would look great on my new patio cover. I have wanted to add some and this would get me started.

  15. Amy C. says:

    These lights are beautiful! I would string them up on my enclosed back porch. I think they would create such a magical feel. Thanks! I shared on Pinterest!

  16. Cyndi says:

    It looks amazing! We also have a deck that these would be perfect for. Right now we have several large, glass candle holders that we use on the deck, stairs and patio near our fire pit. There’s just something about the look of candles and lights that make the evenings feel so romantic. Great job!

  17. Patty says:

    These lights look so pretty on your deck! I would love to have them on our back patio. How wonderful to actually win a set!

  18. Margaret Qayyum says:

    I would love to win these. I didn’t get to do a lot of decorating for summer & these would look lovely on my deck even through the Fall. Thanks for the entry.

  19. Dorene says:

    These lights are beautiful and I would love to string some along our newly refinished deck. The cozy feel it creates is stunning for outdoor family times. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and hosting this contest!

  20. I would love to win a set of free lights!
    I would decorate with them in my backyard around my patio area and make it look nostalgic!
    Thank you for doing this!

  21. Carol Caskey says:

    I would string along our deck that overlooks the river at our Cabin. We have lights up already, but these would be a definite upgrade! Gorgeous.

  22. Cathy says:

    These lights would be great around our deck! They would light up our woods and allow us to use the deck later in the evening!

  23. Cindy Pinardi says:

    So inviting, looks like something out of Better Homes & Garden. I love the lights on the window flower box. Certainly made a light bulb go off in my head. I can picture these tucked Christmas/winter outdoor arrangements & also hanging from the bare trees.
    Beautiful as always.

  24. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    Our backyard is quite dark and I’ve actually gone through several sets of “outdoor” lights. They always seem to break/lines crack. I would love to use these instead of the harsh security lights that are currently my only lighting, at least for when I’m out back trying to enjoy the yard.

  25. Joanne says:

    These lights give light your deck beautifully, and give that perfect ambiance.
    While we have a large deck, and could see these working beautifully on it, I think I would hang them in our gazebo, almost directly off our deck, and pool. We hang there a lot, and these would add the perfect touch of light.
    Even better, I might just save them and use when we retire in a few years to a coastal community in North Carolina…they would look great in a screened in porch, an go perfectly with a coastal farmhouse vibe. Either or …these are stunning!

  26. Rita says:

    your lights look wonderful on your deck and the deck itself is stunning! i wondered if your window boxes are made of wood (looks like they are), and if so did you line the inside of the box somehow to protect the wood and decrease dripping down on your house after watering?

  27. Cathy Philipps says:

    Those lights are great! I think I would hang them on the inside of the gazebo we have on our deck!

  28. Nancy L says:

    You live on an amazing location and in a beautiful home. Living in the city doesn’t give me much space to do projects like yours but I do with what I have thanks to all your inspirations and a little bit of mine. You are very blessed for all that you have and so am I even though they are in different proportions. Keep up the great work!

  29. Dianne Lanier says:

    I am a retiree who recently decorated my covered porch on a very limited budget($30 for two chairs and $10 for a potting table). These lights would be just the finishing touch I need!!

  30. Laura L says:

    I would totally hang them around my porch like you have! I do not have porch as big or beautiful as yours, but it would make my little one much prettier!

  31. TucsonPatty says:

    These lok awesome on your deck! I have been needing some new lights to string up around the roof of the covered patio…these would actually be perfect!

  32. Deborah says:

    The lights look great on your stair rails and around your deck! I’ve admired these lights for a while but haven’t bit the bullet yet to get them. We’re redoing our back porch and patio (added a pool!) and would love these for our back porch.

  33. JennyA says:

    The lights would look lovely on my lanai! They look like they’re are made well & easy to install.

  34. Jen says:

    We have a beautiful backyard with a deck overlooking a park and quiet street. We just moved into our home this spring and are really enjoying it, but our deck needs a little TLC! I think the lights would be cozy and fun to use when we host family and friends for dinner as the weather turns cooler. Thanks so much! 🙂

  35. Judy McGinnis says:

    I love the vintage look of these lights! I have a couple of lights in the house with these bulbs and love them. Would love to take this same vintage look out on the deck. Such a cozy look for outdoor gatherings!

  36. Melissa Hendrickson says:

    I would put these on my pool deck for our “night swims” as my kids call them. We have been needing some light out there. Thanks for all of the ideas over the years!! <3

  37. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    What gorgeous lighting and such a romantic setting in the evening.
    I would hang these on my new shed if I should happen to win.
    Thank You for this great giveaway opportunity.
    I pinned this as well :}

  38. Nancy says:

    Love these lights! I would string them between our house and my garden shed over the patio in my backyard. Thanks so much for this offer!

  39. Cyndi says:

    Hi Redhead Julie. I love the ideas you post for my almost daily. These lights are super cool and because they are vintage they remind me of my deceased grandparents home in Wisconsin. Your deck is beautiful already, and the lights just add that warmth and romance to it. Well done. Kuddos to you and your helpful husband.

  40. Lorena says:

    They look beautiful on your deck. My husband just finished building our new patio & they would look fabulous for evening/night usage. I love how the illuminate your deck area.

  41. Melanie Cope says:

    We finally (after 22 years & the kids are all grown – lol), were able to buy our own home last fall. It has a terrific, large covered patio that our daughter has been itching to put lights around. That’s where these lights would go if we were to win them. A great project for her to do on one of her weekends home from school!

  42. Beth Parente says:

    These would definitely jazz up my apt patio. It is hard to decorate an apartment patio but I am getting there. I love vintage anything. Pick me please. Fingers crossed.

  43. I would put these on my deck for safety lighting just as you have used them . They would make a wonderful decor statement also.

  44. beverly e says:

    These “retro” lights really do make your deck look extra cozy. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  45. Janice Stewart says:

    If only my deck looked like yours. Maybe with a string of lights it might start to take shape.

  46. Donna Marchlewski says:

    I LOVE THESE LIGHTS! I would also use them in my deck!

  47. Linda of No. Cal. says:

    The Vintage lights are FUN !!
    I have some white Indoor/Outdoir mini lights wrapped around
    our deck… the Vintage lights would be awesome.
    Gotta show the Mr !!– they would look great at our cabin…
    it is so fun and festive to have two strings of lights criss-crossed
    between the trees at the cabin…
    a definite ‘must have’ !!
    ??Linda of No.Cal.

  48. Stephanie Schmeling says:

    The lights look awsome! You always share some great ideas. I would love to win the lights. I am planning a camp out party with my grandchildren. And how exciting it would be to camp out under the stars & these cool light’s ;)Thank you ;))

  49. Tammie N. says:

    I’d put these lights along the inside of my screened porch. It would be so relaxing to sit out there in the evenings.

  50. Helen Cox says:

    I would hang these on the awning of our camp trailer.

  51. Anita P. says:

    I love these lights!! If I had a set, I would hang them under the porch railing like you did. What a great idea!

  52. SC Jenkins says:

    I would give them to my daughter for her birthday. She saw some and said she wished they could afford them.

  53. Linda says:

    Love to try a set on my deck 🙂

  54. Cookie Eddings says:

    Your deck is beautiful! The lights are icing on the cake.
    I’d love to hang them from our pergola. I’m fairly new to your blog–I LOVE IT! Thanks for the chance to win the lights.


  55. Terry Hooper says:

    Great job as usual!
    We too are a family of redheads.
    I would love to have these connected from my home to a raw cedar post I have been saving just for that. My house was built in 1955 and I just got electrical outlets installed outside! No more cords running from inside the house!

  56. Ruth Ann says:

    Thank you for the chance to win the string of vintage lights! If I should win, I would string them above and in our lovely maple tree that we sometimes sit under by our little table there. It would be even more lovely!

  57. Brenda says:

    I love this style of lights. I would use them in my courtyard to add additional lightening.

  58. Linda says:

    Hello to my Favourite Redhead on the internet, I hope all of you are having a wonderful and safe summer.
    A quick question, if you have the time. Why are Canadian residents so rarely allowed to enter the USA giveaways I see that a few people offer to their blog readers?
    Thank you for a very pretty blog for me to dream over.

  59. Sue Stevens says:

    Awesome lights and I love the way you hung them. I have a gazebo in my back yard that would love to be the new home for a set of these lights. Thanks. Enjoy all of your posts.

  60. Lisa says:

    Your deck looks so cozy! I love how you hung them under your railing, I am going to do the same on the deck off our master bedroom! It will give us ambient light inside and out… AND on our pool deck below- pinning, sharing, and checking out the website, enter me to win! Yay, a game!

  61. Monica says:

    I love these sturdy lights and have always wanted some! We moved to a new home 2 years ago and the interior updates are almost complete. The patio is one of our next projects….these lights would be the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Bonnie says:

    Those lights are fantastic. I would love to have a set to light up my back porch! At the present, I’m unable to use it after dusk.

  63. carol says:

    Your new lights look great! I can see why you were so anxious to get them up; and the lower level is really clever. I like it a lot. If I had these lights I would definetly replace the old c7 Christmas lights that hang over our patio. LOL and I do mean ‘old’. Thanks for your blog Julie.

  64. nancy says:

    This would be the perfect solution for my back yard dilemma. I used to have low-voltage lighting everywhere, but over the years the lights have broken, the low voltage wire has worn and the transformers have gone kaput. Low voltage parts are so expensive now and I just don’t have the energy to re-do the whole system. String lights around the deck will be cheery and festive and I can put them on a timer to come on and go off when I want.

  65. Cheryl says:

    These lights are fantastic!! Would love to add them to our covered patio! They would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Barbara gantt says:

    As much as I ❤️ love the way you mounted those beautiful lights, I would put these up around our new fire pit patterned after yours!! I have looked at lights like these recently and really like them. Up to this point I’ve been a white twinkle light girl…Love those on the summer porch! Hope I win after I do the steps.Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

  67. Carol S. says:

    I just built a fire pit area for my teenagers. I would string them overhead.

  68. Sare says:

    I just moved into a new place and have been fixing up a “secret garden” in the back. These would be perfect for the mood lighting!

  69. Dad says:

    Another great product, looks like great job to me, love, Dad in NY

  70. Ellen says:

    Those lights are epic. My deck not only wants but needs them. Would love to win.

  71. melinda says:

    I think these are magnificent! I would use them on the back porch. I like your idea of mounting them kind of low – then the light would not be in our eyes as we sit and visit! Thanks for all the work you do on your blog!!

  72. littlepinkdaisy says:

    It looks beautiful and festive, not to mention your lovely blue seating and fun blue striped pillows! You have really good taste!

  73. Sunshine Myrene says:

    Another great idea from the BRIGHT Redhead!
    Nostalgia lights are beautiful attached on lower rails!
    A great tip to share with my daughter, neighbors & friends. Daughter has a deck that would look stunning with this idea!
    I usually pass on your clever ideas & you cease to amaze me!

  74. Hope Whitman Godish says:

    We just spent most of the Summer having the front porch of our house,which was 128 yrs old, last week, rebuilt!
    These lights would be so beautiful around the ceiling!!!They would look just perfect with our ‘haint’ blue ceiling! ? Thanks!

  75. Heather says:

    Oh these are beautiful and would look lovely in my daughter’s room. We recently redecorated her room and she went with the Love/Peace idea but it turned out more vintage than anything. Thanks for sharing this give away with us. Good luck to everyone..

  76. Bethann says:

    These lights are just gorgeous! I have the perfect place for them on our side porch…

  77. Amy Smuth says:

    These are exactly what we were looking for to light up our back yard for Josh’s grad party! I can’t believe you posted in your blog about them right when I was checking time out online! You did an amazing job displaying them on your deck!

  78. Rebecca says:

    we just painted our pergola so the lights would be great there or hung in our big tree in backyard that we love to sit under

  79. Lisanne says:

    I would put them around my new patio!

  80. Marlene says:

    Love all your work. Beautiful home

  81. Pam Beck says:

    I have always wanted a porch to sit and relax, as you said and sip ice tea, watch the birds at our feeders and just enjoy our time together. The problem was, we didn’t have a porch and the front of our house, being split foyer, we weren’t able to afford what it would cost to add a porch. But, we do have a deck around the back of our home and we got some young men who did odd jobs to build a porch…I guess you would say cover over a section of our deck. It’s very simply done, framed out and they used tin for our roof. We are enjoying it so much. So when it’s hot, we are shaded, when it rains, we sit and listen to the rain on our tin roof! We have been talking about lighting and what we should do. So having these beautiful lights would take are of that. I love those type of lights and loved the under hang idea. They look so pretty on your deck, which is so beautiful! So here’s hoping! Thanks for giving your readers/fans this opportunity!

  82. DeeDee White says:

    The lights just add another beautiful element to your deck and completely understand how excited you were about putting them up. They would look great hung around the pergola on our patio.

  83. Tonia Jeffery says:

    We have a random beam outside our back door that we want to hang lights to to create a fun lighted patio.

  84. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Actually, I’d do something similar to what you did, if I’m lucky enough to win. We did some work on our deck last summer – taking off old wooden floorboards and replacing them with composite boards. This summer we bought a really nice outdoor dining set (to replace a really cheap, plastic set we’ve had for years). So, now it’s time to add some fun accessories, like lights and colorful throw pillows.

  85. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I visited the website (and went nuts over all the options there). I told my sister about these lights and the giveaway (they would look amazing at her house). I pinned –

  86. Karen - Oklahoma says:

    These lights would look fantastic on our back patio and will “light up the sky” here in Oklahoma. Love your home!

  87. angela bradley says:

    i really like thelight set. i think i would hang them around my carport. even though i have two booger lights and two porch lights it is still dark under there. i really like what you did though.

  88. Diane Thorn says:

    Love these lights. They are a great addition to your deck.

  89. Ellen Selph says:

    I LOVE these lights. My future daughter-in-law gave me a set that look like these but are for in-doors that I have in my camper. I would love a set for outdoors to put around our back porch and/or deck.

  90. Cory Willett says:

    Thanks for the link to this amazing company! I have a chandelier with Edison bulbs over my kitchen island. I LOVE it! After poking around Nostalgic Bulbs .comI am so looking into getting some LED filament bulbs! Your deck looks amazing! I would love to use the strand of lights to hang around our fire pit out by the deck. Would have to get the hubs to set some posts to get them hung. One more incentive to get that checked off the honey do list! 😉 My teenage daughter and her friends would be thrilled for these! Bring on the summer night bonfire hang outs!!

  91. Debi M says:

    I have been looking for lights to put in my backyard and have never seen anything as beautiful as these. I love the style and the fact that they look so sturdy and will hold up to the elements.

  92. Leigh says:

    I love these. They’d go great in my backyard patio by the pool!!


  93. Darlene says:

    First off your deck looks amazing (and) the lights add that spectacular glow to an already breathtaking view of your woodsy grounds. Truly dreamy Julie great work!
    Know exactly where I would place these lights. We have a secret garden running the length of our home that needs an update from solar!
    Thanks for sharing

  94. Nancy says:

    I have been looking for an outdoor project for my retired husband to do this summer. Ha! Ha! He prefers to work outdoors (even in 92 degree weather). We would place them on our screened in porch. Thank you for sharing your many talents with us. I look forward to your next project.

  95. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    I would put them on my porch

  96. Sue Hoffman says:

    Love these lights! They would add so much ambiance to our gazebo!

  97. Sue Hoffman says:

    Love these lights! They would add so much ambiance to our gazebo! Here in Michigan

  98. Pat says:

    Lovely! They will be perfect in the new screened porch.

  99. Phyllis says:

    I would hang them in our breezeway

  100. Kristen says:

    I have a pergola attached to the house on the back deck with wisteria hanging completely over it. I would hang the lights on the pergola…I bet it would look amazing with the soft warm glow!
    Keep on decorating!

  101. Sandy Dean says:

    Would love these lights! I would hang them on my covered patio! The perfect glow for any outdoor gathering.

  102. Rebecca Bradshaw says:

    Hi Julie! Love your deck! If I had these lights I would do just what you have done. We live on a lake and our back porch is my favorite room ? These lights would be the perfect finishing touch! Thanks for your blog. I save many ideas.

  103. Brian Augustine says:

    As a fellow red head, Id love to decorate with these. I have a new home that I am trying to cozy up and the backyard has been neglected so far. With a hot tub on the back patio, I would love to have some swanky string lights like these run along the fence line to brighten things up. It would also help spot possums and the like if they manage to get into the yard again, since our house shares a fence line with a farm.

  104. Greg Smith says:

    When turning a garage into a “mancave” string them around the walls and put in orange and blue bulbs to represent the Denver Broncos

  105. Ann Baird says:

    I have large decks and a screen porch down 2 sides of my house. These would look gorgeous there!

  106. Jane@Bluebird1959 says:

    These are awesome lights! Besides using them on our outdoor gazebo, I would also use them for a train station themed banquet I’m decorating for in the spring. Thanks for the chance! They sure have a fabulous selection of beautiful bulbs. Jane

  107. Julie Waldron says:

    I love these! I would put them on the porch of our new home.

  108. Natalie says:

    I would put the money around my deck and pool area

  109. These lights are beautiful. I would use them around our patio and our neighbors will be jealous.

  110. kaycee says:

    Woo hoo, I love these lights and hell, I’ll bet I could totally transform my walk-in (way too deep) closet into a totally gorgeous girly dressing room space with these lights! Everybody has/had the crystal chandeliers, but I’ve got a xlong closet space that needs more lighting, and general pretty accessorizing to become totally awesome!

  111. Randa says:

    We couldn’t wait for summer to get here so we could decorate our front porch! It turned out so Oo-la-la, comfy and cozy! These lights would be the finishing touch that we’ve been looking for! Come on over for some ice tea!

  112. Randa says:

    My last comment didn’t have my correct email address- sorry! You’re still invited over for iced tea!

  113. Susan says:

    Love these lights! Our screened porch has little Christmas twinkle lights hanging from the rafters- not quite the look I was going for- but these lights are perfect!

  114. Margaret S Porter says:

    I would love these lights on the portico my fiance’ is building for us. They would be great for entertaining.

  115. Margaret S Porter says:

    I shared with my friend Dana Rodriquez

  116. Audrey Stewart says:

    I would hang them on front porch. We love to sit out there in our rocking chairs.

  117. Audrey Stewart says:

    I pinned the photo.

  118. Audrey Stewart says:

    I tweeted.

  119. Mary Alice says:

    Love the lights. Really need at least 3 sets! One for the patio, for the front porch, and for the RV. Love the vintage look. They appear to really add a lot of soft light for night entertaining.

  120. Audrey Stewart says:

    I shared on facebook.

  121. Angela Achee says:

    I would do exactly what you did. It’s so pretty and inviting! I just love it and would never thought to put them under the railing! You’re so smart.

  122. I really love the Outdoor Patio selections! I teach a Saturday Bible study class for my friend’s children and grandchildren. During the summer months here in Tennessee, I’ve switch the classes to Saturday evenings so the children can have class on the deck and enjoy some play outside. These lights would be a wonderful addition to my deck as my friends pick up their “packages” later, and later! LOL!

  123. Judi says:

    Love the bulbs! I would use them in screened in porch that overlooks where muy neighbor’s horse are kept. Beautiful view, beautiful lights, cozy place to relax or party.

  124. Carla Fessler says:

    These lights are so fun! We would use these on our deck! We entertain a lot as well as cook pretty much everything outside and these would look awesome!

  125. Robin Shilman says:

    I have wanted lights like these. They look awesome and I love how you did them on the railing. I have also gone to the bulbs website and have pinned.

  126. Deborah D says:

    Your deck is absolutely amazing. We have a fishing camp that we visit twice a month. I have the perfect spot on our screened in porch for a set of lights. So please pick me and I’ll get started immediately.

  127. Sharon says:

    I would string them along the patio area out back.

  128. Monica says:

    Those are gorgeous! I would put them on my fence around the pool. Would be so pretty at night!

  129. Sharla says:

    We are having our 25 year old deck rebuilt soon,(next month hopefully) and adding a pergola. I would love to light up our pergola with these lovely Edison light sublet string!

  130. Bonnie Henson says:

    If I were to win these lovley lights, I would put them above my swim spa, on the deck we are building! What a wonderful addition they will be!

  131. Cindy Meisenheimer says:

    I would put these around my back patio to give a nice glow so we can sit out there and not be in the dark! They are beautiful and would add such a vintage charm to our 1901 house!

  132. Kat Kiger says:

    For the past 5 years my hubby & I have been renovating a 125+ year old farmhouse/cottage in WV that has been in my family since the early 1890s. It has entailed stripping away approximately 50-60 years of a hodge-podge of “modern improvements” & returning the house to a gentler, quainter, slower paced time. It has been a long Labor of Love but we now have finally reached a point where we can move in permanently. These Edison bulb lights would be absolutely perfect on our big, old front porch or strung through the trees along our entry path!!

  133. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I have an edison light in my kitchen over the sink and it looks amazing so I know if I won these I would continue that look outside on the deck and it would be amazing!

  134. You are so talented…. I think if I won I would put them up around my cedar shed in my backyard ❤️
    Shared with my friend Linda

  135. Ellie Wright says:

    I would string these great lights around my patio. Perfect for nighttime entertaining and cook-outs.

  136. Ellie Wright says:


  137. Kristi says:

    It’s gorgeous! Thanks so much for the idea of placing the lights lower at the deck rails. I’ve always wanted lights on our front deck , this placement is perfect!

  138. kathy s richards says:

    I would hang them on my own very dark patio and be eternally grateful!!

  139. Lee Oliverio says:

    So pretty! I’ve been thinking about stringing lights from our patio out over the pool, and these would be lovely! I enjoy your blog and all the wonderful inspiration!

  140. Mary Milnarich says:

    Those lights are beautiful! I never thought of hanging them as you did on the railing. That is how I will be attaching mine. Interesting read on all the different lightbulbs and the history. I showed my husband the lights and he agrees with me. Pinning for reference

  141. Janet Caldwell says:

    I would love these on my deck!

  142. I would string these up on my big front porch, or maybe my side porch. We started renovating both porches but haven’t finished either of them. Winning these lights would be a perfect motivation to finish the projects we started because I don’t want to light up a big mess! 🙂

  143. Bethany Figueroa says:

    Oh wow! These lights are pretty awesome! I would use them to perk up my gazebo. Last year we put up a small black iron fence around it to keep the dogs out and make it more beautiful. We put up a few of those post/pathway lights but it just doesn’t “do it” for me. Stringing up these lights along the fence would really turn it around!

  144. Gail says:

    I would put these around my plantation style porch and railings.. wonderful

  145. bj says:

    What a gorgeous deck…I love your blue cushions.
    I would be blessed if I won your generous giveaway. Thank you for a chance to win a set.
    My daughter in luv’s birthday is in August and I would love giving her the lights. She loves outdoor lighting.
    Thanks again.

  146. Carol S. says:

    I would line the under side of my deck and create a cozy seating area for cool evenings.

  147. Brenda Higgins says:

    I would use these lights on my deck no lights of any kind out there.

  148. Ericka says:

    I have the world’s ugliest porch/patio/back yard ensemble.

    It is a tragedy, really.

    We live in a 70s split-level house, so upstairs there is a set of sliding glass doors that lead out onto the rickitiest porch ever. If any sort of building official were to stumble by our house, he or she would immediately condemn it.

    Seriously, y’all. I feel shame.

    Below is a weirdly arranged paving rock formation that serves as a patio. It’s odd and it’s uneven and when the imaginary building official was walking away from the condemned porch, he or she would shake his or her head and feel pity for us.

    Our grill doesn’t work. Our fire pit is crumbling. Our “patio furniture” is bag chairs.

    I can’t even.

    I would use my lights to spur a Revolution of Design for that area. I would shake my winnings at my husband and demand action.

    It would be epic and I would credit you and Nostalgic Bulbs for changing my life.

  149. Lisa says:

    LOVE them! They would look perfect on my patio. Beautiful lights 🙂

  150. Carolyn nimmons says:

    I have a wonderful side porch that’s scremming for these cool lights! We spend so many evenings on the porch so what a wonderful addition these lights would make.

  151. Edith Weldon says:

    We have a darling screened porch and a pergola which is in dire need of lighting. We would be so blessed to receive such a present from you. Thanks for considering any one of us!

  152. Linda Short says:

    LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️
    And after seeing yours on the white railing (I have none now) I’m might to have to paint mine white, if I’m lucky enough to win ? But, really no matter who does , they are beautiful and will make someone’s home, indoors or out have that elegant and stylish look !!! Thanks

  153. Jen H says:

    I would use them on the back patio of my new home

  154. Mary Roth says:

    I love the nostalgic light set you purchased for around your deck. It makes it look so festive.
    I sure would like to be one of your winners.

  155. Monica VandeWerken says:

    These would be a wonderful addition to light up the new canopy we put on our deck. Even if I don’t win a set I will consider buying a set!

  156. Kelly W. says:

    Hi Julie! Your deck is fabulous! The vintage lights add such a cozy, serene feel! I’ve been looking for something like this and I’m so happy to have stumbled across this new to me brand. ; ) I think the bulbs are so pretty and give just the right amount of light. I’d put these outside on our patio until next year when we remodel this space. I’m planning on a pergola and wouldn’t these look wonderful hanging from one? Our family eats dinner on our patio every night we can and usually late due to kid activities, the vintage lights would will be perfect!! Enjoy your beautiful space and thanks for sharing!

  157. Linds says:

    I love these lights. I’m having my smell front porch screened-in & these lights would be perfect to hang overhead!

  158. Bonnie says:

    I love the vintage lights and would use them on our deck…to make it cozy!

  159. Susan says:

    I would hang them on the new deck.

  160. Frances Johnson says:

    Love the lights I would add them to my little gazebo over my grill they would be perfect I love your deck looks awesome.

  161. Latanya says:

    I would hang them up in our backyard.

  162. Nadya Kotik says:

    I would put them outside or inside at my first apartment or house that I am searching for now.

  163. Your deck is looking gorgeous with all these lightings. You decorated your deck beautifully.

  164. Dawn Ballo says:

    These lights are so cute. We do a lot of outdoor entertaining and these would be so great to have.

  165. Ann says:

    Hi Julie,
    Just got back form my cottage in Wisconsin and hope I’m not too late. I would attach these beautiful lights around the new arbor that my kids and hubbie made for my birthday a few weeks ago. It sits right next to my DIY bench that I made out of my old fence.. Would create such a charming look. Thanks so much.

  166. Lynne says:

    I would put these around my screened in porch.

  167. Kimmy Ripley says:

    Wow dude! These lights are super duper awesome. I would love these for our new home.

  168. Courtney says:

    I love these! We just ripped out our deck and did a beautiful patio with a permanent pavilion-type covering. I’d hang these around that!

  169. Christina Graham says:

    I would hang them in my back yard over our new fire pit. Love the vintage look.

  170. kemberly crosswhite says:

    i would hang them around my front porch <3 love love love

  171. Lindsay Hess says:

    My husband just finished building me a deck that goes halfway around my house and these Vintage Style String Lights would look beautiful at night around it!

  172. Kristie Vanderpool says:

    Those awesome lights I would either use them in my store or outside & use them around my Big BEYOND WORD store sign!

  173. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    These lights would look great on our deck.

  174. Lesli T says:

    These lights would be the perfect start to my deck redo! Thanks for showing me this, Lisa Christine!

  175. Allyson Tice says:

    I would hang these on my backyard above my daughters fairy garden in the tree branches!!!

  176. kelly woods says:

    I would love these on my front porch. They are sooo pretty. Thank you for the chance!!! I love them.

  177. Allison says:

    Love the atmosphere these lights create. I’d use them to make my back yard a more appealing place to spend time in the evenings.

  178. Kris Mihalov says:

    I would love these for our deck and the stairs that lead up to our above ground pool

  179. Sandra Preti says:

    Wow! They’re so beautiful. I would use them on the terrace of my apartment. I have been looking for the perfect set of lights to decorate the terrace.

  180. Kristin C says:

    These lights would look fabulous on our back deck. It would be great for the summer evenings.

  181. Diane Slape says:

    This redhead would use these lights on every backyard porch and fenceline at every Army housing we will live. Its allows up to us Army wives to come up with decorating ideas to “HOMEY” up a house when we will only live there no more than 3 years. And we love cooking out and inviting other Amry Families and Soldiers over for a home cooked meal. And those lights would make it cozy and special.

  182. Jayedee Dewitt says:

    I visitef the Vintage Lights blog

  183. Nancy says:

    These are gorgeous lights. If I won, I’d use them on our porch.

  184. Jayedee Dewitt says:

    I thing these lights would look wonderful on the lower branches of the oak tree in my front yard!

  185. Jayedee Dewitt says:

    Shared the contest on twitter

  186. Jayedee Dewitt says:

    Pinned on pinterest

  187. Helga says:

    I would hang them along my stairs leading up to the front door.

  188. I would string them up above my patio.

  189. Cathy A says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would hang the lights on my deck over the creek

  190. Sandy Heath says:

    Pretty cool giveaway! I would drape them close to the ceiling (painted “haint blue”) in my back porch and use them all year long. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. Dawn says:

    I would hang them on the back patio, to illuminate all my vintage watering cans, garden tools and show off my flower displays on our french flower cart.

  192. I would love to win these! I’d hang them off the top of our swing…Thank you for this opportunity!

  193. Meghan says:

    Would love them for my deck!

  194. Sarah says:

    I would love to hang these under the front eaves in my home.

  195. Dianne Lanier says:

    These lights would be perfect on my covered porch. I am a retiree on a budget, and I just recently decorated my porch for $44. Two wicker chairs ($30 on line). A $10 thrift store “potting table, and a $4 side table completed the look. The lights would be a perfect finishing touch!!

  196. Meagan B. says:

    We have a small balcony porch that these would be perfect to use!

  197. Karen says:

    Love love love these lights!
    I am refinishing a Tiny House On Wheels a want to build a small patio/deck using recycled pallets. These beautiful patio lights would add the PERFECT finish to my patio!
    BTW, I also love your blog Julie!

  198. kelly woods says:

    I visited the site as well. Thanks for the chance!!!

  199. Cheryl B says:

    I would hang them from my pergola. It would add so much to my deck at night. I would plant white flower around the pergola to help with illuminating my deck area.

  200. alicia h says:

    These would be so magical on my deck!
    I have been dreaming about how I would decorate it and these would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  201. KENNETH OHL says:

    I would put these on my back screened in porch

  202. elizabeth miller says:

    In our backyard, we have an above ground pool and a firepit. With my daughter being 11 she loves having friends over to use them. I would love to put these around them for at night when the kids are out there.

  203. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love these!!! theyd look great on our patio.

  204. MELISSA SCHUTZ says:

    I would hang these on our deck!!

  205. Janethurlbrink says:

    I’d love to win these lights, If I did I would put them on my pergola for a romantic nighttime glow.

  206. sherry fowler says:

    I would outline my path to my outdoor hot tub…. my place of concentration and relaxation

  207. sherry fowler says:

    done with all 4 tasks

  208. Heather B says:

    I would definitly put these out on our backyard patio!!


    Ill hang them around the top pf my patio overhang to add some light around the seating area

  210. Hollie Jahnke says:

    They’re beautiful. I would put them on my deck.

  211. Lisa Queen says:

    I love these! I would use them on my deck leading out to the pool. I loved looking at all the onews on their website!

  212. Jenny Ham says:

    I would hang them on my porch

  213. Tracy Shafer says:

    I would hang them on my deck

  214. Dana Matthews says:

    I have a fall birthday to plan for. We are hosting it outside. I would plan on using these on the back deck.

  215. Melissa Craig says:

    we brought a fixer upper last October, after finally finishing the inside it is now time to work on the outside. We have built a new glorious deck and the PATIO VINTAGE STYLE STRING LIGHTS would be a wonderful addition to our new deck/patio, making for an inviting entertaining area.

  216. Michelle Coles says:

    These lights are soo pretty and I would use them in my back porch since there’s not enough light out there. They would look great!

  217. Jessie Redding says:

    These look awesome – I’m redoing my balcony, so that’s where I’d put them.

  218. Kelsey vinson says:

    These would go up around our pool

  219. Dana Matthews says:

    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page with my friends.

  220. Jen Freese says:

    I would love to decorate my back deck with these. Thanks for the chance to win.

  221. Marilyn Legault says:

    I would give these to my daughter to help brighten up her apartment.

  222. Kell Wach says:

    I would use these for our back porch, 1 year ago I would of used them for my wedding but I had a hard time finding something like this. I love them.

  223. Amber Hensley says:

    I love these lights!!! I would put these out back around my gazebo for decoration and to use at night time when we sit outside..These would be perfect!!!! 🙂

  224. Jennifer Dunkelmann hon says:

    iput them around my rv so we can see at night

  225. Gloria Luongo says:

    I would love these lights for my deck.

  226. Anita Jude says:

    I would hang them up on my back porch since I don’t have a light out there

  227. Deb K says:

    I would put these outside on my front deck. They would look beautiful!

  228. Ivory says:

    Hello my friend, I am sure you been wondering what happen to me? I went out of town on vacation for two weeks. Unable to view my email, I am so so behind. Trying to catchup.
    I love these strings of lights, as alway, everything you do is fabulous. I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for these type of lights to go on sale. I love the way you hung yours on your deck. They are hung with so much class, that they are gorgeous both day and night time. BEAUTIFUL!

    • Julie says:

      Hello, Ivory!! Thank you, and I hear you. Catching up is hard!! Enjoy the last 2 weeks of beautiful August!!

  229. stephanie says:

    I really love how vintage it looks and I would really like to hang them on the front porch and make the porch look welcoming and festive for the holidays that are arriving. these are very beautiful and decorative

  230. […] Julie from Red Head Can Decorate hung them on the deck railing. […]

  231. […] How to Hang Outdoor Lights on Deck Railing […]

  232. Ari says:

    Love this so much! We just got a deck. How weather resistent are they? Storm, snow? Do you take them down or leave them up all year? Thank so much!

  233. Pat says:

    I have a gigantic red maple tree next to my backyard deck and will hang these lights with heavy rope under the bottom tree branches which will light up a good portion of my lawn as well as my deck.
    I’m feeling lucky. ☺️

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