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My husband came home with not a bottle of wine, but a bottle of cherry juice.  Yep.  Cherry juice.  I asked him what it was, and he said, “Cherry juice.”  I said, “Oh, it looks good.”  He said, “It is.  It’s also good for you.”  Okay, so my cherry juice story isn’t very exciting, but these “Cherry Maple Syrup Pancakes” ARE.

How about a taste?

Have you ever tried cherry maple syrup on pancakes? Why I waited so long I have no idea. It's way better than just regular syrup. Making these this weekend again.

You see, after I tried the cherry juice, I knew I would use it in a future recipe because it just had such intense flavor.  I had never seen cherry juice before, and certainly had never tried it.  My husband bought it after he read that tart cherry juice concentrate helps reduce inflammation in the body.  He adds just a tiny bit to his water for his exercise work outs and when I tried it, I loved it, too.  The fact that it helps reduce inflammation in our body, well that is always a great thing for EVERYONE.  Everyone has inflammation no matter what age they are.

I hope I don’t splatter any cherry syrup on you!

Have you ever tried cherry maple syrup on pancakes? Why I waited so long I have no idea. It's way better than just regular syrup. Making these this weekend again.

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Okay, so how did the “Cherry Maple Syrup Pancakes” come into play?  Well, honestly, I have no idea where my ideas come from, they just come, and at very strange times.  I was making pancakes a couple weeks ago and I decided to add a little of the cherry juice to the pancake batter.  Unfortunately, it turned the pancakes ugly purple ha ha.  That’s when I decided to add the cherry juice and syrup together 😆 .  I did a 2 to 1 ratio (print full recipe below), and the “Cherry Maple Syrup” was FANTASTIC.  I mean knock your slipper socks off on a Sunday morning FANTASTIC.  I knew I had a hit.

This is what the cherry juice concentrate looks like in the store.  You can find it in the refrigerated juice section.  You must keep this stuff cold and remember it is concentrated.  It is a little expensive, but remember you can use it many other ways like mentioned above.

Order cherry juice HERE.

These “Cherry Pancakes” would be perfect for Valentine’s Day wouldn’t they?

Have you ever tried cherry maple syrup on pancakes? Why I waited so long I have no idea. It's way better than just regular syrup. Making these this weekend again.

Hold up!  Before I go, I must tell you about these new amazing kitchen utencils I am currently trying out & *GIVING AWAY!  They just arrived and I am so delighted with the super high quality (it’s hard to find that these days).

First, the “spurtle” (I never heard of one until now, have you?) which is a flat wooden spatula that is perfect for mixing batter, flipping pancakes, and I even tried it today on my egg.

The small one was perfect for that egg flipping.

I’m honestly beginning to wonder how I got along so long without them.  The “spurtles” are made out of bamboo wood which is light weight, and they won’t scratch up my pans.  Here’s where I found them if you want to check them out: Spurtle Utensils from Hearth & Home Goods.

I also have a brand new set of wooden utensils that are crazy high quality.  These are not like the ones you find at the dollar store or even Target.  The handles are made from beech wood and are also stain resistant.  The food safe silicone heads are heat resistant up to 480 degrees.  They are also non-stick and BPA free.  You can find these here:  Cooking Utensils from Hearth & Home Goods.

*You can also enter our free giveaway to win your choice of 1 set of utensils from Hearth & Home Goods by leaving 1 comment on this post at the bottom letting us know which set you would prefer.  (Click links above to see both sets & descriptions to help you decide.)  1 (US resident) winner will receive the utensils for free!  This giveaway runs through February 17th at midnight EST.  Winner will be notified by e-mail shortly after 2/17/17 (after you leave your comment below).

Best utensils out there!

I hope you try my “Cherry Maple Syrup Pancakes” soon, and good luck with this generous giveaway!

Cherry Maple Syrup Pancakes

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Cherry Maple Syrup Pancakes


  • Pancakes for 4 (I use reduced fat bisquick recipe which is on the box.)
  • 1/2 cup red tart cherry juice (found in juice section)
  • 1 cup real maple syrup (no fake stuff)
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen cherries


Prepare Cherry Maple Syrup: If you're using fresh cherries, wash them, remove stem & pit, then cut in half or leave whole. If you're using frozen, let them defrost for 45 minutes or warm up on stove in a small pan. Also cut these in half or leave whole. Add tart cherry juice to maple syrup in medium bowl and mix well with a spoon.

Prepare your favorite pancakes (see above). Chocolate chip pancakes would be great too, just add chocolate chips to batter.

When pancakes are ready, pour cherry maple syrup over pancakes and then add the cherries to your preference. Serve with whipped topping for fun. Refrigerate unused cherry maple syrup and use within 1 week.

(This post is sponsored by Hearth and Home Goods and all opinions are honest and mine.)

These utensils are gorgeous.  All you have to do is leave a comment to enter!

See GIVEAWAY details above.

Try my oven baked egg recipe here: OVEN BAKED EGGS.

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    I would like the non-stick set. I even went to Family Dollar because I need a new spatula for my non-stick fry pan. It only took me over a year and a half, and 3 non-stick pans, to teach my husband, that they scratch with metal utensils. “Honey, Not the metal whisk!”

  4. Christina in FL says:

    Good morning!!
    Wow the idea of cherry pancakes and syrup sounds amazing! I will give these a try. (Buying cherries on my Monday grocery run.)
    The spurtles look so fun and useful. 🙂

  5. Gail W says:

    I plan to try the tart cherry juice in water to combat inflammation. Thanks for the information. I’m currently dieting so no pancakes for right now but sounds like something my son would love. I like the silicone covered utentils.

  6. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Great recipe and wonderful giveaway.
    I could use some new Cooking Utensils as some I have had for years and really are getting in bad shape so I’m going with the cooking utensils.
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity

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    Wow…this post was full of great information. The recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to give it a try. I just briefly read a little more about the potential benefits of cherry juice….really interesting. I also just commented to my husband yesterday that I want to clean out our utensil drawer and stream line our utensil collection by having only quality, useful items that would also look good displayed in a crock on the counter. I am heading over to Amazon now to check out the items you suggested, and if I were lucky enough to be the winner of your give away, I’d love to have those spurtles among my new tools. Thanks so much for the great blog and all of the inspiration you provide!

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    I yearn for a set of utensils! I already have an olive wood spatula and it’s just as you said, “I don’t know how I cooked for 50 years without one. PS Just bought cherry juice, no sugar, made from Montmorency cherries (I used to have the trees in my back yard & what yummy pies came from those trees.) oh yes from Trader Joe’s. Happy Day!

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  135. Gale Digilormo says:

    I need the Cooking Utensil Set. I cook everyday and know this set would be just what I need.

  136. Adriana says:

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  137. Sharon Swanson says:

    We did not have the juice, but we had two bags of cherries. So, we improvised- delicious! My husband is a chef, and he thought your recipe looked at amazing, so he made it for us yesterday. Thanks for always sharing great ideas! He would love the non- stick set so the kids and I stop scratching his pans. ?

  138. Cheryl says:

    I love both but I would love to win the spurtle, lol. Even the name is awesome!! I can’t wait to try your syrup, yum!!

  139. Kathleen says:

    I would love a chance to win the Spurtles Utensil !
    Thank you!
    Stay warm

  140. LInda of No.Cal. says:

    WoW !! Those pancakes with maple CHERRY syrup look yummy… don’t forget the butter. Those kitchen utensils look fantastic!!

    Stay dry… we are getting blasted with rain… we have two days of SUN !!
    Two of our local dams are FULL. One dam has gone over the spillway AND now over to the earthen auxiliary spillway !! -Linda

  141. Michelle says:

    The wooden utensils for sure! Thanks for the giveaway! Those pancakes look amazingly delicious! 🙂

  142. Kay Mc says:

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    Thank you.

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  153. Jenni says:

    This syrup sounds amazing. If my name is drawn I’d like to try the non-stick cooking tools. Either set would be great. Thanks for the opportunity. Debbie from Refresh Restyle turned me onto your site.

    Another Fine Redhead!!

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    I absolutely LOVE your decorating style!
    Great recipe and I wouldn’t mind having the cooking utensils.

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    Thanks for all your hard work, keeps me inspired!!

    Yolanda Gordon

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    In all honesty one couldn’t go wrong with any of the give away goodies. I would happily embrace either!!! **good luck to me**

  167. colleen parker says:

    my honey will LOVE these pancakes…..thank you so very much for sharing.

  168. Sarah Drake says:

    I would LOVE the cooking utensils set. It is so difficult to find a high quality set. While registering for our wedding, even the fancy “name” brand stuff was cheap and felt like it wouldn’t last. These look excellent!!! Thank you for the opportunity:)

  169. Anne-Marie says:

    Beech WOOD,
    Indeed GOOD
    To fix FOOD !

  170. Shawn Dortch says:

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  173. VickiB says:

    My granddaughter loves pancakes and omelets and they would both be so much easier to flip with a spurtle and I would love to have those in my kitchen for those purposes. They look amazing, easy to clean and very functional. Please consider us during your giveaway. Thank you so much.

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