$5 Flower Bucket


I am so happy to be home after our “eventful” vacation.  To be totally honest, I think I’m happiest at home.  Vacations are great and all, but they can be stressful,and totally over rated, too.

So, I’m in the mood for something really easy today, and inexpensive.

How about a $5 Flower Bucket…



$5.00 Summer Hanging Bucket

Oh my goodness, I am in love with the way this bucket of love turned out.Pretty Hanging Bucket Idea ($5)

This wasn’t planned.

All I was doing was walking through Home Depot looking for toilet paper and this $5 metal pail jumped out at me in the cleaning section.  My daughter laughed at me because I was looking at it “oooing” and “ahhhhing”.  I knew I could use it for something.


Then I saw the price.  That baby was mine.  Cute idea for your garden!

All I needed was some pretty flowers and rope to tie it up.

I had the rope left over from my Crib Mattress American Flag…they sell rope at Home Depot, too.

American Flag

When I filled the bucket, I was sure to put plenty of pebbles at the bottom of the soil so there was room for the water to drain.  I also used liquid miracle grow to get my flowers to grow quickly.

I’m looking forward to the flowers filling it in even more, and I’m also hoping the pail starts to get a vintage look after a few years.

So cute!!

$5 Bucket Idea

$5.00 Metal Pail Idea for Your Garden

$5 Pretty!!!

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7 Responses

  1. Shirley says:

    Wow…what a great idea!!…Love the look of the shiny galvanized pail against the beautiful colors of the flowers!…Love it!…Glad you are home from vacay safe and sound!

  2. Rebecca M says:

    Frankly I love the shiny silver pail! Looks so pretty! No need for aging!

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi there! Love your blog! I’m so doing this on my farm!

  4. Ivory says:

    Buckets of flowers on a rope, wow, what a lovely idea. And the large flag, made from a crib mattress. I am so going to try making them all.

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