Redhead’s Version of a 300 Calorie “Big Mac”


Well, hello March!

How are you all doing today?
Did February feel extra long to you?  It did for me.
Possibly because I’m not eating everything I crave.
For those of you that don’t know, Red is getting healthy.
I wrote about my “Blog Bulge” last week and you can find it “here“.

I thought I should reassure you that RCD is not turning into a food blog.
I will always be a decorator too, and as a matter of fact, I am working on a project I think you will relate to very well.  It will be finished soon. (I hope)

In the mean time, I’m actually doing pretty well with fewer calories,
healthier foods, and more exercise.
I eat so many veggies now!
I’ve lost a total of 4 lbs. since I began almost 2 weeks ago.
I have noticed the weight is not coming off as easily as it did even 2 years ago.
I have also learned that sometimes those hunger pains can wait a little.
I think it’s good for your body to let those go and don’t pacify them so quickly.
I sound like I have this perfectly under control, don’t I?

It’s a constant struggle I won’t lie.
Hopefully I won’t trigger those hunger pains for you, or me, by sharing this Mama…



Yummy or what?

While working the other day I was feeling those hunger pains and I began to dream about Big Macs…


Not sure why, even when I’m not watching what I eat I never order one.  Actually, the last one I had was after a NASCAR race years ago with my hubby and Sister.  These days I try to avoid Mc Donald’s, except I do occasionally get their Egg Mc Muffin.  It only has 300 calories and lots of protein.  As a little girl in the 70′s going to Mc Donald’s was a HUGE treat.  I loved my “haberger frech fri coke” and my Mom still reminds me of how cute it was when I would order the same thing every single time.  So, back to the story…there I was dreaming of those cheesy, salty, lovely double patties and I thought about what I could make at home that would satisfy this craving with out going overboard with calories.
Here’s what I came up with…


(chips and chocolate milk are extra calories)


This is a perfect lunch for me.  It would be even better for dinner.  I’m getting my protein, my calcium, even some veggies.  The chips (12) are an added 140 calories if you get Ruffles reduced fat which are my favorite.  Still, even with the chips, 440 calories for lunch/dinner is pretty good.  If you want less, just skip the chips.
Redhead’s Version of a 300 Calorie Big Mac
6 servings


1lb. pkg. ground chicken (I find ground chicken to be better than ground turkey)
3 tablespoons egg substitute (I get a carton of Egg Beaters and use it through out the week)
1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs (regular don’t have as much flavor)
6 slices fat free cheese (fat free cheese is best when melted)
finely shredded lettuce (lots)
thin sliced onion (my kids loved the onion-I was shocked!)
sliced pickles (I prefer dill)
6 tablespoons ketchup
6 tablespoons of canola Hellman’s mayo (tastes like regular mayo to me)
70 calorie light sesame hamburger bun (if bun has more calories, slice off part of it)
S&P to taste

Mix all ground chicken, egg substitute, bread crumbs, S&P in medium bowl.  Split in 1/2 as best you can.  Form 3 patties from each of those 1/2′s so you have a total of 6 patties.  Fry on a non stick pan with no oil or anything.  Takes about 15 minutes total until it’s brown and a little crispy on the edges.  Make sure the meat is no longer pink in the middle.  Do not flatten patties when cooking because you will lose tenderness.


(ground chicken after it is defrosted)


* Tip: wetting your hands a little will help when forming your patty so it doesn’t stick to your hand.  This goes for meatballs too.


(raw patty)


While the patties are cooking, slice up your pickles, onions, and lettuce.  Mix the ketchup and mayo in a small bowl.  Get your cheese ready girl (or fella)!!!  When burgers are cooked thoroughly turn off stove and add a slice of cheese to each for a minute or 2.  While it’s melting, add 2 tablespoons of mixed sauce on top of the bottom bun.  Set the cheese burgers babies on the sauce.  Top with pickles on the cheese, then lots of lettuce and onion to taste.  Garnish with more pickles. (I’m a pickle freak)


Daphne, my oldest is a burger QUEEN.  Burgers are her favorite.
Remember that guy from Popeye?  He scarfed down burgers…  That’s Daphne if I let her.
She ate this faster than you can say…Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun!I was 5…
My low calorie version doesn’t taste exactly the same as a real Big Mac, but I know you will enjoy it.  I hope you try my recipe.


Stop by next Wednesday for my second “link party”.
I have plenty of friends I’m bringing a long with me to share healthy tips, stories, and recipes to help us all reach our goal of getting rid of our ”Blog Bulge” and getting healthy.
You don’t need a blog to join the party.
Just come as you are, slippers required :)


One more quick announcement… will be transferring over to a WordPress self hosted website at the end of March, beginning of April.  I am very excited to share an entirely new look with you (I think you will get a kick out of it!).  RCD has grown and I am ready to be a “big girl” blogger now.  I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary-yah hoo!  Don’t worry though, most of my blog will be the same.  If you are a “subscriber” by e-mail to this blog, you will be directed to a new feed when the transfer takes place.  It will be very simple and I will explain more when we get closer.  I don’t want to lose any of you.  I love you all!  My website will still be called “Redhead Can Decorate. com”…for now you can still subscribe below.  I love watching my number grow.  You inspire me to keep up the hard work. XO
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  1. Oh yes I do want one!! Thanks Julie!

  2. kristin says:

    This looks amazing! I always have turkey, can’t wait to try the chicken. thanks chickadee 🙂

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