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Well here we are, another December upon us, and I’m all wrapped up in a furry blanket with a heating pad 😆 hosting another cozy Christmas Giveaway. This is my way of showing my appreciation to you at the end of every year, with the help of my favorite fresh wreath creators from Lynch Creek Farm. Now, although I’ve given many beautiful fresh wreaths/centerpieces away from LCF, this year is very different! I hope you will join me for the beautiful “Free Winter Wonderland Tree Giveaway” below along with the blizzard of 1977 and few cookies…

Before I tell you how to enter the free Winter Wonderland Giveaway, I wanted to share what our theme is at our apartment this year (we are still in the apartment, but that is not going to be the case much longer so stay tuned). I decided to go with a very white snowy theme because well, I absolutely love snow and I’m not sure if you know this, but I am from Buffalo, NY. I am a girl who walked to school in the snow, made igloos in the mounds created by snow plows, and I even survived “The Blizzard of 1977” at the ripe old age of 7. Here’s proof from our old house…

It was the blizzard of 1977 and I was 7 years old and stayed home from school for two weeks. My Dad who is 89 now, wrote a journal about it daily, boy I wish we still had it. I remember our screen door frozen shut on “Wallace Drive”, walking to a local ice cream shop to get milk they were giving away, and my brother (God rest his soul) kicking the frozen 1/2 gallon carton down the snowy street for fun. Growing up in Buffalo, NY will stay with you for a lifetime and that’s why I include it in our home many moons later when decorating…

Snow is part of me, and reminds me of some of the best memories of my life. So… when you decorate, it’s not always about the trends at the stores…It’s about what is in your heart.

Lynch Creek Farm Winter Wonderland Set of Trees

Lynch Creek Farm is a family owned and operated company since 1980 located in the gorgeous state of Washington.  In the beginning, they only sold organic vegetables, but their farm has grown and now they create fresh wreaths, garland, centerpieces, and even mini Christmas trees. Read more about the set of trees we are giving away to one lucky winner here:


This giveaway is for US residents, and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Giveaway runs from December 2, 2023 through December 9, 2023 at 12pm EST.  Winner will be chosen randomly, and notified by e-mail by the redhead herself, so please keep an eye on your e-mails!

1 winner will receive 1 item from Lynch Creek Farms in the mail approximately 1-2 weeks after giveaway ends.

Visit Lynch Creek Farm HERE and tell us below which product is your favorite.

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Good luck!

Repurposed Shutter Snowman

Italian Chocolate Meatball Cookie Recipe

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79 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    My favorite are the illuminations LED candles with remote. Love LYNCH CREEK FARMS.

  2. I absolutely love the King of the Forest table top tree!

  3. Diane Aldrich says:

    I love the Hooting Holiday centerpiece! The table toppers are amazing! Thank you for this opportunity

  4. Cindy Meisenheimer says:

    How can I possibly choose just one thing when there are so many beautiful things on Lynch Creek Wreath’s website. Since Christmas is almost here and I probably won’t get this before Christmas if I win, I’m going to choose the Firecracker lights. I can use them on a wreath or a table center piece for years and years to come and think of Julie and Lynch Creek Wreath every time I look at it! Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Alissa says:

    Julie, I love the Holiday Cardinal centerpiece. Looking forward to your news! Thank you.

  6. robert e urtel says:

    I love it, love to all, Dad in NY.

  7. Ivory says:

    Happy Holidays! You keep doing something that keep amazing me. I love what you post. You have a big creative heart. Thanks for sharing. Now I must go out later today and purchase the items needed to make your yummy looking chocolate meatballs cookies

  8. Alan Heuston says:

    Favorite item is the Majestic Elegance set of 2 reindeer.

  9. Martha Cook says:

    I love the charcuterie board!

  10. Beth says:

    Table top Christmas 🎄 from LCF!

  11. Sandra Smith says:

    Hi, Julie!

    My favorite Lynch Creek Farm arrangement is the Evergreen Centerpiece. Simply beautiful.

    Thanks for offering again a Christmas sur-PRIZE for your readers! Hope you, Rick and your family enjoy the upcoming blessed holiday.

    Best, Sandra

  12. amy linderman says:

    i grew up in buffalo! i was 7 in the blizzard too! i love the holiday amaryllis.

  13. Carol S. says:

    Like you, my heart is loving the WINTER WONDERLAND SET OF 3 TREES. So classic and timeless.

  14. Suzie Kozlowski says:

    Hi, Julie. What a great online store. I am definitely going to order the tartan centerpiece for my best friend for Christmas. Those floral delivery charges from big online companies are exorbitant, and this is so reasonable. I also love supporting small business. Great find!!!!

    My favorite of all the items on this site is definitely the Wildlife Adventure Christmas Wreath.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  15. Beverly Dominacki says:

    Love your article.

  16. Tracey A says:

    I have to say that Lynch Farms has GORGEOUS decor! Swags, wreaths, dried wreaths, tabletop trees, centerpieces. Truly, it was very hard to choose! I like the WHITE WINDOW WITH SANTA LIGHTED WATER GLOBE. Although, I really would like those trees, above, adorning my mantel or table. Thank you for the give.

  17. Susan Wirt says:

    I adore the Holiday Cardinals centerpiece. Cardinals are the state bird of Virgina where I live, and I use them to decorate my house throughout the year. I also have little ones clipped to my Christmas tree instead of bows (like everyone one, right?). So this year I really want to grab that centerpiece!

  18. Tracey A says:

    I love your Santa Shutter.

    Your stories from your Dad’s journal are priceless. Isn’t it amazing the things we keep or don’t keep?
    There are so many things in my past I threw away that I shouldn’t have, but that is another story.

  19. Pat says:

    I love the redbird tabletop tree.

  20. Annette Haben says:

    Tarian tree

  21. Betty says:

    Love your blog!!

  22. Susan Skidmore says:

    Although they have beautiful things,my favorite is the Winder Wonderland set of three trees.

  23. Diane says:

    I love the Lynch Creek Farms Winter Cardinals wreath, their wreaths are magnificent!!

  24. Barbara Hickman Pearce says:

    Hi Julie:
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a wonderful New Year.

  25. Jennifer says:

    The centerpieces or tabletop trees. Do I have to pick one? I remember the centerpieces like that on my mother’s table. I miss her. Classic Christmas. Beautiful.

  26. Barbara Hickman Pearce says:

    My Lynch Creek Farm Fav’s would be:
    Winter Wonderland Set of Trees
    Red Porch – Believe Sign
    Plush Winter Penguin Figurines

  27. Holly Thomas says:

    Red Pacific Bay Centerpiece is my favorite.

  28. Rosie says:

    Lab love for the wreath, in memory of my two white labs Jack and Jo Jo. I named them after my brother and sister who passed way.

  29. Vickie Bailey says:

    Love love love your style!

  30. Vickie Bailey says:

    AWAY IN THE MANGER Centerpiece is my favorite.

  31. Ann weinstock says:

    I love the winter land centerpiece. So beautiful and would look amazing on my table this year.

  32. Terri Moran says:

    The Black Lab love wreath is my fave!

  33. Heidi Horne says:

    I just loved that story about the snow storm, I live in NH so I know about snow storms. My favorite Lynch Creek item was their table top trees but really everything they have is so beautiful for the holidays…

  34. Laura L says:

    Oh my gosh I am in love with the Nostalgic Glow Centerpiece. The lantern in the middle is just fabulous! Thank you for this giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  35. Sandra Smith says:

    I posted a comment on the Lynch Creek site around 8:00 am this morning and it remained on the site, with a note saying awaiting moderation — and then about 1 minute ago, I clicked and my comment disappeared!

    Should I do another? Or did you receive it? Thanks, Julie. Sanra

  36. Sandra Smith says:

    I’ll just do another comment. The Lynch Creek Farm arrangement that’s my favorite is the Evergreen centerpiece. Thanks for offering these great prizes to your readers! Best, Sandra

  37. Michelle J. says:

    I love the Country Christmas wreath!

  38. Debbie Worsham says:

    I love all the wreath centerpieces. I especially like the white lanterns in the centers. I believe they were sold out… others love these also❣️

  39. Alisa Murray says:

    It was hard to choose, but the Brilliant Berries wreath is my favorite one…gorgeous! They always do such a wonderful job with their wreaths.

  40. Jo Ann Englar says:

    I love the tree top table on the Lynch Creek Farms website. It would make an elegant addition to my dining room table landscape for the Christmas holidays.

  41. Tracey A says:

    I just love your Santa Shutter.

    I also chose the Lynch Creek Farm WHITE WINDOW WITH SANTA LIGHTED WATER GLOBE. I may have posted it, but it may it is still being reviewed or my computer wonked out. Please forgive me if this is a duplicate post!

  42. Valerie says:

    Oh wow! They have such beautiful things! I love their tabletop Christmas trees! The cardinal one is beautiful!

  43. Tara Erickson says:

    I love the garland!

  44. Jessica Peeling says:

    I love the Winter Wonderland table top tree!

  45. My favorite is the Cardinal Cottage Centerpiece

  46. Barbara Rines says:

    I love the Holiday Cardinals tree. I have just moved from Az to KS and experiencing a snowy season for the first time in years.

  47. Sharon L Mistretta says:

    I like Blue…The Midnight Snowfall Wreath ! I bought it and hung it on our outside door of the garage where Everyone comes in so they can see and smell !! Just beautiful.

  48. Dannie Lyn Maleski says:

    I love the Cardinal Holiday Centerpiece

  49. Lisa Williams says:

    I love the Winter Cardinals Wreath but I also loved so many items from Lynch Creek that it was hard to choose just one,I wish I could have written a list lol!

  50. Danyel Sommer Everson says:

    I love the table top trees! So simple yet elegant!

  51. Anne Haun says:

    I love the deep red three cedars wreath – thanks for the chance to win.

  52. MaryB says:

    I love so many things at Lynch Farms but the Nutcracker wreath centerpiece would make a perfect gift for a dear friend of mine who collects nutcrackers. She would absolutely love it. Perfect gift – found!

  53. Sandra Mulhern says:

    I love the table top trees 🌲 💕 I think it would look beautiful on the hearth of my fireplace 🪵 🔥

  54. Sandra Miller says:

    I choose the lighted Church snow globe. It so beautiful. The 3 trees would be my other choice. Everything look so beautiful it took a while to choose.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  55. Kobi Carpenter says:

    I love the Nutcracker King centerpiece. It’s beautiful!!

  56. Sissy says:

    So many gorgeous things! My favorite is the Starry Night Table Top Tree. Love your blog and decor.

  57. wen budro says:

    My favorite item is their Believe In Magic Wreath. It’s so beautiful and festive.

  58. Pamela says:

    There are so many beautiful things! i do love the white trees, but I also love the frosted wreaths. I don’t have snow where I live, so this is as close to it as I get! Thank you for the giveaway and have a Merry Christmas!

  59. Lisa says:

    All their products are beautiful! I especially like the first frost swag. It would look fabulous on my door!

  60. Susanne says:

    I love The Gift of Christmas tabletop tree, but all of their items are beautiful.

  61. Lisa says:

    My favorite is the Lab wreath.

  62. Marianne Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing Lynch Creek Farm with us, Everything is so beautiful which makes it hard to choose, but I really love the Away in the Manger Centerpiece such a beautiful decoration to represent the true meaning of Christmas!

  63. Katherine Donovan says:

    so much to chose from! The water globe with santa in a phone booth is too cute@

  64. Brynda Bridges says:

    All of the items at Lynch Creek Farms are Gorgeous! My faves would be the Winter Wonderland Set of 3 trees And the Majestic Elegance set of 2 Reindeer! They are Both Stunning! Either would look” right at home” amongst my Christmas decorations! ( BTW, I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS!!!).

  65. Denise Zerilli says:

    I adore the tabletop trees.

  66. Juli Denning says:

    It’s all so beautiful but my favorite would have to be the gourmet gift box. I’d love to take one to the nursing home where my daughter works.

  67. Linda Salivar says:

    I love all the beautiful products, but especially the Northern Lights centerpiece. Wonderful decorations! And your repurchased shutter snowman is such a great idea!!


  68. JoDee Fountain says:

    I love the Winter Wonderland tabletop tree, so beautiful 😍

  69. Kesha says:

    I love the Nutcracker King centerpiece! It is so pretty!

  70. Nicole G says:

    I love the cedar garland and the wreaths from Lynch Creek. So festive and classic!

  71. Jennifer says:

    The centerpieces. Classic. My mother loved them. I miss her.

  72. Kim says:

    Oh my, so hard to choose, but I would say the graceful green set of trees! They are darling!!

  73. Rosa Everitt says:

    It was definitely not easy to pick my favorite item from Lynch Farms…so many beautiful pieces. However, I did narrow it down to the Modern Farmhouse centerpiece. It is lovely!! ❤️

  74. Cheryl Atkinson says:

    Hi and thank you for the. Hance to win these beautiful trees. I grew up in Texas where we got snow very seldon and now I live in Florida where it never snows. I miss the snow. I love the Away in the Manger centerpieces because that is the true meaning of. Christmas. God Bless!!

  75. Karen M says:

    I love all the trees on the Lynch Creek site! But I think my favorite thing is the Winter Grace Lighted Wood Cut Tree, unfortunately SOLD OUT. I will bookmark their site for next year, such beautiful greenery!

  76. Kristi Stadler says:

    Love the king of the forest tabletop tree!

  77. Leslie Price says:

    I love the Grand Harvest wreath.

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