Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50


If you’re searching for reliable ideas to bring back your vibrant flaming red hair 🔥 , you’ve come to the right place (if you’re here for the spring wreath video, just skip to the bottom of this post!). I am in fact a natural, very fiery, redhead in my early 50’s. My home decor, catchy blog name “Redhead Can Decorate” stems from my hair color. It’s very true that I am a redhead who loves to decorate, but my hair can’t seem to hold up to it’s name like it use to! Fortunately, I’ve learned a few tips over the years, so I’m here to share “How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50”.

Here I was in college around 1990. While getting this photo done for college graduation, I remember my handsome boyfriend (now handsome husband of almost 30 years) waiting in the car for me. I had this fluffy “scrunched” style down so good I could get it done in 30 minutes flat 😆. However, in all honesty, I detested my red hair. It set me aside, it made me feel different, when all I wanted was to fit in.

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50

My Red Hair Story

My red hair came from my dad who was also a natural redhead, but turned brown. He will be 89 this year, and his hair is pure beautiful white (he has a ton of it, too). My red hair has received a lot of attention my entire life…some good, some not-so-good. It’s not easy being a redhead, especially as a little tyke, and then again as we age. The teen years were rough too, trying to get “tan”, and high lighting my bright red locks to look more like society makes us feel we should look to be “pretty”. It took me many years to realize how beautiful my red hair was, and now all I can do is wish that color back. I bet if you’re an older redhead reading this you know exactly how I feel.

Now that I’m 53, my hair has faded to almost completely golden blonde (strawberry blonde at times). I don’t have gray hair, but it probably could turn almost white if I let it. Here I am below back in October 2022 at the beach with my boyfriend, I mean husband 😊. You can see how the red has faded and this is about 2-3 weeks after coloring it.

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50

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So, although I wish I could tell you how to “KEEP” your red hair coloring from fading, It’s just not something that is in the cards for most redheads. I’m not going to get into the science because you can just search that on your own. What I can tell you, is how I turn my faded red hair back to that vibrant red I miss (or close to it), even if it is short lived. I’ll include the coloring product(s) I use, how I use them, and tips on how to keep the red as long as possible (you might not know some of these little secrets).

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50

Meet My Hairdresser for the Last 3 Years

Both photos above, and below were taken shortly after WE COLORED MY RED HAIR AT HOME. Yep, you heard that right. My husband helps me color my hair and I like it that way for many reasons. Rick is not a cosmetologist, he is actually a lawyer. You see, after the pandemic hit I decided to stop going to salons because our daughter has autoimmune disease. Rick is a very gentle, detail oriented man, and he is very helpful with whatever I need. He really has gotten good at cutting, and coloring-I’m a lucky gal!

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50
This photo was taken last week! I prefer to wear my thick, curly hair up in a clip, so that also makes it all easier.

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50

Okay, so now that you know who my hair dresser is, I can tell you all the tips we’ve learned over the years. Please only do your own hair coloring at your own risk…I am not a hair dresser, just a redheaded lady who colors her hair at home.

The photo below was taken after I used this red hair color dye which I have found to be the best- meaning: affordable, easy to use, doesn’t hurt my sensitive scalp, and lasts the longest with the best color.

Believe me when I tell you, I have gone to the salon (which is absolutely ridiculously high priced especially if you need to get it done every 8 weeks), done the on-line custom colorist thing, and I’ve even tried homemade remedies like cranberry juice. I’ve tried everything under the sun for turning my hair red and still this is the best coloring product for me.

[IMPORTANT: If you happen to notice a different redhead on the red hair dye box at different times/locations, don’t be alarmed because they seem to change the image often. Be sure to pay attention to the NAME/NUMBER/LETTER on the box that I am telling you about.]

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50
Photo taken of my wet red hair after coloring, washing, conditioning at home.

MORE TIPS: The day before I color my hair, I try not to use as many products on it and brush it out really well. This gives my hair a smooth texture and coloring goes on easier.

I wear an old sweatshirt, we wear gloves, and I use a pick like this to separate the sections for Rick while he gets to my roots first. We don’t use clips.

We follow the directions on the box as far as how to color. Rick puts the color on my roots first (I sit in front of a mirror, while he stands), then applies it to the rest of the hair. I start timing at that point and leave on 25 minutes (so about 35-40 minutes total). I rinse in the shower with warm water, and use my own color safe shampoo and the conditioner they provide in the box.

I skip washing my hair for the next day or 2 to let that color set.

IMPORTANT: I don’t ever wash my hair every day. I wash with color safe shampoo (no sulfates) every other day, and use only color safe conditioner on the off days.

I try not to over color my hair which will dry it out. I usually go about 8 weeks in between coloring unless I have a special occasion coming up. I also color 1 week prior to any special occasion because I find the first week to be too dark red for my skin tone.

When my color starts to fade, I sometimes use a non-permanent brown tinted conditioner to deepen the color. You can try it on a strand first.

When my color REALLY starts to fade 😖, but I don’t feel like coloring yet, I use an oil like this one after my hair has been washed and dried. This oil (coconut oil works, too) brings out the natural low lights I have in my hair, and it smells fantastic.

Lastly, this wax is my most favorite hair product of all time. It truly helps bring out the deep red tones in my hair when I’m styling. See those darker shades in my bangs below…yep, that’s the wax!

Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50
My favorite sweater when my hair is freshly colored (size small it runs big).


Enough about hair, here’s a video of the latest spring decor I added to our apartment door, Enjoy!

Fresh Spring Door at Our Apartment

Apartment Spring Wreath
Tips on How to Get Your Red Hair Color Back for Natural Redheads Over 50

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12 Responses

  1. robert e urtel says:

    Looken Good Dude, love to all, Your Red Headed Dad in NY.

  2. Alisa M says:

    Your hair is beautiful! That photo in the green sweater is stunning. I’m in my 50s also and use Madison Reed home hair color. I get strangers complimenting me all the time on my hair. My dad was a natural redhead also and I didn’t get his hair, but I got his freckles and blue eyes. He loves that I color my hair red and that’s a big reason I do it. 🙂

  3. Leeanne Wheeler says:

    I use the same color! It seems like I have only five weeks between colors, I’m 64.

  4. Cherry says:

    I totally related to your story. I hated my red hair growing up because I was constantly teased and even to this day remember the hurtful things kids said. I’m 65 now and it took me until I was almost 35 years old to finally embrace my red hair & fair skin. Thank you for sharing this information. I intend to try it in hopes that I can reduce the 5 week trips to the salon to get my hair colored. I’m not quite ready to not color my hair and I don’t color it as bright as it used to be. By the way, my hair color was almost identical to yours when I was younger. Love your blog!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Cherry! I love that you are a redhead with that beautiful name “Cherry”! I hope things have gotten better for redheads. It seems as though it’s more acceptable now. It should be talked about more! I’m happy we finally figured it out. Good luck with the coloring!

  5. KarenR says:

    I felt the same way growing up as a redhead. If only we knew how special it was to be a redhead when we’re young. As my color started fading, my mother found the perfect match to my light strawberry blonde. Sadly they stopped making it recently and I ended up bouncing between L’Or… Excellence 8RB in winter & Preference 9GR in summer. I know I would be white if I let it go but I am not ready for that at 62. I haven’t found a shampoo/conditioner that I love (that doesn’t cost a small fortune)… Can I ask which ones you are using Julie? Our texture is very similar and I, too, shampoo every other day (any longer and mine is greasy/stringy.) I also think it’s awesome that Rick helps you! I am on my own for that!

    • Julie says:

      I have used these colors, too, Karen! I use Pantene sulfate free shampoo & conditioner most of the time. Usually it will say sulfate free on the front. Hope that helps!

  6. Georgene White Moccia says:

    Thank you for sharing. I too am a 64-year-old red head and didn’t appreciate my coloring until I got well into my 20’s (my husband fell for me because of my coloring) I have been coloring my hair for a long time. At my last hair salon appointment, it cost me $175.00 (yes, I said $175.00) for my last color and highlights. Time for a change! Love your blog!

    • Julie says:

      I love this love story, Georgene! I remember 1 time a couple years ago I went to a salon that was rather fancy. Not knowing how much it was going to be and it was almost $400 with a color, cut & blow-dry. I nearly fainted!

  7. Mary P says:

    I’m a natural red too. Light blue eyes and freckles..the whole bag.
    Both my parents were born and raised in Ireland. I love it when I’m there and see other reds everywhere.
    I was always happy as a red. I feel it’s personality. The first thing I say to describe myself. I was teased a little as a kid but I didn’t care somehow..I liked being different.
    Now I do color my hair since it’s gone gray. I noticed my gray hair has a yellow tinge to it as did my dads . Likely remnants of the red color but I don’t like it. I was always the lighter red than the deep auburn. Most of my 6 kids have red highlights you can see in bright sunlight. They all have dark hair but the red is fighting its way through even the dominant dark color. ( My hubby is Latino).
    I will try your suggestions..thanks.

  8. Denise Burson says:

    I am a true redhead as well. As a kid, I hated my hair & all the nicknames that went with it. I was a senior in high school when I started thinking about all the compliments I had gotten, over the years, from strangers & family members, about my “beautiful red hair”. I finally started loving it & still do to this day, at 63! It’s not quite as bright as it used to be, but still red. Even a lot of my friends call me Red & I love it. I take it as an endearment! Redheads rock!

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