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Welcome to my “Spray Painted Door Knob Makeover”…I know, not exactly the most exciting subject I have posted about, but maybe I can liven things up a bit with a funny story.  You see, the word “door knob” reminded me of something from my childhood.  I was a bit of a rascal in my teen years and I got away with a lot because I really was a good kid, just a little of a risk taker.  Let’s just say, I’m waiting until my kids are completely through their teen years, and possibly even their 20’s 😀 before I disclose any information about how much of a rascal their Mother really was.  Luckily, they don’t read my blog, so I am safe today when I share this little story.

Confession time.  Dad are you reading this???  Way back when, my BFF and I decided to slowly remove 1 beer from the refrigerator in her basement and store it down by the Niagara River.  I’m not sure what we intended on doing with that beer, but we were really excited about it and decided to keep adding to the “river beer collection” one by one.   I think we tied rope around the bottles or something to keep them by the water’s wavy rocky edge (genius weren’t we?).  Well, while we were planning our next beer bottle robbery, we decided to come up with a code word for our “beer”, so no one would know what we were talking about.  The code word was…”DOOR KNOB”.  Yep.  Door Knob.  So, now you know.  The truth is out, Jen.  Everyone knows (except my kids hopefully).  So, you’re probably wondering what happened to all of those “door knobs”, aren’t you?  The answer is below…

So, if that story isn’t funny enough, maybe this photo of my wax paper work is…


How to easily update a weathered door knob by spray painting it...this easy thrifty DIY painted door knob is a must see!

We won’t be drinkin’ any “door knobs” today, but we will be updating a very ugly weathered exterior door knob.  Real door knob that is.  Just look at this poor thing…


How to easily update a weathered door knob by spray painting it...this easy thrifty DIY painted door knob is a must see!

This door knob has definitely seen better days I am sure.  You see, this side of the house gets extreme weather exposure.  From hot sun, to icy blizzards, this little guy has had a rough life.  I actually don’t even know what it’s real color is.

So, I got to thinking.  I bet I can spray that thing and bring it back to life.  The only issue was getting it done without my husband being around.  He gets a little scared during my DIY missions, and I was thinking he would probably say it wouldn’t work.  Well, it turns out he was around and he said, “Go for it”.  He doesn’t realize that I was going to go for it regardless, ha ha.  The 3 main things I had to be careful of where: covering the door and brick, so I didn’t get paint on them, making sure I didn’t make the key hole stick, and drips.  I didn’t want a drippy door knob.

How to easily update a weathered door knob by spray painting it...this easy thrifty DIY painted door knob is a must see!

After I covered the brick and door with blue tape & wax paper, I was ready to go for it (no sanding required on this door knob because all of the shiny coating was gone.  If your knob is shiny, sand it a little).  I shook the can for about a minute, and then waving my hand lightly about 12 inches from the door knob, I sprayed just a little for a test.  Then when I saw how easy it was covering, I sprayed again until the door knob was completely covered top to bottom.

This was so easy and fast.  The hardest part was covering up the door and brick with the wax paper.  If you try this, look up to the photo above where you can see how I wrapped small pieces of blue tape around the door knob.  That took a little patience, but worked.

How to easily update a weathered door knob by spray painting it...this easy thrifty DIY painted door knob is a must see!

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I think it looks fantastic, and so does Rick.  Here’s the supplies I used:






Back to the door knob beer robbery…So, I don’t really remember this story in full detail, but I’m pretty sure that when we finally decided to go have a beer, and we opened the bottle, it was empty!  Yep.  All the beer bottles were empty!  The beer had leaked out somehow and the river apparently drank them all.  At least that’s the story I’m telling.   😉

I’ll be missing in action for a bit…my oldest is graduating from high school!  I will be sharing the party decor soon if I’m not crying too much 😉

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14 Responses

  1. Pam Beck says:

    First, the door knob looks like new! AND….I’m a spray paint fiend! If anything around the house doesn’t look quite right, don’t buy a new one, just get a can of spray paint….and it’s just like new again! Lol! Second, the other “door knobs”…come on Julie, the bottles leaked? That’s a new one!!! Enjoy your time with your daughter! I can’t wait to see the decor for the big party!!

  2. Dad says:

    Great Idea, always thinking. love, Dad in NY

  3. Cathy says:

    Your door knob/beer story made be think of something my mom and dad did when I was growing up. They had a code word for donuts: it was knoor dobs! They were pretty sneaky!

  4. Tina says:

    I painted all of the door knobs in our previous house. Just a hint, it’s easier if you just take the door knobs off and paint! I would do it again!! Worked perfectly.

  5. ivory says:

    Wow Julie, I wish this post was posted a week ago, because I sprayed painted my front door knob, but got so excited that I forgot to cover the door and door frame. needless to say, I created a mess, and had to repaint the door, and took a lot to Remove of the Frame of the door. stupid, yes I know. You see how bad I need you? Your doorknob looks fabulous. I have a question… Is there anything I can put on my doorknob to keep the paint from waring off?

  6. Sylvia Heacock says:

    Love those fast fixes. I thought I would share another one that I discovered. I don’t think I have seen or read this on line.
    My poor old patio set from Goodwill about 20 years ago was looking grayish cloudy and a little rusty instead black. It was unpainted rod iron. I have seen people who used coconut oil for refreshing their wooden furniture and wondered if it would work on my patio set. Tried applying it lightly to one chair with a rag so that no oily surface would hurt clothing or pillows. Voila!!
    The whole set now looks years younger. It’s been about 3 weeks and all is well.
    Also, coconut oil did wonders for our black rubber mailbox that looked cloudy gray.
    Anybody else tried this?

  7. Mona says:

    How did you keep the key hole from getting paint in it? Thx!

  8. Sandra lowery says:

    I love the idea,of not taking down the door. Sounds just like something I would do!!!!. Keep it coming.

  9. Kaycee says:

    Oh my gosh, door knob as your code word, priceless!! I love reliving youthful shenanigans through these kinds of stories!! As for your “acutal” doorknob, it came out great! Magic in a can, that spray paint is!!!!

  10. Donna says:

    Dumb question … is there a specific type of paint to use? I am thinking of a “color” rather than black, gold or silver.

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