Candy Cane Door {Christmas Tour Part 1}


The candy cane was always the last thing we would get to put on our Christmas tree when I was growing up in the 70’s, how about you?  It was right after the tinsel  🙂 .  Maybe that’s why I am so drawn to red & white striped ribbon?  I think I’m actually a little bit addicted to it.  It totally reminds me of a candy cane, which reminds me of the tree, which reminds me of Santa, which reminds me of Christmas, which reminds me of happiness. So, there you go…red & white striped ribbon equals happiness.  So, be prepared you guys…I am using red & white striped ribbon in a lot of my Christmas decor this year, and the candy cane is tagging along as it’s BFF.  Welcome to the “Candy Cane Door” {Christmas Tour Part 1}…

What a gorgeous idea to decorate a "candy cane door" for Christmas. She also used gallery glass to make her window look frosted!

You’re thinking, “Candy Cane Door?  Now, really Julie, what has gotten into you?”  Well, I figured I have this beautiful door in our new “Colorful Family Room” that never gets any attention.  You see, this door is the entrance off of our side porch and is only used when my husband goes out to get wood for the fire.  On occasion we use it for other reasons, but really it just sits there and looks pretty. Oh wait…our big built-in fridge had to come in this way, too.  What a fiasco that was.

What a gorgeous idea to decorate a "candy cane door" for Christmas. She also used gallery glass to make her window look frosted!

So, yes I decided to get a little funky with some candy canes and red & white striped ribbon and decorate the inside of the door.  Yep…the inside.  Wait, no one ever decorates the inside of the door, right?  Well, maybe they will think twice now.  Why are we always worried about who’s coming to the door?  Why not put a little pretty on the inside of the door, too?!

Now that we have that settled, maybe I should tell you how this door got to be so pretty?  When we moved in I noticed the window above the door and fell in love with the charm immediately.  When I decided to insert the big X moldings in the adjacent top windows, I knew I could do something cute in that top window, too.  One thing lead (pun intended) to another, and we felt we needed a little privacy.  I had worked with “Gallery Glass” paint before in our old home, so I got busy.  I know the “leading” stripes may look difficult, but it really wasn’t hard at all (see instructions below).  Not only did the “frosted” glass & leading help with privacy (but keep the light), it also made the door look like authentic leaded glass.  At least it does for me  😆 .


What a gorgeous idea to decorate a "candy cane door" for Christmas. She also used gallery glass to make her window look frosted!

Before I tell you how I created the pretty leaded window, I want you to know that the decorating part was also very simple.  I am a kid at heart so my holiday decor doesn’t get too serious.  First, I curled the thick red & white ribbon around in my hand and tacked it up there.  Then I added dollar store foil candy canes also with a tack (these came with a string attached, so I wrapped it around the tack).  Keep in mind if you go looking for the foil candy canes that they had an embellishment on them that I didn’t like, so I ripped it off.  The red garland and white lights are also tacked up there.  I hope it doesn’t look tacky  😯 (ha ha).  You may recognize the candy cane sign from last year which also doubles as a Fall sign I use with “Sweater Weather” on the other side.  It’s just a small chalk board I stained.  The candy cane garland up in the small window is a string I tacked across the top and hung real candy canes on.  Lastly, the wreath was from HomeGoods 2 years ago (see source list below) and did not hold with command strips, so I used a string and nailed it to the outside door frame.

I just couldn’t resist bringing my vintage Santa pillow out.  I found it for you in a square shape below.

What a gorgeous idea to decorate a "candy cane door" for Christmas. She also used gallery glass to make her window look frosted!

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I hope you enjoyed the candy cane door…it really looks beautiful as a back drop for our tree.  Stay tuned there are still 3 more parts to my Christmas tour this year and of course the tree will be in there somewhere.  Please let me know below if you have any questions about the “Gallery Glass”.

Gallery Glass Instructions

  • Draw your pattern on paper first (I think I designed this pattern myself, but they do offer many ideas, designs, colors).
  • Clean your window well and be sure it is dry (a cold window is fine).
  • Measure and draw your pattern on the glass by using dry erase markers and a ruler.  Be sure to erase the marker before you place down the leading.  To accomplish that, I used little dots like “connect the dots” instead of lines.  I also used the ruler as a guide as to how much space was between each row.  In other words, the rows you see are the same thickness my ruler was.
  • Apply the pre-made instant leading pieces first.  They should just stick on the window.
  • Finish off the leading with liquid leading so all the lines are connected and flow as one with no spaces between the instant leading.
  • Apply Crystal Clear Glass Paint by using the tip of the bottle, or by painting it on with a very small craft paint brush.  Start in the upper corner and slowly move down.  Follow the directions they offer and don’t worry about little bubbles forming.  The paint goes on white, but dries clear-frosted.
  • I did this to our front door sidelights too (photo below), and we decorated it with gems while the paint was still wet.  Keep in mind, once dry it just peels right off so no need to worry about mistakes.

Santa Pillow (this one is square)

More Santa Pillows I love

Candy Cane Sign (chalk board)

Ornament Wreath

Red & White Ribbon

Red Garland & Foil Candy Canes (Dollar Store)

Faux Wood Burning Fireplace

Tabletop Deer Head (gift from kids HomeGoods ’16)

Gallery Glass Supplies:

(see brief instructions above)

Liquid Leading 

Instant Lead Lines

Crystal Clear Glass Paint

What a gorgeous idea to decorate a "candy cane door" for Christmas. She also used gallery glass to make her window look frosted!

Peppermint Starlight Candy Wreath

Modern Vintage Style Mantel

Left Over Christmas Tree Swag Wreath









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14 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    Looks GREAT to me from NY, love, Dad

  2. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Love your door with gallery glass. The frosted privacy is nice isn’t it along with the look of lines. Your decorations are so pretty and happy, isn’t that what counts? Love the wide ribbon dangled,perfect addition. Your so lucky to have those great transom windows,the extra light is fantastic.
    Think it’s time I did our windows with gallery glass in living room, have one on each side of l/r (have single wide mfg. home 16×80). One of windows faces west, making it hot by that window in afternoon in summer. That or wanted to put shutters in that window and gallery glass on side that faces East. Any ideas for me?
    Love how you and your Dad message back and forth on here.
    Can hardly wait to see parts 2-4 with your decorations tour. I love and admire many of your decorating ideas and seeing your home. Enjoy rest of weekend I’ll be out digging in shed for holiday decorations and making things.

    • Julie says:

      JaneEllen, have you used Gallery Glass before? It is so simple to use. The first time I tried it was at our very first house in the bathroom. It was an old very small sliding window. I put roses on it. It was one of the patterns they offer. I could kick myself for not taking the window w us. I guess that would be pricey ?. Enjoy your Saturday! Next up is our porch!

  3. Kathy Grey says:

    I love the door! Very festive!

  4. Nancy says:

    Such fun! I love the Santa pillow because my Nana made Christmas skirts for my cousin and me out of that fabric when we were girls. The swag with candy canes is something I do too!

  5. Jan says:

    Thanks . . . your post is bubbling over with great ideas!

  6. Ivory says:

    Happy Holiday’s! I to, love your candy cane decorative door, as well as your Santa pillow. Your mantel is fabulous.

  7. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    Beautiful! All decked out for the holidays.
    Love the red and white candy stripe decorations.
    I have always decorated the inside of our doors; not only the front door but all of the inside doors; bedroom, bathroom doors, etc. and every room was decorated with some sort of Christmas tree,( each with different theme) including the bathrooms. Yes, my dear, I would have a tree decorated for the bathrooms; small counter top tree but a tree just the same.
    Needless to say, I went all out when it came to decorating the inside of the house.
    Now, as I have gotten older, a few years ago I have cut back on the decorating and have had our 2 daughters go through our decorations to pick out what they wanted to use for their own homes.
    Love that Santa pillow by the way

    • Julie says:

      That is amazing, Colleen. I never did a tree in the bathrooms, but sounds so cute. I also don’t blame you for cutting back.

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