Blue & Green Bottle Decorating


One of the worst days turned into one the best days.  My two teens and I were at the local thrift store and I was on the search for anything pretty.  ANYTHING.  You know…”speedy thrift store eye skimming” at it’s best.  I’ve gotten very good at it, how about you?  I can skim a thrift store faster than you I bet  😆  Maybe we can race sometime?  So, anyhow, this is how the “Blue & Green Bottle Decorating” got started…try not to skip the story, it’s scary, but an important reminder.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

I bee-lined left, and they went right with their own missions to complete for costumes they were designing.  We’ve been to the thrift store so many times, we didn’t bother to say where or when we would meet.  It’s a fairly large store in a fairly safe neighborhood, and all 3 of us usually take about 10 minutes and meet up towards the register.  I quickly found that unique green bottle that looks like a big perfume bottle and was satisfied.  10 minutes was up, so I started looking over the aisles of clothes racks and spotted my youngest easily.  I asked her if she knew where the oldest was and she said, “No, I haven’t seen her.”  We casually started looking in the usual areas she would be in.  We circled the building TWICE.  By the end of the first circle, I panicked.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

Everything and everyone around me seemed like a big set up.  My imagination went haywire and the old woman looking at us was now the enemy.  The man looking at CD’s was there only to fool me into thinking it was really a thrift store.  Honestly, I think I lost my mind.  My daughter was no where to be found.  NO WHERE.   Yes, I checked the dressing rooms.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

I ran up to the counter and told the young man to tell my daughter to come to the front desk on the loud speaker.  He did it, but I continued to glide through the isles like a mad woman.  About 5 minutes (seemed more like 30) had passed and I became weak and very shaky.  I was in pure panic mode at this point and my youngest was looking at me with eyes of fear.  My shaky sweaty hands pulled out my cell phone and I called 911.  They asked where I was and I couldn’t remember the town.  At this point I almost ran out the back door to see if I could locate her or anyone that was working back there.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating & Palm Leaf Pillows

Then finally, the dark clouds slowly lifted.  She appeared out of no where like an angel with a beautiful smile on her face.  I started crying and she was so confused as to why and what was wrong.  I told the police to cancel the emergency and all was fine.  Turns out she was in the dressing room, but I missed her.

It honestly was one of the worst 10 minutes of my life, and I’m sure for my youngest as well.  We hear so many stories on the news and we are literally filled with fear even if we don’t realize it.  I basically just lost control of my thoughts.  I let fear and my imagination take over and I was consumed by what I fear most.  I’m happy to say that our thrift store “plan” has been updated and we will stick together from now on.

After the shakes and nausea subsided I remembered the pretty green bottle in my hand.  My youngest threw the jacket she found on the counter and said she didn’t even want it anymore.  I told her to go get it and we did get it for her.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

So, there you have it.  That pretty green bottle on the right started it all.  I will never forget what that bottle represents.  When I got it home I realized how much I loved the green up against our teal blue sofa.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

One thing led to another and I collected different shades of green & blue bottles (see similar styles in my sources below) to place on a console table behind the sofa, in front of the big window.  I’ve been wanting to add color to the sofa and this finally satisfied me.  You may notice that little blue jar by the famous green bottle I had from my Mom and that is actually from AVON back in the day.  I keep buttons in it.  I’m absolutely in love with how it all lights up in front of the window.  I added the green glass votives up above in the hanging candle chandelier as well.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

The palm (banana leaf) pillows and palm leaves (see sources below) came in secondary thanks to my youngest.  She picked them out and I was shocked at how beautiful this all flowed.  Almost like a tropical paradise.

Palm Leaf Pillows

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

Whoops, wait a minute, hold up!  Where in the world did that glass and brass coffee table come from?  Well now, that is a whole other story that I will be telling soon.  I thought I would give you a sneak peek of it today with my cell phone photos.  Isn’t it cool?  I know it might take you back to the 70’s a bit, but that’s what I like, especially up against the mid-century modern sofa 😀 .  I’m not finished with it yet, so stay tuned.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

So, do you like the bottle collection as much as I do?  I’ve left some sources for you below if you want to try this look in your own home.  Don’t forget to check the thrift store and your cabinets first.  Also if you don’t want a full table of them, maybe just 1 will do it.  Remember, you can use any assortment of styles, shapes and blue/green shades to get this look.  That’s the fun part-making it unique to you.

Beautiful Blue & Green Bottle Decorating

Beautiful blue & green glass bottle decorating ideas I never thought of!

Beautiful blue & green glass bottle decorating ideas I never thought of!

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Green Glass Gallon Jug

Green Glass Bottle 

Green Hobnail Jar (comes in dark blue too)

Turquoise Glass Bottle

Light Blue Jug

Green Vase 

Thin Green Vase

Blue Vase

Light Blue Vase

Palm Banana Leaf Pillows

Palm Banana Leaf Pillow Covers

Faux Palm Leaves

Green Votives

Glass Leaf Dish

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31 Responses

  1. Marburke says:

    Where did ypu purchase that lovely velvet Teal sofa?very chic..I’m going crazy trying to find a navy blue,Chesterfield velvet/ chenille sofa! That’s affordable! ….under $2k …..the bottles look tropical & Palm Beach

    • Julie says:

      Hi Marburke, There is a link to the sofa right after the 5th photo. I am still in love with it. Very high quality and we all love it. ~ Julie

  2. Joanie says:

    Julie: I really like the glass bottles. They look great with your sofa. I like seeing some color in blogland too!

  3. JaneEllen says:

    Since blue and green bottles are some of my favorite items to decorate with, oh boy do I love yours along with green candle holders on chandy. Those aren’t just any bottles, they’re superb, love shapes. Everybody who goes to Grand Junction Goodwill must know am on way as we get there, on Sr. discount day of course and it seems all the pretty bottles are gone, bummer. So now what do I look for: decorative tins for food, yup, none to be found.
    Maybe should get my lazy old fanny up earlier to beat everybody else to them. Then have to ask myself if I want bottles or tins that badly.
    Anyway, your bottles are perfect on table behind that gorgeous sofa. Wanna sell me that table?
    Have great weekend

    • Julie says:

      Hi JaneEllen! You caught me on here checking for comments and I was so happy to see your sweet one. You crack me up!! I have been in line at thrift stores before where I almost asked the lady in the check out line in front of me if she would sell me her score. We are so funny! Have a great Saturday XO ~ Julie

  4. Karleen says:

    Julie, thanks, what pretty display of bottles, etc. I also started out with a large green looking perfume bottle and then went crazy! Love crazy. I do have a perfume collection I have been adding to since 2000. I collect only ones I have a connection with. But I guess I have connected with just about all of them. I also love thrift shops, antique stores, goodwill shopped in all of them. I love your website. (I’m a redhead too) and look forward to all future ones.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Karleen, I think I should start collecting perfume bottles! I wonder where you find them the most? ~ Julie

  5. Linda of No.Cal. says:

    YIKES !!– soooooo glad all ended well. HUGS !!!
    The bottle collection against the blue couch is stunnng.
    Linda of No.Cal.

  6. Ann says:

    Hi Julie,
    So calming and peaceful and I love the pillows! Your story brought me back to a time my youngest now 23, was shopping with me at Target. He was about 2/3 years old and very mischievous, never liked to sit in a cart. He promised me if he got out of the cart he would stay right next to my side. Well, you know what happened…. I looked he was gone, I searched under the clothing racks, in the fitting rooms, gave the sales clerk a description of him. I am in panic mode. They finally closed the store, gave some type of code yellow or red over the loud speaker and wouldn’t let anyone leave the store. I thought my life was over. A security guard asked me to come with him, he opened the fitting room door, and there was my son laying up on the bench in the sitting room giggling. I didn’t know if I want to scream, cry, yell…. you get the picture. I think I hugged him and walked out of the store without buying anything in my cart. Funny how you remember little things like that. Thanks for sharing and I love the cool, calm and peaceful room you created.

    • Julie says:

      OH MY GOODNESS, Ann!!! Thank goodness he was there, what a story that is, and what a little rascal. That is very good to know that stores can do that, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing your story!! ~ Julie

  7. Rhonda says:

    Girl I felt your pain looking for your daughter. Praise God all ended up well. Blue and green my favorite color and I think it’s Gods! My grankids say,” how do you know gran?” Well, the sky is huge, it’s blue and after sailing around for 10 years all that blue and green water had to be. Not forgetting the trees and grasss. Anyway, my fav colors also and just love the room. Have a great day and thanks for sharing..????

    • Julie says:

      Hi Rhonda, I think you are right! I never thought of it that way, but you are right!! Have a great weekend~ Julie

  8. LOVE/// I use turquoise bottles in my bathroom window shelf in Florida..I also have a clear sunburst one. One day I will put colored water in it but I like the contrast. Maybe yellow water so you can see the sun burst. I have purchased all of my bottle at garage sales. Love the use…I have an amber chlorox bottle in my laundry room. Love bottles, even mason jars.

    • Julie says:

      I am with you, Cookie! I love all bottles, jars, glasses, ha ha…pretty much glass anything. I wish I was in Florida enjoying some warmth. It’s cold up here today! ~ Julie

  9. Myrene says:

    So relieved your daughter was safe-n-sound.
    You’re a good mother along with a great GWill expertise.
    Always enjoys your decor tips!
    Keep it coming & enjoy being a loving mother.

  10. Diane says:

    Julie, the sofa link is not working.

  11. Dad says:

    One Great Story, Scary, Glad all is fine, love, Mom and Dad

  12. carol says:

    I can understand your fear Julie; the very worst is to have anything happen to our children!! Glad it turned out well. I have always loved blue and green together; sky & grass, painted walls & curtains, carpeting & comfy chairs, clothing, jewelry etc etc etc. It just feels ‘right’, like nature. Your display with the sofa ad the window light behind is awesome. It reminds me when I was a little girl; I’d put colored water in jars and set them in my bedroom window. It’s a happy thing to do.

    • Julie says:

      Carol I almost used a clear glass vase and colored water, but was worried Sylvia would jump in ha ha. She would be all blue wiskered! ?

  13. ColleenB. says:

    Beautiful. Love the colored glass. With the sunlight hitting them makes the room feel warm all over.
    Scary when we can’t find our children but glad everything turned out ok. Great to hear that all is well and ended well.

  14. I love your collection of colored glass, they are all so beautiful!

  15. BETTE QUERIN says:

    Hi Julie:
    I do not have a brick fireplace but had a beautiful medium oak one. Last year my son painted it white and it sure made the room light up. I think I will get some coloured glass bottles to make it pop. Also just love what you did with the coffee table.
    Bette from Canada

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