Christmas Tree 2016


This year’s Christmas tree 2016 is different.  If you’ve been following along for the last 5 years you know that I won’t get anything but a fresh real Christmas tree.  In fact, if you would have told me I would be decorating a faux Christmas tree even 2 years ago, I would have told you that you are cray cray.

Well, it turns out I am the cray cray one for not giving it a try sooner.  Many thanks go to Tree Classics for providing this beautiful Christmas tree for our family.

Here’s how the story went…you may need some hot chocolate for this.


My tree came in 2 boxes, and they were pretty heavy.  I was in my pj’s and slippers, but I scurried out there anyway and brought them in.  I had a million other things on my plate that day, so I left them in the middle of the foyer for my cat to sniff and sleep on.


Then, that night (remember now, we usually get a real tree and my husband looks very forward to that) my husband came home and asked what the heck are in the boxes.  I told him, and he didn’t seem too excited.  He knew that I would need his help and he knew it was not a real tree.  Well, obviously.

So, we got busy.


The directions were simple and it didn’t take long before it was up.  One thing I didn’t realize is that you have to “fluff” the tree while you’re putting it up.  That is the part that takes the most time, but if you have a partner, it goes by quick.  I also had wine, so that always helps.

Next thing you know…POOF!


Isn’t it beautiful?  Look for Sylvia our rescue kitty in the next one…she lives under the tree.  I think she thinks she’s a tiger in the jungle.


So, before I tell you a little about the decorating…this is the EXACT tree you see in these photos (just in case you want one):

Tree Classics 9ft Fraser Fir


How lucky was I, that Tree Classics also mailed me 2 big beautiful boxes (I’m not joking the boxes are pretty, too) of ornaments.  I had so much fun with these.  I have been known to play with the ornaments before I put them on the tree.  Do you do that?

I should also tell you, that some of these ornaments like the “Joy” sign, and big red & gold balls came from the dollar store.  Oh snap.

And of course I had to have our family’s special ornaments on there from years past, including ones I made as a kid, our girl’s made, and a few vintage ornaments from the tree I grew up with.  In my personal opinion, no Christmas tree should look like it was in a department store.  It should be “unique” to your family’s personal history.


Wait a minute.  Did you see the red & white “ribbon curl”?  You can see it above, or below.  I’ll wait while you look.


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Those curls happened just by chance.  You see, I was having a very difficult time getting the ribbon around the tree. It was driving me crazy, so I gave up and sat down for a sip of vino.  As I was sipping, I noticed a “ribbon curl” on the floor.  I picked it up, and placed it in the tree.  Boom.  The “Ribbon Curl” was born.  (Most ribbon curls on it’s own after you cut it, so there really is no work here.  Just cut the preferred length, and stick the curl in your tree.)

Just look at all those beautiful ribbon curls…and I should also mention that tree skirt is just some old “white tulle” I use to drape over our bed.  I had it up in the cabinet for years.  It makes the tree look like it is floating on a cloud?  Or possibly even in a pile of snow?

Click these blue links to shop Christmas tree skirt “white tulle“, or  red & white striped ribbon for “Ribbon Curls”.  Keep in mind I used approx. 10 yards of tulle, but I could have used more or less.

Use tulle under your tree for "snow".  It's really cheap, too!

Now, if you’re wondering if I’ll use this tree next year?  The answer is a big evergreen YES.  I am completely impressed with the “life-like” appearance of this tree, and the overall quality is very high.

Advantages to a faux pre-lit Christmas tree:

  • It’s pre-lit, so there is no hassle with the lights.
  • No mess with needles, bugs.
  • Less of a fire hazard.
  • Easier to decorate than a real tree because the limbs are stronger.
  • No allergies.
  • No watering.
  • Less time.
  • Easier.

Disadvantages to a faux pre-lit Christmas tree:

  • No pine smell.

EEK.  See, I told you I was crazy not to try this before.


If you’re interested in Tree Classics “Extra Large Storage Bag” you can find that HERE.  I can’t wait to try mine.  Talk about convenient.


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46 Responses

  1. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Gorgeous. I love your tree.

  2. Pam says:

    I’ve had 2 Tree Classic trees. Love them both. I decorate like you. My tree tells a story and the ornaments have a history behind them. Including the little styrofoam ball with 3 sequins on it. LOL

  3. Debbie Manno says:

    LOVE your tree! Looking so beautiful Julie.

  4. Christina in FL says:

    Julie, if I put up a Christmas tree, I’d be all over this one!! Completely gorgeous!!!

  5. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Gorgeous Tree along with an adorable fur baby

  6. Nancie says:

    Your tree is gorgeous, Julie! Love the special family ornaments. I too have a beautiful faux tree that really looks real. Plus it fluffs on its own. If you are missing the pine smell, Michael’s carries SentSicles in several different scents. They really work! Love your sweet kitty! My kitty Holister, (Holly for short), loved to sleep under the tree. We all miss him so! Enjoy your new tree!

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Nancie, I just ordered some. lol Ohhhh what a cute name for a cat. We are so blessed with our pets. Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Linda of No.Cal. says:

    “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…” ?
    Beautiful !! The tulle does make it look like it is in snow. PERFECT.
    I can’t let go of the real tree and needles everywhere… YET. ?
    MeRrY ChRIsTmaS to you and yours! -L

  8. Carol says:

    Gorgeous tree! Did your husband change his mind about a faux tree?

    • Julie Fiato says:

      That is a really good question, Carol. He is an avid outdoorsman, so I highly doubt it…however he did say this WAS EASIER. I think the older we get, the more we will use it. He is 50 and I’m 47 so lets see what he says in 10. 😉

  9. Jan Fusco says:

    I can tell you one more con for an artificial tree.
    We have a fairly nice artificial tree that we purchased 5 years ago. We used it the first year then for the next 3 years I did a real tabletop tree which I did love. This year I decided to get out the full size artificial tree. I love that each section has a plug that you plug right in to the pole of the section. No connecting cords down the tree. Then when you put the sections together they light up. Mine was beautiful until the second day when I turned it on and a small area in the top section was out! Now I have to take all the ornaments off in that area and try to find the problem which I probably won’t which will drive me crazy and I’ll get rid of it. Wish me luck.

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Oh no, Jan…I am so sorry that happened. It has actually happened to me with real trees after it is finished. It is so frustrating. I have been known to ignore it, lol. What brand tree is it so we know not to get that one? Can you add a short strand of lights just to that branch?

  10. Pat Fowler says:

    It is beautiful, Julie!

  11. Sonia says:

    Thumbs up!!! Love it!

  12. Cindy says:

    Love your tree. I also like the traditional Christmas colors. I don’t have good luck with prelit trees, so this year I finally found a beautiful flocked tree with no lights. I put my own lights on the tree. I like your style.

    • Julie Fiato says:

      I have always wanted to try a flocked tree. Well, maybe not always, I just noticed them last year, lol. The lights on this tree are so beautifully tucked in, I hardly notice they are there except when I turn it on. So far so good. Knock on wood! Merry Christmas, Cindy!

  13. Bette says:

    Hi Julie:
    Beautiful tree, we finally got an artificial one too. You are a gal after my own heart. Like you I have so many ornaments from my past, especially one’s from my dear sweet Mom. It’s a fun time of the year.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and may God bless all the unfortunate people in the world.

  14. Janet says:

    Beautiful tree. Tip for the pine smell — buy a Thyme Frazier Fir air freshener ( about $5 ) and hang inside tree. Very realistic fragrance!

  15. erika says:

    Fabulous tree, Julie. I especially love that you left the large mirror behind the tree, so as to see it in all it’s glory. I understand why your kitty loves it. Now, if only a wind up mouse were to go rolling past her, that she could pounce on. 🙂 The ribbon curls were such a good idea! I also, thought “clouds” when i spied the white tulle.

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Erika, If a mouse darts by Sylvia, she will take the entire tree down, lol. Honestly, we did wire it to the balcony above for when we were away at TG. The mirror is attached to the wall, too. I drive my husband nuts. lol Have a great weekend!! ~ Julie

  16. Laura says:

    I use some fluffy, white, cottony fabric – that was used for shipping our new furniture – to serve as ‘snow’ under our creche. There’s so much of it that I can change it out every year and still have some to use for other projects. It drives my dear hubby crazy when I say, “Wait, I can use that for something!” And, lo and behold, it might not be immediately, or even a year or so, but whatever it was gets used somehow. Oh, sweet vindication!! Love your blog!

  17. Darlene James says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Julie! We are putting up our first “pretend ” tree this year. Three years of total rehab and no tree was horrible for sure but now … can’t wait. A spot for “special” ornaments filled with memories take priority of course. Merry Christmas

  18. Ellen says:

    Julie – love your tree and your ribbon curls! We’ve had “forever” trees (hate the word fake) for years due to allergies. To get the fresh tree smell in the house I’ve always bought a fresh evergreen wreath to lay on our glass coffee table with a fat round candle inside it. There is nothing like the smell of fresh evergreens! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Julie Fiato says:

      And another beautiful idea!!! Thank you Ellen…I hate the word fake too! Forever tree is perfect. ~ Julie

  19. Janet Cole says:

    The picture with your kitty under the tree could be a Christmas card – so sweet!

  20. Edith Weldon says:

    I so love your forever tree journey and your tree is truly vision!! So enjoy all of your creative visions, the tulle is gorgeous!! Thank you for this beautiful share and your constant inspirational posts! I too believe your tree tells your family story!! Merry Christmas!!

  21. sandi brower says:

    The tree is gorgeous! I love the idea of using Tulle as the tree skirt!!

  22. carol says:

    I love your tree!! Merry Christmas to you and your Family; So glad to see Sylvia enjoying the new tree.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Carol! Thank you so much…Sylvia is under there right now taking her mid day nap. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours! XO ~ Julie

  23. Shelley says:

    It is a cold and rainy December 1, and I am putting up my tree today! I have been trying to decide if I want to keep getting real trees or get a faux tree, but so far the real has prevailed.
    I buy my tree at Home Depot, very reasonably priced. But the main reason I get it there is they cut off the bottom and any tree branches that are in the way for a tree stand, and throw the branches in a bin. They are free for the taking and I usually load up with them to decorate my mantle. Since they are branches from different types of trees, they are beautiful and very fragrant. My suggestion is, even if you use a faux tree, buy something at Home Depot, and walk through the tree section and gather some Christmas tree branches for greenery around the house— I believe just that much will make your house smell heavenly.

  24. Bette says:

    Hi Julie:
    I can’t believe I have been following you for almost 5 years. That really says good things for your site, so entertaining and original. Love your tree it is gorgeous and the skirt is too. I have been doing the tulle with fairy lights underneath, it is quite pretty. Looking forward to your next email. I’m not on facebook or all the others, so I can’t follow you there.
    Cheers, Bette

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