Christmas Light Post Makeover & My Nativity Scene


Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

I have 2 sweet DIY Christmas project stories for you today, and then I will be signing off to celebrate Christmas with my family!

First up, is this cute “Christmas Light Post Makeover”.  My Dad texted me a photo of this rather dated old light post last Summer, and I wondered where in the heck he would find such a thing?

Here’s how it looked before…


What the what?  I asked him about it and he said I could have it if I wanted it.  You see…he was walking down the hall in my parent’s retirement community in Buffalo and a neighbor had put this out in the hall with a sign on it that said “FREE”.  Well, my Dad hopped on that sleigh ride right away and grabbed that sucker and took it home to see if it worked.  Indeed it did, and he figured I would find a way to make it look pretty.

Well, he was spot on.  Look at her now:

Christmas Light Post Makeover

I hopped on that sleigh ride with my co-pilot Dad, and I brought this thing through Canada and back home with me to Michigan.  It sat in our garage until a of couple weeks ago when I got busy cleaning her up.

It really was quite simple, but turned out so pretty!

From trash to treasure! What a cute idea for Christmas...

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After a little dusting, I painted it white and it only took about 2 1/2 coats.  The last 1/2 a coat was mainly on the top lantern area.

After it dried, I wrapped the thick red ribbon around it and secured it with tiny nails.  Then I tied the big bow on top.

Lastly, I added a vintage light bulb like this one: VINTAGE BULB.  What a difference those light bulbs make.


It really was such an easy little makeover.  What makes me love it even more, is that my Dad and I partnered up on this one.  I now have it displayed in our hall, but I have had fun moving it around.

Thanks, Dad…we did good!

Wait..there’s more~


I promised 2 DIY Christmas projects, so I shall deliver..

This beautiful “Vintage Nativity Scene” is also very special to me and I actually had nothing to do with it.   My brother, Bobby, made this in ceramic class in 1975.

Beautiful Vintage Nativity Scene

I was 10 years younger than Bobby, so I wasn’t old enough to go to the ceramic class yet, but I remember him bringing home the beautiful pieces he had painted.  I look at it now and am amazed at how perfect his painting actually was.  Look at all of those details, and shadings…

DIY Vintage Nativity Set

As most of you know, my brother passed away at the age of 35.  I inherited his nativity set that my Mom would proudly display on her cedar chest every Christmas.  It’s a tradition I honor.  Each year, I have my kiddos unwrap each delicate piece, kiss Jesus, and then set up the scene.  We do the same when it comes time to wrap them back up for safe keeping.

Here you can see Bobby’s initials engraved in the bottom.



From my family to yours…Merry Christmas!


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31 Responses

  1. Susan Waller says:

    Where did you get your cool light bulb? Are they easy to find?

  2. Jan says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Jan
    PS If you figure out how to clone your Dad next year, I get dibs.

  3. Ivory says:

    So precious! So special! So cute! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Patsy says:

    What a great Nativity scene! What memories it holds! Glad you get to show the love and share the love of you and your brother with your children! Awesome!

    The lighted post is a great find and you and your dad did a great job!

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Patsy

  5. Ken Bosso says:

    Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  6. Kathy Hansen says:

    Your brother’s nativity set is painted, antiqued beautifully!

  7. erika says:

    Oh my gosh! You Dad has a very good eye, spotting that lamp post and you did an awesome job of beautifying it. Love it.

    Your nativity scene is so very special since your brother took such care in making and painting it. What a wonderful way to have your brother there with you at Christmas. It’s such a beautiful, large and getting old, set.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and i look forward to seeing your upcoming posts in the new year.

    God bless

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Thank you, Erika! Lots of fun ideas coming in 2017…I am looking forward to it, too. Merry Christmas! ~ Julie

  8. Dad says:

    Thanks, a great job for sure, love, Dad

  9. Rhonda Kiessling says:

    Beautiful Nativity! What a treasure made by your brother.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. Becky says:

    Julie ~ I especially loved see your nativity set that your brother Bobby made in ceramics class. He did a really good job! ~ I made a Santa Claus plate & one of those big ceramic Christmas trees about the same time, way back when!…and I still have those pieces too! ~ I love that you honor your brother’s memory by having him still be a part of your lives, by using the nativity scene in your décor. I didn’t notice if there was an angel with that set, but I would say Bobby is for sure! ~ (our angels r always with us, I believe that)…. I hope you have a wonderful weekend this Christmas ~ I have really enjoyed all your beautiful ideas & creations you made this month, as always, thank you for sharing!
    @->–>—– Love, Becky Tanner

  11. Becky says:

    Forgot to tell u too…….the white painted light is really cool! Tell your Dad that was a score find! It’s very cheery ~~

  12. Deborah Evans says:

    Both are so beautiful and love the stories to go with them. Your right the painting is just amazing.
    Merry Christmas.


    i just love your site…wonderful ideas and the easy ways of doing the things like this porch lite and how life is treating you and letting us enjoy it with you …and yes your brothers painting is just beautiful…enjoy life and have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your family

  14. Judy says:

    Your beautiful Nativity and its story brought tears to my eyes. What a treasure for your family, and every year it continues to bring joy to you and honor your brother. May you and yours be blessed this Christmas and always.

  15. Catherine Cooper says:

    Thanks Julie, for sharing a great story about the Nativity display! It is truly lovely.
    Your light fixture is just great! Thanks to Dad for sharing it, and kudos to you for such a great “rescue”!

  16. Debbie says:

    How cool is that!! What a neat makeover. Love your nativity too Julie. Merry Christmas my little buddy and family too. Xo

  17. LOVE the Lamp Post. Great job, Julie you are the best. Thank you and have a very….Merry Christmas.

  18. Dad says:

    Come to find out the lady in the apts husband made it for her years ago before he passed away, he was a carpenter, and also made 4 small ones 6in each in her small apt, she kept those, another bit of info they lived in our apt before he passed away and she moved to one bedroom apt, amazing, love, Dad in NY

  19. Dad says:

    Update, Just showed the lady the updated version of her husbands Lamp, she loved it and said he would of been so proud of what you did, the four little ones is because they had four kids, one for each, she will not give up those, love to all, Dad in NY

  20. carol bittner says:

    Another fab find (thanks to Dad in NY). I love what you did with it; great accent wherever you put it!

  21. carol bittner says:

    The nativity set is truly a treasure for you and your family; a tradition for your daughters to carry on. Thank you for sharing this post.

  22. Amy says:

    Turned out so cute! Your dad is the bomb girl!????
    (I think I may be developing a little crush on him, Red. Everytime I read ur posts, I find myself quickly skimming thru first to see if u mention him. Lol)

  23. Michele Terry says:

    Yay for dad!! That is so cute!

  24. Bette Querin says:

    Hi Julie:

    Just opened your email and saw the lamppost and fell in love with it.
    You say you found it in Canada, Wish I could find one like it. I might get my husband to make me one. How is it wired, looks like the post is hollow.

    It looks so nice as an outdoor Christmas decoration.

    Cheers, Bette

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