Laundry Room Makeover Plans


I’m turning the tables today.  And I don’t mean I’m turning them upside down to paint them.  I mean I’m turning them over to you.

I want to make some some BIG changes in our laundry room and I need your help figuring it out.  Here’s what it looks like now…


It’s cute, and all, but I’m tired of it.  Here’s why:

1.  The wallpaper was a mistake from the beginning.  It’s too busy, and I have no idea what I was thinking when I chose it.  It makes me dizzy.

2.  The rug has been wonderful, but it’s wearing out.  I need something that can hold up to traffic & dirt.

3.  The curtains are already gone, and I really don’t want curtains there.  Not sure what to do, any ideas?

4.  I already painted the cabinets, so they are staying white, but what about the knobs (see below)?

5. The faucet was just updated HERE, so that stays.

6. I’m not sure about the chandelier?  Should it stay or go?  Want to buy it?   😆

7.  Anything else?  How about the clock & wall art?  “U Fold Laundry”…I mean seriously, what I thinking with that?  I already know I fold laundry!


So, can you help a redheaded girl out?

I want it to look FRESH and CLEAN.  When I walk in this room I want to feel clean as a daisy.  Not dated and dusty.  Get the idea?


[Please leave your ideas & comments below.]

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  1. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    I agree, the wallpaper should go. I like nice clean painted walls in the laundry. You could do a chair rail and two colors or you could do some kind of molding design on the bottom. For the window I would use a shutter or a fabulous woven blind. I would also add doors to the closet area. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  2. Dad says:

    Are the Washer/Dryer Stackable?? love, Dad

  3. Laura says:

    The chandelier must go! Something sparkly and pretty would be much better. The old one is too heavy.
    Do you NEED curtains or anything on that window? It would look great just letting in the light w/o any treatment.
    The signs and the clock – nope and nope
    Love the knobs – they are very you! More of this please.
    I do love the way the color in the rug kind of goes with the wallpaper. What new color scheme are you thinking? You should paint the inside of the closet all white to make it brighter. ?
    Add some mercury glass accents?
    Oooohhhh how about a wood wall around the window? You are good at that … 🙂 Would look great with an old mirror!

  4. Not that bad! If you insist of keeping white cupboards, how about some Waynes Coating on the walls (moisture smart also)… white or natural. White, black, and red/rust or blues depending what you like. Why is there a chair by the window instead of at the cut in desk area? Sheer or lace or bamboo window treatment if you need privacy – otherwise huge floor plant or hanging plant(s) or maybe a stained glass window. Remove the shelf thing under cupboard and/or add some indirect lighting under there … or grow lights for plants. Plants love humid laundry rooms and add fresh air and life. Rug will reveal itself for busy-ness … I love indoor outdoor hemp/tweed rugs – they come in lots of colors and styles now … but natural would look awesome if you went with wood tone Waynes Coating. There is always the awesome black laundry room … which I am going to copy (I put link in “website’ space) Good Luck – Whatever you decide will be beautiful, I’m sure. – Kathryn

    • Julie says:

      Good question…the nook is not a desk, it’s too high. We transformed the closet for folding laundry, but we mostly use it for laundry baskets. The chair is by the window for when we put our shoes on. This is the place we all put coats, shoes on. Plus I love the chair 😉 I love the idea of a plant. Very SMART! I never would have thought of that for privacy. Thanks girl, going to check out the link! ~ Julie

  5. JaneEllen says:

    Could make pretty simple valance with strings to give it some oomph like they’re holding more up. I love gray and white, they make any room look so clean at any time.
    Other ideas I had have been spoken for by previous commentors. You’ve got us thinking.

    Hope you have great weekend

  6. Karen says:

    I would paint the walls a soft sage color as I think it would compliment the cabinets. Try glass knobs on the cabinets. I would use bead board behind the washer/dryer. Need new wall decor…perhaps a nice painting. (Black & White). I would look for a neutral/earth tone rug to keeps it light and airy. You could use a Roman Shade on the window, but I would keep it raised most of the time. Good luck!

  7. Sandi Weiler says:

    Put shoals on the bottom of the walls. Shutters on the window. Find some neat material and put on the shelves(like a curtain) so you can’t see what’s on the shelf.
    The chandelier needs to be very simple Maybe in black. New knobs In black. Simple simple.use a sisal material rug it doesn’t show lint and threads like something dark. Voila will look great.

    Good luck

  8. Sandi Weiler says:

    Really. above reads incorrectly. It is suppose to say ship lap.Not shoals. My kindle has a mind of it’s own.

    Good luck

  9. Pat Bromley says:

    Add a counter over the machines? Maybe wood finished to match the cabinets? I love my counter because it makes the machines look built in.

  10. Carol says:

    I love the look of a simple valance using barn wood either stained or painted & distressed to your color preference.

  11. Barbara says:

    I have a strong dislike for exposed appliances. I would build a cabinet around them with doors that slide out of the way (down the side of the interior cabinet sides) when in use.

  12. karen says:

    I would put a roman shade up. No wallpaper. Maybe black and white rug ,on storage side take down the top shelf and leave open.Maybe a white chair and desk where the shelf is and put wire baskets on a straight shelf.Hard to describe.But you will make it look great.

  13. Patti says:

    I’m redoing my laundry room too. Went onto Pinterest and saw a ton of cute ideas. One thing is for sure, I’m doing shiplap on the walls. Only 2/3 of the way up. Gives a clean look and some interest. And I’m doing a chandelier but one crystals on it. Shabby chic look. And I would change out the cupboard pulls to oil rubbed bronze or silver. They’ll pop more on white. Also, I have a window at the end up my laundry room, similar to yours, and I’m turning it into a door that leads out to our spa. Then I’m adding a porch/veranda outside to wrap around the house. If you want to keep the window then I like the idea of Roman shades. As for the walls, paint ’em! Grey seems to be the “in” color right now but is on the cold side. I am using a buttery yellow and popping the room with reds.

  14. I would ditch the rug for a sisal one and get rid of the curtain for a cute half window shutter. You are removing the wallpaper, why not use a texture paint in a light rust color? I love your style so I have no idea why you are asking our opinions but thanks.

  15. Marianne says:

    Wish I had a room dedicated to laundry, it would be a dream. Curtains would be gone and replaced with
    shelves for plants, etc. Flooring you could design a floor cloth any size you want. Wallpaper and FOLD and LAUNDRY words (to me they are too large) would be gone and replaced with hooks and maybe a ladder that would hold my table cloths and things. Just a thought.

  16. Jan says:

    I saw some gorgeous embroidered sheers at Lowes. I’m looking for a place here at home and wonder if they would work here – would let in lots of light and provide eye candy too.

  17. DeeAnn says:

    The wall paper has to go…. to Victorian. If you want privacy without bulk, try some tall white shutters on the window. Open them for light and close them for privacy. A cute bench in front of the windows would do for your shoes and coats. I would go with grey as it looks clean and you can accents with any color and change it up when needed. Chandelier again to Victorian. Once you decide what color your going to use with the grey then go searching for a rug with some color. Just my opinion…. hope it helps.

  18. Tammy Lagaly says:

    Since you just put laundry baskets on the shelf area, why not make the entire closet into a bench/locker typer area. Bench on the bottom could be more of a storage area – basically a big box with a lid. This would be great to sit on. Above at the top you could put in some cubbies to help with storage. The back wall could be planked and have some awesome hooks for coats, laundry that you want hung to dry, etc. Or maybe a cool pull out laundry drying wrack? The walls in the room could be painted light and bright, yet warm. White or gray. Are you keeping the trim the same color? The only reason to do a window treatment would be for privacy or to add color. Something small at the top only? I love the idea of no window treatments, you have a beautiful view!!! Or your rug could provide the color you want – if any. Your chandelier is pretty but heavy. Maybe something in there with crystals. I went back and forth trying to decide on that one too – turns out the crystals refract the light so it feels twice as bright in there! As for the handles, I love them, but they are getting lost on the white. That may just be the pics on my computer though. Good luck! I can’t wait to see your finished room. I’m sure it will be as pretty as all of the rest of your house!

    • Julie says:

      Great ideas, Tammy!! My husband would be upset with me if I wanted to change the folding nook he made, lol. I’m thinking a very colorful rug…possibly striped? Hmmm…you really have me thinking over here. Thanks for your awesome ideas!! ~ Julie

  19. Connie says:

    1. Keep the chandelier. I can’t tell if those are globes or shades. If they are shades maybe update those to coordinate with a new rug. Even cover the chain with cord cover?
    2. Hang curtain panels on each side of the window, hung from the ceiling (still on the wall but high). Replace the chair with a trunk or chest so you can still put shoes on and maybe storage.
    3. Keep the knobs.
    4. Use enclosed or solid baskets on the left.
    5. Keep the clock. Add framed art work or family photos. Pictures of you putting on your shoes. haha

    • Julie says:

      Hi Connie! I love your curtain idea. I’m not sure if I’m doing curtains, but if I do, I will hang them high, thanks to you! You have fab ideas. ~ Julie

  20. Anne Coles says:

    My laundry room is the cellar. Everything in your room looks lovely to me. I’m sure what you accomplish will look lovely. Could you send me the wallpaper, please?

  21. Chrystal says:

    Yes, time to update! I did mine recently and gave it a clean uncluttered look. I had taken close-up pictures of all my garden flowers and birds, and rainbows and framed them in a multi use frame. Makes me happy when I go in there.

  22. Barbara says:

    You are blessed to have an indoor laundry room. I have to go in my garage to wash. I am in Florida so hot in summer plus mosquito`s and cold in winter. I dislike the wall paper a lot. I think a sisal rug and a woven wood shade, some fresh paint, a nice painting or a classy mirror. I love the chandelier idea but a prettier one with some crystals. My style is shabby mixed with glam!!!! I can`t wait to see where you go with it.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Barbara, We lived in FL for 6 years, so I know what you are referring to! Thanks for stopping by…I love your ideas. And I don’t know what planet I was on when I chose that wall paper. lol ~ Julie

  23. Mary says:

    I think the chair should go under the shelf to make way for a plant in the window as was suggested for privacy because natural light is great. You can pull it out to use and pick the color you like for chair seat, wall paint and accent color in new rug to pull it all together. My friend and I decided we spend so much time in laundry room, why not hang pics of our loved ones in there! – maybe those unposed pics of laughing or playing with the fam. Seems like with the knobs and faucets, a new light with the silver would work well.

  24. Linda says:

    A lot of GREAT Ideas !! WOW !!
    Blk and White would look crisp and clean.
    Keep the knobs.
    Beadboard wld look great.
    Add a BLING chandelier.
    Decor for the wall Blk/White FAV FUN family pic

  25. Joanne says:

    The wallpaper must go! A freshly painted neutral color would be perfect. Absolutely no window treatments…let the natural light shine in. I would omit the carpet, for a cleaner look. Your hardwoods are beautiful! Don’t like the signs or clock…maybe a simple picture or wall plaque, somewhat distressed, that might add a special touch to the space. A simply distressed barn door to hide the shelves, and change the chandelier with something less heavy and dark.

  26. Debbie says:

    Wallpaper needs to go. Room looks too dark. I would do bead board about 42″ high painted white with buttery yellow painted walls. I would paint the wall in the desk nok area a light aqua and carry that color out with an area rug and cabinet pulls and smaller framed art work. No curtains to let in more light. If you need privacy, then a nice white blind. I would also make a cap for the washer and dryer that can be used for the folding area. A new chandelier is a must. The paint colors can be changed to complement the rest of your house.

  27. bj says:

    Well, little Redhead…I am absolutely NO help to you because if I had a laundry room THIS precious, I would put a cot in there and sleep there every night…maybe a little dorm room fridge on top of that amazing washer and dryer combo and a Keurig on one of the shelves…..that way, I might never come out.

    All kidding aside, I love it and the only thing I can suggest is a beautiful set of Plantation shutters on that window…

  28. Karen says:

    1. Wallpaper – yes remove, or simply paint it and cover over with shiplap. I love the fresh white look of it. And after looking at your home tour it could flow with your homes feel.

    2. If there is a need for a fiber rug is would get a outdoor one in black and white. Otherwise you could even do a vinyl one painted (backside of any old cheap piece ) or a purchased one. I would still stay black and white.

    3. I wood do shutters on hinges so they could cover the windows or fold back as decorative. I would use black to contrast crisply with the white shiplap. You could purchase love red ones or build upright boards with cross boards to tie them together. Either would look fabulous.

    4. Change knobs for something to coordinate with faucet or do any number of options in black.

    5. I like the faucet!

    6. Loose the chandelier. I would use a simple fixture here and let the other room elements shine.

    7. Loose the words, keep the clock. Recover the seat of the chair. Add a cute piece of artwork. A family picture in black and white especially if it’s an outdoor shot with all the trees and leaves. Or some other laundry related item.

    I really enjoyed giving my opinion ☺, and I look forward to seeing what you decide and implement!

    BTW I also live in michigan, you live in a beautiful area wherever you are.

  29. Cee says:

    I love bright colors in a laundry room. I would paint the walls with teal or an apple green. I would hang a more modern glass pendant light and change out the knobs with some chrome ones to tie in the faucet. I would look for a very colorful rug too…

  30. Carole Prisk says:

    Planked window wall (there is wallpaper that replicates that look; I saw it on Savy Southern Style’s blog). Paint on closet wall and machine walls in a neutral color. Plant in front of window ,striped or geometric patterned rug. New wall art featuring a pop of color instead of words. Everyone is doing cows, so do something else that’s quirky and fun.

  31. Shirley says:

    Firstly you are so lucky to have a separate laundry room. I agree with a lot of the previous comments. The wallpaper needs to go. Love your big window but I would paint the trim round it & on the doors White. If your view isn’t great how about shutters? ( They are so expensive here in England!).And a sisal rug? And baskets? And a shabby chic mirror?
    Can’t wait to see what you do!
    Love your blog.

  32. Ingrid Ruud says:

    Hi Julie,
    First of all, I want to tell you that I enjoy reading your blogs, they are so much fun.
    You are asking for a little help, well here goes…

    There are quite a few focal points in the laundry room, so here are my thoughts to calm it down a bit.
    – Paint the walls the same white as the washer & dryer (there are many different whites, some have blue undertones and others have yellow undertones), so it may take a little time. Paint all walls in the laundry room with low sheen paint.
    – Feature wall (window wall)- using Frog tape, alternate stripes approximately every 6 inches. Working it out mathematically would be best, the stripes would then be evenly spaced. Following that – paint every 2nd stripe using a separate can of paint in the same color, but this time use semi gloss paint. One litre would do it.
    – Black Bean Soup (Benjamin Moore) comes to mind for the shelves in the closet. Something very close to the baseboards and window casing.
    – Blind- I am visualizing a horizontal faux wood blind close to the color of the casing, it will look very classy with the soft striped white wall. Laundry rooms can get very humid, therefore a fabric blind would get moldy as time passes.
    – Hardware- to pull your lovely hardwood together with the cabinets, cinnamon or bronze knobs or handles would look great.
    – Can you place your clock on another wall and leave that space for an art piece that you can’t live without? Leave the hooks, they are functional.
    – Paint out the legs of the bench (if you don’t mind doing that) with Black Bean Soup and recover the bench with fabric that co ordinates with the new scatter rug that you find out there in the decorating world. I am a little old fashioned and like colors to match, we all know it is a personal call. Your hardwood floor looks amazing, perhaps try and pull a color from it for the carpet. The carpet and bench could be your focal points.

    I apologize for getting a little carried away. I sold my Decorating business just over a year ago and am missing helping clients with their renovating. Hopefully my website will be up and running before long, so I can play with color once again.
    Thank you for giving your readers an opportunity to help you with your laundry room. I am positive that you already have some great ideas, but trust you to engage your readers.
    P.S. Could you find a chandelier with a little more bling?

    • Julie says:

      Ingrid…I am craving bean soup, now. All kidding aside…you have great ideas. I can’t wait to reveal what we are doing! 😉 I’m thinking more subtle for a light fixture, but who knows. That jury is still out!

  33. Rachel says:

    I love everyone’s ideas. Me, I would paint the trim white, a blue, loden green (red heads look great in green) or gray paint, a braided rug because they wear like iron with kids around. Probably paint the closet/folding area to brighten it up. What an awesome husband to build shelves for you. I love the chair but it seems lonely – probably have a bench that could hold shoes for the kiddos. The clock has to stay because I usually am running from task to task. Add more hooks and Roman shades that are lined. I have been known to run for something clean out of the dryer. The Roman shades could be up for the great light. Maybe spray paint knobs to contrast on cabinets and a print in knob color. Love your site!

  34. Sheryl says:

    I would paint the walls a soft shade of your favorite color or what could blend into the color of the adjacent hall or room. I definitely would paint the woodwork and windows white. Knobs a ceramic white or satin metal to blend with appliances. To freshen, add a white lace valance (check Heritage Lace). Letters off the wall. Personally I like a French look… clean, bright, maybe a touch of rod iron hangers or hooks/towel holder, basket or two. A French bulletin board in a contrast color to your wall or the white woodwork color to post for upcoming events, pictures in the cris-cross wires. A shelfed/mirrored wall piece with hooksmfor designated hooks for f

    • Sheryl says:

      Sheryl cont….
      family members. Light exchange for brightness maybe a bell jar lamp simple design. The shelving supplies could be screened with a matching lace curtain to the valance get a large drapery hook to hold back when in use.

      K…I’m done.

  35. Debra Faltys says:

    Try bamboo shades instead of curtain

  36. Nancie says:

    First, get rid of the wallpaper. Decide on a paint color. For the window treatment, plantation shutters, or woven woods. The floor should have a jute rug, or a sisal one. Design a counter over the washer & dryer for folding clothes. It will look built in. You can also style the counter with a few glass container for soap, clothes pins, etc. On the other side of the room, I would change that closet into a mud room. Pinterest has lots of ideas on mud rooms. I would definitely install some shiplap. Some hooks for hanging. Maybe a bench on the bottom, and underneath some hyacinth baskets. A new chandelier is a must. I love crystal! The knobs need to be chrome to tie in with the faucet. Good Luck! Can’t wait to see the reveal! xo

  37. I love the wallpaper. I would change the chair to a comfortable one so you can read if you are waiting on laundry and change the rug to maybe a sisal .

  38. Cynthia Reedstrom says:

    I thought the before picture was the after!!! It’s quite lovely. Shows you what I know. Can’t wait to see the re-do. It will be gorgeous!

  39. Pat says:

    Lots of great suggestions already so not sure I could add much plus you are the pro! 🙂 I do agree that you were on a different plane or planet when you chose that wallpaper! Lol! Seriously, it needs to go ASAP! I always love black & white with gold or pops of color. Maybe add crown molding and paint it white, including all the other trim in the room. Or…you could paint it black too. If there’s no concern for privacy, leave the window open to allow light into the area. Plants would thrive too! If you do need privacy, use shutters. Of course, the chandy must be replaced with some bling! 🙂 Change the knobs, find a rug that adds color and yes, remove the words and clock. How about a beautiful mirror there? Would be beautiful with the bling of the girly chandy! I’m not one for shabby, vintage in my space so I would not distress the cabinets…of course, that’s your choice. 🙂 Shiplap is everywhere it seems so I would use Wainscoating or plain wood on the lower half of the wall. With plain wood, use a decorative trim all painted white or the color of your choice. Add pops of color with the rug and decorative items. I think adding curtains of any style, would look heavy…need light and airy!

    Just my 2 cents! 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      I like the black, white, and gold/yellow color scheme. I’m sure you can figure the rest out once you have decided on a color scheme. For inspiration, see the photos at this site:

      • Nancy says:

        Another color scheme that might work: light aqua/teal or similar with black/white. I can’t tell exactly what colors are in your granite countertop, but they seem warm. Accent with earthy textured baskets that coordinate with your granite. And don’t forget the ceiling! Make it fun – stripes, stencil, wallpaper. And yes – hang a plant/plants in the naked window, or some fun glass balls, etc.

  40. Dot says:

    Paint boarders clothes pin type blinds table for folding beautiful flower stand

  41. Laurel from PA says:

    So many great ideas already but wanted to share some thoughts. How about painting out the closet entirely in a taupe color and all the cabinets as well (pick up on a tint that is from the counter granite)? I think grey trend is at the end of its lifespan. I’m betting on a shade that combines beige and grey so that’s why I’m suggesting taupe.

    Agree with some of the comments that you may occasionally need privacy at the windows so here are my two ideas: either a light gauzy muslin that lets light in suspended from a mini-clothesline with wooden pins or shutters in a rough wood that resemble old-fashioned ironing boards. Your husband seems quite capable of making the shutters! Also, imagining the curtains would be on the lower window only and very understated and not too cutesy.

    Lots of hard surfaces in a laundryroom, so maybe a 1/2-inch glass shelf on the top half of the window supported by metal L-brackets or scrolled iron. Some plants would soften the room and the containers could be unique pottery in shades of the rooms (taupe, black, white). Like the previous suggestion from someone of using a braided rug idea in an oval with similar blend of colors.

    As suggested by another commentator, paint the walls a white that match the washer/dryer. For seating and more functionality, use a custom bench on wheels that serves as a laundry sorting table or a seat (maybe in the rough wood used in other rooms in your house).

    On the wall to the right of the window, I would suggest a few black and white photos of bygone laundry days and a the clock.

    Also, a clean-looking schoolhouse pendant and small black faucet knobs for the cabinet pulls. In all, not much in common with the room’s previous look. Spray-paint the faucet black to tie it in.

    Well, that’s as far as my first cup of coffee gets me. Time to refill my mug! Whatever ideas you decide upon, I’m positive you’ll have a room you love (and one we will envy).

  42. Kathy Hansen says:

    I would remove the wall paper and paper 1 or 2 of the walls with a wood look paper. It could be lighter in color…whitewashed or taupe but it would create texture. I am currently looking for paper for my fireplace wall in our hearth room.
    You are the Queen of painting, I would keep the chandelier for now and paint it if need be.
    I think starting with a cool wood look wall paper would inspire you to finish the rest. But definitely use wall hooks and some open shelves! Thanks!

  43. Linda says:

    From one Red to an other, you can never go wrong with Vintage and the walls Rustic. The best of luck to you Red, no matter which way you go!

  44. Valerie says:

    Keep the chandelier! I mean, who has a chandelier in the laundry room? How wonderfully girly. Prepare to repaint it once you have your new color scheme, though.

    And where do you hang things (as opposed to folding them) when they come out of the dryer?

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