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I am a Mom.  The safety of my children will always be my biggest priority.  Although this article has nothing to do with decorating or cooking, I felt this impromptu post about Pokemon Go Safety Tips was necessary not only for the benefit to my family, but for the benefit to other busy families as well.  Our children are going to read this, follow it, and if they don’t there will be consequences.

I was driving my oldest daughter who is 16 to driving school this morning (with her 14 year old sister in the back seat) and we were discussing the new app “Pokemon Go” by Niantic, Inc..  The discussion become a bit heated when I began to discuss some safety concerns I have with them playing Pokemon Go.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a pretty cool game.  In fact, I think it’s genius.  Anything that gets my teens outside moving around is GOOD in my book.

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Here are MY POKEMON GO SAFETY TIPS to help make playing “Pokemon Go” safer for our children.  These tips were developed here at my kitchen table in my own head with the help of my 14 year old daughter.

  1. Watch where you are walking at all times.
  2. STOP when you are catching a Pokemon.
  3. Be very aware of your surroundings no matter where you are playing Pokemon Go.
  4. Playing with friends is safest rather than playing alone.
  5. Do not play Pokemon Go in a secluded area or places you wouldn’t normally go.  This holds true for several obvious reason, but one of which people may not be aware of is that bad people can lure players to secluded areas.
  6. Do not ride your bike, skateboard, or hover board while playing Pokemon Go.
  7. Do not drive a car while playing Pokemon Go.
  8. Do not play Pokemon Go on the street.
  9. Do not play Pokemon Go outside at night.
  10. Be aware of people, cars, bikers, construction sites, lawn mowers, trees, ditches, ponds, ledges, hills, cliffs, and holes.
  11. Safe areas to play Pokemon Go: indoors at home, outdoors in your yard, parks, beaches, sidewalks, in the car/bus as a passenger.
  12. Parents need to be told when you are playing, and set limits on distance, and times.
  13. Don’t play/talk with strangers.
  14. If you think of a tip I missed, please let me know, I will add it to my list if I agree.

Have fun Pokemon trainers!

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