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Last week was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  It should have been one of the best weeks of my life after being featured in Detroit Home Magazine.  However, it quickly changed after 1 dreaded phone call. I feel compelled to share what happened because I think (and hope) it will bring some comfort to women who receive the dreaded “Mammogram Call Back”.  When I received my call, I felt lost, confused, and extremely scared.  Now I know *what to do to help ease that excruciating anxiety that builds during the “wait”.

I went to my annual mammogram on a Wednesday and like always, the technician told me that if they view anything suspicious, they will call me within 3 days.  On the other hand, if they don’t view anything suspicious, they will send me a letter in the mail telling me I am in the clear.

pink ribbon

I began having mammograms in my late 30’s when a nurse practitioner felt a pea size lump in my left breast.  It turned out to be nothing thankfully, and all of my mammograms since have come back “normal”.  I expected nothing different this time and looked forward to receiving the letter as always.

That weekend we had our garage sale planned so I was super busy preparing.  Every day and night I was in the garage sorting and pricing, so the last thing that was on my mind was receiving that letter.  I completely forgot I even had the mammogram.

Our garage sale was set for Friday & Saturday.  Friday went well and my husband and I closed up the sale just in time to go pick up our daughters from school.  We had a nice lunch date planned and grocery shopping after that.  We arrived home and I was laughing about something my husband said and I happen to glance over at the answering machine.  Yes, I still have an answering machine.  I listened to the message and it was a nurse from the hospital.  She was brief, didn’t give much information, except that I needed to come back for another mammogram.  She also said she was there until 3:30pm.

My wonderful mood sunk into my gut and a sheet of fear spread through my body.  My husband was right there as I listened to it again and realized the time.  They were now closed and I would have to wait the entire weekend to get more information.


I was completely frustrated and pretty pissed that our weekend was now nothing but a worried disaster.   That night I wrote to some blog friends about it because I didn’t want to worry my Mom or sisters.  It was bad enough my husband knew.  I rather not worry anyone I am close to.

Thankfully, the next morning one of my amazing blog friends talked me into calling the “on-call” Dr.  The thought had gone through my mind, and I think my husband suggested it, but it wasn’t until she said, “You have to be your own #1 advocate.”  Those words were very much needed.  I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, put on my big girl panties and call the Dr. on call and find out what the heck was going on.  So, I did just that.  I called the Dr. on call, and she called back immediately and was able to read what they found (a 4mm suspicious spot).  She confirmed that call backs are very common and from what she could tell, I had nothing to worry about.  She continued to say that my breasts are mildly dense, and they needed more views to be safe.  So…it can be very confusing.  They found the spot, but still nothing to worry about?  Which is it?

On Monday I got in touch with my Dr. and made the appt.  My Dr. confirmed what the on call Dr. stated.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t have the second mammogram and ultra sound until 5 days later, June 10th-that was their first opening.  I had to wait 5 days?  UHG.  I called each morning hoping for a cancellation, but nothing.

mammo 2

Friday finally came after a very long week and I looked at my cat and said, “Syl…this is either going to be a really great day, or a really bad one.”

Was I overly worried?  In my opinion, absolutely not.  I had full rights to my worry.

My appt. was at 1pm, but I arrived at the hospital at 11:45am.  I’m never early, but we needed this to be over.  They took me back quickly, but I was told I had to wait 15 minutes after the mammogram, then they would take me back for the sonogram, then I would have to wait 15 more minutes for the results.  I usually pick up my kiddos on Friday and we go out for pizza.  My husband switched his schedule so he could pick them up.  I was there alone.  That was tough.

While waiting to go back in for the ultra sound, I began to think about what the hell I was going to tell my kids if I needed a biopsy.  You see…our vacation was coming up, so that would have most likely been cancelled.  They have been looking so forward to it.

Then, I heard my name and the nurse called me in to tell me that they wanted MORE VIEWS.  I nearly passed out.  What the heck do they need a 3rd mammogram for?  What are they seeing?  I asked her and they have to be very vague with their answers because they just don’t have the information yet.  I had to do what I had to do.  They sent me back to the waiting room for 15 more minutes and then I finally had the sonogram.  I was now texting my husband in a state of panic.  I wasn’t able to eat anything, so my blood sugar was dropping which didn’t help.  Honestly, at this point I had lost all hope and was more on a mission to find out how to get rid of this monster growing inside of me.  The fact that they called me back twice for the images meant to me that there is in fact something WRONG.

Finally…the results.  The nurse walked me down the hall as if she was taking me somewhere.  To Heaven possibly?  She quickly turned around with a smile, and said, “You’re free to go.”

I began to cry and I wanted to hug her, but I knew that was a bit over the top.  I asked her, “Why, oh why did they have to take me back for 2 mammograms today?”  She said, “They couldn’t recreate what the first mammogram found.  There was nothing there, and the sonogram proved that.  Your breasts are clear.”

I thanked her and I went into the dressing room with the big pink ribbon on the door and just cried.  I texted my husband, “I’m clear, baby.”  Everything on that drive home seemed different.  Everything.

We celebrated with a sushi lunch and I decided to tell my girls the entire story.  I don’t like to sugar coat life with them.  They needed to know.


The hardest part of the entire experience was not that I may have breast cancer.  The hardest part for me, was thinking of my girls without a Mom.  I am so grateful that this year, my mammogram is clear.

*My advice to those of you looking for comfort during the wait:

-Call your Dr. (even if it is after hours) and find out what they found and why they want you back.  Ask for specifics.  They will tell you everything they know.  They may talk fast, so have a pencil and paper handy.  Remember “You have to be your own #1 advocate.”  Ask questions.

-Call daily for cancellations if they can’t get you in soon.

-Keep yourself very busy and don’t panic like I did.  The majority of mammogram call backs are not cancer.

-Tell your Mom, sisters, friends.  They would want to help you through it.  My Mom was upset that I didn’t tell her.  She said she would have prayed for me all that time.  I also spoke to my BFF who went through it all.  She was a huge help.  It just felt good to talk about it.  To let out those fears.  Crying helped too.

-Do not feel your breasts over and over.  My breasts were in so much pain from all of my “investigating”.  I didn’t solve anything by doing that.  In fact, I just made my boobs hurt.


pink ribbon

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  1. Trisha says:

    Thank you for sharing the experience!
    I was upset when they raised the age for starting mammograms recently and then start hearing of them finding things in women much younger.
    Just make it part of the exam people- it’s scary but we all want to know.
    Glad you’re healthy!

    • Julie says:

      I didn’t realize they raised the age. That is horrible. It should began at 30 IMPO. Thanks for your kind words, Trisha! XO

  2. Teresa Mucha says:

    The same thing happened to me. And on a Friday, too. That was one of the worst weekends I ever had. And one of the longest, but not in s good way. My issue was similar…a small spot and dense tissue. I too spent a lot of time being examined and was so scared because during the exam nothing was said. It was the quiet that was terrifying.

    But there was nothing found and now every year I pray for that letter stating all is well. It can be so scary but it is so important to catch BC early. My Mom just passed her five year milestone. That’s a celebration we are all thankful for!

    Thanks for sharing your experience to help others through a trying time.

    • Julie says:

      Oh Teresa, I wish we could have spoken at the time. As I sat in the waiting room I vowed to write about it because when I looked on line I couldn’t find anything on what to do when the call comes except make the appt. No relief for my anxiety in sight for days. Our mind can play some scary tricks on us. Congratulations to your Mom and here’s to many many many more years. XO ~ Julie

  3. Denise Masterson says:

    2 years ago my PCP found a lump and I have no history of cancer in my family. Mammogram came back a cystic. 1 year later another mammagram and this time I needed a biopsy. Then a call from my PCP office “can you come to the office asap?” my heart sank. Yes it was cancer. stage 1 and curable. now one year later, after mastectomy, chemo and IV medications. It is a tough journey.

    • Julie says:

      Denise, I am so sorry you have gone through breast cancer. I questioned whether or not this was appropriate for me to write about after my experience. There are so many different angles to view. I am hoping my decision to go forth is well received. If anything it might be a reminder for some to get their mammogram done. I admire your strength and courage to share your story with us. I am so thankful you were stage 1 and curable. Thank goodness you had your mammogram. Prayers to you from Michigan for continued good health! XO

  4. So glad you shared this. I went through the same thing about 6 yrs ago. I now have to get a routine sonogram annually along with my mammograms because of dense tissue. For the last 5 years or so they now automatically order both. That initial request was so scary, though. So glad you are all clear my friend!! xo

    • Julie says:

      Claire-I remember you having something questionable a couple years ago. Thanks so much for stopping by, I miss you! I hope things are settling down.

  5. Mindy says:

    Very similar experience here too Julie. Absolutely horrifying. The only saving grace for me is that our testing center has us wait for the results so everything you just explained happened on the same day within an hour and a half. I had to have a needle biopsy too. Scariest 1.5 hours of my life! Glad all was good for you too!

    • Julie says:

      Oh my goodness, Mindy! It was like an out of body experience. Like I’m here, but I’m not. I would be positive one second, and then planning my funeral the next. So happy you are okay! Next time we know who will be good to talk to. I’m here for you if you need me! ~Julie

  6. Dawn says:

    This happened to me 3 weeks ago after – received a call from the radiology department while I was on vacation in Aruba! Too shocked to even schedule. Luckily my doctor’s office it terrific & I received a call 2 days later (still in Aruba) saying they had scheduled it for me. Back to states on Saturday, 3D mammogram and sonogram on Tuesday. Also clear, just have some dense breast areas. Doctor said they are doing more call backs because the new digital mammograms show so much more than the old technology.

    • Julie says:

      This is really good to know, Dawn. I’m not even sure if I had 3D? I will ask tomorrow. The news always comes before or on vacation. So happy you are okay!!

  7. Rosalie says:

    Just a big hug for you. Keep on operating on all you want to do. Thanks for the info sharing.

  8. SOOO glad everything went well, Julie. What a scary experience! Thanks for the advice, too. I never would have thought to call the on-call doc. Take care!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Carrie! It definitely made me feel more in control rather than waiting. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! XO ~ Julie

  9. Tammy Lagaly says:

    Julie – I am a five year breast cancer survivor. I well remember having the first mammogram and being called back for two more also. Unfortunately my results ended differently from yours, however I think my bout with cancer has made me stronger and certainly more appreciative of everything life has to offer! I agree with you that you have too be your own #1 advocate and telling your support group is the best thing you will ever do. I will also add that sharing is caring. Until this happened I never knew that six women on my Dad’s side of the family had the exact same thing! We should share and educate so that we all know what to look for and how to handle it with grace! Thanks for sharing!! So happy that your free and clear!

    • Julie says:

      Tammy, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story. You make such a great point about talking about it. I figure if I can get 1 person to make their mammogram appt., I did what I intended. Sending you continued good health my friend!! XO ~ Julie

  10. Gwen says:

    I guess my mode is kinda like worry about my loved ones but not me. I’ve always had to have ultrasounds but this one the gal went out and back in three times. No “you’re clear”. No news at all. I had to go in to my dr to find out there is a shadow in an area so it will be repeated in six months. Ya. It’s kind of back there tucked away. I’ll have no choice when or if the time comes. My grandma, two aunts, three first cousins, oh it’s four first cousins, all of us linked to my grandma. My other aunts had cancer too. My husband too and suffers terribly from drugs used to keep it in check. But it’s a nice day. Birds sang. Butterflies flew by. My friends were busy making hourdourves and tiny cookies for my milestones celebration tomorrow night. My daughter helped me a bit tonight. I hear crickets. Now just never delay on mammograms!!! My insurance won’t let me go where the three D imaging is used? Blessings and Praise to the Lord you are healed

  11. So glad you’re ok and sorry you had to go through that!
    It’s terrifying to go through, I know (4 times with 4 very large biopsies-1 pre-cancer followed by tri-monthly MRI’s and mammos for years). Now when I go I just try to forget about it and take it one step at a time. Not easily done, but definitely a “have to do”.

    Get your Mammograms ladies!!!

  12. Pat Fowler says:

    So glad everything is okay. I have been through this, too. With my dense breasts they do the 3D now. I know what a terrifying few days this was for you and I am so sorry you had to go through this. Hugs!!!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Pat, I’m trying to find out if I had a 3-D. You would think I would have asked. Thanks so much for your kind words! They mean so much to me!! ~ Julie

  13. Dee says:

    Julie, thank you for sharing your story about your mammogram call-back. I’m sure you were frightened beyond belief, and know what a blessing and relief it was to hear you are “clear.” I’m so very happy for you and your loving family.

  14. Tammy (Pa.) says:

    WOW this made me cry, THANKGOODNESS your clear..!! My mom and my one sister has had breast cancer so far they are still clear. I can’t bring myself to make a appointment because I’m scared. Knowing sooner is better I know but I don’t have insurance either..Excuses, excuses I know. One day I’ll get one.

    So glad to hear your clear..!!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Tammy, Yep, I put it off too. I hope you go soon. I wonder if there are any free mammogram screenings in your area?

  15. Sherry Dietrich says:

    I’m 56 now but had a tumor removed from my right breast when I was 18. Turned out to be benign. I was terrriiifffiiied! Since then I was getting mammograms every year, now it’s every other year. I have other lumps but they are all benign so I don’t worry about them. But I’ve been called back more than once, but I have “dense” breast tissue so it happens, but it’s scarey being called back when you don’t know why.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Sherry, What a scary ordeal to go through at such a young age. Thank goodness it was benign. Love that word BENIGN. Thanks for sharing your story with me. XO Julie

  16. Lesley Starr says:

    So glad you are OK!!!
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    My mom has going thru this many times and always a scary time. Hope you have a Great Vacation!

  17. Pam says:

    I now have an appt. for a mammogram on June 29th. Thank you.

  18. Nicki says:

    My experience did not end as happily as yours. You can read about it on my blog. I would encourage women to get a mammogram every year regardless. If your breasts are dense pay out of pocket and have the 3-D imaging or ultrasound. Speaking from personal experience it is way less expensive than surgery, chemo and radiation. Kudos for sharing your story.

    • Julie says:

      This is great advice, Nicki. I hope you are doing okay now. I am going to stop over and read your story tonight. ~ Julie

      • Kimberly says:

        I just had my first mammogram got a call back about my right breast they wanna do a mammogram and breast ultrasound I am very scared any advise

        • Julie says:

          Hi Kimberly,

          I know exactly how you are feeling and I am happy you found this post for support. Do you mind if I give your e -mail address to a friend of mine who can better advise? I know she would love to lend support. Until then, I want you to know how common a call back is!! They are very very cautious and your breast may be dense or the image may be shadowed. As mentioned in my post you can call now and ask your DR. specifics of what they saw and why they want another look. It will help put your mind at ease! Let me know if you want me to forward your e-mail to a friend that can also advise. All the best to you!

  19. Gail says:

    I am a nurse and I say to start you mammo’s according to your family history.. If someone in your family has had problems. Stress that to your DOC.. Don’t let them just pass over it.. Push to have something done. If your family was good to go, do what your doc recommends or pay for the thing yourself if you can. When your older don’t stop either.. That is bull.. Keep getting your pap and mammo.

  20. Patsy says:

    Hi Julie, So sorry that you had to go thru this frightening experience. Things like this happen from time to time. I believe that you sharing this experience with everyone is going to have good feed back from a lot of people. If your experience can even get one person to have a mammogram, you have done a lot. People do not want one due to the pain, but the machines are much better than they used to be. If you learned something is to share this with your mom and other people that love you! Moral support will help a lot and prayers also.Sorry your experience caused you so much stress but thank God the results were GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing! So glad you were CLEAR! You learned a lot thru this experience that will help a lot of women. Thank You!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Patsy! I was very hesitant in mailing this today, but I already had 1 tell me she made her appt. I am so happy I went through with it. Thanks for your words, they mean a lot to me. XO ~ Julie

  21. Charyn says:

    What they don’t tell you is that call backs are very very common. The positioning wasn’t good by the tech. The new 3D mammos are much more accurate.

  22. Carol says:

    I have received that phone call myself and I know the fear that settles in your gut. I have had one bout with cancer (uterian that I was very lucky they found as early as they did). My story turned out well also. So glad all is fine.

  23. Jayne McLeod says:

    Great News to hear…I love it when people pass a test !one little note to self……………….Please don’t forget that those who love YOU need to know what is going on in your life, all the time. No need for panic, but to pray and support you, that’s what LOvE is for. If I were where you are…I would have gone and waited along with you and would have considered it a privilege to do so ! Hugs to YOU from Me…and congratulations once again for passing your test…YOU done good girl !!

    • Julie says:

      That is so incredibly sweet, Jayne. I know my Mom was so upset. I will never hide anything again. Thank you so much for your kind words. ~ Julie XO

  24. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. You might of saved a life by someone taking health issues serious. Praise God your clear, keep checking yourself and enjoy life.??

  25. Pat says:

    Julie, so glad you shared this experience. So glad the end results were good. I have also had two call backs, two years in a row. One, with a biopsy and one with an additional mammogram and sonogram. I too was so scared just short of panicked. How could we not be? I Luckily, both the biopsy and the additional testing the next year were benign. My first year panic attack resulted in me making a “life binder” for my family. We are retired and I take care of all the bills/money etc. My poor husband would not have a clue of where bank accts/ CD’s were (even though I share the info with him) who or how much the automatic payments are on the credit cards and checking EFT’s or even which plumbing company we use. He just knows that I take care of my part of our life and he does his share on the other end.
    For me, not getting my yearly mammy is not an option. So, any of you girls that are “afraid” just know that little squeeze every year could save your life. You sharing your story might have been just what someone needed to make that appointment. Thanks again!

  26. Cindy says:

    This was and Is a fantastic post. I can imagine what you were going through.

    I agree that we have to take control of our b healthcare. We have to do our own investigating. I have learned with my MS I have to be diligent a speak to my family and friends. They are our support system

    I’m thrilled you’re okay


  27. Diane Westbrook says:

    Hi…oh, my…I am so happy that it turned out clear for you!! What a scare…I usually have my Mammo in February. I call it my birthday present to myself…but thing got in the way and here it is June…so I made a promise after I read your story to call and make an appointment! I had a bit of a scare many years ago, too. It was November and I had been experiencing some crampy pain in the lower stomach area..I had already had a partial hysterectomy but they left my overies as I was quite young. I was so worried that something was wrong with them. I went to my OB/GYN and he said I am going to refer you…so the second week of December I went to this new appointment and when I looked at the door to this office, it said Oncologists…I nearly fainted. I had several tests done…all alone, as I didn’t want to upset my family so close to Christmas. In the end, they could not find anything…prayers answered. I know how you were feeling as I felt the same. I think back on it and I should have had shared this with my Hubby…We do need to be our own advocates!!

  28. lspence says:

    Oh, man, that must have been hell for you. I can get on that anxiety train so fast that I can’t even see straight. I do have sympathy for my “conductor”. went to get the test (this happened years ago) They found a large mass. What in the world does that even mean. I went to the specialist doctor who felt my “mass” and told me it was a cyst and benign (how did he know that!!) and since it was so big he proposed removing the fluid. He whipped out a big long needle and I almost passed out. He put some numbing stuff on my breast and I didn’t look after that. If I had seen it I would have screamed in pain. Not looking – there was no pain at all. I don’t know how he got it out but he had over a cup of noxious looking fluid. It’s hard to connect that to me as I wouldn’t watch. He said it was all normal and he didn’t see a need to do further testing. He said I was fine and he left the room. I was a bit in shock but other than that a big relief was lifted and I went home. Thank you for the reminder to get another one. At this point am uneasy about it. WEnt to get my shoulder checked as it had been hurting for 5 or 6 weeks. They did all the films or whatever and found out the doctor also ordered films on my neck and back. I have fibromyalgia everything hurts but I didn’t expect this. I have degenerative disk disease with in my neck and back. No wonder I was in pain I had no idea and now will need to get care for my neck as it is the worst. My neck was always sstiff and I always blamed the fibromyalgia. I guess it’s easy to drop all symptoms in that pot and forget about it. So I’m fearful of a mammogram because they will find something else. I’ll make an appt tomorrow. Hope i’m not glowing from the xrays! Surgery in is my future but it’s not an emergency. Thanks for listening as I am a “too much” writer. Thinking maybe I need to build a blog as it will spare my husband from listening or not listening. 🙂 God’s Blessings on each and every one of you!! Lora

    • Julie says:

      Hi Lora…you can vent here any time you like my dear. I am here! Thank you for sharing your story…it is quite amazing. You are very brave. Braver than you give yourself credit for I bet! Make that appt. and let me know how it goes! XO ~ Julie

  29. Joyce A. says:

    I hadn’t had a mammogram in nearly 3 years…worrying about my brother’s health (prostate cancer), long days at work with a 70 mile round trip commute every day, keeping the family & house going. Something in my head said “it’s time to take care of yourself,” so in early 2013, I scheduled a scan. I waited while the scan was read, and then they did a sonogram because of an “abnormality” the doctor noticed. Was referred for a biopsy and consult with a breast surgeon who told me it was unlikely to be of concern. Got a call back from the surgeon that evening – biopsy revealed stage 1, 7mm tumor. Had surgery 3 weeks later and thank God, the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes. I had 3 weeks of radiation treatments and am on medication for 5 years to minimize any possibility of recurrence. Happily, I’ve had absolutely no side effects from either the radiation or the medication. I had mammograms and checkup with a medical oncologist every 6 months for the following 2 years, the surgeon (top rated at a major cancer center) followed me for a year. I now have an annual mammogram (opt for the 3D mammography, ladies…even if you have to pay a little out of pocket!!), see the medical oncologist every 6 months and the radiation oncologist annually. I was so fortunate to have an amazing surgeon (she has since retired) and the 2 oncologists are also highly respected members of the cancer center faculty. Yes, I absolutely agree…call-backs can be terrifying!! But knowledge is power – once you know for sure what you’re dealing with, the path forward is clear. Blessings to all of you who are cancer survivors…and I pray that one day a cure will be found, prevention will be discovered and no one will ever again have to hear those 3 words…”you have cancer.” Take care of yourselves!

  30. Kathy says:

    I’ve had yearly mammograms since I was 32 and found my first lump. Some years I got called back for a repeat mammogram. And a couple times, an ultrasound. A few months ago, I got called back for a repeat, then an ultrasound. They found a cyst they felt was benign. But they wanted to recheck me in 6 months. Waiting would have been excruciating! I requested a biopsy and things were ok. I expected them to be. But I knew if I had to wait 6 months, I’d have myself convinced I was dying. I’m so glad yours came back normal.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t blame you ONE BIT, Kathy. That is a great point if this happens (request the biopsy). Waiting 6 months would surely kill me. I rather pay up. So happy everything turned out! ~ Julie XO

  31. Ivory says:

    Thank you for sharing, but please know that we, your readers, are your family, your friends. We are here for you just as you, and others like yourself help us by posting your beautiful pictures, your DIY’s, and other helpful tips. Yes, we are upset to that you would not let us be there for you, as you are there for us daily. Praise God that you are good. That the doctors found nothing, because there was nothing to find. You have a wonderful support system and NEVER FORGET THAT! I am pleased to hear that at least your husband (who sounds like a loving husband) was there for you as we’ll as one of many good friends you have. Keep smiling, designing, and being the wonderful woman, wife, mom, friend, daughter, and aunt you are. We have grown to care for you, never forget that.

    • Julie says:

      You have my almost to tears, Ivory! Thank you for such beautiful words. Rick (my husband) is extremely supportive. He is amazing, and I wish I could boast about him all day because he deserves it. He was so incredibly positive through the entire ordeal. Thanks for being here!! ~ Julie

  32. Dad says:

    We love you, Mom and Dad

  33. Melva says:

    Julie, I’m so sorry you went through this experience. It is indeed very scary. I am glad you had a good outcome. As a breast cancer survivor I can attest to the importance of early detection. Mammograms can save lives!!!! I am happy to say I have been cancer free for 26 years.

    • Julie says:

      That is FANTASTIC news, Melva, and will give many who read this HOPE. Thanks so much for commenting!

  34. Michele says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! I’m glad everything worked out okay! I had the same thing happen with my mammogram this year. It was my first time, and they called me back for a second one, and an ultra sound. Of course, they couldn’t get me in for the second one right away, and I never even thought about calling for cancellations. I know it’s good that they want to be thorough, and check everything out, but in cases like this, a little more information would be useful!

  35. carol bittner says:

    So glad your are ok!! The waiting and worrying is the worst. Your story surely will connect with many women, and hopefully bring comfort to many. My hope is that every gal goes and has the test; don’t put it off!! Prayers to you and your happy family; I’m very thankful for all of you that you are well.

  36. Shirley says:

    Julie what a frightening & anxious time for you. So glad you got the all clear. There are some very brave women who subscribe to your blog. Think you did a lot of good sharing your story.

  37. Nancy in PA says:

    Oh Julie!
    A scare and a half for you and your husband. I am so glad for you all that things turned out to be fine and you don’t have to worry for another year.
    I had to have a needle biopsy years ago and after waiting 10 days , went to hear the results…..( bruised and wrapped in strange bandages…ick)
    We ( DH & I ) for 45 minutes…..outrageous! of course , if it had been awful news, perhaps they would have spoken to me faster.
    I have too many family and friends who have died from Breast Cancer and it scared me …. but don’t let the fear keep anyone from going back for another mammogram!
    Enjoy your summer..and stay healthy!!


  38. Megan says:

    Oh my goodness, so scary…but I’m so glad you’re OK! Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂


  39. Julie..sorry you had to go through this….I am a bit used to it…it is not unusual for me to have a “call back” for more views….even with the new 3D technology…just had a “call back” this year…and all was well. So glad all was well with you and you had a great sushi that sushi design!…My mom is Japanese and I must send her that photo!

    • Julie Fiato says:

      Hi Shirley! I am so happy to hear that you were in the clear, too! I was impressed with the sushi, too! It was so cute. We love our sushi. Daphne our 16 yr. old makes it at home for us. I bought her a sushi set for Christmas. She loves everything Japanese! Tell your Mom hello 🙂 ~ Julie

  40. Tracy McIlrath says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your information & fear. I went for my yearly mammogram yesterday morning & was called in the afternoon saying they wanted more views and possibly an ultrasound of my left side. Scared is an understatement, as my younger sister was diagnosed in 2015. I’m going in on Friday morning ~ we’re all hoping and praying for positive outcome & that this is just precautionary…

    • Julie says:

      Hi Tracy! I know what you are feeling right now and I know how hard it is. It helped me to talk about it with everyone I could think of. Remember they are very very cautious and this is just to be safe. Remember you can call the Dr. to find out more of the details of what they saw. Good luck and please come back over and let me know how it went!

  41. Kimberleigh says:

    I received my letter requesting a special mammogram and sonogram yesterday evening – after all the offices were closed. I’m trying to to worry or freak out but as you can tell I am scouring the internet for information.
    I’m 52 and in good health. I just want the reason for the call back. My husband knows and is trying to keep his concern from me. Monday cannot come soon enough!

    • Julie says:

      Hi Kim…can you call an on call dr? That’s what I did. They may be able to read the results to u. Or, is there an on line portal? Try to keep busy and not worry. They are are overly cautious and you probably just have dense breasts. If so, ask for 3D mammo next time because there are fewer call backs.

  42. Stephanie says:

    I went through a scare a little over a year ago. From finding my own lump to mammogram to call back to having ultrasound to biopsy. That entire process was 3 weeks. Horrifying to say the least. Results came back as fibroadenoma, benign mass. Mammogram anxiety is real. I lost 10 pounds through all that and a whole lot of sleep. Thankful I had the results I did. I’m sure I’ll struggle with getting mammograms forever, half of the battle is keeping busy and not letting the mind go to the worst case scenario.

  43. Kim says:

    I had my two year mammogram last Wednesday and got a call back on Thursday afternoon. They scared the living daylights out of me. I have an appointment for a second mammogram at the hospital on Monday morning.
    She told me they want to look at a part of my right breast again.
    I haven’t been able to sleep and can’t keep from crying.
    I’m usually such a strong person but this is too much for me.

    • Julie says:

      Kim, I know that feeling so well. They are very very cautious now and the chances of it being anything are so small. Keep busy this wknd and talk openly about your fears with your family. Let me know how it goes Monday. It will get here quick, I promise.

  44. […] have been wanting to do this “Teak Table Makeover” for weeks, but life gets crazy (see why here).  I purchased the products I needed, but after they arrived they sat outside on our deck for […]

  45. […] Before I share the assessment, you may recall a couple years ago I went through a rather scary week after receiving a dreaded “call back” request after I received my mammogram. I was literally shaking in my boots for days, and I wrote about my experience, and how I learned to be my own advocate on a whole different level. Through the process I gained courage, and it helped ease my anxiety during the waiting period. If you are interested in more information, here’s the story: “Mammogram Call Back“. […]

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