10 Minute Christmas Urn


It’s Saturday night and our girls are at a birthday party.  We have a fire going, I’m cooking up some meatballs, and here I am posting about a 10 minute Christmas Urn.

I’m nuts, I know.10 Minute Christmas Urn

Here’s how I made it…

Empty out your largest pot from the Summer, but leave soil in tact.  Cut Pine branches from somewhere making sure to leave enough twig to stick into the soil.  Stick branches in soil.  Add a gazing ball, or other ornaments and a small light strand.  Tie a ribbon around it and stick a Santa or other decor in there.  Water it.  That’s it!

10 Minute Affordable Christmas Urn

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  1. carol bittner says:

    Very pretty Julie, we have had exceptionally warm weather here also. Great for doing the outdoor Christmasy things with- out freezing our fingers!!

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