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My grandmother, Nano, claimed she hated cats.  Then while over for chicken dinner, she started collecting the raw chicken bones from our plates.  “What are those for, Nano?”  “Oh, nothing, honey.”  Then she would put the bag in her purse and go home and give them to my Aunt Phyllis’ cats.  I saw right through her…she loved cats!  She couldn’t fool me.   She was a sweet Polish woman who enjoyed having a “tough exterior”.  We all knew she had a heart of gold, but didn’t like showing her soft side.  She was pure softy.

Well, I wouldn’t recommend giving your cat chicken bones today, in fact it’s very dangerous.  But, what I do recommend is making a “Kitty Cabinet”…

Knock knock…let us in!

Kitty Cabinet Tour

“Who’s there??”

Kitty Cabinet

The kids thought it was funny, my husband pretended he never saw it, but seriously…how cute, right?

Here’s the lucky lady that lives there…

Sylvia.  Our rescue kitty.

Kitty Moo Moo Sylvia

I think she likes it.

Kitty Cabinet Tutorial

I mean seriously…wouldn’t you crawl in there if you were my cat?

Custom wall paper, crystal chandelier, faux fur carpet, lush turquoise throw, heated walls.


Heated walls?

Cat House

To be totally honest.  The heated walls happened by accident.

All I had to do was turn on the dishwasher.

DIY Cat House

So, yah.  Sylvia is livin the high life with free rent, food, and even a daily massage.  She deserves it though.  You see…Sylvia came into our lives right after we lost our dog, Dude the lab.  She helped heal our broken hearts.  She really is the sweetest cat I have ever owned (sorry Fluffy, Wally, Mortisha, and Trixie).  Okay Trixie comes close.

This Kitty Cabinet is fun to share with guests and works so nice with our set up.  Sylvia appreciates the privacy and she still isn’t far from her favorite peeps.  Plus it keeps her fur in one spot.

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So, this is what you will need to make your own Kitty Cabinet:

-1 empty cabinet, purr-fur-ably by the dish washer or oven.  Cats love warmth.

-pretty wall paper (buy some here)

-sparkly silver wide craft tape (buy some here)

-Washi tape for photo frame (buy some here)

-Elmer’s glue/scissors (buy glue here)

-mini battery operated chandelier (buy one here)

-Command Strips (buy here)

-1 standard pillow (buy one here)

-white fur fabric (buy some here)

-1 blanket (thrift store)

-photo of cat

-1 cat (2 cats could share one, and of course a small dog would love this too.) (rescue animal at your local shelter)


Clean cabinet out and clean walls with damp cloth and let dry.  Measure cabinet walls as best you can with a measuring tape.  Cut pieces of wrapping paper and apply to walls with mild glue such as Elmers which will wash off later if you need it to.  If you have any seams, or uncovered areas like I did, cover it up with wide crafting tape.  Wrap pillow with fur and tuck into bottom of cabinet.  Put blanket on top of that for extra cushion.  Use Command Strip to attach chandelier to top of cabinet. Attach photo with washi tape on the edges for a frame.

I used cat nip to get Sylvia interested, and it totally worked.  It my take a couple weeks for them to go in on their own, so leave it open for them.  We also use a tack to stop the door from closing.

Kitty Cabinet

Clever DIY Kitty Cabinet

Before I go…let me know what you think about my my new pillow line at Society6!

Here’s some of my favorite examples:

silver & gold pillow

 merry christmas pillow


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9 Responses

  1. Leslee Rau says:

    just love Sylvia’s taste! She sure knows how to pick the perfect place and family to bunk with. The lovely and fun chandelier, the blingy wallpaper, and the faux fur. Don’t know what I like best. What a life! Oh and I too love Society 6 pillows. Wish I could have one of each. But just one graces our home so far. Glad to see them on your blog. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Cindy says:

    Sylvia has her own palace. How great is this? Your did such a fantastic job and she has a wonderful rescue family.


  3. carol bittner says:

    Oh My Goodness!! Sylvia is one very lucky feline. She really is a beautiful cat and totally deserves a stylin’ lil apartment. It’s plain to see she have a fantastic family!

  4. Judy says:

    Rescue kitties are the best. Buster was 4 months old when he adopted us. Now he is 6 years old! That’s a lovely apartment for Sylvia. Buster prefers to take over the whole house! Nicely done, Julie!

  5. Tina says:

    Adorable! That is one lucky kitty!?

  6. Sarah says:

    Hope my rescue cat Velmo never sees Silvia’s private room or he will be jeolous! Sorry Momo! Maybe I make you one one day!

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