Faux Wood Burning Fire Place


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Faux.  Not everyone knows how to pronounce that word.  I was on the phone with a friend of mine years ago and we were talking about “Faux Wood Blinds”.  She pronounced the x at the end and I was cracking up.  She asked what was so funny.  I explained and I don’t think she believed me, lol.  She was actually pretty annoyed.

Either way you want to pronounce the word, it still means FAKE.  We can definitely agree on that.

So, yah.  I made a FAKE Wood Burning Fireplace.  Or…a “Faux Wood Burning Fireplace”.  What ever you want to call it, it is fine by me.  It’s super cute don’t you think?

Faux Wood Burning Fireplace

There she is, Miss Sylvia getting her movie star time.  I swear that cat knows that I’m taking her picture.

So anyhow…what this basically burns boils down too, is that we had a broken electric wood burning fireplace, and I didn’t want to waste it.  At first I thought candles would look pretty, but then my fireman neighbor would be yelling at me, so I opted for Christmas lights and real wood instead.

It turned out so cozy.

Faux Fireplace Idea

I can think of a million places this could be used.  Apartment, condo, dorm room, basement, bedroom, kitchen, heck even a bathroom.

Then take it a step further, and low and behold, Santa can keep warm out on your front porch!

Front Porch Wood Burning Fireplace

I originally bought this to warm up our walkout basement when we made it over.

We used it a lot, so it’s no wonder it wore out.

Basement with wood burner

Going down “Electric Wood Burning Fireplace” memory lane, we kept ourselves alive with it back in 2013 when we lost power on Christmas for 5 days.  Ice storm and -5 degree temps. on Christmas was pretty crappy, but we survived.

Julie & Rick winter 2013

So, this is how easy this is to make…

Woodburner stove

Unscrew the black metal back and take all the guts out.  You’ll have to cut the wires with a wire cutter.  For some reason I enjoyed this?  You can also unscrew the glass and carefully discard.  I thought it was more rustic with out the glass.

wood burner stove guts

Then stuff it with wood and Christmas lights.

wood pile

Then screw the black back, back on, letting the chord come out the hole.

Adjust everything so the wood and lights look realistic.  I hid the chord behind the wood as best I could.

Faux Fireplace Tutorial

Then sit back, pour a glass of wine and enjoy your new Faux Wood Burning Fireplace.

Faux Wood Burning Fireplace

Faux Wood Burning Fireplace Tutorial

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12 Responses

  1. Trisha F says:

    I love our fake plug in fireplace- they’re SO warm!
    Thanks for the fun idea when it wears out 🙂

  2. carol bittner says:

    I’m going ‘junk hunting’!!!!! Gotta find me one of those!!! Have always wanted one (a new one I mean). We already have electric heat in our house so it was kinda silly to add more to the electric bill just for ‘pretty heat’. So I eventually quit thinking about it. NOW you have given me hope, once again. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get to all the thrift shops and garage sales I can find! Julie, you are the best!!

  3. Such a super cute idea, Julie! My mother has one of those electric fireplaces. Now I know what to do with it when it stops working!

  4. April Jo says:

    I did this with our antique stove. You can’t see in it. The glass is old from where it was actually used but you can see the “glow.” I used orange Halloween lights and it looks just like fire!!! I have actually had folk go up and stand next to it to get “warm!” lol

  5. Carol says:

    Love the rug next to your cute faux fireplace. Please tell me where you found it.

  6. CJ says:

    LOVE this idea!!!! I have always wanted some form of ‘fireplace’ look for my condo, but it never came to be. However, now I know the direction I could take to get the look. Thanks! It is so cute!!!!!

  7. Dad says:

    ps order more wood. you did good dude. love, Dad

  8. Vicky says:

    I LOVE how your Dad supports you with a comment on each post. It’s wonderful! ~ Vicky

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